Nobody Kill Anybody Weekend: Baltimore Edition

The majority of SWPLs residing within the DC Beltway were shocked and outraged at the result of last year’s presidential election. Perhaps if they’d cared to take a short drive up the interstate to Baltimore, then the outcome would have at least been something they could have considered possible. Like much of Weimerica, one only has to burn a pittance worth of gasoline to transit from a 1st World area like the Beltway into a 3rd World miasma such as Baltimore.

Things Used To Be Pretty Good

One of America’s oldest port cities, Baltimore once enjoyed the prosperity that characterized American municipalities with majority white populations in a pre-globalized economy. Heroic combat during The Battle of Baltimore in 1814 gave inspiration for Francis Scott Key to compose “The Star Spangled Banner”. Even a devastating great fire 90 years later only slowed the place down temporarily.

Unfortunately, we all know there’s a calamity far worse for a municipality than fire. Sure as gravity, negrofication has devastated Baltimore. A major turning point occurred in 1968, when the city was one of 125 across the country to suffer a mass chimpout following the assassination of our nation’s patron saint, MLK. Strangely enough, renaming one of Baltimore’s major streets in his honor did little to bring progress to the local Negros.

Wanton Carnage

The situation has deteriorated to such an extent that last year, with funds from a private donor, the city hired “Persistent Surveillance Systems” to provide daily aerial reconnaissance. The company flies a Cessna around in a loop in order to provide real-time footage of the combat zone to analysts on the ground.

Despite these sorts of efforts, the violence has continued to escalate. Baltimore can now boast a murder rate that is literally DOUBLE that of America’s foremost bullet-ridden city, Chicago. So far this year, it has suffered around 300 homicides. It’s a sad commentary on the state of black marksmanship, because only about 1 out of 3 shooting victims suffer lethal injuries. Johns Hopkins conducted a comprehensive national study of such violence, and found that just a single overnight stay for a victim will incur a cost of roughly 95,000 dollars, contributing to an annual national total of around 3 billion dollars.

Responses to the wanton carnage have included innovative initiatives such as a “Nobody Kill Anybody” weekend. Held back in August, it actually lasted 42 hours before the first fatal shooting. There will be another ceasefire attempted this weekend. It may have a better chance of working since cold temperatures tend to retard the activity levels of “teens”.

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The black-on-black gun violence has been accompanied by a commensurate plague of mob attacks on whites unwise enough to reside in or visit the city. To illustrate, just last month a family of 10 from New Jersey, including children and elderly grandparents, was set upon by a mob and savagely beaten while strolling the city’s Inner Harbor. At least a police spokesman acknowledged that this sort of chimping is another “unbelievable and stunning” issue for the city to contend with.

Opioid Epidemic

Compounding these problems, an opioid epidemic of appalling proportions is underway. The city health commissioner estimates that last year, it experienced 2 lethal overdoses each day, primarily from Fentanyl. This year the rate is even higher thanks to the use of Carfentinal, originally intended as an elephant tranquilizer. As with the shootings, those who survive rack up quite a tab. According to a recent study published in the Annals of the American Thoracic Society, admission to the ICU for an overdose will cost roughly 92,000 dollars a pop. This tends to be the tip of the iceberg, as victims of opioid overdoses often suffer serious health complications such as kidney failure. The city has embarked on a “Don’t Die” campaign to prevail upon addicts with reason, which should prove to be a stunning triumph.

Parlous Finances

Of course, 63% black Baltimore is well on its way to financial ruin. It’s billions of dollars in debt. The city already has the highest property taxes in Maryland, giving white taxpayers yet another compelling reason to flee the city in droves. Its population reached a peak of 950,000 back in 1950 and has declined down to 619,000 today. The school system ran a 132 million dollar deficit last year, prompting mass layoffs over the summer. The state of Maryland tries to help keep the place going through “disparity grants” of roughly 79 million dollars per year. This probably can’t continue much longer as the state itself faces a budget shortfall of 750 million dollars next year, which will continue to grow as more and more boomers retire.

The Broader Context

Tragedies like Baltimore exist all over Weimerica. Whether the average white person likes it or not, the forced conclusion of a grand experiment is on its way. Decades ago, leftists believed that by giving Negroes a raft of new civil rights, affirmative action, and generous subsidies through programs initiated by the 1965 “Great Society” legislation, their condition could be greatly improved. Then, America would be a more fair, safe, and prosperous nation. That was a completely idiotic notion, as the ensuing decades of dystopia have come to attest.

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What’s different today is that we ran out of money to pay for all of this quite a while ago. We keep it going for now by taking on huge debts at all levels of government, with the Federal Government simply creating dollars to buy up its own debt. Once these schemes come to an end, who will feed the dusky denizens of a place like Baltimore? It’s an existential conundrum for which our modern orthodoxy offers no feasible solution. This is just one of the many issues to which White Nationalism offers practical approaches: We can’t pay for the black populace of Baltimore, so we simply won’t. In an ethnostate, we’d be concerned exclusively with paying for whites.

Needless to say, whatever happens next, the feral blacks won’t take it well. They’re used to getting what they get, so even just giving them a bit less is likely to set them off. The 2015 rioting over the accidental death of criminal Freddy Grey is what happens when they have plenty of food to eat. What would an actual bread riot look like? Pretty epic, I’d imagine.

In moments of levity, one wonders if places like Baltimore shouldn’t simply be vaporized with tactical nuclear weapons. It certainly would a be more financially expedient path to inevitable ruin. Would it not also be immeasurably more humane? Meeting an instantaneous end would probably be vastly preferable to enduring a descent into complete anarchy, starvation, and finally, African-style cannibalism.

-By Tom Shackleford and originally published on Identity Dixie.


  1. Detroit, Baltimore, Atlanta, all the same story. It’s sad. But at the same time pisses me off. One of Trump’s cabinet members in the DHS department actually was forced to resign today for once saying black people turn good cities into “slums” like 10 years ago. Lol

    • The Greenwood section of Tulsa, OK was a nice place until (((somebody))) (who wasn’t black) turned it to a slum…

      • El Greaso, your rudimentary writing skills, along with your primitive mestizo “logic”, are a constant source of amusement.

  2. Baltimore lacks a White middle class. Some very ghetto areas in the city like Sandtown. Open air drug sales are the norm and the poverty is extreme. A true third world area within the United States on par with the South Bronx of the late 80’s and early 90’s, probably not hat bad. Not a large beaner or Puerto Rican presence through.

    The Mexicans, and to a lesser extent, the Puerto Rican, tend to lend some bit of values to black areas. Sounds crazy but it’s true. Pure black areas devolve into straight up Liberia stuff – that’s where Baltimore is at this point. Hispanics at least have some family values.

    When I was there recently there was a column of police officers in front of the mall in the port area. They were there all day. Blacks were everywhere and they were bold. Loud and aggressive. Not like in other cities. I went on safari throughout the city. The city is like New York where neighborhoods change fast. Another thing I noticed was the abundance of med students and wealth around the university. A contrast. Hipster restaurants and such, and a good nightlife. A party city in a way.

    Johns Hopkins is right near some very rough areas. I was sight seeing and groups of niggers were just a block away. At a stoplight a black came at my vehicle like he was going to kick the door. It’s funny to them to fuck with White people. When I read that a White person was jumped in the port area and hospitalized, I was not surprised. I went out with the wife and had a very nice meal. Toured the ship that is docked in the port. Would have been nice but the niggers were all over the place. In the gift shop there was two black women behind the counter. As we bought tee shirts and gifts they glared at us. Very rude and flippant. They run the city.

    Very hostile city, Definitely have to watch your back. I live in Las Vegas and the tension in Baltimore is much higher. A sense of violence is in the air. Wouldn’t recommend Baltimore as a place to visit. The parking garages downtown are sketchy. Unlike other cities in the north east, Baltimore doesn’t have a White working class population like Boston or Philadelphia. Just niggers and an affluent White populous. And to be honest the Whites there are like upper crust Manhattan types. They grew up going to private schools. Very weak. The blacks in Baltimore have zero pushback aside from the police.

    To summarize, gentrification is needed in that city. The row houses in the fetid negro areas should be torn down. About ten percent are burned out and boarded up anyway. Blacks are filth and in Baltimore you can see what a black majority looks like.

    • whites need to be armed at all times… in NYC only the ghetto-ites and Jewish lawyers are allowed to be armed… NYC – Jewish rule of law

    • Picking Y’alls own (or paying one of your “almighty, hard working [and everybody else is just lazy]” fellow whites to do it)… since not paying people for their work is “negro behavior” according to “hunters” “Guide to avoiding negro behavior” post… I guess the old saying “what goes around, comes around” is coming down on you.

  3. Taking bets on how long before blacks will go without killing someone is like taking bets on how long before an end stage alcoholic falls off the wagon.

  4. Wow! That photo of the brother at the top is the first one I’ve seen where the looter actually stole useful items instead of junk food, malt liquor and cigarettes.

  5. Never take a wrong turn in Baltimore. I use to visit John Hopkins yearly at the first part of this century. The staff were terrified of driving in and out of the city; they always said learn one way and NEVER deviate.

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