2017: Annus Horribilis

I had a conversation about this yesterday morning.

I was asked why I thought 2017 had gone so horribly wrong for the Alt-Right. My answer was unequivocally that 2017 had turned out this way because of Donald Trump. He was the prime mover behind everything that happened in 2017. This was also the fruit of our actions in 2015 and 2016.

In November, I constructed a timeline of the Trump presidency (Part I, Part II, Part III). In my analysis, I identified four long term trends that stemmed from Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election: social media censorship, leftwing political violence, Trump’s conservative agenda and Alt-Right alienation. I also forecasted that these trends were likely to continue.

I firmly believe that internal Alt-Right drama had very little to do with this. The social media censorship began the week after the 2016 election when Twitter purged a bunch of Alt-Right accounts. The leftwing political violence began during the Trump campaign long before the Alt-Right entered the fray in March 2017. Trump’s conservative agenda was outlined behind the scenes to large donors and the RNC during the campaign. Finally, the Alt-Right and White Nationalists simply ignored the evidence of how Trump didn’t want their support during the campaign.

He was never /ourguy/. We convinced ourselves that Donald Trump was the “God Emperor.” We went out of our way to identify ourselves with the Trump campaign. We believed all the bullshit that MILO and others were blowing up our ass about our future influence. We ignored all the criticism of Donald Trump and dismissed all the attacks on his record during the campaign. More than anything else, we created this association between Donald Trump and the Alt-Right.

It existed in our minds. It existed in the minds of Trump’s enemies. Critically, it never existed in Trump’s mind though. He never felt any obligation whatsoever to us.

We set ourselves up to absorb all the costs of the anti-Trump backlash while reaping none of the benefits of the Trump presidency. This is our own fault because we decided to plunge into partisan politics and choose one side over the other, thereby making us a big fat target, while never expecting to get anything in return from the victor. There was never an understanding that we would gain political representation or that the prevailing taboos would change as the price of our support.

Hailgate was not the cause of what happened in 2017. Trump’s reaction to Hailgate was consistent with every other occasion he had “disavowed” and brushed off White Nationalist support during the campaign. It happened repeatedly when he was asked about David Duke. It happened repeatedly with Jared Taylor and William Johnson’s robocalls in the Republican primaries. After Trump won the 2016 election, he no longer needed our votes. As Steve Bannon explained in his 60 Minutes interview, the decision to embrace the establishment was made within 48 hours of winning the presidential election, which means it had occurred BEFORE the 2016 NPI conference. Let’s not forget that a handful of Roman salutes was nowhere near the scale or viciousness of the trolling that had occurred during the campaign.

The only reason that Charlottesville happened in the first place is because we were already so disappointed with Trump. The shift to activism was caused by the Syria strike, the healthcare quagmire and Berkeley. It was caused by the rise to power of Gary Cohn and Jared Kushner within the White House in April. We were searching for something else to do and made the mistake of embroiling ourselves in the anti-Trump street backlash BECAUSE that was what the Alt-Lite was doing.

There had been four Berkeleys by May. Occidental Dissent had been purged from PayPal by May. We were embroiled in the Ryan agenda by May. The ADL was building a “Silicon Valley Center to Monitor and Fight Hate” by May. The Alt-Lite was wailing about being demonetized on YouTube and purged from Patreon on the eve of Charlottesville. Paul Joseph Watson was quitting YouTube. Heading into Charlottesville, we already knew that the ADL was going to be taking over Twitter and all of us would have ended up being purged anyway if we had never set foot in that city.

This all circles back to President Donald Trump:

1.) It was Trump’s decision to create the terrible Cabinet. He surrounded himself with family, cronies and people he perceived to be useful or “winners.” At every turn, The Snake has told him: preserve the status quo. It will make you more popular and get things done. Spoiler: it hasn’t.

2.) It was Trump’s decision to let Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell take him for a ride and use his administration to pass their wildly unpopular True Cons agenda.

3.) It was Trump’s decision to do the Syria strike and blackpill everyone.

4.) It was Trump’s decision to empower Jared Kushner and Gary Cohn and push Steve Bannon out of the administration.

5.) It was Trump’s decision to kick the can down the road on building the wall.

6.) It was Trump’s decision to let Antifa violence spiral out of control.

7.) It was Trump’s decision to sell his foreign policy to Sheldon Adelson.

8.) It was Trump’s decision to go through the motions and celebrate the entire multicultural calendar.

9.) It was Trump’s decision to shelve his trade reform agenda to persuade China to rein in North Korea.

10.) It was Trump’s decision to not deport too many illegal aliens.

11.) It was Trump’s decision to fire James Comey.

I could continue with another dozen or so examples that spring to mind. The bottom line here is that it was our decision to get so invested in the Trump presidency. It was his decision to have nothing to do with us. Unfortunately, this hasn’t stopped our enemies from making us pay a price for it. The original error was our delusional, uncritical, punch drunk estimation of Donald Trump.

Arguably, the leftwing political violence, the social media censorship and the defunding we have endured in 2017 could have been worth it. Conceivably, the sacrifice would have paid off if, say, a big, beautiful border wall had been built, a million illegal aliens had been deported, or the American Empire had been dismantled. Unfortunately, the result was the Charlottesville resolution, the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and a massive corporate tax cut for the very people who have purged us from social media whose investments have become so much more lucrative over the past year.

Anyway, I’ve sobered up now. I drank a lot less of the Trump koolaid than most people in the Alt-Right. In hindsight, I was wildly optimistic in my analysis, but I still anticipated failure. My case for Trump during the campaign was instrumental and many of those points remain valid.

Note: nb4 people blame this all on Richard Spencer or “LARPers.” There were dozens of rallies before the 2016 election season. There is nothing new about rallies at Confederate monuments. The NSM has been doing rallies for over 15 years and used far more swastikas in the past than were ever in Charlottesville. There was free speech on social media when Obama was president. Finally, we all know that Richard Spencer has been saying the same shit in 2017 that he has for a decade now.

The false assumption was that this time conservatism was going to work. This time it was going to be different with these subservient cucks. Unlike the Reagan Revolution, the Contract with America, the George W. Bush presidency, and the Tea Party, this time we had succeeded “Taking Back America” with Donald Trump … until Richard Spencer and the LARPers caused it to play out like it has every single other time. In reality, the agenda that Trump has pursued has only illustrated how irrelevant we are to his decision making and how impervious the GOP’s donor class agenda is to reform.

It’s too bad he didn’t listen to us in 2017. We would have told him to build the wall and do trade and infrastructure and not do the wildly unpopular healthcare and tax reform bills. Politically, he would be in better shape if he had taken our advice.

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  1. I, too, was holding out a glimmer of hope that at least
    a few of his biggest rally punch lines – build the WALL –
    LOCK HER UP – end caca daca ON DAY ONE… would
    get a shot.

    When it turned into DAY 2 and caca was still around,
    I knew we were screwed.

  2. I disagree. Trump’s campaign was the first time I was genuinely interested in politics and was the most fun I’ve ever had during any political campaign. He was our guy. Trump’s campaign and his election win IMO is the primary reason the Alt Right ascended in popularity and became a mainstream threat at least in the media’s eyes. It wasn’t memes. It wasn’t trolling. It wasn’t Richard Spencer. It was Trump.

    That was then and this is now. It didn’t turn out as we hoped and Trump so far has not delivered on his biggest promises. You don’t drain the swamp, the swamp drains you. I don’t think it’s possible to save the system no matter who we put in office.

    Just imagine how bad and depressing it would be with her as President.

    • I agree. I also think that Trump was useful in bringing a lot of stuff out into the open, thus accelerating matters. It’s better, IMO, if the system crashes while we still have enough strength to rebuilt, rather than slowly decaying for another half-century undisturbed.

      Plus, he makes our enemies hysterical. And he expanded the movement of truth and realtalk. While he hasn’t delivered on any of his promises, that doesn’t mean he was useless, either, even if his utility was largely accidental.

      And finally, it was worth a shot. He said the right stuff; you can’t really tell if he’ll do it unless you actually put him in office, true?

    • A little earlier this year, and I would have agreed with you wholeheartedly.

      But the more I think about it, the more I see that we pivoted nicely from being devoted to Trump to getting out into the streets – like the article said, Charlottesville was more in response to Donald being useless than anything else.

      And to be honest, even under the Hilda-Bitch, I really don’t think much would be different (amnesty and maybe TPP might already have passed, but that’s it).

      Even the Britain-style speech laws I think she would have pushed wouldn’t have gone through yet (the courts would keep that tied up until Brandenburg v. Ohio could be overturned).

      • On a serious note I think that what happens in the UK is that these polite customs PC are more likely to be codified. In the US private companies simply enforce the PC. There is more than one way to skin a cat. In Germany it’s probabky different. France manifests it in other ways.

    • You are wrong, of course. Time to take off the rose-tinted glasses you’ve been wearing throughout the campaign and look at Trump for what he actually is and always has been: A selfish liar, a sell out and an old buffoon. His speeches are juvenile rubbish void of any real depth or meaning. He talks like a car salesman, not like a genuine person with genuine ideas. Trump deserves absolutely zero credit for anything the alt-right did. Those who had the actual heart, but were unfortunately mislead into wasting their talents and energy into helping this giant orange turd become president, are the real soul of this movement and will forever be. Trump didn’t do a damn thing.

      Those of us who have been paying attention to politics for a lot longer have seen this shit show before. It’s always the same lies and disappointment. I’m old enough now it’s time for me to say no more, I’m done with this shit, I’m finished wasting my time with these liars and con men who run for office. It’s time to move on from establishment politics and just spend my energy on the real things in life.

  3. When a jury of your peers includes DACA building a wall is a CACA. He is one part Nixon, one part Reagan and one part not lady Boss Hog. Feliz Navidad, suckers.

  4. Charlottesville was Kesslers ambush.

    But, I think it’s going to turn out that Mayor Signer is jailed for what transpired and McAuliffe will be impeached/recalled.

    Sometimes these punch ups are necessary.

    • With the nigger police chief going down, the Yid Mayor can’t be far behind.

      The A-R wants blood, for…” almost all things are by the law purged with blood; and without shedding of blood is no remission ( of sin).” [Heb. 9:22] And (((they))) sinned in C’ville, big time. Almost as heinous as Leo Frank with Mary Phagan… more, now that we know the Truth.

      And, as the C’ville Hebe is not a follower of Jesus Christ, his own blood will have to suffice.

      Pity… It won’t.
      But he’s going down anyway.

      Deo Gratias.

  5. I was waiting for a “what I/We did wrong in 2017”. “Trusting Trump” is not the right answer to that inquiry.

    Trump is possibly an idiot savant just acting out Fred Trump’s politics from 1981. There is nothing the movement can do to change that. We can only change our own actions. This is (some of) what went wrong in 2017:

    1) Evil be my good. This is the heart of the matter; all the frustration from the injustice and dehumanization done to us is transmogrified into destruction rather than construction.

    Right makes might.

    2) Violent, insane and hate filled rhetoric, to include Nazi salutes, but also the day-in day-out talk of gassing people, shooting people, hanging people, burning people alive in ovens, dropping people from helicopters, etc. I remarked repeatedly that the Alt Right was setting itself up for its own Dylan Roof, and – this is the key point many refused to grasp – IT DIDN’T EVEN HAVE TO BE REAL! You already painted the bullseye on yourselves.

    3) Attacking nearest neighbors on the political spectrum – instead of the Enemy. Every society has a wall, which side of it are you planning to be on? The nearest neighbor (the Alt Lite, if you prefer) was forced to build a wall and deport you all.

    4) Trying to emulate MILO and Based Stick Man, which is an extension of the insane feud with the Alt Lite. Just be white and normal.

    What was good in 2017?

    1) It’s OK to be white. This is getting back to the pre Alt-Right/TRS/Daily Stormer days of the Mantra, Horace the Avenger, and Bob Whitaker. I think the next logical step is just hanging up blank pieces of paper and having the left denounce that.

    2) Building an alternative electronic infrastructure; the movement could lead the charge against Big Tech to include robotics / AI / Transhumanism; the movement can pioneer a decentralized internet that cannot be shut down.

    3) Lawfare. The movement defeated Universities in the courts routinely. The movement can and should take on Big Tech in the courts at some point. Also fighting against unlawful firings would be a nice thing to do. Once normal white people can stand up for themselves, it’s over.

    Trump barely registers in any of this. Funny how that is.

    There is nothing here that wasn’t said at the end of 2016. Sad how that is. Lost year.

    Let’s make 2018 count.

    • Here’s why I disagree:

      2.) The extreme rhetoric – ovens, dropping people out of helicopters, vicious trolling, gassing people, and so on – reached a fever pitch during the 2016 campaign. During the election, the Alt-Lite didn’t have a problem with it and thought it was funny. The Trump campaign winked and nodded at it. A few Roman salutes at the NPI conference didn’t come out of nowhere.

      3.) The Alt-Lite’s plan was to become a Trump cheerleading squad and install MILO as the leader. That’s what Steve Bannon wanted the Alt-Right to be which we now know for a fact from the Buzzfeed investigation. They wanted to harness all the energy of the Alt-Right while gutting the movement of its racial focus. In other words, they wanted to milk it like the Tea Party.

      4.) The street violence flowed out the Inauguration and Berkeley. By that point, it had been going on for a year at the Trump rallies. Based Stickman was the beginning of the backlash.

      Here’s why I insist that Trump is the cause of this:

      1.) As I said above, the street violence was nothing new. It haunted MILO’s Dangerous Faggot tour in 2016 and early 2017. It had become a feature of the Trump rallies. The surge in Antifa was unquestionably caused by Trump’s campaign and victory.

      2.) The plan to defund and purge the Alt-Right from social media was hatched in November 2016 after Hillary Clinton lost the election. The Democrats blamed it on the Alt-Right and “fake news.” The Republicans have done nothing to counter it:


      3.) Finally, if Trump had built the wall or done something spectacular, we wouldn’t be grumbling about all his presidency had cost us. It would have been worth it. It wasn’t worth it because it has been nothing but the same old conservatism for a year now.

      • ok, some good points, but trump is still doing something no other high level politician has done in ages: generate propaganda helpful to our cause…he has said things that need to be said…he is a propaganda weapon that is sorely needed….

      • You’re right, Hunter.

        The fact that the wall has not been built – yet he has managed to hand Jerusalem over to the Jews – is a flashing neon warning light for us all. He’s their man not ours.

        DACA will pass.

  6. Afterthought, i cannot mark you a thumbs up but damn man that was a solid analysis. Great job, in agreement one hundred percent. I am particularly impressed that you managed to see the risk of robotics and AI and call for a counter attack. Someone needs to get working on that ASAP. If ever one needed a reason to be anti capitalist robotics and AI provide it.

    • I respect your opinion but I think AI computers would be inherently National Socialist and anti jew /nigger. Therefore I strongly advocate their development and implementation ASAP.

      • But AI leads ultimately to a bad place. They would in the end turn the world into a place of human slavery and ultimate mind control. That is if humanity survived the combination of robotics and AI that forms the perfect annihilation machine. And this is not to mention what happens to a humanity that has no reason to work, no reason for a goal, no reason to do other then revel in whatever pleasure is left to them. What do we as humans become. There are really serious metaphysical questions that are never discussed openly while the devices are left to the very enemies of our people to develop behind closed doors and to which we all bow in awe.

  7. There isn’t a political solution to our problem. That is: we aren’t going to be able to operate within the current political machinery to save ourselves. *That’s* the Alt. Right’s mistake.

  8. No sense crying over spilt milk. Lesson learned: Never support an establishment candidate regardless of how good they sound . As Bob Whitaker put it, “If I was electable I wouldn’t have to run”.

  9. The altRight, just like Dixie, can’t get out of its own way. The mainstream won’t help. We’re on our own

  10. The real question is, was this the plan all along? Hillary would have been worse or did she throw the election on purpose? I mean you couldn’t hardly get more incompetent than her. She passed out in public, supposedly. If she felt that bad why did she go at all? It all seems so neat. Maybe too neat. I know that there’s more that Trump could do unless he’s a plant, he’s blackmailed or he’s afraid for his life. He’s coasted. He’s not taking on the corruption. As time goes on it looks worse and worse. Could all this be to give us hope? If Hillary would have been elected then all hope would have been gone. Now with Trump everyone thinks…well maybe…458 degree chess…could be…but the whole time it moves on towards collapse.

    The Las Vegas shootings really made me wonder as I hear two shooters on several videos and then I see the FBI bird-dogging the LV Sheriffs elbow saying there’s only one and Trump does…nothing. I mean he can fire these guys and send in a team to investigate and he does…nothing.

  11. If you supported Trump because you thought he cared about Alt-Right, your assessment was not realistic to begin with. The big positive in Trump’s campaign was that it has vindicated the Alt-Right assessment that tribalism is what really driving politics. As for the social media censorship and the violence coming from the Left – that’s because they know they’re losing now.

    I mean, if you thought that one Presidential election would just magically fix the entire country, I don’t know what to tell you.

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