Jeffrey Tucker: Of Course the Alt-Right Is Against Capitalism

Jeffrey Tucker has chimed in on the Alt-Right’s anti-capitalist turn:

“Libertarianism then became a low performer for recruitment. That’s when the shift became apparent. The new language of the alt-right is all about denouncing corporate capitalism for failing to do its bidding. They say that capitalism is too politically correct, is excluding them from social media, is declining to let them use financial tools to raise money, and is generally promoting their enemies in cooperation with the media.

The left often accuses capitalism of doing things for which it is not actually guilty, such as excluding the poor, exploiting workers, ravaging the earth, and so on. The alt-right, however, is mostly attacking capitalism for things that corporations are, in fact, doing and doing well. These people are not popular people, and their views have proven poisonous for venues like Twitter and Facebook, and are banned not for PC reasons, but simply because they reduce the value of the platforms. …

It’s also true that the market has always provided a main impetus for breaking down tribal barriers. It thinks in terms of individual rights because it is designed to appeal to individual minds. If your goal is the promotion of group solidarity and exclusion, it is not a good tool. Its watchwords are inclusion and empowerment of everyone. It was the gradual liberalization of markets and the technology and universalist values that came with it that ended slavery, promoted minority and women’s rights, and created this thing we call the middle class. …”

I’m surprised it took so long.

Anyway, I agree with much of what Jeffrey Tucker says here except for his conspiracy theory about the origins of the Alt-Right. The truth is that lots of disaffected young people were genuinely attracted to the Ron Paul presidential campaigns, libertarianism and Objectivism. After the Iraq War, they were alienated from George W. Bush and mainstream conservatism. Ron Paul’s principled antiwar stance resonated with many of them. I went through that phase myself around 2002 to 2003.

I’m still against these stupid wars.

Ultimately, I rejected libertarianism and Objectivism though because of their radical individualism, materialism and hostility to collectivism. I realized that both ideologies are incompatible not only with racial preservation, but with all traditions and forms of collective solidarity. They are also incompatible with the preservation of our culture, the nation, the family, religion, etc. The worship of corporate capitalism and the gospel of the free market is compatible, however, with Taco Bell and Wal-Mart. Jeffrey Tucker even fancies himself as a sort of apostle for the McDonald’s brand.

Have you seen the liberated individual?

Of all the things someone can devote their life to in this world, why devote yourself to the selfish pursuit of profit or the cause of cultural degeneracy? It left a bad taste in my mouth. It is a merchant’s view of the world. It didn’t resonate with me either as a lifestyle preference. I’ve also seen how corporate capitalism has shown time and again that it is compatible with the worst trends in our culture.

The West is worse off after 50 years of free market capitalism than Eastern Europe is after 50 years of communism. As terrible as communism was for Russia and Poland, the great advantage of Eastern Europe is that liberal democracy and free market capitalism has put down the shallowest roots there. Those nations value national identity and cultural cohesion much more than we do. They are instinctively opposed to letting wealthy Jews come in and dominate their culture.

Why is that? It is because the Russians and Poles have retained more of their cultural memory. They have stronger traditions which haven’t been eroded and dissolved by liberalism. In many ways, I think the end of libertarianism – the cultural dissolution, economic pain and spiritual nihilism it inevitably marches toward, which is held up by Jeffrey Tucker as a utopian ideal – is kind of our starting point.

We inhabit a space where the deracinated Western man has been atomized, alienated, exploited, beaten down, stripped of his identity and cut off from his roots. In free society, the liberated individual is no longer part of a tribe with a coherent story that gives his life purpose and meaning, but lives in thrall to corporate power and political correctness. The relations between the sexes are at all time low. Morality has been perverted into virtue signaling and no longer has any relationship to truth. The loss of all forms of homogeneity has led to polarization and conflict in society at large. The Jewish oligarchy continues to throw its weight around even as discontent rises and the liberal order loses its legitimacy.

Can we find meaning, solidarity and purpose in the McDouble? Can the march of the Golden Arches to new and exciting foreign markets lead us to a better world? Jeffrey Tucker believes it can. We believe that something more substantial has to fill the void that liberalism has opened up at the heart of our civilization or else we run the risk of becoming savages with high tech toys.

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  1. Almost every article on this site is inquisitive and thought provoking. The problem with our “western civilization” is the failure for a culture outside of the merchants culture. When whites finally liberate ourselves from the shackles of Judaism and immigration outbreaks, we will hit a cultural crossroads. The music, entertainment and activities (pro sports, etc.) are all not native to whites. The religion of Christianity and the notion that one can simply turn the other cheek to modern wrongs is not native to Europeans, Paganism is the true religion of Europe, and Christianity is a split off of Judaism and Islam. The consumerist society we have engulfed ourselves into runs deep, and everything from the “American Dream”, the white picket fence, the brand new American manufactured car, are no substitutes for the greatness that can come from procreation with another white, and teaching the new generation to love their people.

    • Uhhhh….Islam was not around until several centuries AFTER Christianity, so to say that the Christian faith is a split off of Islam is a howler. And while Christianity does have Jewish roots, it in no way can be called a Jewish religion or of being sympathetic to Judaism.

    • “ Paganism is the true religion of Europe, and Christianity is a split off of Judaism and Islam.”

      James- you as ignorant as you are damned.
      Take your bs over to Twitter, where it is the norm.

  2. There simply is per corporate law a contractual right to self-annihilation PROTECTED by the possessors of the “monopoly of violence.”

    Per Ho versus Maid, the “right to privacy” (in the womb) was aborted in early 1973.

    Ergo, in 1973, Corporate Law usurped Natural Law as the defining character of the American nation.

    A right to self-annihilate > a right to existence from the beginning…

    Gen X is actually split in two… A control group pre-73 and the experimental group post-73…

    A truly internecine affair.

      • I like to imagine it’s actually an Arno Breker sculpture cranking out this portentious gibberish.

  3. Libertarians have violent hatred of THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS…..This is the existential foundation of Libertarianism….Libertarianism is an intellectual DEATH SQUADRON that targets the White Working Class for EXTERMINATION…

  4. There is (c)apitalism and there is (C)apitalism.

    The former has no reality outside the metaphysical certainty of the latter.

    White man desires greater credibility or he self-annihilates.

    Ergo, the white man with the most credibility is the white man with the most Capital.

    This is the cosmic accounting understood as “credit where credit is due.”

    Ideally, this “break even” system IS PERPETUAL.

    Theoretically, a “break even” business is forever existing, ie., perpetuating.

    A white man seeking Capital is a truly perpetuating business.

    Alt-writers penning screeds against “corporate capitalism” ARE SEEKING a greater CREDIBILITY and thus engaged in the endeavor to mine more Capital for themselves.

    An anti-capitalist “Capitalist” hasn’t defined the problem rightly.

    • @Currahee


      My parents and other adults taught me that niggers were trouble. My teachers quietly implied it, and the behaviour of niggers in school showed me that they were right in their teachings.

  5. The McWorld we live in is a suicide cult. Look at how unhealthy and ugly everyone looks in the current year. It can’t last, sonethi my has to give and soon.

  6. “The left often accuses capitalism of doing things for which it is not actually guilty, such as excluding the poor, exploiting workers, ravaging the earth, and so on.”

    Actually Mr. Cucker, even the left is right about that to an extent. Capitalism does exclude the poor by the very fact that without purchasing power you are excluded from certain things. You have to be a complete moron or liar to deny that workers get exploited or that sometimes corporations seek profit above the well being of the planet. Cucker is just wrong on everything. He’s a complete clown so that bow tie is fitting.

    • Yeah 401k is corporate America using their employee’s money to fund the business, it’s a crock of “_”_”_

  7. I had a hilarious notion not worth pursuing … rally we get a bunch of fast food brands made into flags and have Nazi symbols mixed in. Let’s see corporate America shine….

  8. J.Tucker: [Alt-Right people] “say that capitalism is too politically correct, is excluding them from social media”…

    The Alt-Right is excluded from the social media, but it is much worse than that: the opinion of normal White people is mostly excluded from the media as a whole. There is no free competition in the media. You cannot have a pro-White TV station, even though it would be hugely profitable.

    The rest of the economy is rigged too. For example, Whites are excluded from many jobs. There is a huge over-representation of Jews in the boards of big companies:
    The Jews also dominate the universities, and so on.

    I’m in favor of protectionism. I don’t think free market is always the best solution. But most of all, what we don’t need is a rigged system of “Jewish capitalism” (usually combined with a measure of protectionism for the Jewish media, Jewish banking, and other Jewish activities).

  9. In my estimation most Alt Right whites have libertarian and capitalist tendencies within a traditional and white nationalist framework. In most cases we just want to be left alone to do our own thing. The problem is we’re being exploited and we’re forced to become more militant and socialist for our own protection.

    NS Germany must also be understood in the context of what stresses and abuses they were under and why they made the choices they did. They were in survival mode and they were thinking long-term to the extent of a thousand-year Reich. This is how we should think which is why Richard Spencer’s policies are so god-damned retarded and yet he keeps repeating nonsense like we can absorb millions of mulattoes because it’s no big deal and we should just give away states to non-white groups because deporting people isn’t nice. In some cases little Richie Spence seems more concerned with the feelings of blacks than whites.

    Another curious thing is why was Spencer not banned from Twitter when he’s even more high profile and recently active than Taylor and Hunter? Hmm…

  10. I never fell for any of that Ron Paul libertarian crap or Ayn Rand “objectivism” (although I did enjoy reading her two giant novels on the subject), I just went straight from Pat Buchanan to Tom Metzger and Doctor Pierce and then into the alt-REICH.

  11. Jeffrey Tucker looks like a caricature of an effete, out-of-touch establishment wonk. Which of course he is. He also looks like an old faggot who enjoys being tag-teamed by sweaty, muscular niggers.

  12. Jeffrey Tucker might be a totally thrown in true believer, so I’ll concede that much.

    But I’ll let you in on a dirty little secret:

    Most people peddling libertarian ideology on a very high level don’t live by it in their own lives.

    To net it out, I’m convinced that the true subversive raison d’etre of libertarianism today is a diversionary tool the Jews use to cock block the right away from nationalism.

  13. I too was once interested in Objectivism. I got into it because rand was so totally anti feminist. However the more i began to understand about it the more obvious it was that Objectivism was no more then a cheap trick. She did nothing other then take all conventional virtue and morality and flip it around. Does not take much intellect to do that just being a huckster is enough.

  14. Well written article Mr. Griffin, one of your best.

    As to James’ s use of the “turn the other cheek” statement from Christ, you are misunderstanding Him. That statement was meant for dealings with the breathern, not adversaries. If it were for adversaries it would be “if they rape and kill your daughter, give them the other”. He didn’t say that nor does He intimate that in His teachings.

    Christ is speaking of slights that build animosity and how to deal with forgiveness. As far as the culture clash that is occurring, you are correct in your assumption about Christianity; it is Judeo-Christianity which would be guilty though, not real Christianity. Christianity as a whole has failed in its inability to appeal to the warrior youth. Christianity must split, and in reality, it already has, courtesy of the Judeo-Christian church. Many are yearning for manly spirituality and that is why Paganism and Islam have risen to fill the gap.

  15. “ It’s also true that the market has always provided a main impetus for breaking down tribal barriers…”

    Then the “Market” must be annihilated.
    Death to the Merchant Class.

    May God arise and smite His foes.

  16. I believe in capitalism to the extent I believe in private property and personal initiative. I believe in capitalism to the extent I oppose centralized economic planning–which always leads to oppression and poverty. A goal of our movement should be to build our own business community, to provide employment for our people and funds for our activism.

    That said, I oppose central banking based of usury, finance capitalism which promotes speculation over productivity, and the mentality that places profit-making over loyalty to kindred and country. Capitalism without ethics is as destructive in its own way as socialism.

    • You might like Distributivism then. I just found out about it, and it seems like the best way to actually build a decent society.

  17. Richard Spencer is alt-right in the same sense as Mussolini and Hitler. He is a socialist who privileges race and ethnicity over economic class. He is actually closer to Hitler than Mussolini because he is both a racist and an anti-Semite. Other alt-right leaders, like Vox Day, are actually on the right, not just the socialist right, and they are substantially to the right of our cuck-servatives.

    Go over to Vox Populi and read Vox Day’s 16 points. Is that anything Richard Spencer would agree to? Is it right or left, in the broader sense?

  18. for decades now the corp/gov/media establishment has seen immigration, multiculturalism, and diversity as the path to growing the supply of workers and consumers and thus growing the GDP and corporate profits….and I think that some of the white working class is now starting to realize that socialism was never the enemy…it is capitalism that is the enemy..

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