Twitter Purge Continues

Folks, you are wasting your time on Twitter. I knew it long before I was suspended. Any following you build there can be arbitrarily wiped out in a day. There aren’t any objective rules, only leftwing viewpoint censorship. The platform is now controlled by the ADL.

Every day you wake up to find more of your Twitter real followers have been suspended and replaced with spambots. You are being shadowbanned to hide your tweets from your followers. The algorithm is rigged against you for political reasons. Your tweets can go hours at a time now making zero impressions. It is also a sink of your time that prevents you from cultivating your own platform.

I saw the writing on the wall when Twitter banned Baked Alaska. It is why I scaled back my presence there. They made it even more clear when they purged Jared Taylor and American Renaissance. Now, Jack has banned Wife With a Purpose, a Mormon homemaker from Utah.

It is time to get on Gab. You can also follow Dr. Michael Hill, Matt Parrott and Matt Heimbach there. There is enough censorship and suffocating political correctness on mainstream social media platforms – Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube – to create demand for a free speech alternative. Normies are also getting tired of being Voxsplained and will end up there. Every day you continue to waste on Woke Twitter and Facebook is a day you could be using to build your Gab following.

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    The lib-barbarians know that the whole of liberalism is a fraud and a racket. They have no facts or logic to support their positions.

    So they resort to dirty tricks and scams, such as:

    a. Censorship, using the bogus excuse of “hate speech”, etc. to muzzle more civilized and intelligent people.
    b. Using buzz words to wrap up their nonsense in nice sounding words to con the gullible public, such as tolerance, multiculturalism, diversity, etc.

    So we must not give up, but we must keep persisting, because the lib-barbarians are deathly scared of facts and logic used by the alt-right.

    Denigrate their buzz words with counterwords, such as we are patriots, we are cultured, we love our nation, we are more civilized, you liberals are lib-barbarians, you libs are gutter people, etc.

  2. The same people who say that the First Amendment doesn’t apply because these are private enterprises and can do what they want with their businesses applaud family-owned pastry businesses being fined out of existence for not wanting to bake gay cakes.

    Like just about everything else in this country it’s a crock.

  3. I’ve been on GAB right from the beginning but it wasn’t until after the Commieville debacle in August that it really came to life. Now it’s just a matter of chasing away all those Trumptards and #MAGA mongoloids and replacing them with pro-White activists. I am especially delighted to see HW and Dr. Hill on GAB now. Perhaps madam, goy goddess and Snowwhitey would favor us with their presence as well?

  4. Even on GAB, the only person, as of last night, to have posted anything arguing against the latest neocon scaremongering (Politico piece that claims that Obama ended an investigation into supposed Hezbollah drug running to save the Iran deal), was me. I posted a piece from the HuffPost that pointed out that both of the two sources for the story are neocons and that the author of the Politico piece opposed the Iran deal. I wish more would push back against this latest attempt to raise support for war against Hezbollah and Iran. The MAGA folks are very excited about it.

    • Sweetie, it’s Christmas. I dipped my toes into the GAB waters the other night – but I’m to freaking busy right now to really work it. The MAGAs are on an extremely high learning curve. They WANT to believe in heroes.

  5. I forgot to mention how infuriating it is to me that these MAGA types are so gullible about the latest neocon propaganda, but are so ignorant about the fact that the hated Obama, and the beloved Israel were both providing direct and indirect support to ISIS and AQ in Syria over the last seven years. But then again, even Trump did not have the balls to fully explicate how we had been arming the so called rebels and ISIS in Syria, though based on some of what he said, he did know.

  6. It’s great you found a picture of El Shit-stain” Chapo talking to Deray McShakedown.

    Let’s look at El Shit-stain; effeminate, pasty (probably a vegan), skinny/sickly looking, wearing a nigger slang “stay woke” shirt… Yep, I could crush his windpipe with my weak hand.

  7. I got booted off of Twitter twice. The 1st time for criticizing the cast of
    Hamilton for their disrespectful treatment of #VP Mike Pence. (I had 2600 plus real followers) The 2nd time for criticizing MSNBC’s Canadian Muslim anchor Ali Velshi for his disrespectful treatment of #Congressman Jim Jordan during the healthcare debate. ( I had 600 plus followers).

    Ali Velshi personally engaged with me, and I let him know that he is a guest in the USA, and I was more interested in what the Congressman had to say than what he had to say.

    In the Hamilton discussion, all I did was defend Pence, and I didn’t say more than Newt Gingrich had said in Pence’s defense—that was enough to set the homos off. Once again I did not engage with them, they started the discussion with me!

  8. I got booted off of Twitter due to an exchange of opinions, shall we say, with a Soros BLM nigger, right after the election. I haven’t bothered to go back. Thanks for following me, Hunter!

    • @Denise

      Why bother arguing with niggers, Ms. Denise? They literally don’t have any original thoughts or opinions of their own. Their political opinion is whatever some seemingly authoritative, usually a White/Jew SJW type, individual last told them.

      • Arguing with a nigger is a complete waste of time. Been there done that and have recognized the futility of it.

        The nigger doesn’t use logic or rationale. They evolved as a part of the animal kingdom. I’d have better luck arguing with my dog, same level of intellect.

        • Ronnie what good does that kind of ‘race realism’ do us?

          The Jew-WASP (yes mostly jewish) alliance used to use that kind of language about us irish. Learn your history.

          We don’t need to denigrate blacks to separate from them.

        • Nigs are (by and large) NOT Human. It’s time to acknowledge that fact.
          “Beast of the field,” indeed…..

      • This happened RIGHT after the election. It was on the #NotMyPresident, or whatever it was. I jumped in with both feet. “Damned RIGHT he’s not your President! (How little did I know at the time….). Now get back to Africa, baboons!”….or something to that effect…most of the primates were speechless, but some coal black welfare bitch, with pictures of it’s bastard niglet defacing it page, took umbrage. I don’t recall it’s name. I wish I had recorded it. It was advertising itself as a “personal coach”. I think it infests MD. It was obviously a Soros field nigger, from it’s “screeching/poo-flinging points”

  9. Why in the literal fuck would anyone have a twitter account ever? It’s even more fagtarded than facebook, if that’s possible. Seriously, what is the point in using that shit?

  10. Thanks guy’s-the new look twitter bird gave me a good laugh-as it sums it up exactly.
    Anyway have a MERRY CHRISTMAS, and I repeat-MERRY CHRISTMAS and a productive new year. Oh….and stay woke!

  11. The movement can’t capitalize on this golden opportunity because it flirted with fascism; now you cannot cry foul when it is imposed on you.

    Much like Trump owning the markets now that he cheered them on the way up; when they crash, he will own that too.

    If / When the Left overreaches, then you can pair with the Alt Lite and fight a court case. Until then, you’re on the other side of the wall.

  12. Funny how Jews can’t figure out where anti-Semitism comes from as they aggressively pursue the reasons for it. It’s their way or the highway. Moving to Gab until the same thing happens over there.

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