Nikki Haley’s Binomo: UN Ambassador Duped By Russian Pranksters

I’m dying:

“The US ambassador to the United Nations has fallen victim to a phone prank perpetrated by a famous Russian duo, with whom she discussed the affairs of a fictional South China Sea island nation and the alleged harassment of the Ukrainian president by Kevin Spacey.

Notorious Russian pranksters Vladimir Kuznetsov (Vovan) and Alexey Stolyarov (Lexus) have managed to one-up the US government by calling Nikki Haley and tricking her into thinking that she was speaking with Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

During the phone conversation, the pranksters probed Haley’s opinion about the island nation of Binomo — a fictional country located in the South China Sea not far from Vietnam, and invented by Vovan and Lexus for that occasion. …”

When the pranksters told Haley that the country recently proclaimed independence and that the Russians have meddled in the elections held there she immediately replied “of course they did!” The ambassador also stated that the US is aware of the situation that it will continue to monitor it closely just as Washington deals with all issues “that keep coming up in the South China Sea.” …”

Skip to 11:25.

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      • Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

        To curry favor, favor curry!
        Step down, bitch. Go back to cleaning toilets- or Hindoo shrines. (same diff)

        “Women are to keep silent….” – St. Paul

        • Do which exact denomination of protestant are you anyway?

          So messed up that you rail against the colored hordes while hoisting the semitic flag of Saul.

          • SAINT. Paul. Oncey, dear, honey-darling.

            You really are confused, aren’t you?
            Saint Paul was not a “Jew,” as you define the term in your libspeak,today.

            First off he came from a specific tribe of the 12 tribes of Israel, which made him a son of Shem, but not a “Semite.”

            Secondly, after the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Paul is probably the most important Christian, for white Christians. Only a Judaizing cultist would have the audacity to either call him Saul, or besmirch his credentials.

            2000 years of church history are on my side. Whom do you represent, if not just yourself?

          • Saul was a butcher of the innocent, who invented the idea of multi-culturalism and preached a very different brand of Christianity than what was taught by Jesus, Peter and John. Refusing to learn from them, he had the *chutzpah* to tell the real disciples of Christ that he was right and they were wrong

            All the facts point to the idea that Saul was really an Edomite Jew. He reminds me a lot of Alex Jones. All bluster and bully, he mixes in just enough truth to make you believe his lies. Saul provided the blueprint that every disinformation specialist has followed ever since.

            Listen to Saul and you will think there no difference between a Jew and a Greek lol. No, I’m not listening to that butcher of the truth and neither should any Christian.

            Christianity was corrupted very early in its life by this man, similar to how early in its life was the America of the Founding Fathers corrupted by Lincoln.

    • She is here because the British screwed the Sikhs over by partitioning their homeland of Punjab and giving it to muslims. The British (((masters))) clearly did not want them to have a unified homeland and perceived Sikhs as a threat. I did a little looking and Sikhs appear to be the most “Aryan” of the hindus as you can tell from this pile of excrement who nearly passes for european. I think Sikhs have the potential to be white allies but you wouldn’t know from Namrata here. All of their women have taken the (((poison))) but I would bet the Alt-Right would find good support among Sikh men if presented properly. My guess is, as the warrior caste, that Sikh are well represented in the Indian military leadership which could be very useful in the future. India has kicked the crap out of Pakistan in every encounter that I know of btw. The British and the US support Pakistan over India because they are Sunni and clearly there was a plan afoot for these animals to be the orcs in charge of the region.

  1. I pray it’s Russians landing on Mars. The US could not resist sending a Vibrant Diversity to take that first step.

    • A manned trip to Mars would cost around $500 billion. It would be literally unaffordable to have any affirmative action coloreds on such a mission.

  2. I know one thing-if we bring diversity with us, we bring exactly the problems we now face on earth.
    In 2070, we can’t go back to Europe. We’ll be outnumbered wherever we are. We’ll be without a place just for us….thats where other planets come in-we can thrive there, be at peace and continue to advance as only we know how.
    If nogs rape and kill you on earth, then they’ll also do it on Mars. We can’t bring it with us.
    Space is our final hope and escape-and must be done correctly.

    • You assume someone will be feeding them :). Nature will fix this distortion we just need to play by the rules.

    • @El Chapo,
      I never did not doubt that you weren’t a non anti white activist. I wouldn’t say your attitude to whites was positively fundamental, but its essentially pedestrian.
      You need to make yourself more gooder-do ya know wot I mean?
      Merry Christmas. I repeat- MERRY CHRISTMAS, and get some pork on your folk.

  3. Don’t tell the commenters at Breitbart, they’ll be heartbroken. They’re already positioning her for 2020.

  4. I’ve been listening to the various reviews of Star Wars: The Last White Man and it occurred to me that the real problem fans have with it is that they identified at a young age THE GOOD and THE REBELLION.

    Instead of seeing the rebellion as a good they should have seen the following:

    Moff Tarkin did nothing wrong (apart from destroying the architectural archives in Rogue One)

    Senator Palpatine did nothing wrong. The Galaxy needed order.

    Vader was maliciously assaulted by his mentor Obi Wan Kenobi for disposing of a dangerous religious sect.

    The Empire is white men, the First Order is white men with British accents.


  5. I hate this woman with every atavistic fiber of my being. Something about a ‘southern’ indian playing Jim Jones to innocent white people.

    Evangelicals have to be educated about the true nature of jews.

    She is so vile I can’t even.

  6. Assuming it really happened USA is a clown country and deserves to be the laughing stock of the world.

  7. Jews in the US groomed Namrata to advocate Israel first policies. She passed the Jew test of betraying her rank and file Southern evangelical voters by removing Confederate monuments. Jews in the UK mentored Priti Patel to push Israel first policies in the UK.

  8. For some reason Breitbart and Fox News never covered this story. Too busy preparing her presidential campaign, I guess.

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