Ben Shapiro: Conservative Policy, Populist Attitude

I’ve got to agree with Benny the Yid on this one:

“This was supposed to be the year conservatism saw its end.

Conservatism, we were led to believe, had run its course. Trump’s supporters cheered his campaign-trail heresies against Reagan-esque conservatism. “What has conservatism ever done for us?” we heard, time and again. Candidate Trump was among those pressing forward this talking point: “This is called the Republican party,” Trump reminded Americans in May 2016. “It’s not the Conservative party.”

Conservatism had seen its heyday — it had become old, decrepit. A new governing philosophy had made itself manifest: nationalist populism. Or, as Trump’s advocates put it, Trumpism. This philosophy would mash up protectionism with a quasi-isolationist foreign policy focused on placating dictatorships such as Russia; it would combine big spending on infrastructure with a crackdown on immigration. Government would subsidize manufacturing and look to restrict companies like Facebook and Google. Wall Street would be put in the dock. The “elites” would pay. Nationalism would take precedence over patriotism based on founding ideals.

Many traditionally conservative commentators — including me — worried about such a philosophy. We worried most of all that with Trump as the mouthpiece for that philosophy, many conservatives, enamored with Trump’s defeat of Hillary Clinton, would follow him down the path toward replacing Reaganism with Trumpism. …

What, then, of the new, bold philosophy?

There is no Trumpist philosophy. 2017 isn’t the year conservatism died. It’s the year so-called Trumpism was exposed. It was the year that Steve Bannon’s supposed Weltanschauung turned out to be Steve Bannon’s fantasy, not Trump’s mode of thought. …”

The God Emperor, right?

As Ben Shapiro explains, there is no such thing as a “conservative-populist coalition.” There is only conservatism which exists to provide the policies and populism which exists to provide the votes. At the end of the day, the populists only get dog whistles out of this bargain.

In the Republican Party, the populists are like an 18-wheeler truck that delivers the electoral votes of marginalized White working class voters in the South and the Midwest. They drop off their load on November 8th. That’s when the conservatives arrive in their limousine from New York City and drive off with the electoral check to deposit it in their own bank. Grinning, they say, thanks guys, but we will take it from here and flash the okay sign as they drive to Washington, DC.

F**kin based. See you in two years.

I know you were promised a big, beautiful wall, an end to pointless foreign wars, the opioid epidemic and that all the jobs in China were going to come back to Ohio.

Fortunately, the True Cons have thought of much better policies for our kind: arming Ukraine with Javelin anti-tank missiles, huddling with corporate lobbyists to modernize NAFTA, a $705 million dollar investment in Israel’s missile defense (fu**in based), a $65 billion dollar slush fund for future overseas wars, releasing Shlomo Rubashkin from prison (so fu**in based), adding the burden of defending Montenegro to NATO, threatening North Korea and Iran with nuclear war, recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel (OMG fu**in based), preserving the carried interest loophole for the hedge fund guys, a $1.5 trillion dollar tax cut for wealthy donors, making your healthcare more expensive, attacking Syria, etc.

Ben Shapiro would like President Trump to be mindful that “a dash of Trump is more than enough — that he’s the salt, and that conservatism is the stew. Too much salt ruins the stew, even if the occasional dash adds necessary flavor.” In other words, less tweeting please. If it were not for President Trump zanier tweets, the country would LOVE the conservative economic and foreign policy agenda.

It doesn’t get anymore blinkered than this. This is why conservatism is ultimately going to be destroyed by the fire of White Nationalism. It is incapable of being reformed.

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  1. Is there anything more absurd than seeing a jew in a cowboy hat?

    I think White Americans are tired of being bullshitted by the “conservative” political establishment. If Trump lets them down then maybe they will demand a truly authoritarian leader to straighten things out. That would be nice!

  2. Well, most of the “cattle” are still asleep, so Benny the Yid and Max the Boot and Ari the Coon can all keep wearing their shit-eating grins…for now.

  3. Looking at the photo of that Loomer thing, I’m left stunned at how those monsters have managed to reproduce themselves over the centuries. No man with any respect could crawl into bed with that, never mind be capable of doing the deed once there. Shape-shifters, indeed.

  4. That’s not the “okay” sign. It’s a satanic hand gesture. In no way does it resemble “OK”. It does, however, resemble three 6s. People really need to stop using that and that stupid devils horns hand gesture.

    • I’m pretty sure their intent, however, is to dog-whistle to White Nationalists like us. As you may or may not know, the “OK” sign has been designated as a “white power” hand-sign recently by some. Even though that silliness started off as something White Nationalists were trolling the enemy with (like the racist milk), it did indeed stick in some of the weaker minds. The (((ADL))) didn’t put it on (((the list))), however, but the association persists with some. The scum-bag in the photo above is attempting to shape-shift not only into a “good ole boy” but he and the wench want us to think they’re down with “white power”.

      It ain’t got nothing to do with “satan” or 3 sixes, dude.

  5. and the Democratic base is treated the same way…remember in 2008 when obama talked about a public option for healthcare? Is that what we got? NOPE….
    the real problem is not conservatism or the GOP or liberalism or the Democrats…the real problem is a lack of democracy…

  6. That guy’s usually workin’ his yarmulke. But, I’m not surprised to see him in a cowboy hat. I remember a few years back when Kinky Friedman was running for Governor of Texas. There were a great many who took his candidacy seriously. I like to think that they were Carpetbaggers from Minnesota, who didn’t have someone like Al Franken to vote for. The thing that really irritated me about his campaign was his substitution of the Star of David for the Lone Star on the State Flag on bumper stickers and signs, accompanied by the caption, “Why Not Kinky?” I thought the campaign literature answered it’s own question. He should have been informed that, “This is the State of Texas, not the State of Israel, that’s why not, Kinky.”
    The fact that Kinky could get away with this sort of blasphemy without being ran out of the State is evidence of how oblivious most White people are to being insulted and mocked. They simply just don’t see it, even when it’s shoved in their face.

    • I remember Kinky’s campaign. He was on the Don Imus show a lot and 60 Minutes did a big interview with him.

  7. The problem is you guys gaslit yourselves into thinking Trump was the second incarnation of the good old Uncle Adolf when in fact if you spend the time watching his speeches and rallies, only foreign policy he’s bungled on but not enough to compare with Bush as of yet.

    Trump’s problem was that he relied too much on the cuckservative infrastructure for policy and manpower in the admin but who can blame him since there no noticeable alternative he could take on. Let’s also not forget that he’s leading a fractured and factional party who never fully embraced his campaign ideas and subversives from all side out to get him.

    Even if we have to contend that Trump’s a dud, it’s all the more reason for the altright to go out and build a larger and better alternative to cuckservative, inc. to hold his feet to the fire. Complaining he’s not going whole hog like liberals did under Obama is saying we spent the last two years dancing the jewocratic dance.

    • He’s not yet raised the hand of the US military against the Arabs or Persians to depose anyone.

      He’s not quite Neo-Con, at least not yet.

      Bush folded easily into Straussian policy in a few months.

  8. This is why I think the Roy Moore loss was fine, even preferable. Rich Spencer was right, Moore is a rootin’ tootin’ huckster in a cowboy hat, he absolutely loves Israel. Moore would have cucked so fast he would have actually traveled back in time to cuck.

    • Yep. Although, it’s annoying that certain demographics switched allegiance.

      Ultimately Moore was no loss.

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