Top 5 Things Jews Need To Stop Ruining In 2018

Editor’s Note: This is a response to Buzzfeed’s article on 37 Things White People Need To Stop Ruining In 2018. It is our take on the things Jews ruined in 2017.

5.) Star Trek








I’ve seen them all and Star Trek: Discovery is the worst show in the series. It might even kill off the franchise. Driven by the Jewish paranoia of the showrunners, Star Trek: Discovery is an allegory about the clash between Jews and White Nationalists in Trump’s America.

4.) Women








From Ashley Judd’s vulgar speech at the Women’s March last winter to her revelations about Harvey Weinstein’s degeneracy in the fall, Jews ruining White women was a big theme in 2017. Isn’t it fitting that the creator of the new infamous Pussy Hat was also Jewish?

3. Foreign Relations








The United States doesn’t have a foreign policy. Jews have a foreign policy which manifests itself in things like the 24/7 Russia narrative, spending $705 million dollars on Israel’s missile defense, defunding the Palestinian Authority, decertifying the Iran nuclear deal, the Syria strike, withdrawing from UNESCO over anti-Israel bias, cutting the UN budget in retaliation for the Jerusalem vote, condemning the UN vote on Israeli settlements and recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel for Sheldon Adelson’s shekels. Jewish influence over American foreign policy has brought our foreign relations to an all time low.


2. Social Media










In 2017, the ADL took over Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Reddit, and now everyone who uses mainstream media platforms is getting Voxsplained by the thought police. Jews have become the hall monitor of social media and have shined a bright spotlight on their ethnic monopoly.

1.) The Trump Administration








Jared Kushner is a real mensch.

As Steve Bannon said, Jarvanka was “a fount of bad advice during the campaign” and has been the central figure in all the bad decisions of the Trump presidency in 2017. Whether it was directing General Flynn to lobby the Russian ambassador on a UN vote on Israeli settlements, the Syria strike, the firing of FBI director James Comey, the Charlottesville resolution, Shlomo Rubashkin or the Jerusalem decision, Jared Kushner has sown the divide between President Trump and his base.

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  1. Jews are a fuckin menace. There’s nothing good about them. They’ve given us nothing positive that we couldn’t have given ourselves, and have given us plenty that we don’t need or want.
    Next Christmas I’m buying Denise some high quality ovens (furnaces). I’m sure she’d be a great cook!!!
    As for Star Trek-looks like plenty of illegal aliens in the cast now…

  2. What I find amazing about the ADL take over of all these social media platforms is that they identified the problem “we don’t control this” and then in a year they fix their problem and control this.


    • @Captain John: Yeah, right, and somehow you as well as this blog slipped through our shrewd and slimy fingers? I’m sure the ADL just quakes in its boots at the mere thought of you.

      • The tighter the grip the more systems escape the grasp.

        The problem in the US is that you do have 6,000,000 chosen hounding dissent and shutting it down.

      • They are quaking, you better believe it. They are very aware of the consequences if they lose control. The longer they try to hang on the worse the backlash is going to be. When things go to shit there will not be very many flights out so only the super rich are likely to make it to their New Zealand safe houses.

  3. The jews are never more than a few steps away from being thrown into bonfires or down the well. They are not invincible, it’s only our fragile, modern society and Wall Street /Federal Reserve driven economy that makes them appear so.

    • Without deception they really don’t have any tricks. For a group that has completely taken over higher education they have accomplished very little. Pretty sure Einstein is a fraud and a plagiarist although they only proof I have is that he accomplished absolutely nothing once he was in the spotlight. In fact, he tried to harm the careers of people like Neils Bohr who actually was doing real science.

      • Even Sociology was “founded” by a goy German, Max Weber. Jews have added nothing to his work even after 100 years of controlling every single Sociology department in the west.

      • Einstein is heavily promoted but facts are facts. His claim to fame is an equation that somebody else already had published and there is no single product or innovation related to his work that contributes well to our quality of life.

        Willis Carrier, otoh, now there’s an undisputed genius.

  4. Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Mossad Enterprise. Its continuing mission: to exploit gentile worlds, to seek out and maximize the host, to boldly go where no bagel starship has gone before.

  5. Let’s hope we see some re-runs of Star Trek. The Jews just can’t resist telling the goyim. Bring back the Ferengi and the Ferengi Rulz of Acquisition. Nobody can play the Ferengi quite like the Jewish actors. Those wild looking ears are a diversion. This feature can’t compete with the Ferengi schnozz when make-up lets a Ferengi sport a real Yiddisher schnozz.

    “A contract is a contract is a contract – but only between Ferengi
    Star Trek – Ferengi Rues of Acquisition actual show footage

  6. Why don’t we try to make “anti Gentilism” a common term? Every time someone gets accused of anti Semitism for simply pointing out that a sub-group of Jews is doing something bad, we should push back with accusations of anti Gentilism.

  7. Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Mossad Enterprise. Its continuing mission: to exploit gentile worlds, to seek out and maximize aliens perceive interests at the expense of host, to boldly go where no bagel starship has gone before.

    • I am certain Borg like aliens do exist somewhere in our galaxy. I can’t think of a better fate for Kikes other than extermination than assimilation by cyborgs like the Borg.

  8. Also the bitter feminist Jewess writer for Rolling Stone magazine who wrote the worst ever anti Southern, anti White rape hoax story of the University of Virginia Fraternity.

    And then there was (hasn’t been funny since 1980) Jew Doonsbury Comic strip Garry Trudeau strongly supporting this UVA rape hoax story and refusing to apologize after it was proven a hoax.

    Trudeau went with the line that it didn’t matter that the Rolling Stone UVA rape story was a hoax because UVA and other Southern Schools had a culture of sexism and racism.

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