Nehlen Unleashed

If you haven’t read the Twitter feed of Paul Nehlen, get over there now while you still can. Unless he has some grade-A dirt on Jack Dorsey that we don’t know about, his account will probably not be around much longer. For most of December, Nehlen has been dropping atomic red-pills. If he’s going to be banned soon, he’s going out with guns blazing.

Not since formerly mainstream Trump cheerleader Jared Wyand went full 1488 over a year ago has Twitter been hit with such high-powered truth bombs from a once relatively tame account.

He’s been challenging the blue-check Twitterati in no subtle manner, telling Jon Podhoretz on December 6th to “eat a bullet.” He’s tweeting fashy memes, “It’s Okay to be White,” “The Goyim Know,” and helicopter jokes, interspersed with Bible verses and hymn lyrics. He accused Ari Cohn of being a “(((bigot)))” and pretending to be White, then suggested he seek a new life through faith in Jesus. He tweeted “Currently reading” with a photo of the book “The Culture of Critique” by Kevin MacDonald. He’s also been hammering hard on the need for anti-censorship measures for social media, tagging his tweets with #ShallNotCensor, the name of his proposed legislation.

Leftists are finding to their horror that their usual kill-shot weapons, like shrieked accusations of “ANTI-SEMITE!!!” are powerless to stop the impervious and seemingly fearless Nehlen. Meanwhile, the usual neocon suspects are sputtering with indignation, falling all over one another as each tries to to denounce his reprehensible rhetoric more emphatically than the last.

It’s unspeakably delightful.

Has he killed his chances of ever winning a congressional seat in Wisconsin? Maybe. I don’t know. Even if so, it may not matter. Many of us believed that the election of Donald Trump was our last chance to reclaim the country through our existing institutions. The joy we felt at his election faded as we watched him rather quickly become mired in the DC swamp, while people who are (nominally at least) on our own side of the aisle worked to keep him there and to defeat or defang politicians who would have supported the MAGA agenda Trump championed during his campaign.

Think about Ron Paul. He accomplished little legislatively during his career, but his impact was significant nonetheless. His real contribution was made by using his platform to trumpet his ideas. He got young people excited about the founding ideals of the United States. He made many people aware of the undue, unspoken influence of the Federal Reserve by drumming the mantra “Audit the Fed” into our minds. He presciently warned those who would listen of the abuses that would stem from the passage of the Patriot Act in the wake of 9-11. He continuously questioned the GOP’s unabated enthusiasm for foreign wars and intervention. He began to expose the true entitled, self-serving nature of the GOP when his campaign threatened the peaceful coronation of the GOPe’s selected candidate in 2012. Disrespect was heaped upon his small but enthusiastic contingent supporters at the 2012 Republican convention, and a variety of dirty tricks were used against them. It was eye-opening for many.

Ron Paul changed the national conversation and the minds of countless Americans. Nehlen can do the same.

How many people are reading his tweets, and contemplating his ideas for the first time? How many have been quietly thinking the same things, who are feeling more emboldened to express agreement out loud? How much of our national dialogue will be different now that Nehlen has thrown a few smug blue check-bearers through the Overton window?

I don’t know. But I’m excited to find out.


  1. eh, I have been reading his twitter feed for a while….he would be a distinct improvement over almost all gop congresspeople, but he is still just a conservative…we have a long way to go to get to white dissident populist politics…nehlen is not that, in no way…

  2. Looks tactical to me. A Hail Mary by Nehlen.

    Can it work?

    In the short run, I’d say ‘No.’

    But, he’s establishing himself as a WN who will stand up to the Jews.

    I’ve never seen a person with a public profile like Nehlen make such bold statements before and refuse to back down.

    Timing is everything in life, so…let’s watch the kikes attack him like the crazed bigots they are, and the long run will take care of itself.

  3. I love how Whites are starting to realize that it’s OK for them to question formerly taboo subjects like the Holohoax and racial/gender “equality”. We are coming to the end of a 50 year long era of ultra left-wing control. And the liberals are powerless to stop Generation Z from overturning the old order.

    Maybe Mr. Nehlen will be unable to defeat the Establishment’s political smear-machine but his campaign may very well put a huge dent in it.

  4. Don’t kid yourself, Nehlen is still Israel first, look at his numerous past tweets. He has kissed the western wall. It is Drumpf all over again – telling the goyim what they want to hear

    • exactly…it’s good to hear a wannabe politician break from the orthodoxy, but if you read him long enough, it’s clear that he is basically an orthodox libertarian conservative…so he flirted with naming the jew and he said it’s ok to be white…which is great, but we need more…

  5. Nehlen has a pair. Congrats to him. He’s speaking truth to (((power))).

    I donated some money to his 2016 campaign. If he keeps up with this enlightened rhetoric, I’ll probably donate to his 2018 campaign.

    • Which leads to two options: collaboration or rebellion. I’m not holding my breath on Nehlen.

  6. C’mon folks.

    Learn from the Trump campaign experience.

    Trump moved the Overton Window, even though it appears he has no intention of doing anything at all that he campaigned on.

    Now – go read his Twitter feed – Nehlen is driving professional Jew bigots insane, and refusing to back down.

    That’s Overton Window moving.

    That’s winning in the culture wars.

    He probably can’t beat that snake Ryan anyway, but what you’re witnessing in real time on Nehlen’s Twitter is a cultural revolution.

  7. Funny how all of you armchair bigot assholes here talk tough but are such pussies that you won’t show your face in a profile pic. You all need to prepare for a world where we Jews truly run your lives. Don’t forget to raise your hand to ask permission to go to the bathroom. I’ll consider the request.

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