Mike Cernovich Is Gay (Paul Nehlen Did Nothing Wrong)

This was great.

More videos like this please. It is time to get back to fundamentals in 2018. Making fun of Weird Mike Thernovich is something everyone can rally around.

Note: In other news, Laura Loomer is naming the Jew.

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    • Matt Semite has a theory that she’s trying to defuse the JQ by addressing it head on but only addressing over-representation and not subversion. Then the pivot to “And of course we’re only over-represented because we’re so smart and hard-working”. It’s a plausible theory. We’ll have to wait and see.

    • Murdoch isn’t a Jew. That’s why.

      I’m pretty sure rest are not technically or at least not religiously Jewish though. Sulzberger is technically Anglican.

  1. 2018 will be the year that “Fake Right” Alt Lite brands like Weird Mike Cernovich, Jack Proboscis, Laura Loomer, and Ricky Vaughn die out and are forgotten.

  2. Thernobitch is a bitch, but I ain’t voting for no goddamn cuck Nehlen. Nehlen takes pictures at the (((western wall))) like all the zio-cucks. I didn’t vote for Jewvanka

    • Ha-ha, those jews are wailing and bobbing their heads up and down in front of a wall that was part of a Roman fortress (or maybe part of Herod’s palace). Jews have no real history, it’s all LIES.

  3. I’d like to see some stuff on the huckster Vox Day as well. He is part of the Milo Cernovich fake right clan. Prairie Nigger Vox Day is the biggest conman of them all. He has successfully cashed out (fleeced his readers) more so than Cernovich and Milo.

    • I agree. The “Christian Right” is anti-White and pro ZOG, aka not one of our friends. Anyone suggesting such a move ought to raise a red flag.

      • Horse fucking shit. I AM Christian Right and ANTI-ZOG and VERY pro-White. Don’t fucking speak for me you uneducated fuck.

      • Not all of it, I agree about the brain dead evangelists and southern baptists, but there are plenty of Christians, myself included, who support white nationalism and are against the zionist destruction of our society. Remember, it was Catholics who fought back the muslims for centuries, and some of us are still in the mold of Jan Hunyadi and Jan Sobieski.

      • You seem to have misunderstood the comment. If the Christian Right was antiWhite, the threat of the Altright merging with the Christian Right wouldn’t be a threat.

        No real Christian is antiWhite. You’re thinking of Judeo-Christians, or Judeos. They are confused Christians at best and politically no different than a Jew.

        It’s a neat trick, claiming you’re only 2% of the population while you have the voting power of half the country or more.

  4. Murdoch’s children are apparently Jewish. Murdoch Sr. – no at most 25% that’s not enough. We have very real problems with the Jewish media mafia. We should only present the truth and not accuse everyone and anyone of being both:


    Or some Christian denomination like Catholic that some people don’t like.

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