Trump Administration and Israel Reach Joint Plan To Counter Iran

As I said here last night, the United States doesn’t have a foreign policy:

“Top US and Israeli national security officials reached an agreement two weeks ago in Washington on a joint work plan to counter Iranian activity in the Middle East, Channel 10 reported on Thursday.

The document marks the beginning of a new cooperative effort against Iran, a senior US official told The Jerusalem Post.

The document, characterized by a US National Security Council representative as an informal “framework,” follows on President Donald Trump’s speech in October outlining a new American policy approach to the Islamic Republic, where he announced that he would not recertify the Iranian nuclear deal.

“It’s more precise to say that it is a framework document, and not a done and dusted plan,” the US official told the Post. “It is a framework for future cooperation. It is not the end result of a process, it’s more of a beginning.” …”

When it comes to the Middle East, American Jews have a foreign policy. In some cases, Sheldon Adelson has a foreign policy. The only question that matters: is it good for the Jews?

The Road So Far In 2017: Congress spending $705 million dollars to fund Israel’s missile defense programs, the annual disbursement of $3.1 billion in foreign aid to Israel, House voted to defund the Palestinian Authority, decertifying the Iran nuclear deal, the Syria strike, withdrawing from UNESCO over anti-Israel bias, arming Israel with a fleet of state of the art F-35 stealth fighters, cutting the UN budget in retaliation for the Jerusalem vote, House voted to condemn the UN vote on Israeli settlements and recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel to global condemnation.

The only thing Bibi Netanyahu didn’t get in 2017 was a US ground invasion of Syria and Iran. The neocons are steadily working toward that goal though in 2018. He shows no sign of being tired of winning. Have you ever wondered why our government is so determined to crush the one country in the Middle East which doesn’t produce Muslim terrorists who kill Westerners?

Is this what you call an America First foreign policy?

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    • Curious how the F-35’s work out. I think the Ruskies already have counter measures they just have not revealed them yet. The US military might well be obsolete except for special missions.

  1. Generations have now been raised up on the Zud lie that Germany was solely guilty of making aggressive war in 1914.

  2. If anyone here have friends in Australia, then please raise awareness of the JQ with them, as they just haven’t made the connection.
    Well meaning white Aussies, whilst sipping their beers and putting another shrimp on the barbie will vigorously converse with their mates on the scourge of feminism, or the threat of Islam as well as Somalian gangs-they’re obvious and visible. The deviants behind the scenes with the German sounding surnames who control the major institutions that drive policy and opinion-have largely slipped the radar.
    I really don’t understand this huge difference in Right-wing thinking between America and Australia, given the digital age allows access to instant information.
    Jews are a dangerous pest who can get away with more because they are largely hidden, like cockroaches under a fridge.

    • The problem in Australia is that some national heroes like General Monash were Jews. You also have Kiwi generals like Freyberg. These figures literally define the National ethnogenesis of Australia and New Zealand.

  3. Would it be too much to ask to simultaneously open up combat with Iran and Russia in 2018, while still occupying Afghanistan? The Jews have been such incredible allies over the past year, I think they’ve earned it.

  4. The Founding Fathers would be appalled but not surprised. There’s a story, probably apocryphal?, about Ben Franklin wanting to keep Jews out of the new Republic.

  5. MAGA Make Ashkenazi Globalists Again.Usury,Drugs and Oil.Japan and China primary source of energy is Oil from central Asia and north Africa.

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