Paul Joseph Watson: This Is What a Real Feminist Looks Like

I was right about the Alt-Lite.

These people are nothing but hucksters. They are clickbait marketers. They don’t have any real beliefs. Greg Johnson once argued that the Alt-Lite was defined by its opposition to feminism. Indeed, Paul Joseph Watson used to make videos blasting feminism, but look at him now.

Paul Joseph Watson 2018:

Paul Joseph Watson 2014:

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  1. Alt Light has never been about race. They’re anti-race, which includes being against anti-white behavior and we have some overlap with that. However, their answer is to just deny race and say we’re all the same. No, that gets us nowhere. Notice that either anti-white or race neutral still amounts to the anti-white agenda.

    Cerno was actually pro-white for a while there but then decided it was not as profitable.

    Alt Light is now infested with Jews so it’s controlled and worthless.

  2. Traditionalism results in happiness and a life with meaning. Feminism has already failed. You have older lonely miserable women telling young single women to avoid their mistakes, to get married have children and to avoid a career.

    • That’s certainly not what they’re teaching in college, where young women
      are being turned into nut jobs, like always. My daughter is going for a DVM
      and takes a lot of the courses an MD would need. Those are OK…. organic
      chemistry isn’t too political.
      It’s the required courses in jew lunacy that suck. She maxes them out and
      then forgets them. Hopefully, some rich person with a corral of race horses
      has a smart Christian son………..

  3. The alt-lite, Fox News, Breitbart, PJ media and other similar websites exist to coopt the political power of white Christians in America to serve Israel and jewish interests.

  4. Paul Watson is such a faggot and so are his retarded followers. The Iranian people are traditionally muslim (yes I know about zoroastrianism but that’s the equivalent of larping about European paganism) and there is nothing wrong with that tradition. It is fine if the Iranian people want to be muslim and preserve that tradition. I have no reason to support some feminists slut that wants to do to them what they’ve done to the west.

    The only problem I have with Islam is when it is imported into Europe by jews who open the borders for mass immigration because they want to divide and conquer while replacing the European people in their own homelands. I have no problem with Islam in traditionally islamic countries. Paul Joseph Watson needs to lay off the soy, he’s becoming gayer and more unbearable with each passing day.

  5. This is Dems R the Real Racists applied to women.

    By the way, 4 solid days so far in 2018. This is how you march the ball down the field.

    • The ball was fumbled in 1945, they still got it and made many touchdowns
      We got to get serious with militant style leadership, we’re losing the game and the clock is running out
      The liberty tree needs watering once again
      Seriously, we’re not voting ourselves out of this

  6. In that thumbnail for the second video Watson is more like the guy on the left than the guy on the right. Does Watson have two beautiful kids? Does he even have any kids at all? Does he even have a wife or girlfriend? I’ve seen no evidence of it. He’s most likely a faggot. One thing you’ll notice about Watson is that he never shows any interest in women. A normal hetero male whether married or not is bound to elude to a woman’s attractiveness at least once in a while or be a little flirty with the female guest on his show. But I never see it. All I’ve ever seen from Watson is tweets where he “jokes” about visiting gay scenes.

  7. So giving women the right to vote and own property was “a very noble cause indeed”. Really, Mr. Watson? Who besides (((Marxist flim-flammers))) has benefited from women voting and owning property? Certainly not the women, who now require a daily cocktail of anti-depressants staying the urge to kill themselves.

    Every woman needs and wants to be owned by a strong man, which is why liberated women are so in love with Islam. It’s a dogshit religion in pretty much every other way, but Islam puts women in their natural, proper place relative to men.

  8. I got my hopes up, but looking at the comment section of the linked The Hill article, no one but me mentioned that it was ISRAEL for whom Flynn lied! The commenters are still acting as if the problem was Russia.

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