Southern Nationalist Radio Episode 064 – The Black Pill on The Republican Party


Harold Crews and Brad Griffin of Occidental Dissent discuss recent political developments in Washington, DC over the last few weeks. Nearly all of them have been bad. These developments show how futile it to attempt to reform the Republican Party.

Topics include:

– Iran
– Steve Bannon and Bannonism
– Jewish Power and Israel
– Trump becoming a conventional Republican
– Confederate monuments
– Twitter
– Tax Reform
– Budget
– Trade
– Trump’s political correctness
– Banking reform
– Medicaid cuts
– Energy
– Obamahood
– Offshore drilling
– Prison reform
– Andrew Puzder coming back?


  1. The fact of the matter is that both parties have been controlled by the elite* for well over a century. How in the hell did the US end up with the Federal Reserve, the income tax, draconian drug laws, the demise of isolationism, constant foreign intervention, endless wars, the current immigration fiasco, de-industrialization, deficit spending, etc. if there hadn’t been collusion or some controlling factor over both parties to have made all this possible? Plus thwarting any & all attempts at the formation of prominent & influential third, forth, etc. political parties offering viable alternatives to the status quo? Instead, the duopoly has reached a point where reform will perhaps never happen, save a revolution or total collapse of the socio-economic system.
    *I’m sure most of you know who & what I term as the elite.

  2. I have a business partner who was all for Bernie.
    He saw what happened to Bernie and voted for trump.
    He sees what it happening to trump and now understands…
    it’s the juice.

  3. I’ve never heard their podcast. Frankly, I am timid, because if they ever thought Trump was truthful or was trying to do anything to support the southern nationailst’s efforts, they have no discernment.

    I’m looking for the ones that KNEW ALL ALONG (just like me). So few are around.

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