President Trump: DACA Probably Dead Because Democrats Don’t Really Want It

It’s so unfortunate Democrats won’t play ball to save the DACA amnesty:

I think President Trump is probably right about this.

It’s not because the Republicans are unwilling to betray the base on immigration. Just look at the Gang of 8 or the proposed Triple Oreo Amnesty. It’s just that Democrats have no incentive to compromise when they are poised to retake the House in the 2018 midterms.

Why do you think Dick Durbin leaked the shithole countries comment? It came immediately after the Senate had struck a deal with Jeff Flake. It’s because the Democrats want to have the DACA issue to run against Trump as a “racist.” Why would they deflate their base now?

The Democrats just won Jeff Sessions’s Senate seat in Alabama which should have been an impossible political feat, but happened because of disgust with Mitch McConnell. The sensible thing to do is string Republicans along, maximize Republican infighting over amnesty and alienate Trump from his base without ever striking a deal. Then use the DACA issue as a club to bludgeon him with when Democrats retake Congress. This is what Republicans have done with DACA since 2014.

It really depends on whether pro-amnesty donors and activists can force the issue now. If the pressure is strong enough it could still happen, but Democrats have an interest in maintaining the status quo. And no, there isn’t any 4D Chess here because Trump could have just killed DACA himself and declared victory or allowed the Texas lawsuit to kill DACA at the Supreme Court. Instead, Texas dropped the lawsuit because of Trump’s actions in September, thereby saving DACA from its likely demise.

The goal here seems to be to find an excuse for not funding the border wall. Trump can say, I was ready to do this big deal, but the Democrats wouldn’t let me have it. In such a way, the debate can be shifted from the fact that the Senate has refused to fund it all along. Mitch McConnell could have funded the border wall in April 2017 and September 2017, but deftly kicked the can down the road.

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  1. Whatever happens regarding legalities, “Dreamers” and the 11 million (funny how that number never changes) are here and no one in DC is serious about deporting them. Never mind doing anything to halt or deport millions of “legal” 3rd worlders.

  2. The reason all these illegals are here is because we can afford to have them here. They are a luxury, ha, but we can afford it. Let something happen that results in empty shelves at Krogers and WalMart (NO, I do not want that happening) and all of these illegals will quickly discover their residency is, well, illegal and back they will go to wherever they came from. If they are fortunate.

  3. Beaners and other muds provide an endless source of cheap labor and cheap votes. They are also filling up the empty pews in churches, as well as replenishing the depleted ranks of organized labor. And they provide lots of new consumers for chink-made crap at WAL MART and Dollar General.

    So you see, you stupid White goy cattle, everybody benefits from unlimited third world immigration – Except YOU.

  4. If Trump did mass deportations and started some building of the wall… less money on feeding n housing these leeches. U do realize they get at least $700 a month in food stamps. And I don’t even spend that much a month on groceries and I use cash and the fact is I wouldn’t be able to afford to spend $700 a month anyways! Send all Illegals back! Get them off our taxes! F the Democrats.

  5. At this point, if Trump were to cure cancer, would anyone be surprised to see a series of articles on Occidental Dissent about how Trump was putting nurses and chemo-clinic staff out of work?

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