The Political Cesspool: The Rise of Barack Obama

We’re proud to be included on this week’s episode of The Political Cesspool, the South’s best populist, conservative radio show, Saturdays 6-9 PM CST.

The show is archived and this week I came on at 7:48, 48 minutes in the second hour. I discussed my former neighbor and Illinois state representative Barack Obama with James and Eddie and who, why he came from seemingly nowhere to become a US senator and two president.

No, it wasn’t some weird conspiracy involving aliens from outer space. Instead, it was the work of Bill Ayers, David Axelrod and Jeremiah Wright. How they promoted and packaged this unknown mulatto bastard Barack Obama – in the words of Steve Sailer, the “Half Blood Prince” – into a Nobel Peace Prize winning savior of the world; this Obama world somehow didn’t bring peace to our Chicago where we had 3,561 shootings and 675 murders in 2017 with only a 12% clearance rate.

Please make your Saturday evening 6-9PM CST a place where you listen to The Political Cesspool. It’s not just unique political commentary, but also great music, book and movie reviews and good folks who are on your side.


  1. Speaking of Obama, how come nobody ever mentions that Barry’s mother is a chosonite thus making him the first or possibly second (FDR?) or maybe third (IKE?) Jewish president. I would love to see Barry test Israel’s Jewish vs. African immigration laws.


    He was an illegal alien.
    It is very openly known that Obama was installed with Jewish support. As reported in Chicago Jewish News, “Obama is the first Jewish President.” See:

    Since he is not a citizen, he was never eligible to be President.

    So who got the cases against him fixed?

    There is only one group in the USA with the money and power to bribe, blackmail, subjugate and control the Judiciary–the Jewish lobby and its billionaire Oligarchs. There is no other lobby as powerful. They own and operate the Democratic party, which receives 50% of its campaign contribution from the “Jews”. (The Democratic party, in turn, pays them back 10-100 times as much money disguised as earmarks, grants and contracts.) They collectively have trillions of dollars and legal support of the sovereign nuclear state of Israel. They can easily get a Judge a fake Israeli passport and deposit several million dollars into his secret bank account in Israel, which has the world’s toughest bank secrecy laws and is the world capital of money laundering. These bribes are then funneled back to the Judges in the US through bogus corporations or charities. Mossad agents operate freely in the USA and have their tentacles in the FBI and can assassinate anyone with impunity. These and other factors enable the Jewish lobby and/or the Oligarchs to own and operate large chunks of the US Judiciary and our govt.

    The Jewish Lobby decided to install an illegal alien in the White House so they can keep blackmailing him and keep him under their total dominion and control. Besides the usual motives of looting the US treasury (obtaining trillions disguised as stimulus and bailout payments), this time the big motivation may be Iran’s nuclear weapons program and the existential threat it poses to Israel. By having a puppet in the White House, they can use the US and its gullible army to carry out an attack against Iran also.

    It is likely they have Obama’s birth certificate is in a secret vault in Israel–ready to be used if he strayed.

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