McConnell Promises Immigration Vote To End Government Shutdown

This doesn’t sound good:

“Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has set a Monday noon vote on a federal spending bill that would reopen the partially shuttered government until Feb. 8 in exchange for a promise for a vote on immigration reform legislation next month.

McConnell offered the deal on the Senate floor at 9:30 p.m. and then asked for Democratic consent to vote on the spending bill at 10 p.m.

Democrats objected, and McConnell then moved the vote, which could have come as early as 1 a.m. Monday to noon. …

McConnell’s offer is a near-guarantee that a moderate immigration reform bill offered by Sens. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., Richard Durbin, D-Ill., and others, would get floor consideration. But it’s not a guarantee it would pass, and if the Senate does agree on something, House Republicans have signaled they won’t necessarily like it.

McConnell said if the current bipartisan negotiations on the Dreamers and border security to not yield a deal, he would move to immigration on the Senate floor even without the accord. McConnell did not say which immigration bill he introduce, but Flake said “anyone can bring forward their bill.” …”

Graham and Flake are on board:

In other words, the Senate has until February 8th to strike a DACA deal. In the event a deal isn’t reached, there will be a vote on the Gang of 6 amnesty.

Note: Assuming all 49 Democrats vote for the Gang of 6 amnesty, Flake, Graham and Gardner would certainly vote for it. Are there 8 more pro-amnesty Republicans in the Senate?

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  1. This seems like it could be a refreshing test of Trump’s commitment to his mandate.

    Either Trump holds to his mandate and vetoes the amnesty, throwing Washington and the migrants into a full-on panic or Trump blinks, passes the amnesty, and has no leverage or base of support to even fund his big symbolic wall. He appears to be getting denied the way out that he wanted, …which was a deal passing the DACA amnesty in exchange for the money he needs to build his vanity wall.

    With both scenarios, White Nationalists have plenty of good polarization and agitation opportunities abound.

    • It’ll all depend on how trump acts in the lead up to any vote.

      If he shows some backbone, things could get really interesting.

      If he gives in to his cuck/Jew inner circle and starts pushing for a “deal,” expect a likely passing of the bill, and a possible end to any white-pillers on the alt right.

      Actually, who am I kidding? There will always be trump cheerleaders until the bitter brown end.

    • Why can’t these ‘gangs’ just die, instead? Oh, Lord, God, SMITE the evil Congresscritters in our midst – McConnell, Schumer, Flake, Graham, et al.

      Let them die as Judas did, with their innards spewing forth in agony. [ Acts 1:18]
      For thy mercy’s sake.

  2. Illegal is illegal. Breaking and entering is a crime. If u are here illegally and u are milking the gubment, u really gotta go. I don’t care about their feelings. Go wave that shithole Mexican flag in ur native land. I don’t care about McConnell’s promises… I’m thinking about Trump’s promises

    • A lot of us here in the U.S. scorn the Germans and the Swedes for their “weakness” and their “unwillingness to deliver justice to their respective J.O.G.s (Jewish Occupied Governments)… but we are no better, are we. And we’ll be seeing plenty of our own countrymen being carted off to the pokey for ‘annoying the jews’, too, just you watch. It’s coming. Will Americans respond any differently than the Germans and Swedes? I used to THINK so, back when I was stupid a.f., believing that there really was “something special” about “Murrica” and its armed citizenry. But I ain’t nearly as stupid these days…

      Antifa have been going ape-shit all over us for over a year now, “punching Nazis” whenever they feel like it, the cops have been looking the other way and even actively setting us up to get hurt and jailed, we the actual good guys, the entire (((establishment))) have been passing laws to crucify us, the niggers and kikes haven’t backed off their screeching for our blood one bit, the “normies” are still as utterly stupid and cucked as ever, the faggots are still teaching kids that it’s perfectly wonderful to give and receive butt-sex, simple pro-White flyers that say ‘Love Your Race’ are exactly the same as holocausting 666 trillion jews and lynching every black in the south — IN THE MINDS OF WHITE IDIOTS as well as non-Whites!…

      I’m not nearly as stupid as I was back when I had some faith in our people. Sorry so black-pilled, but we’re all “talking” and “debating” ourselves straight to the kosher slaughter.

      • U are right, but a lot of us will defend ourselves. We will pay attention. We do take notes. There are some that won’t follow suit. U would be amazed of the woke folks. The ppl are growing
        . it’s really our only hope

      • @JimB,

        Yes I feel your pain. The depraved left are the cancer in the body of every white nation. To me
        its context and hypocrisy that show up the left. Compare the reaction to ‘its ok to be white’ with the reaction to the murder of white church attendees by a black racist, or calls by blacks and Jews for ‘an end to the white race’-that generated no reaction whatsoever. They don’t know when to shut up and when to speak.
        I often wonder when and how all this will come to its conclusion. Are we finished, or are there enough of us left with some common sense who can fight this and win?

      • Good synopsis, JimB. I agree with Spahnranch1969’s assessment that about 40% of the white race isn’t worth saving. Quite obvious why. It’s going to take a super human effort to save us from oblivion & unfortunately that will be a very small percentage of whites. Most are either too cucked, too scared or too naïve. Personally, I’ll live the rest of my life by the Aryan Ethic. What else is there to live for in the 21st century?

  3. Immigration reform = amnesty for 800,000 illegal aliens = 4 million new brown “American citizens”.

  4. Damn them all. Our only consolation is all these people the Jews have brought in have no love for the Jews at all. We should try to stop mass immigration but if we can’t then the next best thing to do is to find a way to get rid of the Jews. If we have combine with every other race on the planet if we can get rid of the Jews it will be worth it. They have dug themselves into a hole. I think they believed at one time they were going to crash the US and move to China or India but I think these countries aren’t having it. If they move there they will NOT be allowed to control things as they do here. Look what happened to the Jews that moved to China last time.

    There’s also Jews that lived in China under Mao. They went nowhere.
    The Jews are a niche parasite that really doesn’t do well except in the culture of Europeans. They’ve convinced themselves they are the uber Men when in reality they only do well among reasonably nice people with less of sense of themselves as a tribe or race. After all if we weren’t nice people we wouldn’t be bothered by being called names.

    We should start talking to all the Hispanics and Blacks about the Jews and how we need to get rid of them. Noting the Federal Reserve stealing the capital needed for the economy would be a start. Wars for the Jews in the Middle East. Jews major role in bringing Blacks to the US. The major role of Jews selling opium to the Chinese. They’ve fucked just about everyone on the planet at one time or another.

    Our biggest goal should be to get rid of the Jews. Peacefully if we can get it but by any means necessary they must go.

  5. I have no confidence that Trump will not compromise/buckle/betray his White supporters yet again. I smell amnesty coming. I am not as “black pilled” as Jim B.’s earlier comment, but I have no hope whatsoever that Trump will stand up for White people in ‘Merica. It will be interesting to see how the vote plays out today.

  6. I am at the point where I think nothing good or just will ever happen in this zoo– there will be a general amnesty, more wars for Israel, more power and no accountability for the Police State, more physical and social violence committed against Europeans, Clintons and Obama triumphant, etc. etc. etc.

    On TV I see programs about the “heroic” FBI taking down La Cosa Nostra, but it seems to me that the FBI is now a far more dangerous criminal enterprise than the LCN ever was. I shake my head at this corrupt and evil system.

  7. All this fake, scripted drama to justify what is already a done deal, anyway.

    immigration reform= open the floodgates wider.

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