Gorilla-Chan, or, Why Mainstreaming Doesn’t Work

Do you know why mainstreaming doesn’t work?

Gorilla-chan and her entourage in the photo above is more “mainstream” in the United States than every single closeted, anonymous Groyper on the internet. That’s because she represents the fulfillment of ‘liberty’ and ‘equality’ and ‘tolerance’ which are the highest ideals of Americanism. It’s also because of Jewish hegemony in politics and culture which defines the boundaries of the mainstream to make the perverted seem normal and the normal seem like extremism.

Liberalism is the cultural mainstream. The image above is the embodiment of the telos of the system. It is the end which it has been degenerating toward for the last two centuries. We’re not going to redeem our race and civilization from within this framework. The change has to come from outside.

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    “Tolerance” is actually a negative term and it means to suffer or endure. So when the Judaists promote tolerance, they are basically telling you to suffer and endure their abuse. Don’t!

    They want you to tolerate (suffer, endure) the abuse from the alien invaders, the “kala kakoos” (a word used by Indians students at the uni which means black feces), homopaths, gay “marriage”, trannies, etc. to soften you up so you will easily endure the Judaists’ depravity and their criminal cult, because:

    “There is no text more barbaric than the Old Testament of the Bible–books like
    Deuteronomy and Leviticus and Exodus*. The Qur’an pales in comparison”—writer Jewish author Dr. Samuel Benjamin Harris.

    * Torah.

    • Arnold, for the 6 millionth time, the [sic] ‘Jews’ don’t follow the Word of God [pure, holy, and good!] but their perversion of it, called the TALMUD. Take your Christophobia over to Twitter, where you must have some sort of following. NOT HERE.

  2. EWWWWWWW. You should have posted a warning about dangerous visual graphic in the Header!! AAAGGGHH. The full horror shocked my brain when I realized that the ghettorilla had a bar over it’s massive dugs, and it was really sitting there, in public (because it’s too fat to stand) topless.

    AARRRGGHH. It must be removed….from….Earth.

  3. Back in the good old days you could get Chuckee Cheese Chimp-outs on Youtube, you could type : gorilla into Google images and the search would throw up a lot of the African varieties – including images like the gorilla sow featured above. Now, you get gorillas, white guys, kids, businesses with gorilla in the name, Jane Goodall . No Jews unfortunately – not even those Neanderthal looking knuckle draggers.

    I think that Kazar orc Jabotinsky even popped on a couple of gorilla searches 5 years ago.

    No more. Google has now fixed their algorithm. And it can distinguish between the African species but not between a gorilla and a White plumber.

  4. One thing you have to admire about the North American Aborigines, they called them as they saw them. I would have been “Pale Face,” General Custer was “Yellow Hair,” and the Negroes were “Buffalo Soldiers,” because there weren’t any Gorillas on the Continent.

  5. Next time you feel compelled to include photos of African animals, some graceful giraffes or lions would be nicer to look at….and much more attractive. Maybe some beautiful elephants.

  6. What kind of morbid, malevolent self-obsessed ass sees that picture and thinks its a good jumping off point to attack the Alt Right? Moreover, what kind of person turns that retarded thought into a substanceless article whose only purpose is to verbally sneer at us? Answer: someone who cares more about ***vindicating themselves to their perceived rivals*** (and projecting strawmen arguments thereon) than they care about their ostensible purpose of helping white people. Really sad. Not sure why I come here anymore. There is very little substance outside of Hunter’s incessant feet-stamping that HE HE HE! has been right all along and everyone else is wrong! You are really starting to remind me of Vox Day buddy.

  7. Most alt-liters would celebrate this kind of diversity as long as those folks believe in free markets and fair treatment of LGBTPs.

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