Cernovich Sidekick Jack Murphy Outed By Antifa

I’m not going to dox his real name.

The only thing Jack Murphy is known for is repeatedly threatening to fight Richard Spencer as Cernovich’s champion. Now, we he is groveling before Antifa that he is a SJW too.


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  1. This Murphy clown is certifiably insane. He’s constantly claiming he was going to beat up Richard Spencer at the The Inauguration before Spencer intervened. Murphy also was a liberal until very recently, and is a huckster like the rest of the Alt Lite.

  2. Food stamps aren’t so bad. Just stick to the basics, looks for sale items and you will be okay. I will give you a little money savings secret, there really isn’t anything wrong with dented cans.

  3. “I’ve worked for years to improve the lives of African American kids ”

    You can work for a hundred years. They’ll still be niggers and still be beyond help.

  4. The more those alt-lite fags insist they love the spics and niggers the more hated they are by the commies. That always makes me laff six million times.

  5. “A gay, a jew, a puerto rican, an immigrant and a transsexual walk into a bar…
    Oh wait, that’s just a picture of me with my friends.”

    So which one of them stabbed you in the back, Jack?

  6. The alt-lite is just a group of faggots who don’t like islam because they are mean to gays. They are standard leftists without the muslim fetish.

  7. Is there anyone on the alt-lite who isn’t some type of homosexual or non-binary or whatever kind of sickening freak?

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