#MAGA: US Kills More Than 100 Syrian Troops In “War Crime”

What is the 4D Chess here?

“Syria has accused the US of carrying out a “brutal massacre” with a bombing attack in Deir al-Zour province.

The overnight air strikes killed an estimated 100 pro-government fighters near the Euphrates river, according to the US.

The Syrian foreign ministry said it had written to the United Nations, demanding international condemnation.

The US claimed a right to self-defence, saying it was responding to an attack on allied Kurdish and Arab fighters.

It happened in the Middle Euphrates Valley, which serves as an informal demarcation line in eastern Syria. The government controls the western side and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) the east.

The two sides have clashed over the past year while trying to drive Islamic State (IS) militants from their last major stronghold in the country.

Syria described the latest strikes as “a war crime and a crime against humanity”, and said the US was directly supporting terrorism. …”

I’ve lost count of the number of times I have been told that Trump ONLY blew up a Syrian airfield and killed 15 people. We’ve been told it was nothing to get blackpilled about and insignificant in the larger scheme of an ‘America First’ foreign policy. Now, we have announced that we are indefinitely occupying Syria after the defeat of ISIS and have killed over 100 Syrian troops in their own country.

There ISN’T an ‘America First’ foreign policy. This became obvious when Montenegro was absorbed into NATO and the US sold Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine. No, we have the same neocons playing the same games of RISK in the Middle East that we had in previous administrations.

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  1. The solution here is obvious: we need to start working on a time machine RIGHT NOW so we can all go back in time and vote for Hillary Clinton.

    If Trump won’t say “gas the kikes race war now” on national television there is NO POINT in trying to do anything to save white America. That is a fact. If Trump won’t say GTKRWN, there’s no point to getting involved with politics. What we need to do is just sit on our hands, snipe at anyone who tries to do anything and wait for the inevitable collapse of the ZOG machine which is destined to happen any day now. Seriously, the USG is going to collapse under its own weight any second and anyone who doubts that is a Drumpf sycophant and GOPe shill and probably a Jew too.

    Until the inevitable collapse of ZOG which will probably happen tomorrow, we get to work on the time machine so we can all fix our collective mistake of voting for Donald Drumpf instead of Hillary Clinton.

    None of this would be happening if we had voted for Hillary. We obviously should have voted for Hillary and I want to thank OD for single-handedly setting the movement known as THE HARD RIGHT straight on the subject. Without OD’s tireless efforts, people in the movement might actually be making the mistake of thinking they mattered. We readers of OD know better.

    • Looks like someone is upset that the news cycle isn’t being filtered for ‘pro-Trump’ white pills to further their goal of energizing conservatism and the Republican Party.

      • No dude. I’m just dumping a bucket of cold water on your head. I don’t know what it is you think we should have done or be should be doing other than waiting for ZOG to collapse. But “wait for ZOG to collapse and then secede” is not a plan, its a recipe for the extinction of white Americans.

  2. The US publicly stated that Russia was not fighting ISIS in Syria, but rather propping up the government and killing our “democracy-loving moderate Syrian rebels.”

    But it was Syria-Russia-Iran-Hezbollah and not the US which defeated ISIS in Syria (and, to be fair, the Kurds).

    The truth is that the US is in Syria to overthrow the govt in accordance with orders from Israel, not fight ISIS.

    The same principles applied at Nüremburg should be applied to the US here.

    The Evil Empire which refuses to let anyone alone.

  3. Russia doesn’t want WWIII. The US seems ok with it as long as Israel is satisfied and they can blame Russia for starting it.

    Israel has attacked Syria >100 times, but have you noticed that they stopped sending in warplanes and are now using missiles fired from within Israel or from jets in Lebanese airspace? Must be that Syria now has S-400s and trained crews…

    • The Zio-Kikes are not going to suffer for their war crimes, YOU and I and all other white Americans will on the other hand. There’s going to be endless “Islamic” terror attacks against us in our own country, and if Muslim terrorists are not available, Kikes will impersonate them and massacre whites then blame it on Muslims. Pissrael’s use of that tact has been exposed long ago.

  4. Most Americans think that Iran is on the side of ISIS and AQ and that Israel has been fighting ISIS and AQ. Ignorance among the masses undergirds the path dependence that the neocon policy makers gladly continue on.

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