Jordan Jereb Makes A Funny

Here’s my account of the last 24 hours:

– After I got home last night, I turned on the television and saw that there had been a school shooting in Florida. I briefly wrote a post about it before leaving and taking my wife out for Valentine’s Day. I wondered if the media would try to disingenuously pin this on the Alt-Right after running with the SPLC narrative. These school shootings have been going on since I was 12.

– While waiting for service at the restaurant, I began to wonder what the ironybros do on Valentine’s Day. I scanned the news and saw a report that the Florida school shooter was angry over no gf. I sent out a tweet wondering if this had been another Elliot Rodger attack.

– After I got home, I spent the rest of the night writing my article about Sierra Leone for Black History Month 2018. I hit publish and went to sleep.

– My phone began ringing off the hook this morning. I answered a call and it was the Associated Press who called to ask me some questions about the ROF Militia.

– The Associated Press called back to tell me that Jordan Jereb had claimed that Nikolas Cruz, the Florida school shooter, was a ROFL member. I told him during our conversations that I had never heard of Cruz and was only familiar with one former ROFL member in that area.

– I wrote a response to the First Things article about the Alt-Right and Christianity.

– I finally began to digest the news on Gab about how this had been a prank that had started on TRS or 4chan where Jordan Jereb is a meme and that Jereb had confirmed the story on a phone call with the ADL. I’ve always thought of Jordan Jereb as a harmless autiste in Tallahassse who runs a LARP group.

– I began to wonder if this was all a troll in light of the ROFL’s actions in the past like the time they proclaimed Florida had seceded from the United States and issued their own currency.

– The Tallahassee Police was unable to confirm any connection between the ROFL and Cruz.

– Jordan Jereb walked back the story on Gab.

– Apparently, I missed the Alt-Right panic on Twitter over being linked to another non-White white supremacist mass shooter. The Merchant Right spent hours handwringing about ROFL being a Deep State op on Twitter.

– The report that Nikolas Cruz was a ROFL member appears to have fallen apart. Jordan Jereb and ROF Militia trended on Twitter and got a ton of free publicity over this operation.

– The Alt-Right and the mainstream media are now familiar with Jordan Jereb and the ROFL Militia. This is where the story stands as of 7:15 PM CST.

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  1. This is like “al-Qaeda” taking credit for anything and everything that happens.

    The next stage is the #2 Leader of the Alt Right arrested time and time again, much like the #2 of al Qaeda getting bombed every couple of weeks or so.

  2. The troll began on 4chan. TRS has denied any involvement in the troll. I think these stunts are stupid and undermine the credibility of groups and even the broader movement among broader society and within the movement itself.

  3. I don’t know nuffin about rofl but if this was actually a troll job for free publicity then they sure did a good job making the press do something useful. Millions of dollars in advertising for free. Maybe a formula worth repeating…

    • You do realize I am not the “Mastermind” behind this prank, And that if anything I am a victim in this whole thing? Be fair here: We are dealing with the ((( ADL ))) My heterosexual consensual sex with an adult female my age, and the picture of it not staying as hidden as I’d like it to, Has very very little to do with this. You think I just called up the ADL out of the blue? No. They called me. And they didn’t immediately identify themselves as ADL until they hung up. I answered questions called into the ROF hotline to the best of my ability based on DOZENS of other calls I had received.

    • I don’t understand the mentality of those in the
      A-R, who have this animosity toward AA. It’s as if y’all are back in high school, and trying to see who is the ‘cool’ group, while we Adults don’t even acknowledge your infantile larping….

  4. One theme emerging from this is that most White Nationalists are under the impression that 4chan is allied with or aligned with us. They’re not. They’re political pranksters and rhetorical arsonists.

    It’s funny when they’re doing it to the other guys. But white nationalists aren’t somehow immune to being the targets of their shenanigans.

  5. Harold Crews nails it with this statement: “I think these stunts are stupid and undermine the credibility of groups and even the broader movement among broader society and within the movement itself.”

    • Let’s all pretend that these ‘shootings’ aren’t the fault of the anti-freedom jewmedia.

      Half the town of Parkland is jewish. The police chief is a jew, several ‘victims’ are jews. The state is one of the more overtly jewish-dominated.

  6. Stop talking to the (((press))), Hunter. It will never ends well.
    FYI (((They))) lie, always! See Gospel of St John Chapter 8, Verse 44.

  7. I would question anything that 1. establishes white nationalists as homicidal shooters in the minds of most of the voting electorate and 2. quickly rescinds the accusation in the minds of only the WN movement.

    That way people like HW never bring his own accusers into focus but the damage is done anyway without (((same accusers))) taking any responsibility.

    • To be clear, I am accusing the jewish governmedia of setting this whole ‘prank’ up so that they can falsify outrageous shit about WN’s and then pretend they were innocent, thus avoiding the scrutiny such accusations would inevitably bring upon them – and ultimate discrediting.

  8. Here are the criteria for these GVRO’s in terms of who can petition the court for them and what justifies the issuing of them –

    Note that anyone can claim they were ‘dating’ someone. How many of us have either had someone assert they were ‘involved’ with us when they weren’t or vice versa? Personal relationships are incredibly subjective. Who will determine what ‘dating’ is? I had a very angry lesbian harass me by text message for several months and went to the court to report her. While we never made sexual contact and our interactions weren’t the slightest bit sexual or romantic to me they obviously held some weird sexual significance to her. But the cop arbitrarily decided this didn’t meet his own personal whimsical threshold of ‘dating.’

    Also note that ‘mental health issues’ are now not just the autocratic pseudoscientific purview of state commissars but also of anyone who can make some claim of intimate ownership towards the accused.

    The gloves are really coming off.

  9. Possession is 9/10 of the law. The state can, according to these laws, literally steal a citizen’s gun by I assume forced invasion of his or her home without ANY legal right for that citizen to face their accuser in court. The Constitution’s most basic protections are summarily suspended, while the accused citizen is forced to prove by ‘preponderance of the evidence’ that the accusations were untrue.

    This completely shifts the entire burden of proof (or disproving really) onto the accused, after the state has established without his or any of his defenders’ say its ‘case.’

    I don’t know if anyone on here has undergone such a process, but I can assure whoever that your own best friends will probably avoid taking on authority once the state’s extra-legal tyranny over you has become ‘right.’ In my case, three out of my four best friends worked for the pharmaceutical industrial complex. Some people think they were literally scared to come and tell the truth. I tend to think they didn’t want to face where their paychecks came from. It was probably some of both.

    My other bf’s wife hated my guts and while brilliant and totally onto the psych system’s charlatanry, was also highly neurotic and scared generally. Most people who see through the system are in fact compromised in some way.

    Guilty/Diseased until proven otherwise, by order of The Court of the Chosen.

  10. Don’t forget that law enforcement is also imbued with the power to petition the court for GVRO’s.

    Then read again the OD thread explicating the history of this country’s conception of police powers, specifically in Virginia which came up after Charlottesville.

  11. GVRO’s allow the judge to issue one without any hearing so that firearms can be confiscated and at some later date a type of what sounds like pretend or quasi hearing can be held (how much discretion does a judge have to even suspend this process) in which the owner has to proffer enough counter-evidence to outweigh the original order.

  12. Every time I try to post a link to Renegade’s latest broadcast on this, it disappears.

    According to Kyle Hunt (supposedly, I haven’t listened but his commenter claims he assert this), Parkland, Florida has a population of 31,000 people and hosts 24 different synagogues.

  13. At Breitbart they are still running this story and a number of people believe it. I started to write a rebuttal with links and quotes but said to hell with it. It’s funnier to watch them chase their own tails.

    • There’s a good comment on the retraction article.


      “Every time something like this is acted out, we’re all supposed to pretend to give a damn, mostly to make ourselves feel that we’re good people. Who really gives a damn who didn’t lose a brother or sister, son or daughter, cousin or friend?

      These kids are growing up in a time in American culture where they’re being taught from kindergarten up that there is no absolute right or wrong; that if it feels good to you, then its good for you; that it is alright to kill your baby as long as you do it before it actually comes out and you have to look at what you’re doing; that Christian morality is passe’.

      And then we all pretend not to understand when one of these psychotics or neurotics of our society’s own making acts out in a manner consistent with his or her learned immorality and selfishness?

      The only ones who are actually affected by this are the families and friends of the kids killed by this kid. To them, my condolences. The rest of you? Go get a life.”

      Spot on stuff. All this does is remind me that I should send my own children to a private school where there’s an armed guard at a secured entrance.

      • Evil people like you like to imagine everyone else is just as heartless as you are. It’s a lie. If you feel nothing, that is on you. And only you.

        • I’d certainly like to avoid sending my children to an unguarded school. That’s a feeling too. It’s a war zone out there.

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