4 Immigration Bills Fail In The Senate

The Senate has voted on four Republican amnesties: the McCain-Coons amnesty, Toomey amnesty, the Rounds-King amnesty and the Grassley amnesty. All of these bills failed.

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  1. DACA supposedly has an end-date early next month, but after another fed judge said that Trump couldn’t stop it, I expect the fed courts will declare that the expiration of Obama’s decree is unconstitutional. The states shouldn’t have dropped the lawsuit; clearly they didn’t understand that the courts would fight Trump’s ending DACA.

    I guess Trump just needs to take DACA to SC and vigorously enforce existing law.

  2. If the zionist/globalist controlled Senate refuses to protect the American people from millions of violent nonwhite invaders then the several States and the Free Citizens of said States should do the job.

    • “Our” Senate puts Israelis and Mexicans first and foremost. There are really no good senators. Paul is good on some things, but…

  3. I agree! It would be a slaughter but there are too many ‘soy boys’
    America the brave has turned into, America the slave

  4. Think about how much ink you spilled freaking out about these. How much psychological energy did you waste fretting about a bunch of garbage that had no chance of ever passing? It’s not efficient.

  5. I called Johnny Isakson’s office the other day and asked if he was going to run for reelection. The guy on the other end was dead silent. I continued with this, “If he doesn’t get his name off the Schumer bill he can forget being reelected.”

    My last act of voting for the GOP is this. I intend to vote against anyone who runs against that cuck son of a bitch Johnny Isakson. I never voted for this because of this chamberpot of commerce crap and the Jew fawning for Israel.

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