South Africa National Assembly Votes For Land Confiscation Without Compensation

Since I wrote about the impending demise of the Rainbow Nation, South Africa’s National Assembly has voted in favor of confiscating land from Whites without compensation:

“South African lawmakers on Tuesday voted in favour of land expropriation without compensation, one of the thorniest issues to confront the country since the fall of apartheid.

The motion was brought by the radical left Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party, and was backed by the ruling Africa National Congress (ANC) after amendments.

The parliamentary motion could eventually lead to changes to the constitution over land reform. …”


It was Julius Malema’s bill … he of “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer” fame, who muses about slaughtering White South Africans and driving them into the sea.

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  1. This is not a series of poor decisions, this is planned displacement and genocide. The jungle bunnies are just orc pawns. I think the (((bankers))) are totally OK if gold and diamond mining grinds to a halt as long as whites do not control these industries.

  2. So, I’m guessing Bono and crew are not going to be having any benefit concerts for our people anytime soon…
    Exactly how our ((media)) spins this will be sickening, if they cover it at all. Maybe some of our troops can be deployed to “assist” the “legitimate” government to confiscate the lands of white people, to ensure the robbery doesn’t get out of hand…yeah, that’s it.
    They would LOVE to send white southern boys with guns to help implement some ‘o dat demawkrazy…

  3. Will the adulterer say anything about this? Embargo, seize assets, end aid? Of course not. We are tasked to never forget the traitors and parasites. And never forgive.

    • Was thinking about this.

      I think he will say something.

      It’s worth lobbying the White House over this to see if they’ll react positively to the overtures.

  4. I’ve seen DNA kits of “white” South Africans. Their ancestry is usually about 2.5% South Asian, 2% sub-Saharan African and 1% East Asian. 5-7% non-white blood in all. They are NOT pure whites. This is the dirty secret Boers and Afrikaners refuse to tell you.

    I don’t want them as refugees. Partly because of their non-white blood. But also in part because letting them in means that we’ll probably have to let in more Syrians and Somalis. As part of a deal with liberals and cuckservatives.

    • Typical Talmudic purity spiraling. White South Africans need assistance. Not all are mixed race, but (((they))) want us to abandon the Whites to the butchers and the iron pot because SOME are not perfect Whites.


    • The Boers and Afrikaners I’ve seen could not possibly look more White if they tried. I would love to have them settle here in the US, but they might be happier going to Australia,

        • They should go to Russia, and then bide their time to avenge themselves upon those who dispossessed them of the nation they worked, suffered and died building.

    • “I’ve seen DNA kits of “white” South Africans”

      Really? Where? How? In what capacity?
      This is piss poor concern trolling. What’s the deal? Shlomo not paying his JIDF trolls like he used to?

    • Hunter can you please ban this lying idiot Anonymous62 ?

      He s spreading lies against our believered South African kinsmen

    • 5-7%? That’s nothing in comparison to Spencer, Enoch, Fuentes and many others who say 25% non-white is white. No shit. I’m seeing this more and more. If that’s the case then I don’t see the point in any of this because white ancestry will rise to the top naturally on its own as we see in Latin America among the mongrel hordes. We don’t need a movement for castizos. We need a movement to preserve historical white norms and maintain our current genetic integrity.

    • Looks like Ole Chapped Ass is using a new sock “Anonymous62”
      Hey shlomo, we know it’s you.
      None of us believe any of your lies, and every word is say/write is a lie (John 8:44).

  5. What are the whites going to do down there? If they start shooting back in large numbers what can outsiders do legally to help?

    What estates are the blacks going to hit first? The biggest? The most fertile? The smallest first?

    Anyone got an idea of how it’s going to go forward in the first 1 to 2 years?

    • The whites are not going to do anything. Because whites do not actually exist in South Africa. As I already discussed in my last post.

      What does exist in South Africa is people with 2.5% South Asian, 2% sub-Saharan African and 1% East Asian ancestry who call themselves white.

      • So just because YOU saw some tiny mixed race results of South Africans, Whites should leave them to the slaughter. You are sick.

        Even a few percent have mixed race, that is not a reason not to assist them. What about the vast majority of pure Whites, tracing their ancestry back to the original settlers?

        • Actually the vast majority, if not all of them, are mixed. I saw 32 kits and none were pure whites. They ranged from 83 percent white to about 97 or 98 percent. The typical kit was 5 or 6% non-white.

          I’d venture to say that the only unmixed South Africans are recent immigrants. And somehow I doubt that very many white people have immigrated to the country since 1990.

          I have trouble accepting somebody who’s 5 or 6 percent non-white as white. Maybe if the 5 or 6 percent is Turk or Persian but that’s about it.

          Since part of Afrikaner’s non-white blood is sub-Saharan African that makes it all the worse.

          • Who cares one way or the other about tiny admixtures?

            Afrikaners are a fellow 17th century Northwest European Protestant origin nation.

            If any nation in the world can be considered a brother nation to White Americans, it is the Afrikaners.

          • I’d hazard a guess that the only whites there bothering with a DNA test are whites who suspect they have a little bushman or Hindu in the family.

          • Anonymous62, you, IF you yourself are truly a White man (and not a kike troll), are a disgrace to our race. Your attempt to sway our concern for these folks WON’T WORK. You’ve outed yourself… as either a purity-spiraling peckerhead or a (((troll))). Begone from here!

          • Does 32 kits mean 32 people? If so, that’s far too small a sample size to draw conclusions about the population as a whole. You’d have to look at thousands, randomly sampled, self-identifying as Afrikaner.

            Personally I am skeptical that the whole population has already mixed themselves, but I’m also in the camp that doesn’t accept 5% nonwhite as white. So this comes down to whether this admixture is true or not, where is the info coming from, who has done the testing, who was sampled and why. You also have to be skeptical about very tiny percentages (those reported at less than 1%) as these are often “speculative” (false).

            For now I’m going to assume the Afrikaners are not mixed, until I hear more evidence in support of that theory.

      • Anti-Whites say “What’s White?” or “No such thing as White”. Then they scream about “White Privilege” which must be ended by Diversity, aka White Genocide.

  6. The alt right used to understand that we don’t have time for the “long game”; once Trump got elected they started to believe in the long game despite all evidence that even Bannonism has been routed.

    We need the entire movement to get back on the Partition Train so that when (not if) the pendulum swings back the other way, we are ready to rock and roll.

    Why can they not see in America what they more readily see in South Africa?

    • That is what whites must expropriate by force, we must threaten their wealth, or rather their ability to seize and control it.

  7. Thanks for staying on top of these stories, Hunter. A South African friend of mine back in the mid-2000s told me that rural whites were stockpiling arms in preparation for civil war. They have nowhere to go. I don’t know of any other support groups apart from the Suidlanders, however. We must do what we can our end to help.

  8. White South Africans need to move to Orania and arm themselves post-haste. A Zulu attack on Orania without air support would be a re-enactment of the Battle of Blood River. The South African military no longer has any flyable aircraft thanks to affirmative-action, but if we’d bomb Serbia, we’d bomb Orania.

    Orania, the Great White Wakanda, needs to somehow absorb this refugee influx while maintaining a low profile until the US Empire falls.

  9. How can you trust gene tests, when the
    technicians have admitted to fudging test results on Whites they believe are “Nazis.”? These companies are also owned by Jews.

    • I sure as Hell do not trust those DNA ancestry tests, for exactly those reasons. Show me a DNA test done by a mon-Jewish owned lab done by white technicians and that would be something altogether different.

      • are Mormons. I don’t know who that anonymous62 is or whether what he says is true or not, but if it is true, and the boers ended up laying down with black beasts enough times that the whole white population has black DNA, id have to agree that they should stay in apefrica. We want no monkey genes in the white pool lads… I know I’d be pissed to find out I was 2% ape, and wouldn’t wish it upon any future generations of whites. That is actually something we should all be able to agree on, on websites like these.

  10. Its time for sanctions against South Africa, just like there was under white rule. A race of people are being targeted because of the color of their skin.

  11. anonymous 62 If you are foolish enough to put any reliance on these DNA kits that are produced by these jews then you are a complete idiot.

  12. Its time for Russia snd Eastern Europe to step in and help these poor, forgotten people, unless they already are in secret. If other nations won’t accept them as legitimate refugees, then they MUST be allowed to defend themselves. Something has to give.

    • Putin really would be a God Emperor then. His name would be sealed in the book of life! It would allow him to create a peace zone, to enforce this he would send troops, build temp bases, like he did in Syria, coming out the hero, again. Wishful thinking probably.

  13. Without a radical pro-White change this is the future for all White countries before the end of this century. Only a moron or someone totally brainwashed believes a non White majority will honor minority White rights.

  14. Niggers worldwide understand that they’re at war with the white man. Yet here we are, with “leaders” like Spencer still saying he wants to take care of niggers, give them a large area of land that he steals from white property owners for a black ethnostate while niggers in SA and elsewhere take land with no compensation from whites and rape and kill us.

  15. Meanwhile, a Charlottesville judge has ruled that the tarps covering statues of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson must be removed … we could use some white South African immigrants to help resist these anti-white thugs over here … the white South Africans know where all this is leading up to …

  16. If this turns into a race war whites will be outnumbered 9 to 1. It’ll be a fight that’s almost impossible for whites to win. It’s not like this is the late 1800s where the Zulus were fighting with spears and clubs that were at most as advanced as the weapons the ancient Egyptians used about 3500 years earlier.

    White South Africans will have to flee the country.

    • If the white down there could smuggle in certain armaments they could scatter the blacks easily enough.

      • There is a huge private security industry, bigger than the army and police included. You need only to go after the ringleaders, then the masses will stop (the same methods were used during the People’s War period) – ask these guys. They still exist, they are the time witnesses.

        Inside that link there is a link to the old army special forces. Not all are dead. They still advise the army special forces.

        A few good men of the old school can do a lot of damage. Ask Eeben Barlow of Executive outcomes, how he hit Boko Haram within the space of a few months, whereas the UNO blue helmet gravy train riders could manage nothing over a couple of years, as elsewhere in Africa.

        Although the obtaining of a firearm has become very difficult, and many have handed in their weapons, not all have done so.

        Not all blacks are the enemy. They have been brainwashed. Hunger and famine is a good eye opener for brainwashed people. Not all of them will go for the whites. It is not a straightforward case of whites against the blacks. The reality is that the ANC is slowly loosing in popularity with its electorate. Eighteen million of them are supported/bribed by welfare. If that money falls away, they loose that many voters.

        The main trump card of the ANC, as I see it currently, is to undermine the fighting will of the white population. They must be prevented to form an unified power block by all means, for that would cause a real threat to them.

        • The whites will need an informal airforce. Anything with wings or rotors. They ought to buy into drones with missile or bomb payloads too. A couple of CBUs would scatter an Impi.

  17. I don’t believe A62 has seen 32 DNA tests. He lying just to get our blood pressure up. Ban him, he’s a malicous troll.

  18. Britain built the by far shittiest “empire” ever, “conquering” laughable shitholes like Tonga, Tanzania, Nigeria, Botswana, Uganda and so on.
    In those places a woman had in average 20 pregnancies during her life, only one survived til the adult age. Nature had a way to regulate itself.
    When the ludicrous pompous delusional scum Nigel and Rupert saw the situation they started building hospitals, bridges, schools, roads, etc. So in the 20th century started an artificial population explosion in Africa.
    Now Europeans are paying the price for what the child molesters Nigel and Rupert did in.Africa.
    Any pompous delusional worm who still takes pride in such a ridiculous disgraceful “empire” deserve crucifixion.

    • Honorable mention to Australasia, North America though. South Africa looked good for a while too. The interior of Africa wasn’t conquered until the late 1800s. And then only briefly and superficially 60-70 years.

      The real problem appears to be post ww2 and antibiolotics.

  19. IDK what list anonymous62 was talking about. But I found this list of South Africa DNA tests online.

    On the second post of this thread (for some reason the DNA kits aren’t visible anymore) a poster said that the average results were

    95.0% — European
    64.1% — Northern European
    03.0% — Southern European
    00.2% — Eastern European
    27.7% — Nonspecific European
    00.1% — Ashkenazi
    02.1% — Sub-Saharan African
    01.3% — South Asian
    00.5% — East Asian
    01.1% — Unassigned

    So 4% non-white (counting the 0.1% Jewish as non-white) and 1.1% unassigned. At least based on this list.

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