Maybe White Nationalism 1.0 Wasn’t So Bad

I’ve been having second thoughts about WN 1.0.

The subject has been on my mind lately because it is a concept that we started propagating here many years ago. It was our friend Kievsky who articulated the difference between White Nationalism 1.0 and White Nationalism 2.0. He expanded on this concept on his own blog Mindweapons in Ragnarok although his definition has nothing to do with how the term is used today.

The term WN 1.0 survived the loss of its substance. Kievsky envisioned a White Nationalism 2.0 that would be based on what he described as the three pillars of The Culture of Learning, Entrepreneurialism and Tribalism. This ideal of White Nationalism 2.0 was about the furthest thing imaginable from the post-literate anonymous shitposters on imageboards who came to be entirely dependent on sharing viral memes on corporate social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

I lost interest in the subject and didn’t return to it until the months before Unite the Right in Charlottesville. By that point, I had come to associate WN 1.0 with the years in between the collapse of the National Alliance in 2002 and the rise of the Alt-Right and social media:

“I’ve seen the term “White Nationalism 1.0” bandied about for years. I have always associated it with the White Nationalist movement in the 2000s. I remember it as a time when the movement was dominated by shitposting anonymous messages on vBulletin messageboards, micro-führers like Billy Roper viciously competing with each other over the same small pool of followers and the disorganization and chaos that followed the collapse of the National Alliance in 2002. It was the age of VNN Forum.

White Nationalism 1.0 was the pre-Richard Spencer, pre-Alt-Right, pre-social media era. It was the age of Billy Roper, Alex Linder and Erich Gliebe. It was the age of the vBulletin forum. It was White Nationalism before the smartphone and Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. …”

The overwhelming thrust of my criticism was that WN 1.0 was bad because it was an age of anonymous shitposting. It was bad because the movement was deeply fractured, disorganized and inert. I complained at the time that “these guys were too individualistic to put their differences aside. Their message was too extreme to resonate. They also had unrealistic expectations.”

In everything I wrote about WN 1.0 though, I was careful to paint a more complex picture. Sure, there were buffoons like Glenn Miller, Craig Cobb and Von Bluvens, but there was also men like Gordon Baum, Don Black and Jared Taylor. I also wrote an article in which I listed all the reasons that WN 1.0 failed. I explained why it was never as simple as these guys were just clowns with bad optics.

In the two months before Unite the Right, I had an exchange of words with Billy Roper who opposed the rally in Charlottesville. He predicted at the time that Unite the Right would fail and that within weeks that its organizers would be at each others throats. I think it was Harold Covington who chimed in to agree with Roper on that point. HAC predicted that egos would collide and it would the wreck the whole thing. It had happened before many times in the past and it would likely happen again.

In hindsight, Roper and Covington were correct. That’s exactly what happened and how it played it out. Charlottesville wasn’t the unifying moment that we had expected it to be that would catalyze us to move beyond this era of anonymous shitposting. It was highly divisive and destroyed our momentum. It unraveled with amazing speed as the Alt-Right cracked and disintegrated after August 12th.

Six months later, I look at WN 1.0 and the Alt-Right in a new light. Specifically, the Alt-Right doesn’t really look that different from WN 1.0 if we understand the latter to be a group of largely anonymous people on the internet who were engaged in vicious infighting in the 2000s. If you compared the worst vitriol of VNN Forum in 2004 to the vitriol of shitposters on the chans, would it be better or worse?

Having lived through both WN 1.0 and the Alt-Right, a few differences come to mind:

1.) The Alt-Right’s penchant for vicious trolling wasn’t a prominent feature of WN 1.0. The closest thing that comes to mind would be Bob Whitaker’s Mantra. It was trolling but it was aggravating in the sense that you got tired of being screamed at in ALL CAPS that “Anti-Racists Are Anti-White.”

2.) The psychopathic hatred of women was also relatively absent from WN 1.0 which generally complained about the lack of women in the movement. The idea that White Nationalists would be talking about creating rape squads would have been considered scandalous a decade ago.

3.) WN 1.0 didn’t drive a wedge between generations. There wasn’t the same resentment against the Boomers who are blamed in every other breath these days.

4.) Even though people in WN 1.0 always argued over optics, it wasn’t nearly as focused on aesthetics. I recall bitter arguments over swastikas and brownshits. There was a bitter divide between suits and skinheads. Overall, it seems like WN 1.0 was more interested in morality while the Alt-Right is much more interested in optics. The latter is more visual than the former.

5.) WN 1.0 was far more intellectual than the Alt-Right. READ SIEGE is a meme but in the WN 1.0 days people had the attention span to write books. Academics can’t figure out what the Alt-Right is because it is a post-literate discourse that is communicated though tweets, images and memes.

Admittedly, I’ve been growing nostalgic for WN 1.0. The single best aspect of WN 1.0 was how much I learned in those years. More than anything else, I remember all the debates we had about history, philosophy, religion, science, etc. It was full of bright, well educated people who knew a great deal about the world. I was always learning something new. I’m also struck by how lowbrow the debates have become on forums compared to what I remember when I got involved in the scene.

Where is our William Pierce? I miss those erudite, serious voices. This isn’t a joke.

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  1. >It was trolling but it was aggravating in the sense that you got tired of being screamed at in ALL CAPS that “Anti-Racists Are Anti-White.”

    But the mantra did succeed in creating the concepts pro-white, anti-white and white genocide in the minds of the public. The problem was that it was shouted at the pro-whites in the beginning, rather than at the newfags and the anti-whites.

    • The popularity of the Phora picture threads was a predecessor to the meme posting on /pol/. Horus was also an early adopter with pro-white memes on Twitter.

  2. VNN, Linder, and even Pierce are to be shunned because they were antichrist. With Anglin, the recognition (however feeble back in the day) was a quantum leap forward to the reality that Paganism of ANY stripe is beyond useless. Christendom needs to throw off the Talmudic shackles of the last hundred years, and return to her biblical roots- which denies the Jew ANY place in a White Society.

    I’m glad WN1.0 is dead. Long live the KING (Jesus, and his Elect White People) and His Kingdom.

    • “Christendom needs to throw off the Talmudic shackles of the last hundred years, and return to her biblical roots- which denies the Jew ANY place in a White Society.”

      Wake me when that happens you sanctimonious prick.

      • @Fr John

        Where was your God when 10 million Russian Christians were murdered by Bolshevik Jews?

        Where is your God now to protect the Christian Boers who are being exterminated by niggers?

        Where was your God during the Permian-Triassic extinction event?

        Where was your God when the Neanderthals were being exterminated by the Cro-Magnons?

        Where was your God when the Hellstorm Holocaust took place?

        But most importantly, where is he now, while Whites are becoming a minority in their own lands?

      • Wolfs-gang and Jack- Where is God? Right where He has always been; blessing those who obey Him, and cursing those who curse him…. as you both have done. Heb. 10:31

        • this is clearly a touchy subject for you, hence why you have avoided every single one of my questions.

          Did the little Boer children who are being murdered by niggers, yet whom are Christians curse God? Did the Gorgonopsians curse God? Did the Neanderthals curse God? Did the Christian Germans under the 3rd Reich who were saturated by the Allies curse God? You have clearly not emotionally progressed since Sunday school. Imagine yourself, 5 years old, innocent as a lamb, being told by some pervert that you will burn in hell if you do not worship the god of the Jews. Instead of moving passed this as an adult, you have chosen to remain a slave. You are the useless hominid that never wants to be free, despite the fact that the keys are right in front of your stupid face. You have wasted your life on this pursuit due to your own irrational fear. A fear of something that will never happen.

          Your ability to appeal to my fear has not gone unnoticed. i am supposed to be afraid of your God? The bible is the product of Lars Von Trier attempting Doctor Seuss. For a grown man to believe it makes him no man at all.

    • Christianity needs to go back to before the “Virgin Mary” bullshit was added to be viable. How long is that? 1700 years?

      • Umm, no, Try Gospel of Matthew, word of God, Chapter 1:23. Or, better yet, Isaiah 7:14, some seven hundred years before the BC/AD juncture. The ignorance of the so-called ‘intelligent commenters’ on this forum is only surpassed by their blasphemy.

        • As the DS column clearly notes: You can’t have White civilization, if you don’t have Christians – for Christianity is the lifeblood of the White civilization that goes along with it. THERE is where God is- He dwells in the bodies of his Elect, for where the Body is, there, too, is the Head.

          “The video shows Lazar in the Vienna district of Favoriten. “The white, Christian Austrians have moved away from here and the immigrants have taken control of this district. 20 years ago there wasn’t a single migrant here,”

          • And, as another column clearly points out over at DS, Evangelicals are worse than the neo-pseudo pagan types (see Denise, HansFrank,Wolfsgang et al.) but in the same ideological kosher camp, because they do the Jews’ bidding, by hating on REAL Christianity…

            “I have tried to have conversations with boomercons about this, like “okay so what is your explanation for why Christians hate Jews for thousands of years and you now worship them? If you’re going to abandon all of the core principles of Christianity, why don’t you change the name of the religion? Call it ‘Jew-worshipianity’ instead?”

            And they just go blank in the face – because they don’t actually even know that. They have no idea that the Christianity they are taught has no relationship whatsoever to historical Christianity.”


            It’s amazing how well you folks have learned your Talmudic propaganda…..almost as good as the Falwells, Robertsons, Swaggarts, and Hal Lindsey/Graham types…

          • What follows describes the fundamental problem with Christianity and all the Judaized religions. Admittedly, the LDS church is goy Judaism, but it embraces Christianity’s problem with a deadly vengeance. Italicized portions are my inclusions. “Downwinders” are people who were down wind from nuclear testing.

            To Mormons, the first law of God is obedience. We were more able to be victimized. Utah is rather well known for fraud and because of its (highly centralized) structure, as a society, Utah is filled with people who will believe just about anything. (After all if one can believe in a god “creating” little dolls out of mud and breathing life into them, they are gullible enough to believe anything.)

            It was extremely painful for me to comprehend the responses of the Mormon downwinders in Utah. What they were told they believed and whatever they believed had made these good, gentle (gentile) people fearful, suspicious, and in most cases, extremely passive once confronted with the tragedy-induced cancers. Caught in a real Catch-22 many downwinders in Utah would tell me they felt it would be “disloyal” and “unpatriotic” to speak up “against the government,” much less act.

            This quote is from the book American Ground Zero, The Secret Nuclear War a book about the years of nuclear testing carried out in the west. Nuclear weapons technology was funded and pushed by Jews to create their “power of god.” So it is understandable why Utah was the favored testing ground in much the same manner as the Christian city of Nagasaki was spared from conventional bombing to be a test site for the second atomic bomb.

            It is well documented that nuclear testing was not carried out until the wind was blowing east toward Utah, instead of the Jewed city of Las Vegas and the Jew propaganda capital, Hollywood California. To this day, Mormons suffer the effects of the Jew bomb, yet they refuse to accept the fact their “sacred,” thoroughly Jewed, government, used them as guinea pigs to test the effects of fallout on human populations. Thus, Christianity’s problem is writ large in the tumors, leukemia, birth defects and other health problems suffered by Mormons.

            Like Mormons, other Christian sects invariably march lockstep in blind obedience to the Jew’s social engineering tunes of “LGBT,” “egalitarianism” and “miscegenation.” Social programs every bit as deadly as the bombs Jews had their useful goyim idiots explode over America for over fifty years under the bogus guise of “national, security.” An intentional lie created by American Jews delivering nascent nuclear technology to their Soviet brethren to create a “cold war” that would drive nuclear technology to its limits.

    • Pierce shouldn’t be shunned. He was one of the “founding fathers” you could say.

      VNN, Linder and Miller are psychopathic white trash. Daily Stormer is the new VNN, the anti-social, autistic, retarded wing of WN. They also both have ties to someone who committed multiple murders because that’s the end result of their behavior.

      I reject the idea of hierarchical versions of WN, as if 2.0 is an improved version of 1.0, etc. This is a false concept and similar to the progressive liberal idea of linear history when we know that history actually has cycles, peaks and valleys.

      Also, there were WN versions before Duke and Taylor.

      I agree that the WN of the 90s and before Spencer was in many ways much better. The WN of today is more degenerate allowing homosexuals, and castizos, quadroons and hapas to be white and the face of the Alt Right Richie Spence is more like a celebrity than a real leader.

      I still believe the only reason we even have the profile that we do now is because of Trump. Despite his flaws Trump is the major shift in political power. WN hasn’t really made any headway by itself. Greater versions imply improvement, advancement and expansion, but this is not true.

      • no, as I predicted, Trumpenthal has

        thrown a wet blanket over the entire Right. He is

        the reason for the current doldrums. But

        he won’t be around for long. By 2020 Florida will have flipped, and the

        Republiscams will no longer be a national party. Then

        matters will polarize rapidly.

        polarization is our friend.

        • Interesting – you think 2020 will spell the death blow for the GOP?

          I think barring something weird, Trump is going to have to depend on the Rust Belt for reelection. So you could theoretically see a schlonging if the Whites up there decide that they got stabbed in the back…

    • By elevating Christ the King and legislating on the basis of Christ Law – anti-Christ is by definition excluding to the extent these organised forces are hostile to Logos and the logos of the nation state.

  3. Damn, Pierce didn’t hold back. South Africa today – The Southern U.S. tomorrow – it’s coming! We know it’s coming, and (((they))) intend on taking everything. Is it too late?

  4. Well, having been in the thick of WN1, I will agree the VNN Forum was a non stop flame war. A lot of that had to do with Linder letting moronic trolls like Doc Martin shit post non stop.

    It was full of “mental defectives”, men who lived on the margins, could not hold down a job, could not afford to own a car or even rent an apartment.

    Pierce was not the great man so many think he was. He did a lot of good with his ADV broadcasts, but there were many other huge red flags in regards to Pierce.

    Mr. Wallace I would be more careful about who you call friend. I don’t think anyone personifies the typical WN1 loser and mental defective more than the great Kievsky. The guy is certifiable. He can’t hold down a job, and moreover he does not want to work. He lives off his mother and his Russian wife who is a lawyer. Kievsky the entrepreneur? Well, he has lots of hairball schemes he claimed were goung to make him rich. For instance, for a time he was trying to get Marc Moran (the NJ payday loan/check cashing king with a Jewish wife and father in law) to pay for him to become a mortician and make millions from a predicted bird flu epidemic. He would also talk about his day dreams of “peak oil” in which he fancied himself a feudal lord that was worshipped for his gardening skills, ability to speak Russian and play the fiddle. In essence, he is the WN1 Walter Mitty. He comes online to be someone important, when in fact he is one of the most pathetic cucks imaginable.

    Mind Warrior of Ragnarock? Really? LOL!

    • Dr. Pierce was a great man, but flawed. So what? White people have to be a bit crazy to stand up for their folk, particularly when they are met with hostility and indifference from the very people they are trying to support. Both William Pierce and G.L. Rockwell threw away secure and interesting careers to take up the white cause. Covington, in his own way is another one. He is petty and controlling and a bit of a loon. At the same time, he is an intelligent and perceptive individual, who has condemned himself to a marginal existence. I guess that the big ”red flags” for these folks are that they were zany enough to step forward to begin with.

      The problems we face now would have been easy to fix in the ’60s, ’70s and even the ’80s, but the GoodWhites absolutely didn’t want to hear about it. The GoodWhites in the Middle Class were eager to distance themselves from the Unwashed, Dr. Pierce was right about that.

      I”m sure the current generation of polemicists has also paid a mental price as well.

      One mistake the AltRight has avoided so far as that nobody has tried to set up an organization like the NA. Organizations provide a false sense of forward momentum. Then, when nothing significant happens, the members and leaders turn to organizational drama and eventually the organization devours itself. That certainly happened to the NA.

      Dr. Pierce certainly had a petty side and his feud with Covington is a good example (Covington liked, and still likes to play that game as well). I had the honor of having two telephone conversations with Dr. PIerce, and he told me that, in his opinion, infighting among the leading polemicists was, to a great extent, caused by frustration due to lack of progress.

      • I agree. But those conflicts and debates between the men we speak of helped clarify and define our struggle in a positive way, if WE pick up the guidon and continue the work of refinement and clarification and EDUCATION of our young people. THAT, I believe is our greatest challenge and responsibility. They want to know “What” and “Why” and “How”..and we must show them.
        Not through an “organization” but through a total shift in thinking and acting. If that can occur, the organization will follow as a matter of natural order, don’t you think?
        If enough people think AND act a certain way, then alignment and organization will naturally occur at some point. We’ve been collectively putting the cart before the horse, it seems.
        A family will build themselves a house…but a house cannot create a family.

        • With the benefit of hindsight it is clear that the mistake those men made was in thinking they could generate a revolution by force of will, when the social pressure for such was absent. I’m an old man and I lived through the whole era, and I made the same mistake. It was so easy to see what was going wrong, it was so obvious that we kept thinking, “Surely this outrage will wake people up, surely this will be the trigger.” Now I wonder if anything will be enough.

          At least in my case I hated what was going on so much that I indulged in selection bias and the escape into fantasy in a big way.

      • A lot of the failures in 1.0 was just because this country (or any Western country) was not that bad yet.

        It was one thing to stand at a podium in the 70’s or 80’s and tell people that in 40-50 years your grandchildren will be changing your Depends in a society that is rotten to the core and is borderline majority non-White.

        It’s quite another to stand up or say on a podcast now that the nightmare has at last begun.

        Many of the older Bros were just decades ahead of their time – imagine GL Rockwell or William Pierce with an OD or DS internet outlet complete with the tech to create easy podcasts and receive donations via crypto…

        • Exactly right. WN 2.0 is just an illusion. The only real difference that exist is based on circumstance that happened beyond anyone’s control. Some people like to lie to themselves that it was simply their genius and humor that made it more popular, when in reality it was the worsening of the condition and the creation of new social media platforms that got it to reach more people. It’s no coincidence that “WN 2.0” really started to take off during the refugee crises when millions of shitskins were reaching Europe.

      • “infighting among the leading polemicists was, to a great extent, caused by frustration due to lack of progress.”

        So, here we are at Groundhog Day.

        Patience is required…events my dear boy, events.

        The normies will not fall into line until they have nothing left to lose.

        Is everyone forgetting that Hitler arose in/following the hyper-inflation of the Weimar Republic?

    • If you throw a lot of ideas out there, a lot of them might be shitty, but some of them might end up being pretty good

      The era of WN being discussed here was a positive, a lot of ideas were thought up and discarded, but we were moving in the right direction, away from stupid shit that wouldn’t work, towards stuff that would have a net positive outcome, even if the aggregate effect was relatively minor

      2012 quote:
      >What we need is a White 14 Words Mohammed or Joseph Smith. I know both of those men are problematic, but they both **created memes that were adopted by tens of millions if not billlions and created militant, powerful religions.**

      Thinking along the right lines.

      I wonder if it’s time for WN 3.0 already?

      • Religion begins by understanding that hell is eternal (Wager of Pascal). God is Lord over Life and Death, so God can order euthanasia, even involuntary euthanasia. Abortion is worse than the Armenian Genocide…

  5. Hunter asks:

    “Where is our William Pierce? I miss those erudite, serious voices. This isn’t a joke.”

    I respond:

    Hey Hunter – you’ve got me. I erudite, plus I’m funnier than Dr. Pierce.

  6. Brad, I am confused as to the timelines you have created for WN.1.0 and 2.0. I belive your timline should be broken down with a starting point from the 60’s as being point of modern activity. I am of the opinion you have made too short of a timeframe for your description. I would classify the timeline you have as the same. Anyway, point taken and the current split has decidedly occurred post Trump election.

    The problem we have with our side of this movement is while we share the commonality of a desire to protect and promote kith and kin, we have no shared desire of governance.

    • I agree, sir. Rockwell’s words are eerily as timely today as they were when he first spoke them. Pierce’s warnings about Rhodesia and South Africa have manifested right before our eyes.
      The difference is this, I believe: The time has arrived,..the white youth have an awakening and an energy which is NOT dissipating.
      In this internet age of vicarious meme battles that bake no bread, we are witnessing a movement that must, and HAS spilled out into real life action on a large scale and is GROWING, not diminishing.
      Leaders are now required who will properly channel and direct that momentum in a positive direction in order to REALIZE the 14 words.
      If we do not rise from our ranks to seize this opportunity to take the reins, then the (((enemy))) will.

  7. “In the WN 1.0 days, people had the attention span to write books.”

    …and, I will add, they also had the attention span to READ them.
    The flow of information was just beginning to kick into high gear at that time, too. I believe that’s had alot to do with how this generation sorts and processes information.
    Its up to us older ones who were around then to pass on and REINFORCE those foundations that were laid by those who preceded us in this, OUR STRUGGLE.
    In a way, I consider William Pierce, George Lincoln Rockwell, and others from those bygone days to be the Intellectual SPARTANS who stood in the Hot Gates for us to have a fighting chance today, in the hour of our time.
    (..think where we would be today if they hadn’t raised their dissident voices when they did.)
    I would hope ALL thinking white folk would not allow the efforts and sacrifices of our predecessors to have been in vain.

    • The fact is GLR loathed Pierce. He considered him a physical coward. He woyud attend Rockwell’s rallies but not participate, skulking in doorways.

      • And exactly how is that fact relevant or helpful to our cause, sir?
        How is that different from the cowardice of those who “skulk” by posting divisive comments under self-given pseudonyms like “Ragnar Redbeard”?
        If you have nothing helpful or constructive to offer, be quiet. Listen. Go read a book…

        • Yeah, Mike Porter is your real name. I was posting GLR’s characterizations of Pierce. He was not fond of him.

          • GLR was an idiot who ran around in an SA uniform.

            the jews eat that stuff for breakfast.

            Pierce stayed away from that counter-productive Nazi crap and simply told the truth about the Jews and their machinations.

            Anglin, finally, seems to be getting this.

  8. I will say unlike the little meth-head, Anglin, Linder put himself on the street and was not afraid to mix it up.

    Anglin has really just copied Linder’s idea of focusing on the cause of the problem – the Jews, and calls a Nigger a Nigger and a Kike a Kike.

    • And what exactly have YOU done besides sow seeds of discord, Wetbeard? Your comments all drip with the slobber of self-righteous apathy.
      I’m guessing you’ll be the trooper that’s AWOL on the day of battle cause you couldn’t find the right beret to wear. I’ve met your kind before.
      Each of the men you’ve disparaged posthumously by your comments engaged the enemies of our people in different but effective ways and deserve our respect, regardless of their shortcomings.

    • Linder achieved nothing except inspiring Miller to murder an innocent father and child who he thought were Jews but were actually white Christians.

      Anglin has ties to that Muslim teen who killed those white teens. He created the antisocial environment that influenced the killer.

  9. Skinhead Era – 1980s-2001

    The movement’s primary financial driver was music sales, which resulted in the leadership orienting itself around and reinforcing the subcultures driving their financing. While Dr. Pierce harshly counter-signaled skinheads, his financial model depended heavily upon it and National Alliance existed in a symbiotic relationship with that urban subculture.

    HBD Era – 2002-2015

    Napster, 9/11, and the death of Dr. Pierce all marked the end of the Skinhead Era. The scene died out for structural reasons, but there was a sense that we need to turn away from anything vaguely aggressive or offensive in favor of a shrewdly scientific approach. The popular assumption at this time was that if we could prove that we are correct about human biodiversity, the rest would somehow follow from there. Stormfront was pushing hard for positivity. The only organizing was highly elitist, with the goal being a vanguard of well-bred patricians infiltrating the GOP and academia.

    Imageboard Era – 2015-2017

    The moribund and directionless nationalist movement received a steroid injection when 4chan finally figured out that their arch-nemeses, feminist white chicks, were actually being radicalized, mobilized, and funded by anti-white jews. There were signs of this wave before Trump, but Trump served as a lightning rod around which the White Nationalist movement and the Imageboard Nationalist movement would become so allied and entangled that we all forgot they were two separate things.

    Only in the aftermath of Trump’s election and the fallout from Charlottesville has it become evident that White Nationalists and Imageboard Nationalists have entirely separate and distinct priorities and goals. This explains how prominent “White Nationalists” can promote things like sportsbanging non-white chicks, civic nationalism with edgy memes, and opposing marriage and family. White Nationalism is just another shock meme for them, and is only useful to the extent that it rustles feminist white chicks.

    Parrott Era – 2018-2049

    After an extended period of disillusionment, confusion, and soul-searching, the movement grudgingly accepts that Matt Parrott is correct about everything. The financial backers fund all of his ideas, which all go exactly according to plan. Being younger than 35, Heimbach isn’t eligible to run for president in the 2020 election and fades into a supportive role. Parrott, who’s lost a lot of weight and invested heavily in plastic surgery, leads the White American people to their own homeland in an expansive region in British Columbia purchased from the Cascadian Free State with mined Monero that’s worth several billion dollars.

    • So a few years ago (2013-early 2015), I spoke regularly to an older guy (in his 60’s) who was a high ranking member of the John Birch Society.

      Long story short, we kept talking in more and more edgy tones until I finally whipped out my phone one day and showed him some of my stuff for the Daily Stormer.

      The Bircher smiled, said he was a regular reader, and then started talking about his hope for the younger generations. He said it finally looked like we had abandoned the idea of stopping these Kikes by the standard means that had been tried since at least the early 70’s.

      We discussed how the time for standard American Nationalism had finally begun to pass, and that any serious attempts to infiltrate the Establishment were guaranteed to fail.

      Since then I’ve lost contact with the guy, but I truly wonder what he’s thinking about this whole steaming shitshow…

  10. Poking around Monticello and Charlottesville. The person who lived in Monticello after Jefferson was bankrupted was a certain Mr Levy.

    There’s a Levy Street in Charlottesville.

  11. Wow this is like a class reunion! Years later.

    I am betting on the Parrott era.

    Thank you for the mention, Hunter! I get credit for coining WN 2.0!

    As I recall, WN 2.0 happened because all the leaders died or went to prison, and we had to think up our own way of being defenders of our people.

    WN 1.0 was a military model — the Order, the Pierce novels. The courageous soldier model. And that’s a good model. Whites are soldiers and warriors.

    Being soldiers has saved us for most of human history.

    But now we are at a moment where preparing for a hot lead cold steel conflict doesn’t change the fact that millions of non white immigrants pour into the USA and EUrope every year, our guns don’t change the fact that white children, and kids in general, are being horribly corrupted on purpose by the System.

    We have to find a new kind of soldiering. We have to fight the war that is, not the hot lead cold steel war that worked in all of human history until the last 200 years or so. When Rothschild starting lending money to both sides, generalship and soldiering lost it’s status in civilization.

    It’s a war of decisions. The society we live in is the sum of decisions.

    We’ve been outsmarted, and a hostile elite has automated decisions to a high degree, and these are bad decisions.

    These decisions are made against our will and often without our knowledge.

    Idiocracy is being done to us on purpose, in order to keep us away from decision making. THey don’t want us to contest their decisions.

    For our very survival, we must breed ourselves and educate ourselves for the purpose of contesting the decisions of the elite.

    In Idiocracy, the intellectual elite will be the elite, and by intellectual, I mean STEM. The people who keep civilization running will get to make more and more decisions.

    We have to study math and phsycis and chem and engineering, and support white family home schooling to raise kids that will be good at STEM so they will dominate the country.

    If we did nothing else but have homeschooling families and raise money for homeschooling families, we could do no mmore as a mvoement. The next generation exponentially incrases our power, and thegenration after that exponentially again.

    We can add to our power. Perhaps we can multiply our power. But raising children to be powerful makes is an exponential function.

    We must wage mullti-generational warfare. The Jews take multi-generational warfare very seriously.

    Meanwhile, the weakest link of white people is bad parenting. Coincidence?

    Society is designed to break the family., and by the family, I mean two parents with minor children in the household. When the kids grow up, if there are no more kids, its’ not really a family any more, it’s adult relatives living in common.

    We need to subsidize eugenic couples with minor children so they can both stay home with the kids. That’s my big idea. These couples must be energetic, phsyically and intellectually active people who want to pass this on to their offspring.

    A lot of people will have kids who wouldn’t have if they can get subsidized. We also need to develop businesses where the parents can run the buisness and stay home with the kids at the same time, like having a convenience store with an apartment in the back room and closed circuit TV.

    The idea is that the kids of these families will go on to powerful positions in corporations and government.

    There is an argument that these kids will just go become corrupt rich people thesmevles. That’s a chance you have to take. Right now, the top positions of society come from a pretty small pool of psychopaths, and that’s why shit is so fucked up.

    We need to get more of our ordinary blood into those positions, by raising tens of thousands of kids who know calculus nad newtonian physics by age 18, and go on to the military academies and ivy league colleges or maybe even go to university in Asia or Europe.

    In short, we got to make sure that white kids who are growing up today get really good at math. Everything else will take care of itself.

    • Very direct. You’ve mostly nailed it. I would humbly add that this cannot manifest until every white person, regardless of economic status, looks on his or her fellow white as brother and sister. That is necessary for us to survive.

    • MW, I am glad you brought up The Order. The young guys should take the trouble to learn about people like Robert Matthews, David Lane, Lewis Beam and the rest. Robert Matthews died by himself in a shootout against hundreds of cops.

      • “Muhfugging goons that didn’t even focus on building and toning their glutes. Don’t you know we can achieve victory by voting? Once we get a few dozen patriotic Americans into office, ZOG will kneel over and die.” – Ricky Vaughn 2018

  12. “The idea that White Nationalists would be talking about creating rape squads would have been considered scandalous a decade ago.”

    It is scandalous now.

    Anyone who advocates “rape squads” is an agent provocateur. Full stop. They have outed themselves.

    • Depends on how you define rape squads…either way it’s bad rhetoric unless you’re doing it to troll, in which case it is risky but might work.

      Every one of us is descended from women taken as war booty and we are all the better for it. Groups of men killing other groups of men and taking their women (or fighting to stop the same from being done to them) is half of human evolution. If our ancestors hadn’t done it we wouldn’t be the race of conquerers that colonized half the planet and explored the other half.

      Deny Nature all you want but she will get the last laugh. Just don’t expect everybody else to willingly go down with you.

      • On the contrary, all the best qualities of White people are the result of the eugenic effects of monogamy.

        With monogamy, the very best women monopolize the resources of the very best men, and thus the very best women maximize their reproductive success.

        Monogamy also ensures that the worst women become old maids who don’t reproduce at all.

        The areas of the world which never evolved beyond primitive stoneage rape/harem culture are, in the words of President Trump, shit holes.

  13. And I can not stress this enough:

    To improve young male, young female relations promote a non vulgar form of partner dancing where the man leads and the woman follows.

    Take the lead young men.

    There is very little talk, talk, talk and no “battle of the sexes”.

    Parting dancing leads directly to physical contact, romance and positive sex, procreation.

    Right now the best form of partner dancing is two camps:

    Salsa Latin Dancing or Country Partner Dancing two step.

    You want to avoid dance alone line dancing – especially vulgar stripper like twerking.

    The last decent Black AA form of partner dancing was “stepping” the R Kelly song is good for this, even though R Kelley himself was a sick pervert who kept young teen age girls as sex slaves.

    • Agree. Partner dancing is like a magic spell over women. Way too many boys need to back off on the biceps curls and start dancing. It is homo sapiens’ natural courtship ritual.

      Also don’t forget the third camp, shagdancing.

  14. “Where is our William Pierce? I miss those erudite, serious voices.”

    That was a Saturday morning ritual for me. Cup of coffee, cigar and William Pierce’s podcasts. I’d hit the archives and listen in on some earlier lectures of his, too.

  15. >5.) WN 1.0 was far more intellectual than the Alt-Right.

    >Re-embrace the loserdom of WN 1.0

    Now you’re just completely off your nut my dude. Like I’m questioning your mental stability.
    Birdman’s comment though is genius. Love that guy. Hunter should take a lesson.

    • There were major intellectual elements within WN 1.0, they just got drowned out in the media by other dumb elements.

      The intellectual foundation for the last few years of growth was almost exclusively laid in the 1.0 era, people aren’t coming up with new arguments, they are simply presenting old 1.0 arguments differently.

      To different people, who are more receptive due to different circumstances. And using different technology that is more effective for our purposes.

      The major Alt-Right innovation is trolling and humor I guess, but we’re currently running into the limitations and diminishing returns of troll culture.

      Next innovation might be to discipline the trolls and put them to work on something positive rather than pandering to their worst instincts and alienating everyone else. Dunno.

      There is a sense in which the trolls are a demographic that has no choice in the matter, they are stuck with certain enemies, so it’s not clear if pandering to their base instincts to convert them even more is the best route to go.

      • Maybe that article written by (((MILO))), and that reply by Anglin months before Charlottesville?

      • No, not to my knowledge, and thankfully I might add. The “Alt Right” is a disparate collection of different streams of thought all pouring in the same direction. If it could be pigeon-holed by a single book we would be in considerably worse shape. Our amorphousness and impossibility to pin down is a huge asset right now. We can be anything we need to be to get the ideas (pro-white) across.

  16. Tha’ts a great Dr. Pierce excerpt. I remember the America he was talking about! I remember the white American middle class thinking themselves morally superior to the racist working class whites!

    • Gee Rob, so great to hear from you again. Mindweapon?Sounds awesome! As I recall, you declared yourself to be prophet, literally. I also recall one of your prophecies was that by now “Peak Oil” would have hit and you would be a feudal lord, buying up McMansions with your Turnip and Potato empire. Men would follow you because of your prowess with the fiddle and the Turnip, beautiful maidens would be at the foot of your throne begging for your seed. It’s why I started reffering to you as “Lord Kievsky”.

      Hey, can you recount the time you and you and your Knights had a run in with the law over the bunny massacre? Remember how you and the other genuises got drunk and could not figure out how to kill the rabbitts you raised for food? So you trapped them in a pen and tried to shoot them with a bow and arrow and then one if your “soldiers” almost shot one of the other of your gallant followers? Then, you, being the bright one just started sawing the bunnies head’s off with a dull kitchen knife alive instead of killing them humanely with a quick blow to the head.

      God, those were great times and I so miss stories like the bunny massacre. Maybe Hunter can make you a feature writer. It would be a shame for you not to share your very gallant and interesting life. Plus, it’s always good to have a real life prophet to predict the future.

      Please continue oh Lord Kievsky.

  17. I knew it was foolish to disavow earlier activist and thinkers as being 1.0 (old and busted). In fact I mocked people who where going to Unite the right who thought they were better than those before them. It was total neo-boomerism. I’m smarter and cooler than my parents generation and we are going to do things so much better. This is why WN2.0 (American Nationalism again) will fail, they didn’t learn a damn thing from the earlier generations.

    • The big issue is that we’re running out of time. We no longer have the luxury of waiting 5-10 years to let these kids try and fail at their recycled approach.

      Their failure will coincide with America at last becoming the Northern Brazil.

      • Oh no, we need a “multi-generational approach” and in 50 or 60 years STEM trained White students who are good at math will take over the Jewish controlled media, Jewish controlled banking, corporations and education system, because we all know the Jews operate on Meritocracy and will graciously concede power to the new White wiz kids. All we have to do is make sure the 4 or 5 generations are good at math and the problem will be solved.

        Just ask the prophet. We have plenty of time to sort this out.

  18. We didn’t have access to the internet is why it failed. The quality of ideas has declined as more and more people were brought into White nationalism. There were always idiots with failed memes but WN 1.0 actually had intelligent people while the Alt-Right has none of the intelligent people and more losers. And any actual intelligent men left in the Alt-Right are drowned out by useless voices.

    People like posting comments when they don’t know anything. A good example are the youtube ecelebs who wrestle themselves into leadership roles when they lack the years of education necessary to lead. You ask them a question and it’s apparent they don’t know anything about politics, philosophy, or anything really. The audience doesn’t know these failed ecelebs are hucksters and so the stupidity gets spread them there.

    • It’s one thing to remain officially Anon but be involved in person with others, and quite another to be a random E-Celeb nobody has ever met in the flesh (Ricky Vaughn) trying to dominate the Movement because memes.

  19. Who own’s Charlottesville and has owned it since 1830s?

    “I consider Thomas Jefferson to be one of the greatest men in history, the author of the Declaration and an absolute democrat. He serves as an inspiration to millions of Americans. He did much to mould our Republic in a form in which a man’s religion does not make him ineligible for political or governmental life.”—Commodore Uriah Levy USN

    Owner of Monticello…

  20. “White Nationalism 1.0” failed to appeal to anyone but the bizarre mixture of a majority of uncultured skinhead / redneck types and a tiny minority of highly cultured “tainted geniuses” (to use a term coined by Lothrop Stoddard). “White Nationalism 2.0” may be more shallow, but this does make it more attractive to a lot of people! Emotion – not reason or instict – is what drives the majority. “Millennials” get this.

    “I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few.”
    — Adolf Hitler

    • Aren’t we up to 40 something million now?

      And something like 75 million to 100 million Hispanics?

      • About 40 million nigras, yes. According to a 2015 census estimate the “hispanic” population is about 60 million. With illegals it would be up to about 80 to 100 million. Either way, my guesstimate for the total non-White population is somewhere around 150 million non-Whites and noticeably mixed-race. Possibly a bit more.

  21. It was supposed to be a success, and we all thought it was even after the street battles near Lee Park.

    I remember talking on the phone to a few other figures in the Movement right after getting out of the warzone, and we all agreed that we were at a turning point that would spell great things – ZOG was shaken to the core that Friday and Saturday.

    None of us realized that everything would unravel into a complete shitshow so damned quickly.

  22. Don’t forget the great Tom Metzger of White Aryan Resistance and WCOTC Pontifex Maximus Matt Hale. I really like those guys and they helped me a great deal to become as jew and race-savvy as I am now.

    I still dream of the day when a Non-Aggression Pact will be signed between HW and Commandant Linder. Will it ever happen???

  23. Thank you for your gracious and diplomatic mention, Brad. Sven Longshanks and I just discussed this article in a bit more depth on The Daily Nationalist, favorably, but I wanted to pop in and say that I agree with your assessment of the young’uns. You already know what I think about TRS and TDS. My views haven’t changed on any of it. Very good analysis.

    Long time no see, Rob.

  24. “Who rules America.”Ted Turner who owned CNN was only in for the wealth, but the Jews were in for long a haul of media monopoly for power.They acheived it promoting decandance.

  25. ‘Academics can’t figure out what the Alt-Right is because it is a post-literate discourse that is communicated th[r]ough tweets, images and memes’.

    This is why the Alt-Right is doomed to fail. Just a bunch of edgy Trump-tards who say shit that they don’t really mean.

    I used to be a fan of the Daily Stormer, as they were the only voice in the Alt-Right which appealed to the revolutionary (rather than rebellious) side of me. The side that hated the Jews and non-Whites and wanted to exterminate them all, and literally storm the Government Turner Diaries style. I took their disclaimer of being opposed to violence as a way of swerving from media attention. Especially when you take into account that they never condemned Dylann Roof.

    Then they began to throw the real revolutionaries under the bus. People like James Mason, and those who upheld the words in SIEGE as a philosophy, Atomwaffen Division and anybody else who rightfully hates democracy. They basically hate anybody who wants to get the job done. I remember fully well the Alt-Right’s reaction to Charlottesville, which was just to attack the swastika, the symbol of our race’s struggle. With friends like these, who needs the Jews? The reason for all this media whoring is Puritanism, which was a scourge upon my country, Britain, and was a scourge upon America. The Puritans were the very schizophrenic, altruistic, Jew-loving materialists that caused us to be in this mess in the first place. Of course, when you criticise the Alt-Right, you are met with “What have you done for the cause!” It is either because they are too lazy, or too cowardly to do what needs to be done.

    Men like Pierce, Metzger, and Rockwell were better than anyone currently because first of all, they could command – rather than demand – respect, and had most importantly, transvaluated their Christian values back to Aryan values. Basically, they could look life in the eye. Modern day WNsts are afraid of The Turner Diaries because it is the exact opposite of all the Xtian morals which we were taught from birth, namely: Hate is evil (proper hate, I mean), violence is evil, murder is evil, and genocide is evil (specifically: Killing 5 billion human beings is worse than killing 5 – it isn’t, by the way). Then there is David Lane who thinks that Aryan communities should steal young White girls and marry them, like the Vikings, or the Rape of the Sabines. Plus, David Lane hated Xtianity, and that is a big no-no round these parts. For similar takes on women, read this article by Cesar Tort:

    The Alt-Right show that they have not transvaluated Christian values by saying crap like “You can’t be a real racist!” or “You are alienating the dead weight of the population!” or “Terrorism? Are you crazy? You must be a Fed or some shit!”. And it never ends. A useless bunch.

    But the real reason why the Alt-Right leaders throw good men under the bus isn’t because they actually believe they are counter-productive. It is because to people like Richard Spencer and Anglin, this is all just a hobby and a party. The revolutionaries are ruining their fun. To them, the Aryan race is just a means to an end, instead of the very reason for why we fight.

    • >READ SIEGE.

      Are you serious guy?? This has got to be a meme, right?

      “This is why the Alt-Right is doomed to fail. Just a bunch of edgy Trump-tards who say shit that they don’t really mean.”

      Why do you talk about a thing like the “Alt Right” when you obviously know nothing about it?

      I’d say there’s a non-negligible chance you’re a fed.

      • First of all, I never said “READ SIEGE”. You know this and I know this, yet you think it appropriate to attack a strawman. How mature.

        “Are you serious guy??”

        I am serious about everything I have said in my comment. Unlike you, I tend to think before running my mouth.

        “Why do you talk about a thing like the “Alt Right” when you obviously know nothing about it?”

        We could argue over the definition of your ridiculous little pseudo-movement all day, and what constitutes a member. And to be fairly honest, you are not making an argument with this statement. You are not saying why I am wrong, but think that acting like you know everything about me is enough. I know that you have not actually read my comment. You have just skimmed some of it, and think that your reply is valid. Why is my statement about the Alt-Right wrong? So DS doesn’t defend Trump at every turn, like Mike Enoch? Did Spencer not say “hail Trump” during a speech? Is the Alt-Right’s defence when being challenged on their violent and seemingly pro-Hitlerian rhetoric not “oh, but it’s just a meme tho. It is all irony”? In fact, I would be surprised if you have even read SIEGE. You think that because Anglin makes a comment about it, that is enough for you to have an opinion. It isn’t. READ SIEGE, faggot. You might learn a thing or two.

        “I’d say there’s a non-negligible chance you’re a fed.”

        Well done, Sherlock. I better fly back to Tel Aviv and report to Goldstein. You clearly know too much.

        • You “Jack Halliday” is a sock puppet of the evil delusional beaner called “Chechar!”
          You can fool American zombies, not me.
          Get a life, despicable biotrash!

          • What the fuck are you talking about? I linked one single article by Cesar Tort in the entirety of my comment. You are nitpicking minor details and acting as if those little details were my central points. Get a life, pointless maggot.

            By the way, Cesar Tort is not a beaner, he is a Criollo. Plus, what is delusional or evil about him? Is it because you disagree on some things? That totally doesn’t make you sound like a Liberal at all.

      • Read it but don’t do anything immoral or illegal

        Just reflect on what has been tried already and didn’t work out

        And what paths you don’t want to go down

        • I am sorry, but if you are referring to my comment then you have missed the point completely. Perhaps you are not, but what you say merits a response.

          This pontificating about “immoral” or “illegal” is meaningless. It is a call to play by the rules that the Chosenites have set out for us, but with a delusional mindset mixed in that we will actually beat them. I am a law-abiding guy, but when the time comes we have to just fuck all of it and not care one bit about how virtuous we look in front of the anti-Whites. Stop caring what the Jews think about you.

          This talk about immoral and illegal is remnant precisely of the kind of Puritanism and Christian values that are holding our race back. “Thou shalt not kill”, “turn the other cheek”. You have to be myopic not to see how this is all very debilitating.

          So, I ask, what is “immoral” in your view? Why would you choose to obey the very laws which have hybridised us into better slaves? In fact, I have a more important question: Why is it that when the Government legalises mass slaughter and terror, then the masses think it is okay, but when someone does it for something like their race, then it is “immoral” and it is made illegal?

          The definition of moral should be: whatever leads to the survival of the White race is, whether we feel the need to commit genocide or steal from another race or another group of Whites, then it is moral. What is wrong with that? Why are we following a corrupt morality?

          In fact, you guys are Southern Nationalists. Did the Dixians not decide to user their weapons and fight off the American Government in order to consolidate their secession? Sure, they lost, but the Yanks were not likely to hand over their land on a solver platter if they were “moral” enough.

          What word is there you can say, what magic word, which will make the System just give up and let you do as you please?

          Another question: If a sort of Turner Diaries scenario does occur, or if the Northwest Front hold true to their word, and a White terrorist organisation appears, then what will you do? Will you denounce them for being “immoral”, or will you understand that they are the best chance at getting the job done? So, apply this to the South. Violence is the only way that you will consolidate the land of cotton.

        • James Mason seemingly had a good chance at bringing it all into action. You don’t even need that many people for successful freedom fighters. In America you might need about 3,000 to storm the US Government, bearing in mind that the freedom fighters know what they are doing.

          The problem is, is that Westerners have lost the willpower to fight for their race. The reason why we can still call ourselves Aryan is because our ancestors killed their enemies and fucked their women. Just like every other animal. This cowardice is within me too. The way I see it, is that the fridges of White people are too full, and their couches nice and comfy. Comfort is the great pacifier, the great maker of cowards. That is precisely why the Arabs have wars at the drop of a hat – they come from shitholes where there are no full fridges and there are certainly no couches that are nice and comfy.

          So, I am sure there is a reason why Mason did not articulate his beliefs. He is certainly no coward if you look at his history. He has, however, inspired Atomwaffen Division, though they are not very popular among anyone, least of all the Alt-Right. They are the very types that are ruining Anglin and Spencer’s fun.

  26. The boomer and female targeting is no more ridiculous than the obsession with jews (not zionists jews ) by wn 1.0. I don’t consider myself alt right by writings are critical of women and boomers and not because I copied. Youre right though my feuding with starr would be praised these days when it was condemned back then.

    • written from my phone by the way. that’s why it’s very grammatically incorrect. Did smart phones influence these blogs like they did facebook?

  27. I think if we could just agree on what our end goal is, we’d be a lot further ahead. What does it mean to ‘win’ this war? For some, it’s successfully ‘taking back our countries’. For others, it’s a revolution. For others it’s the eruption of some kind of street combat ‘race war’. For others it’s re-infiltrating our institutions and socially engineering whites back to racial common sense. For others it’s the establishment of a white ethnostate within previously-white countries.

    Are we going to ‘save’ all whites? Should that even be our goal?

    I take a modest approach and say that as long as there are still pro-whites out there, communicating with each other, creating social communities, having families and not giving up, we’ve basically won. We’re winning so long as we’re still here, because the goal is to eradicate us biologically and demoralize our will to survive.

    Now, existing is a far cry from thriving and enjoying life. We want all-white societies, we want legitimate borders for those societies, we want a morally repaired, healthy white culture. Because we are locked into an anti-white system this will be difficult to achieve, but we must eventually accomplish it. Just existing means we haven’t lost, but we should not accept this prostrate status as a permanent way of life.

    • well said, WN lady.

      keep in mind, however, that each and every year in America since 2012 the White birth rate has dropped below replacement. Same holds true, and for much longer, in Europe. All a direct result of the Jew-inflicted kosher Culture of Death: abortion, porn, faggotry, Judeo-feminism. Now add in the the 4,000,000 non-White orcs that enter the country legally/illegally every year, + the boomer die-off, and Whites will be a rapidly declining minority no later than 2030.

      we are running out of time. But

      so are the Jews. If they don’t get hold of the guns before the debt Ponziconomy collapses, we will finish them. This they know, and explains the increasingly desperate nature of the gun-grab.

      this is also why I’m not worried about fractures on the hardRight.

      things will all jell nicely when the Jewbuck dies.

  28. Let’s follow the example of the ur-fascists by using some good syncretism/Hegelian dialectic. Merge the best of WN 1.0 and 2.0, and leave the bad stuff behind.

    Take Jordan Peterson, that obnoxious individualist. Take his good points, ignore the bad ones, and merge them with the knowledge of the importance of the collective, which he so viscerally fears.

    Clean your room, yes. Get down on the ground and do twenty push ups. Read a good book. Learn how to pray. Feed mind, body, and spirit. Learn how to manage your relationship with women.

    Learn to love honor more than self-pleasure. To become a servant, and not a self-seeker.

    After you have disciplined yourself, find a disciple, face to face, not just online – and teach him to discipline himself. Join or found a local activist group comprised of different age groups. If you have children, talk with them. Read to them. Nurture their mind, body and spirit.

    Merge the knowledge and camaraderie you have found online and find a way to project it into the material world.

    Become a man among men.

  29. It does seem as if much of the “alt-right” is satisfied with making speeches in empty university auditoriums, recording goofy TRS podcasts and posting edgy memes and commentary. There’s no plan for revolutionary action, no plan on how to fight the race war that has been foisted on Whites. They just want to brag about getting swole, accuse each other of being faggots and call White women race-mixing sluts. We need some grown men to be put in charge of this circus.

  30. The troll “Jack Halliday” is the Mexican “White Supremacist” known as “Chechar”.
    The demented delusional mestizo created the alt-account to troll and talk to himself in his Nazi blog.
    His insanity stems from the fact that he was sexually abused when he was a little beaner a long time ago.

    • @Nemo:

      1) I am not Jack: he lives on another continent.

      2) I am not a beaner (pic at 15 yrs old: here).

      3) I was not abused sexually when I was a teen (or later).

      • “he lives in another continent.” Ludicrous argument.
        It’s pretty obvious that “jack” is your sock puppet. You even took the time to respond.

        yes, you’re a beaner. What do you call yourself, mexican “aryan”?

        You were sexually abused by your father, an uncle, a neighbor called Paco Mendoza, a Guatemalan priest, a burrito seller called José Ramirez and others.
        I know you, jack. You’re insane.

          • “Jack”, you’re a Mexican castizo, you are by definition an inferior human being.
            You’re a traitor of your own race and Catholic religion, pendejo.
            Get down on your knees, repent and pray to Our Lady of Guadalupe and our Savior Jesus Christ.

        • “. . .I know you, jack. . .” That proves you know jack. so far so good. but does jack know jack?

  31. I don’t believe I have ever heard someone tell it as straight about white people as he did. When it comes to the big race war in the future, I think I might take up his cause and help the darkies out myself. I am sure there isn’t a regular visitor on this site who doesn’t agree with 1000%.

    We are a race of wimps indeed.

  32. The alt-right has been struggling with an influx of conservatives since Hillary mentioned the alt-right during the election. These people think that the way forward is conservatism + racism. Conservatism + racism was big in WN 1.0 and is probably the main reason why it failed to achieve its self stated goals, even beyond the optics and infighting.

    It may be that the alt-right will stagnate, especially if it becomes an advocate for unhelpful things. Extremists signaling against non-whites is dangerous, in my opinion. To non-whites our propaganda should always be “we will treat you honorably”.

    • “we will trest you honorably.” pfff…The most extreme the better.
      Human population must be reduced drastically.
      “Whites” pathetically failed, now people with noble hearts are putting their faith in AI, or Chinese or even Jews.
      Bill Gates honorably donated 100.000 chickens to some Africa shithole to help to feed a population already out of control. Bill Gates is the definition of subhuman.

      • “The most extreme the better.
        Human population must be reduced drastically.
        “Whites” pathetically failed, now people with noble hearts are putting their faith in AI, or Chinese or even Jews”

        Why? Because of your feelz? Plenty of non whites would be willing to roll over and remain neutral of they believed that they would be treated honorably. If they thought that they will be genocided they will fight to the death.

        The problem as I see it is that you are a kook. Deranged people are attracted to fringe movements not because the movement has good ideas, but precisely because it is marginalzed.

        Sidelining people like you is one of the most important thing that we can do.

        • Muslims or Negroes don’t give a damn if you and your family are slaughtered, ditto Chinese and other Mongols. Jews would be happy.
          You’re female, you even can show a dick, yet you’re a female.

  33. Marc Moran where are you? You need to make a comeback, after all you practically won the Revolutionary War by yourself. I’m sure Schmuley Rosensteinowitz won’t mind financing your return. Maybe you can bring back Bill White and get some ShopWhite action going. Schmuley your Daddy in law has deep pickets.

  34. “3.) WN 1.0 didn’t drive a wedge between generations. There wasn’t the same resentment against the Boomers who are blamed in every other breath these days.”

    This is such a bizarre and counter productive trend here. The strategy appears to be this; blame the largest population of white Americans, a cohort that is wealthy and votes regularly, for having been the source of every imaginable aspect of U.S. social and economic decay. Ridicule them regularly and they will soon be on board.

    TRS on this constantly. The boomers are stupid. The boomers are evil. The boomers were behind the 1965 immigration act, a piece of legislation passed when the majority of them were 18 years old. The boomers can’t understand information tech, despite the boomers having largely created the foundations of the whole thing; TCP/IP, http, etc.

    It’s a moronic strategy when considered with WN 2.0’s stated goal to unify white Americans. I think it’s all motivated by hatred of their parents, or grandparents. I imagine many of these TRS and other post-literate shit posters resenting their parents for telling them to clean their rooms and stop getting high so much.

    As another commenter mentioned, we need adults in charge of this movement.

    • I’m a couple generations younger, but I don’t blame the boomers. They were fed lies just like young adults are today, albeit different lies. In hindsight it’s easy to ask why they didn’t stop this whole mess but it’s folly to think we’d do any differently if we were growing up in those times. If anything, immigration appeared less of a threat than it does now and only the most ‘radical’ would have been complaining about it. Now with the declaration that whites will soon be a minority there is cause for mainstream alarm, but the lie of equality has numbed people to total replacement.

      It was watching myself be ethnically replaced in my own hometown that woke me up and got me thinking about European survival and the importance of my precious race. One of my fears is had I grown up in earlier, whiter times and experienced no such threat, I may never have been a racialist, and I shudder to think which destructive causes I might have supported. This is something that should haunt all of us younger folks.

      • then as now our problem is monopoly- information and money.

        ALL the generations were/are cremulated by crucial information being withheld. Lying by omission above all else. the information monopoly makes it impossible to understand how the money is created from nothing, and (((who))) is behind it.

  35. The Deep State assassination of JFK was a coup. After that , the Agenda really began to be rolled out.

    Nothing was going to stop Senator Jacob ‘open the floodgates’ Javits from getting that Immigration Act through shabgoy Teddy Kennedy. Neither one of the bought and paid for political parties was ever going to repeal it.

    The entire history of America has been the conflict with Banking Dynasts and their efforts to get control. In 1913 they got control.

    Now what is Gen X and Y going to do about it?

  36. I remember reading about G. L. Rockwell’s awakening. His initial reluctance and his subsequent reactions. Though, he’s not very well known today, he managed to garner a lot of attention and gain a lot of recognition on a shoe string budget with a small cadre of dedicated followers. I don’t know what other funding, or assistance he may have been receiving outside of donations, but all of the indications are that he lived a life of subsistence. He traded comfort and security for hardship and uncertainty in an effort to achieve his purpose. Who among us could do more?

    I have learned a lot from this site and I try to read most of what is posted here. I have taken efforts to both educate myself and to share the knowledge that I have acquired. I’ve actively demonstrated and I’ve placed myself in some uncomfortable situations. I try to do what I can. Sometimes I am triumphant and other times I falter a little.

    I agree with mindweapon concerning home schooling, and I have been advocating it for years. I’m also inclined to believe that it may be too little, too late. As has been noted, we are running out of time. But, we have within our ranks every manner of professional and tradesman. Apprenticeship could, in many cases, replace, or at least supplement, college or trade schools. Personally, I believe that we are all blessed with unique, God-given talents and abilities. Some of these can be learned by those who are not naturally inclined to them, but many are best suited to particular individuals; a concert pianist or brain surgeon, for example.

    As for myself, I lack many skills that I wish that I had at least tried to master. But, I also know where my strengths lie. And, if I ever decide to put forth a little more effort, maybe I can acquire some rudimentary knowledge of some useful things.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that we need to focus more on our common enemies, and spend less time trying to correct each other’s behaviour. It is the same problem that I experienced in the S.C.V., where everyone was, and is, always arguing about what someone else said or did, instead of directing their vitriol at legitimate targets.

  37. “In the two months before Unite the Right, I had an exchange of words with Billy Roper who opposed the rally in Charlottesville. He predicted at the time that Unite the Right would fail and that within weeks that its organizers would be at each others throats. . . .

    In hindsight, Roper [and Covington] were correct. That’s exactly what happened and how it played it out. Charlottesville wasn’t the unifying moment that we had expected it to be that would catalyze us to move beyond this era of anonymous shit-posting. It was highly divisive and destroyed our momentum. It unraveled with amazing speed as the Alt-Right cracked and disintegrated after August 12th.”

    Some response to the above commentary is called for. The present writer resides deep in the Marxian-Liberal milieu of a major North American city. From the perspective of the impact that Charlottesville had upon our various enemies it was a stunning success. It was event that they did not anticipate – especially the coming together of the many factions within the broad “white nationalist” movement. That is why they moved so precipitously (and with such violence) to derail it!

    The last thing the Jews; Liberals; Democrats; ‘the Left’; and political establishment want to see is any kind of unity among traditional white-oriented groups. Be assured, they are scared of what happened at Charlottesville and will do what-ever they can to prevent it. The best approach would be to make Charlottesville an annual event for the cause of traditional white nationalism. With regard to the charge of ‘disintegration’ of the Alt-Right after August 12 our opposition is just as scared now as they were as the event unfolded.

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