The Little Monsters

Here’s a roundup of what went down yesterday:

Jordan Peterson Speaking Event At Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada

Christina Hoff Sommers Addresses Federalist Society At Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland

Sargon of Akkad Event At King’s College In London

Richard Spencer Speaks At Michigan State University

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  1. Christina Hoff Sommers Addresses Federalist Society At Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland

    Those protesting Christina Hoff Sommers Address are Jewdazed, spoiled, rich, White girls travelling on Momma and Daddy’s dime. WTF do they know about suffering, much less anything else?

      • Sold? We should pay the Goat/slave traders to take them. Cheaper than mulatto retard children.

        • If y’all read Daily Stormer, you’d know that’s what they WANT. Better to make them work as menials in a cloistered convent for five years, and take away their social media access. Scrubbing stone steps in a cenobitic community while not having your soy lattes, and reading all about the Kardashians, lends itself to a LOT of reflection on the futility of your own ego…..

          • A pity the Cenobites of the Hellraiser movies aren’t a reality, because Kikes, Mohamedans and their enablers would get to find out what a cornucopia of pain is all about. Especially Pinhead.

      • @spahnranch1969

        “Those kinds of girls should be sold to the Mohammedans as sex-slaves.”

        They should be forced to work on farms and ranches, and to live where reality is inescapable, like most White people have too. If not, make them work in factories and live in industrial towns that are feeling the pinch of niggerfuxation.

  2. Carl Benjamin is a KIKE. LOOK at him. He is a fervent supporter of Multi Cult niggers and orcs. He deserves to have his fat lying Talmudic anti White ASS pulverized by his beloved shitskins. Too bad he didn’t wind up in the hospital, or in the morgue.

    Peterson refuses to Name the Kikenvermin He REFUSES to be a WAYCISS. Fuck him.

    Isn’t Sommers a kike herself? The answer is “Yes”. HAHAHA! These AntiFa retards are the Frankenstein monsters of HER Tribe. The Spawn of Satan have made the genocide of the White Race THEIR goal. This is a precursor to their Fate. Their Dark Feral Pets WILL devour them.

  3. Captain John, my first impression of Sargon was that it was totally staged. My second thought is how degraded the police have become. The central factor in all of this chaos, real or staged, is the absence of basic policing.

    In the case of JBP, some one was literally breaking a rather expensive window and no one did anything. In my neck of the woods the police don’t play; breaking a window would lead to an overwhelming response.

    In FL shooting, Vegas shooting and in the Mueller investigation, the police and FBI repeatedly fail at basic law enforcement and post facto investigation.

    Recall when Paddock’s home was robbed after the shooting.

    • The final assault by the FBI actually occurred two days after the 1993 WTC Bombing.

      It tells you everything you need to know about the priorities of law enforcement.

  4. HW, speaking of WN 1.0, is it not time for WN 3.0, the implementation phase?

    Southern Nationalists lent their prestige and honor to the Alt Right in the aftermath of Hail Gate and it was not able to rub off on the Alt Right due to the latter’s lack of grounding in ancient principles.

    Now things are more clear: Trump is not going to change the demographic trajectory of America. It is time to advance to the next phase of history, which is not merely about race but using the will to resist the tides of history and to preserve humanity as we know it.

    Seeing what the Enemy is doing with Internet censorship, what do you think they will do with AI, robotics, and transhumanism? Now is the time to take the message of preserving humanity as we have known it into the I definite future to the people: WN 3.0.

  5. @Denise

    “niggers and orcs”

    I do believe, Ms Denise, that niggers are orcs. It’s obvious in LOTR. It’s no accident that the enemies of Middle Earth are Orcs and Asiatics. It’s a metaphor for defending the West against the hordes of Asia and Africa.

    • Exactly what I saw when I watched that epic cinematic tale of the modern era, a decade or more, ago. The ire of the J-Left was shrill and spot on. The Uruk Hai looked just like NFL ‘take a knee-ers’…. for a very good reason.

      THEY ALL HAVE TO GO. “For Narnia and the West!”

  6. @Fr. John+

    Niggers actually complained that LOTR was “Racist©®, because of the strong resemblance of Orchs to them.

    Racist= Anything or anybody that’s anti-Nigger.
    Racism= Anti-Niggerism.

    Racism©®’ doesn’t apply to other races.

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