#MAGA: President Trump Replaces HR McMaster With John Bolton As National Security Adviser

I’ve taken so much shit for panning the “God Emperor.”

Since even before the Trump Inauguration, I couldn’t square Donald Trump picking Gary Cohn as his top economic adviser with his populist rhetoric as the champion of “the forgotten man.” For over a year now, I have been dismissed as a “black-piller” even though I was proven right about Gary Cohn and so much else. This isn’t a populist nationalist administration by any stretch of the imagination.

President Trump announced this afternoon that the warmongering neocon maniac John Bolton is replacing HR McMaster as his National Security Adviser:

“WASHINGTON — President Trump named John R. Bolton, a hard-line former American ambassador to the United Nations, as his third national security adviser on Thursday, continuing a shake-up that creates one of the most hawkish national security teams of any White House in recent history.

Mr. Bolton will replace Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster, the battle-tested Army officer who was tapped last year to stabilize a turbulent foreign policy operation but who never developed a comfortable relationship with the president.

The move, which was sudden but not unexpected, signals a more confrontational approach in American foreign policy at a time when Mr. Trump faces mounting challenges, including from Iran and North Korea. …”

I’m not going to bother to revisit John Bolton’s litany of crazy outbursts. I will just point to one which is sufficient to show he doesn’t belong anywhere near the White House:

“The issue is whether we are in a war situation, whether we are operating under the war powers of the Constitution or whether we are in a law enforcement situation,” Bolton responded. “The two have radically different approaches. We killed tens of thousands of American citizens, maybe hundreds of thousands with no due process in the Civil War, and it was the right thing to do.”

As the room erupted into some booing at the notion of suspending due process for any reason, Bolton snapped back, “You want to discredit a movement, defend the Confederacy. Go ahead.”

Did you hear that? That’s the sound of American Nationalists crashing through their own cuckbox. They haven’t reformed the GOP. Instead, they were cucked by the GOP.

In less than two weeks, Donald Trump has put the neocon Mike Pompeo in charge of the State Department, appointed the poster boy of recklesss neocon foreign policy as his National Security Adviser (he didn’t have a chance of being confirmed by the Senate in any other position) and has appointed Larry Kudlow as his top economic adviser who is the embodiment of Wall Street neoliberal economics. The only throwback missing from this Team of Rivals is Eliot Cohen.

I just can’t stop laughing … we have got f**king John Bolton in charge of national security and Larry Kudlow in charge of the economy now. We’ve elected the equivalent of Herman Cain as president. No wonder Rex Tillerson thought Trump was a moron.

Note: Mitt Romney should be joining the team in the fall.

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  1. AmNats are never going to admit their total failure and humiliation. Instead it will be usual spergy ad hominems attacks.

    Regardless, what we have now is essentially Bush III and perhaps even crazier. You can’t conduct an ‘America First’ foreign policy while choosing a shabbos goy like Bolton who does Israel’s bidding at every turn like a good slave.

    McMaster was far from ideal, but the fact that he got attacked by some kikes as being too “balanced” in the Middle East was always a good sign. Now the kikes have their dream candidate. As usual, Trump gave in without a fight.

    AmNats will try to spin this as “he has too many constraints”. But as you pointed out, you don’t need any senate or congressional approval for the NSA position. This can only be blamed on Trump being weak-willed and easily influenced. They are disgusting cucks.

    • Anglin is already doing damage control. According to him, it isn’t bad because Bolton is no worse than McMaster! Nevermind that he chose two neocon nutjobs in a row, Anglin has a rationalization for that as well. Its because Trump has to pretend to appease the Jews whole secretly opposing them. It’s 1488D chess!

  2. Here is some of the stuff in the spending bill Trump will sign tomorrow:

    $12m for Scholarships for Lebanon
    o $20m for Middle East Partnership Initiative Scholarship Program
    o $12m in military funding for Vietnam
    o $3.5m in nutrition assistance to Laos
    o $15m in Developmental assistance to China
    o $10m for Women LEOs in Afghanistan
    o $1m for the Cultural Antiquities Task Force
    o $6.25m for the Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation
    o $20m for Countering Foreign State Propaganda
    o $12m for Countering State Disinformation and Pressure
    o $5m for Vietnam Education Foundation Grants
    o $2.579m for Commission on Security and Co-operation in Europe
    o $15m to USAID for promoting international higher education between universities
    o $2.696bn for International Disaster Assistance
    o $1.371bn for Contributions to International Organizations
    o $51m to promote International Family Planning and Reproductive Health
    o $7m promoting International Conservation
    o $10m for UN Environmental Programs
    o $1m for the World Meteorological Organization
    o $218m for Promoting Democracy Development in Europe (yep..the birthplace of democracy needs promoting)
    o $25m for International Religious Freedom
    o $10m for disadvantaged Egyptian Students

    • Yet Ryan is heaving hot and heavy for cutting Medicare and Medicaid….

      ((( $1.371bn for Contributions to International Organizations))))

      Trump may veto on behalf of DACA…………DACA.

  3. Your blackpilling has become masochistically and moronically obsessive.

    What proof is there that Bolton will be setting policy? What proof is there that he’ll last any longer than Trump’s other high-turnover appointments?

    You’re shrieking and rending your garments over stuff that hasn’t even happened yet. The only thing that you deserve is to be pointed and laughed at, because you’re the long-shoed clowns of the right.

    • Trump has been president for well over a year now and he still hasn’t accomplished much of anything. And appointments like this show that he doesn’t take his job seriously.

      • Trumpenthal takes his job


        seriously. Reason the ZOG let him get away with conceding Syria to Assad/Putin/Hezbollah

        is because he’s going to attack Iran instead. Last week

        Iran threw down the gauntlet: dropped the dollar: no more dollars accepted for oil.

        that’s why ZOG attacked Iraq then Libya: they too dropped the dollar.

        if oil producers drop the dollar and get away with it, ‘Murka’s domestic debt-drowned, dollar-monetized (((Ponziconomy))) will go to hyperinflation and collapse.

        Bolton’s appointment is the Sign.

        it only remains to be seen when the Iran War will begin – before or after the election – and what kind of bloody false flag ZOG will run up to incite the MAGA crowd.

        the moment Isramerica attacks Iran, the Shi’a militias in Iraq will attack the Baghdad Green Zone

        and Hezbollah and Israhell will have at it.

        if Russia comes to Iran’s aid, as they did Syria,

        I’d rate the chances of avoiding a nuclear war at about 1 in 3.

    • You’re the masochists, Ironsides. A masochists is someone who gets raped in the ass and enjoys it. That’s you Trumptards. You love being lied to, conned and treated like shit. Trump could kill your entire family and you’d probably still support him.

    • @Ironsides – are you kidding? Please explain to me how you can still defend Trump after this Bolton appointment? I saw him drooling on TalmudVision this AM. You can tell he thinks he’s POTUS. Get ready for war with Russia. The world will be Holocausted. Bolton is more jewed than Bibi Satanyahu – and he’s not even a blood kike.

  4. Tillerson’s assessment of Trump as a “moron” seems to be right on the money. How is having this Orange Buffoon as president any different from having Bush or Romney in there instead?

    • The only real difference is “mean tweets,” a serious lack of discipline and self-control and the occasional humorous and un-pc stuff like “shitholes.” I agree with using Twitter to communicate directly without going through the world’s worst media, but he picks stupid fights sometimes.

      If Trump chooses Bolton it must be that he respects his judgement and values his advice.

      The Big War starts soon in Syria. Israel demands it. I hope those bastards get the fallout.

  5. I often find myself wondering why this sight fusses over who Trump replaces with who in what role. Just symbolic rearranging of deckchairs on the Titanic I’d reckon. None of them give a stiff shit about you. Out of touch swine being replaced with out of touch swine.
    Nothing will change until the system is totally overhauled and managed by loyal whites who answer only to the voters, not kikes or the Left.

    • On the bright side, neocon wars tend to accelerate the empire’s decline. Downside is we’re along for the ride.

    • I told my father – who never visited US and don’t speak English – that Mr. Trump messed up with everything, plus he seems politically pretty stupid since apparently he doesn’t have a clue about what’s going on.
      My father just asked, is he German?

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