House Republicans Pass $1.3 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill

The long and short of the Omnibus bill is that it contains $654 billion in spending for the useless bloated military, but authorizes only $641 million in spending for 33 miles of border security which is to be allocated to repairing and extending the existing fence:

“The House passed a massive $1.3 trillion spending package on Thursday, sending it onto the Senate, which is expected to act as quickly as it can. Funding for the federal government runs out on Friday night.

House action is one of the final chapters in months of often-chaotic political struggles over the federal budget — partisan squabbles that led to two short government shutdowns. Now Republicans are hoping to convince Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) to allow a vote before the shutdown deadline, though no one seems to know whether he will. …”

Last year, the Republican Congress authorized $705 million in spending for Israel’s missile defense systems and $500 million in security assistance for Ukraine alone. Mick Mulvaney is trying to sell these crumbs though as a “really, really good immigration package.”

Note: When the Republicans lose control of Congress in the 2018 midterms, border security funding will be dead. They had their chance and blew it on the usual True Cons priorities. This is it.

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  1. To Jack Ryan’s dismay, Rand Paul is pretty much the only one who is actually reading this monstrosity of a bill and giving a play-by-play of his negative reactions on Twitter. Why does it seem like he’s the only one who gives a shit about some kind of accountability, whether it’s Democrats or Republicans?

      • When the ‘Conomy goes into recession or depression again, the public can’t blame the far-right-white-nationalists.

        I rather think another (((group))) will catch the flak.

        • That is the time to wake white Americans to the Jewish, Muslim, and Gimmiegrant questions, and use that to our advantage.

      • I don’t see the system righting itself either. Auditing the FED was probably the last chance for the Unishekel. Natural law will prevail in the end.

    • Rand Paul also made a fool of himself pandering to blacks and advocating for releasing black criminals from prison and giving black felons the right to vote.

  2. Trump has a little less than a year to go.

    The Dems take the House and immediately impeach. In the Senate they’ll need fewer than 20 Repug votes to join them to convict. It is very doable despite losing sure-things like Flake and Corker. They vastly prefer Mike “Our Most Cherished Ally” Pence anyway. Then the wars begin.

  3. I had a feeling, when I saw Trump parading around, oggling at the wall samples that this would be the total sum of the project — basically nothing.

  4. I could write a mammoth essay on what is happening (and I will), but for now just the following: if you are a Southerner, your ancestors knew they had to break up the United States, and just because they lost doesn’t mean they were wrong.

    We are the ones in the movement who were right then, right now, and will be right in November. The best thing we can do is triple down on Partition now, and plant a seed in the soil of the movement that can be harvested in the near future. Don’t let the white pillers and the “American Nationalists” off the hook!

  5. Trump walking around looking at wall samples in front of the cameras is likely just a public relations scam to help him during election time.
    Spending that kind of money on the military-who are never used to help people or communities on home soil-is a blatant waste of taxpayers money.
    Make no mistake–the stinking, treacherous villains who rule over every enriched white nation must be overthrown yesterday. We need to dangle them from trees to be literally held up as examples of how not to destroy our nation’s.

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