Interview: Mysterium Fasces – Episode 50 Nihilism

Editor’s Note: I’ve been on the road lately, spending time with family, enjoying taking a break from writing and absorbed in my research. OD should be back to normal though this week.

For the fiftieth episode of Mysterium Fasces Florian Geyer is joined by Hunter Wallace from Occidental Dissent to discuss ‘Nihilism’.

Nihilism is the foundation of our current world order, we have rejected all religious and moral principles and have instead embraced moral relativism, which has led to life becoming completely meaningless for those without a true faith in God.

Civilizational integrity is reliant upon telos, which means an end or purpose and it is this very notion which nihilism fights against. Thus, Liberalism has served as the vehicle for nihilism, through its egalitarian notion that all things are equal and that truth is subjective.

Egalitarianism reflects the alchemical philosopher’s stone, if all lead can be made into gold than all gold is nothing more than lead and life is no different to death.

Because of this, nihilism as fundamentally incompatible with the human character, it is a rebellion against self, God and reason.

The values of the Enlightenment, growing out of previous nominalistic humanistic tendencies gave birth to this abortive deconstructive Jacobinism.

Nihilism always leads to idolatry and the construction of new forms to fill the void that was left behind by the old. It legitimizes hedonism, which gives way to being ruled by the passions and eventually libido dominandi, the lust to dominate others and the breakdown of all barriers and the inversion of all restraints. Liberal deconstructionism is the terminal of nihilism and it is also it’s economic motivator.

The solution to all this is found in Jesus the Christ.

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  1. Excellent article. I was raised as an atheist by my parents, and I can remember asking my mother what happens when we die. I was about six years old at the time. She told me that it was just like going to sleep and then there would be nothing. I asked her, “Then why are we even born, if there’s just nothing?” She was unable to answer. I converted to Catholicism decades later after God answered the first prayer I ever said, and having been on both sides of the coin, I can say that being Godless is one of the most empty, sad ways to spend your life. You have nothing to look forward to except accumulating ‘things’ and attending to bodily functions. It’s simply an awful way to live. I have some talents in writing and art and I worried, to begin with, that being Christian would impeded my creativity, but it actually unleashed it incredibly. I give thanks to Jesus every day.

    • Jesus Christ is the corner stone of our entire Western civilization. Before Him we were witless pagans, worshiping pebbles and trees.

      • Exactly. Jesus gives meaning and structure to our lives, and helps us appreciate those we love and the beauty of the world.

        • All Catholics are not on board with that, and in fact, more protestants are kissing israel’s ass than are Catholics. Just look up that mega-cuck Hagee with his israel worship and his cultists cheering for jews. How about we Christians stop picking at one another; you prods are the absolute worst for that. This fat fuck kisses israel’s ass at every turn and dares to criticize Catholics who fought to keep muslims out of Europe for centuries. He even dares to mention the name Jesus Christ, it’s blasphemy out of his overfed lips.

        • Miss Lucy,

          I am Catholic and I strongly protest supporting the Synagogue of Satan in any way. It is a good point though to point out how liberal the modern Catholics in Poland are. I suppose that is not unique to Poland however. I hear how conservative the Polish are but that is only by comparison.

      • Christianity was subverted by the Cult of Isis/ Cult of the Bastard (among (((others))). You would have to go back to the original Greek to interest me. The virgin birth crap is anti-family and just basically garbage.

    • A lot of religious types don’t seem very happy to me, they live in constant fear of damnation and eternal torment. And apparently becoming religious means having to give up doing all the shit that you used to enjoy doing, because it will make the Lord angry or something.

    • I have a childish conception of what happens.

      We get to see our dear departed again and have a good laugh or cry or hug again.

      And why not? God ought atone for sticking his children into this miserable existence with some sort of closure.

      • That is pretty much my view of Heaven. I’ll see all the people I loved and who have died, and be with my dear dogs and cats again, too.

  2. Xtianity is for emotionally fragile women who can’t come to terms with cold hard reality.

    • If there is no God, why be loyal to your race? These days it brings a lot pain. Just eat, drink, and be merry–like normie Americans–for tomorrow you die.

    • God binds our race together, without God, all we are is an alimentary tract and genitals, just like the muslims and jews.

  3. Thank you Hunter Wallace for for writing truth on a level unheard of in todays decay. I think god is central to the future and weather we believe in him or not he believes in us but god doesn’t want weak people to rule we need strong family men without temptations. You can move this in a pro white family centric movement. Don’t lose faith in conviction stay strong and fly straight.

  4. Agree with your critique of liberalism and agree that modern whites are lacking the moral characteristics necessary for a successful independence movement

    But Christians also lack those moral characteristics. The great disappointment of our age is that Christianity not only failed to create an effective resistance to liberalism and white genocide, but it actually switched sides and adopted the moral frame of the enemy.

    If Christianity was capable of resisting these things effectively, wouldn’t it have done so by now? After all, it used to be a powerful cultural institution that people really believed in.

    Liberalism has obviously devastating for our civilization. But it’s a simplistic analysis to say “we’d be much better off, if only nobody had ever thought of this obvious (but wrong) idea”. One has to try and figure out why NW European Christianity proved completely incapable of resisting these bad ideas, but in fact succumbed to them and turned into a vector for propagating them.

    And no, blaming protestantism is not much better; somebody was eventually going to think of that too. In fact it was independently thought up multiple times and was an obvious objection to trad Christianity, just as liberalism and atheism were obvious objections to (consequences of) Protestantism.

    I would say there are two separate issues here: degeneracy in the Alt-Right, which Christianity might somewhat mitigate, but which is a somewhat artificial problem as it was intentionally encouraged by malicious e-celebs.

    And the fact that Whites, across the board, with exceptions for individuals, but not entire demographic groups, seem to lack the moral qualities necessary for a successful independence movement. And the second is a failing of Christianity as much as anything else.

  5. Outstanding, vital discussion everyone even remotely concerned with the fate of civilization should hear.

  6. Thanks for making it explicit, Hunter. Our sense of Duty as decent white people compels us to struggle against our adversary who wants nothing less than our elimination as a race. How we conduct ourselves during this campaign is a matter of utmost importance. By embracing Christ as our leader we are choosing Good over Evil. It’s as simple as that. Our enemy is the master of evil. If we fight evil with evil we will lose. We must overcome evil with Good.

    Now we need a plan. What’s the plan? In all my searching on the web I can’t find a comprehensive plan of action that makes any sense.

    Can we hammer out a plan on this site?

  7. Raleigh, there is no political solution, the white Christian nations have handed over their kingdom to the beast. The kikes are mystery Babylon, as Americans we handed our entire economy over to the beast in 1913 with the federal reserve. Revelation 19 and 20 are a parallel to Ezekiel 38 and 39. Gog is a synonym for mystery Babylon. We now await the fall of mystery Babylon and there is nothing we can do to save ourselves. When Christ returns and we heed the call to arise and thresh as the prophet Micah states, then the massacre of Babylon and all the aliens will begin.

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