Hitler’s Birthday

For better or for worse and a lot of both, Adolf Hitler was the dominant political, military, spiritual and cultural European leader in the first half of the 20th century. All should understand that those who smear and slander Hitler do the same to us.

“And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved”.
Jesus of Nazareth
Matthew 10:22

“After visiting these two places (Berchtesgaden and the Eagle’s lair on Obersalzberg), you can easily understand how that within a few years Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived. He had boundless ambitions for his country which rendered him a menace to the peace of the world, but he had a mystery about him in the way that he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him. He had in him the stuff of which legends are made.”

John F. Kennedy ‘Prelude to Leadership
The European Diary of John F. Kennedy – Summer, 1945. Regnery Publishing, Inc.
Washington, DC

“He was born in a small rural village. In a society based on inherited class and title his mother had been a house maid. He never attended a university and the only training school he applied to rejected him saying he lacked talent. He never traveled outside his country except to serve as a soldier and a few brief visits late in life. He served a term in prison. He did none of the things that usually lead to greatness. He had no credentials but himself. Left an orphan as a young boy, he never had a single close friend and most people who knew him disliked him. When he died his body was partially burned and then carried off by his enemies.
He was never granted a grave. Yet he wrote a book that outsold the Bible during his lifetime and it was translated into every civilized language. He never studied architecture because they wouldn’t let him but he redesigned cities.

Though he lived in splendor through his achievements he really didn’t care much about expensive possessions. Even those who hate him admit he was the central figure of the twentieth century and still fear his message and memory.

While communism is being gradually rejected even in countries where it is practiced, this man’s teachings are still vital. All the armies that ever marched, all the navies that ever sailed, all the parliaments that ever sat, all the kings who ever reigned, even all the edicts and pontification of the popes or the lives of the saints….all put together have not affected the way people think and feel as much as Jesus Christ and this man. He will be remembered as long as men are able to remember anything.”

James Mason – Siege
Adolf Hitler – The Revolutionary “Man Against Time”


    • The South was free for even less time than that, and we lost our fight too. Hitler was right about many things even though he had his share of blunders and we should learn from his struggle against Jewry and Communism as it is our fight today as Southern Nationalists.

      • I agree, Hitler was right about certain things, and we can certainly learn from the Nazis’s experience, but I don’t share the enthusiasm for police states and wars that many people on here do. That’s not to say that some things aren’t worth fighting for.

        • Things are too far gone to fix them with half measures. Ask the White South Africans about that. Anti-Whites should have thought about “muh freedumbs”, BEFORE they went full blown White Genocide.

    • Although Christ was physically defeated he triumphed in Spirit.

      Hitler managed to both lose temporarily and morally.

      But…yet…he’s still a bigger man than any of his adversaries were.

      • His spirit lives on. Arguably the most impactful figure of the 20th century. And thanks to the media, he is still remembered.

        Very ironic. The Jews can’t get enough. They are a self destructive people.

    • Dear Mr. Hines – yes, you are absolutely right, and yet, in fairness, Hitler was also a rhetorical genius and brave man who was gifted with political insight.

      However, it is as a phenomenon where Hitler is more interesting, and, on that score, I would say this, from the Southern perspective –

      #1. Socialism, in any form, no matter how good it starts, turns out bad.


      Because it concentrates too much power in the hands of a very few individuals.

      Decentralization is a major tenet of the Traditional Southern world-view, politically speaking, and, I believe, it, though currently unpopular, is EXACTLY what this world needs.

      #2. No man, no matter how brilliant, will triumph over his devils, if he is without The Holy Ghost.

      #3. As long as Jews pursue their Boundaryless One-World Order, Hitler will remain studied, and, perhaps, even succeeded, or, at least, an attempt will be made. He was the unwitting product of that strain of megalomania which so often runs in Jewish blood.

      God bless you and yours, Sir!

      • Mr. Daniel,

        My religion has always supported strong centralized government. The Catholic religion. There is nothing in Catholicism that supports capitalism as practiced in USA. That is why people in an extreme capitalist system have to pay for medical treatment instead of the government paying for it. That is obscene. Also, in capitalism you have billionaires while other citizens do not have basic necessities of life. That is not Christian.

        Even before the strange American Revolution and the satanic French Revolution our most brilliant theologian–St. Thomas Aquinas said that monarchy is the best form of government and democracy the worst. If the could see modern democracy in action he would be even more smug than ever. Laws are not made for the individual but for the common good and society as a whole.

        It is not often I disagree with almost everything someone says but you are in that category. Congratulations!

        As I mentioned below the Church had traditional Concordants with Nazi Germany and Fascist Spain.That means those regimes are not sinful in themselves.

        Christina Romana

      • @Junius Daniel

        “Decentralization is a major tenet of the Traditional Southern world-view”

        In this vain, Mr Daniel, politics in Dixie are a cultural expression, not an ideological expression. Hence candidates at state and local levels, from Texas to Virginia, all make the same promise to uphold and defend our culture and values, and to do a good job. They never promise much else.

        Outsiders fail to comprehend this. We don’t follow an ideology, we just live our lives.

        Hitler and Nazis are foreign and strange to most Southrons. Which is why Neo-Yankees comparing the CSA with National Socialist Germany is incomprehensible and sounds dumb to most of us.

      • No, Rob – I hate ‘The Kalergi Plan. That said, there are many options between Kalergi and Naziism.

        Viktor Orban has one, as does Modern Poland, both of which I like.

        • Dear Julius Daniel! You might be right when it comes to Hungary, but you are seriously misinformed about the situation in Poland. Despite sharing the rhetoric on immigration from MENA, Mr Orban is, unlike his colleague in Poland, straining to put the Hungarian people first as he navigates in the stormy waters of the by globalists seized Europe. No such efforts can be found with the in Poland ruling “conservative” muppets, as they bow to the globalist powers, having restricted their “conservatism” to an unparalleled hatred to the the nowadays rather conservative Russia and preserving, of course, their own privileges.

          Mr Kaczynski (Kalkstein according to the true nationalists), the leader of the since two years governing party PiS (by nationalists called PiSrael) and his protegé, PM Morawiecki (with Jewish roots; https://www.timesofisrael.com/poland-appoints-ex-banker-with-jewish-roots-as-prime-… ) have yet no gained anything in return for their licking globalist derrieres, rather the opposite. Not quite surprisingly, a special authority for fighting fascism has recently been introduced, officially because of the in mass media (no Polish owners) spread “news” about Polish fascists celebrating Adolf Hitler’s birthday. Hard to buy this lie if you are able to follow Polish truly alternative media, as the “news” about the celebration were spred a few days after the Independence March that took place on November 11 Anno 2017. Besides, the celebrating “mass” was just ten persons, and they had gathered in the woods, far from any urban area. The neoconservative team’s “independent” lawyers are now preparing a draft on criminalization of nationalist organisations.

    • Lucky for us those clever British lost their empire, fighting to give the Communists their empire (HALF of Europe), or we could have been in real trouble folks!

  1. We can and should learn from Uncle Adolph, We don’t need to try and recreate the Third Reich here in the South to acknowledge his wisdom and foresight and apply it to the new Nation we are working on building up.

    • History usually throws up a man like Uncle Adolf once every 500 to 1000 years – he’ll go down in history remembered as much as Caesar, and for just as long.

  2. Dixie nationalism and German National Socialism aren’t the same thing and should not be conflated. At any rate happy birthday Mein Fuhrer!

    • Not sure if you were replying to me, but I was agreeing with you. We are not trying to build a Reich here in Dixie, but we CAN study Hitler and the Third Reich and apply what we learn here.

      • I agree Southern Soldier. I have not read Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”, but I have read Rockwell’s “White Power”. We can certainly learn from others who are more authoritarian and urban/industrialized than we would like Dixie to be.

        • Well, Joe – Dixie has historically been very authoritarian. It’s just that it manifested itself as Local control by local White Men – so, it is a decentralized authoritarianism.

          Ironically, it was under the pretext of usurping our local authoritarianism that The New England Yankee United States’ Government substituted, in the South, their alien authoritarianism for ours.

        • Joe Putnam

          I m working with the great artist Farstar to publish a “best of Adolf Hitler” including highlights of Mein Kampf

          We plan to market this high end graphic illustrated book in India and Japan where Hitler associated books and products are openly sold. MK is a big seeker everywhere .

          This illustrated book is almost done .

          • Sounds interesting Jack. I suppose that it might not be allowed to be marketd on Amazon, after their removal of Holycost revisionist material form their site.

          • Mr. Ryan,

            This Julius Daniel is a strange person. He claims to be Southern at the same time he claims that us—–is eastern european. Perhaps he can bilocate. He spends alot of energy writing against Hitler and national socialism. Outside of the left and/or jews I have never encountered any person so obsessed against Hitler. My anglo protestant girl friends could not care less about Hitler.

            If he was sincere he would be attacking the enemy——–jews/negroes/moslems and of course the liberals.

            I do not trust him. Never dismiss a girl’s intuition.


    • ‘Dixie nationalism and German National Socialism aren’t the same thing and should not be conflated.’

      How very right you are, Spahn.

      And what is very problematick is that all Nationalism, including Southern, lives in the shadow of what Hitler attempted in Germany, this because Organized Jewry has successfully tied around the neck of all nationalist movements the profound disrespect with which Naziism treated the occupied peoples (White Races) of Europe.

      That stain may not flummox some very angry Gentiles from taking on the Nazi mantle, politically speaking, but, it does, flummox most.

      Be well!

      • As those of us that are National Socialists say, the strongest will wins out. Furthermore, none of us National Socialists really care whether or not the South secedes, though we’ll obviously help it if it does.

        It’s a “we’ll do our thing, you can do yours” thing where as long as you don’t tell us what to do, we won’t tell you what to do.

  3. No matter how much they try to smear the man, he did many great things and will always be known for them. Who else had the fortitude to raise his people from the lowest rungs to the highest rungs in such a short period of time?

    I often wonder why he didn’t bomb the banks (especially The City of London), the queen’s castles and palaces, Bayer and similar corporations (why didn’t the Allies bomb them as well), the Vatican (or ask Mussolini to do so), the Rothschilds’ palaces, and similar enemy operations. Enemies within being protected by enemies within?

    • The Luftwaffe bombers weren’t the big, long-range planes that the RAF and USAAF had, they were small, short-range aircraft. Not enough time, bomb-loads or fuel to look for the right targets.

      I heard some interesting news the other day. At least some Irishman in neutral Ireland would wave flashlights and open flame torches around at night to help guide Luftwaffe planes towards their targets in enemy-occupied Northern Ireland and Scotland.

    • He always had a liking for the English and even the Americans – he imagined an alliance that could crush Judeo-Bolshvism forever, and never could understand why the closest kin to the Germans fought so viciously to protect what should have been a common enemy.

    • @Snowhitey…

      I agree that Hitler has been terribly smeared, but, principally, he was the one who most smeared himself, by the brutal policies he either put in place, or allowed to be put into place, over The White Races in Occupied Europe – 1939-1945.

      I have spoken to many people, of many nations, in numerous languages, who lived under Nazi Occupation, and no one ever said anything good about it. In fact, most had horrible stories to tell – and not a one of these people were Jewish.

      • My Russian Great Aunt lived in Paris France from the late 20s through 2000. She said the German occupation was orderly and respectful – the German officers gave up their seats on the Paris Metro to her and other French (French Russian) ladies like her. It was safe to live in beautiful Paris France during the French occupation, safe to ride the Paris Metro.

        Same can not be said of Paris today.

        • Dear Jack, I do know from reading that there were French who liket the Germans, and, some who actually fought for them. That said, of The French I have met, who lived through those times, they were not of that ilk.

          Moreover, The Nazis were on their best behavior in France, given that they had a respect for the culture.

          The opposite was the case in Eastern Europe, where many people suffered horribly under German occupation.

          So much sadness, from so many angles, during that decade.

          I hope Mankind does not have to endure that kid of thing again, but, alas, it’s seems likely to repeat, for reasons of which you are well aware.

          Be well!

      • Yeah Junius, I hear Hitler was brutal as hell. If you check the wiki entry he had 80 thousand secret police watching the Germany during *wartime*! The Communists by comparison, had 3 million secret police and snitches watching East Germans in *peace time*.

        Communism has killed 100 million of its own citizens so far and have never faced a genocide trial. Hitler at the most wild estimate killed a 5th of that. Communists are like those over achievers at school that never got any credit for their hard work, while those lazy Nazis goof off all the time and get straight As.

        • Don’t forget all of Hoover’s G Men who were watching the American people during the war.

        • Dear Bob,
          That The East German Stasi police state was a nightmare will elicit no argument from me.
          Sadly, it does not change the record that The Nazis rackt up in Occupied Europe – a trail of tears that, even today, makes nationalism a more difficult sell than it ought be.

          Thank you for your thoughts.

          • Mr. Daniel,

            And the occupation of Germany by the evil Americans/British/Soviets? You did not see fit to mention that. Massive rapes/deliberate starvations etc. were official policy against Germany.The immoral mass bombings of civilians. All done in the name of internationalism/communism/democracy not nationalism. All of those atrocities against the Germans is not really disputed. Did the Germans practice mass rape in Europe? I think not.

            The Unconditional Warfare doctrine against Germany violates the Catholic principle of warfare. When one side asks for peace the other side is obliged to grant it. The side asking for peace only has to restore as much as possible to the prewar conditions. They do not have to give their country away.

            The Russians fought for the devil in communism. As for modern Russia? There are probably more practicing Communists than christians into today’s Russia. And abortion abounds in that evil country. Putin and modern Russia may be less evil than the USA but they are not currently God’s gift to Europe, whites, Christianity, or the world.

            I read an account from a Belgian woman who also said the Germans were well behaved. A French priest said that the Americans raped their way across France. So the truth is out there -just a little difficult to find.

      • @Julius Daniel. How do you know that no one of the people, who had nothing positive to say about the Germans during the war was Jewish? I grew up in Poland (born 1951) and had no idea, until quite recently, that many Jews did “flee the Polish anti-semitism” by changing their names – and not seldom pose as Christians. Their sense of community/loyalty is almost always with the Shoah “gospel”, as the Tribe pushes the eternal victimhood on them. ( I have one crypto that newly has discovered her roots in my own family, my brother’s wife. Fortunately, she is one of the rather few exceptions that regard the host country as their own. I do hope there soon will be more what I nowadays call honorable Jews. As most Jews are intelligent, they hopefully will figure out that the mafia-like elites will not have any problem with sacrificing them.)

  4. Adolf Hitler is seldom written about positively, either in fact or fiction. But in the white nationalist novel, “Eternity Beach”, he is. Great read.

    • Thanks, I am always looking for good books and movies! Slaughterhouse Five is the only Hollywood movie I know of that deals with the Dresden firebombing holocaust. Naturally the studio didn’t promote it and so it fizzled at the box office. But it’s still a great film.

  5. Adolf Hitler, the anti-White Most High Evil God. Yeah, they worship him in a negative way. If every single White person on the planet disappeared they’d still worship him. For being White.

  6. Oh how they want to deny us knowledge and understanding of this man, and his people, and moreover the spirit within him and evoked within them — great hero and faithful warriors of the white race!

    Betrayed by their brother white nations they lost world war Jew point 2.

    But by pre-empting the Jews and Russian Shabbos forces “Operation Red Thunder” (their scheme to conquer all of Europe for Jewry), with Operation Barbarossa they lost everything but won for the rest of us another 70 years, or maybe a century, to wake up, organize, and secure the existence of our people(s), and a future for white children.

    “Gott mitt Uns” (God with us), was on their belt buckles and they surely did fight for god and the light against the forces of darkness and the devil.

    God and the good guys lost that one to the devils.

    But the time we have had, to waste and lately to begin to use better, the chance we have to win and secure the 14 words, is a gift from God through the instrumentality of the Hitler and the Third Reich.

    Those who carp against these benefactors either don’t know the truth, or don’t want to / fear to know.

    If you want to win you have to embrace the truth, and reject the lie — you cannot pick and choose for your convenience.

    Yes we will carry our own flags and traditions, but if there isn’t an understanding and appreciation and a place in your heart for the gifts these godly heroes (and other such in our European Racial past), gave us, then you are probably not equipped to see it through to victory, without such knowledge, understanding, and frankly love you will probably be vulnerable to being sidetracked into yet another false harbor, yet another deadly compromise, yet another Kosher abbatoir.

    Happy Birthday Adolf.

    And happy re-birthdays now and in the coming years, to the European race.

    Hail the South!
    Hail our people, and our ancestors who struggled in this world to survive and give us our chance to struggle in turn!
    Hail the high destiny of our progeny whose existence and triumph awaits only our victory.


    The creator didn’t put us here to carp and cavil and be exterminated.
    He put us here to struggle and win.

    Per Ardua Ad Astra — Through Adversity to the Stars!

    And nearer our God to thee…

    Love and respect to you all my brothers and sisters on this fine day!

  7. He was a great man, and Europe, if not the world, would have been better off had his forces triumphed.

  8. Heil Hitler! Happy Birthday! Dear Fuhrer! You are Immortal. I hope you are enjoying a wonderful celebration in Valhalla! Humans are beginning to realize that you were RIGHT! Your Spirit is rising!

      • I couldn’t agree more, John. My awakening took place when my son told me about Mr Adolf’s compassion for animals (The Third Reich had introduced a unique statute against cruelty to animals) and for his love for dogs. As the scales fell from my eyes, after reading and watching material I two years earlier did know existed, I began my probably never ending “revisionist” journey.

        • Thats great Lucy. The true measure of a person is their ability for compassion for our wonderful
          animals-who can’t speak for themselves, or in most cases, defend themselves.

  9. Happy Birthday, intrepid Führer. Your absence from this world is the same as the absence of a lighthouse …to a ship approaching a treacherous coastline. You are missed desperately.

  10. The above quoted description of Hitler by James Mason has some errors. For example:

    1) “Left an orphan as a young boy, he never had a single close friend and most people who knew him disliked him.”

    He was in his late teens when his mother died, and he had a good friend in his mid and late teens: August Kubizek

    2) “When he died his body was partially burned and then carried off by his enemies.”

    I recently read these three books: 1) Hans Baur, “Hitler at my Side”; 2) Erich Kempka, “I was Hitler’s Chauffeur”; and 3) Heinz Linge, “With Hitler to the End”.

    All three men were there and/or directly involved in the cremation of Hitler’s body. About 200 liters of gasoline was used to cremate Hitler’s body and alongside his body his wife Eva’s body, over a time span of about 4 hours, and then the remains of those two bodies were buried in a bomb crater.

    The Russians may have claimed they had remains, but there is no evidence for that claim, as far as I know. Also, even if the Russians had dug up what they thought might be his remains, after all that burning of those two corpses, a positive ID was probably impossible.

    Hitler said (to Heinz Linge, IIRC) that he didn’t want his body put on display by the Russians like what was done to Lenin, and his aides followed his instructions to destroy his body to make that kind of scenario impossible.

    • What I read is that the Russians did find the charred skeletal remains of the the Hitlers and buried them in an un-marked grave on the parade grounds of a Soviet army base outside of East Berlin, where they remained until 1970. By that time word had gotten out that they were buried there and people began leaving flowers and what-not. So the authorities dug up the grave, pulverized the bones into powder and scattered them into a nearby marsh. But some of Hitler’s skull and jawbone remain inside a drawer in the basement of an archive in Moscow.

  11. Even if Hitler hadn’t rose to power,the NWO was set in motion.If you look at key position of power starting 1917 Russia failed revolution.England empire declining.1929 diliberate stock market crash.

  12. An interesting piece Jack. As it is the 129th anniversary of Hitler’s birth, i was expecting Google to have a Google Doodle artwork on their homepage today to celebrate is life…Just kidding, we all know Jewgle would never do that.

  13. Ya’ll put too much stock in leaders around here. A successful “leader” is like any successful politician, in that they are better than their competitors at getting in front of crowds and following them from the front.

    The only reason a Hitler rose to power in Germany, is because the Germans were made ready for him. The only reason the British opposed him, is because they were made ready to oppose him. Both preparations took a lot of WORK, over decades by people that history never records.

    The reason that nationalism is in the poor state it’s in, is because so few are willing to do the WORK that is *required*. They just do whatever they are interested in and pray for a leader to come save them. It doesn’t work like that.

    • This man is correct. Interested people should check out Max Musson’s 6 Prerequisites. He is a present day Brit nationalist. http://www.westernspring.co.uk/essential-truths/

      Summary of prerequisites to a nationalist takeover:
      1. 650 MP-quality activists and leaders (charismatic, competent, possibly electable people)
      2. White enclaves to serve as a political and economic powerbase
      3. A 5th column network of fellow travelers infiltrating the existing state, media, corporate, education
      4. Nationalist media composed of at least one TV station, websites, newspapers
      5. Large body of street activists
      6. $100m war chest.

      I would add the “0th” prerequisite:

      0. An ethnic consciousness, and sense of grievance.

  14. Hitler was a brilliant political leader…

    and an execrable war leader: strategic victory on his plate 3 times, and fumbled it away every time.

    WORSE, he started in on the Jews and did not finish. Thus putting Israhell on the map, and making them

    postwar ‘Murkan and European A#1 victim entitlement group,

  15. Its funny how after we ‘won’ this war, it didn’t improve things for the average citizens at home, with things like immigration, faggotry, free trade, white guilt, and Jewish privilege creeping in slowly and gradually, but surely.
    And yet we still go to war and things don’t improve for the the average person. The West went into complete degeneration, not all at once, but bit by bit as to prevent backlash.
    Anglo Saxons and Celts originally came from what is now Germany-the British should have been on Hitlers side to honor our common ancestry.

    • There was a lot of postwar prosperity in the US, partially as a result of servicemen and war factory workers saving up their money during the war b/c there was nothing to buy. That postwar prosperity was then extended thanks to the Cold War and the space program. The US reached the zenith of its greatness between 1950-1970. Then it started going downhill real fast.

      • @Spahn,
        Yeah-Australia really began a dive into the sewar after about ’72 when leftist Gough Whitlam was elected PM. He scrapped the white Australia policy the minute he took office.
        Then in ’75 we got ‘Conservative’ PM Malcolm Fraser. After the Vietnam war concluded, Fraser opened the floodgates to Viet gooks who fought with our side…..but were gooks, regardless, as refugees.
        In both cases, the citizenry were never asked if they wanted them. It made no difference if the Vietnamese fought with us, or the Communists-we did not want them.
        Since then we’ve had hordes of Muslims, Indians, Samoans, Philippinos, Africans….we’re the garbage dump for the worlds oppressed, as is the entire West.
        I ask every Western leader-what is the end result they want for us? They won’t tell us as we all know the answer-white extinction.
        And they thought Adolf was evil….

    • @John

      The British, who consider themselves Anglo Saxon, oddly enough do not think of themselves as Germanic and you surely know their horrible history with the Celts of Scotland and Ireland. Hell, I recently got into an argument with a Briton who did not consider himself European even when Great Britain was still formally a member of the European Union.

      I kept saying, “Dude, the British Isles are part of a European continent that broke away. They are islands of Europe. Just like Cape Cod is an Island off the Commonwealth of Massachusetts which is part of the United States.”

      But he stuck to his guns, so I think this attitude of his explains why the British preferred to fight the Germans rather than partner with them.

      It’s a shame, because if the British leadership had been smart enough to see Europe as their sphere of influence must like Monroe saw Central and South America as that of the United States, they could have created a European Commonwealth that put Great Britain at the nexus of power rather than ceding half of Europe to the Soviet Union and then being forced to give up their colonial possessions, because their military was bled too dry to keep the colonies under control.

  16. Hitler is the biggest stain in European history.
    I used to think he “saved” Western Europe by launching Barbarossa, since Stalin was about to unleash a REAL massive invasion of Europe in June-July 1941, with no less than 35.000 tanks, most of them high quality high speed Mark BT and 22.000 planes.
    Hitler in 1939 had around 2.700 tanks in 1939, most of them outdated Panzer I and II.
    So I thought Hitler saved Europe with Barbarossa.
    Now I think Europe needed exactly ruthless Communist regimes, putting the putrid nobility and high bourgeoise to work til death in Gulags, thus enabling a regeneration decades later, as happened with Russia.
    As Trotsky said, “without Stalin there would be no Hitler, no Gestapo.”
    Stalin realized as early as 1927 what that half mustached delusional idiot would mean to Europe.
    Also Jews understood pretty early all the benefits that that clueless simpleton would signsignify in the end to the tribe.

    Someone comparing Caesar with Hitler, is like a comparing Mozart with a dog

  17. I get tired of all of this rhetoric about southern nationalism. I am a proud southerner who loves my heritage, but at this point we need the spirit of Der Furher! We need the hope he had for his people applied to our own. Folks Dixie died long ago and that is a defeated position. The enemy doesn’t mind us roosting on southern identity and Confederate heritage because those have been losing propositions since 1865. Not true with National Socialism. It has proven to be a worthy adversary of communists and thorns in their side since inception. Yes Hitler was defeated and a great deal of effort was given to wash truth away, but National Socialism has core principles that have survived the onslaught. The Confederacy did not.

    People today can’t even imagine a state with sovereignty. I have been asked ridiculous questions that proves that path has been totally defeated. Questions like, “how will a state build roads?” How can we talk about core principles of the Confederacy when people are this stupid?

    My answer is we must address everyday relevant issues. I propose we quit the confederate/SOUTHERN position and move to the more relevant topics that National Socialism offers! Topics like attacking our drug epidemic, tearing down old infrastructure and rebuilding. Bringing work back to the local communities. Building nice churches and tearing down foreign high places. Promoting a real education. Building armament and trade portals not reliant on foreign production. Diffusing responsibility away from the lowest and poorest members of society. I could go on but I hope you get the idea.

    • Very good suggestions professional .
      I suggest you/we look in to the regular things White liberals do in their daily lives to promote these things

      Things like family farmers markets

  18. Hitler sought to destroy nationalism and build an empire. He was defeated by Russian nationalism, American nationalism, British nationalism and French nationalism. He only attacked white countries.

      • Mr. Jim B,

        You are correct. Germany was attacked by the forces of internationalism and communism.
        That is obvious.


  19. I won’t go into the issue of was Adolf Hitler good or bad, but we do have comparison of cult of personality here in Alabama and maybe in the surrounding area. While this comparison has nothing to do with politics, it does with public presence. Alexander Shunnarah is on around 75% of all of our billboards, he is on our conservative talk radio and late night tv advertising. This will give you the feel of what it was like I imagine.

  20. Adolf Hitler is NOT the one I fully defend and support. Jefferson Davis IS the one I fully defend and support. But no one on the Right should punch Right! We all need all the help we can get.

  21. I support Chancellor Hitler. He helped the Spanish Catholics defeat those evil Republicans and Bolsheviks during the Civil War. Communism is satanic. The Church had a traditional concordant with National Socialist Germany which means that the German government in its official policies and belief system is not sinful in itself. No such Concordant would be possible with a Moslem/Protestant/ or Communist country.

    Traditionally, one is ex-communicated for being a Communist while one can be/was in full communion with the Church and can receive communion if one is a Nazi. That is the traditional belief of my religion that I strongly support.

    There are some communist supporters on this website. As for southern nationalism? I wish you well, but you are joking right?

    Christina Romana

    • The South has been beaten down and “occupied” (the South has resisted) by the Feds for Over 150 years now and the anti-South forces have demoralized enough of us to the point that now they are moving in to take down every Southern icon left. There was no prohibition against slavery or secession in the Constitution and neither is their any prohibition against secession and slavery in the Bible the moral guide for most during that period.

      Instead of anything in the media about the heroism and righteous cause of the South we are all being subjected to brainwashing with items about racism and slavery and no one seems to be able to effectively stand up and defend the South and shut down our enemies.

      I would like to see a film of the fighting like that of the 26th NC Regiment who fought against the exalted Union Iron Brigade during the 1st day of the battle of Gettysburg and drove the Iron Brigade off the field into Gettysburg where they were hiding in cellars. The world has no respect for the South today but those who fought against them had to grudgingly give them some respect for their willingness to die for independence.


      “On the first of July in 1863, the 26th NC went into battle near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on what was called McPherson’s Ridge in Herbst’s Woods by local residents. This area was just to the south of Chambersburg Pike. The 26th NC was opposed by parts of the Union Army’s Iron Brigade made up of the 24th Michigan, the 7th Wisconsin, and 19th Indiana. The 26th NC drove the Iron Brigade from the field and into the streets of Gettysburg where the soldiers hid in cellars of local homes and even tried to surrender to each other. Yet, in that one-half hour, the North Carolina boys suffered horrendous casualties. Colonel Harry Burgwyn Jr (20 years old) was mortally wounded and would die that evening. Second in command, Lieutenant Colonel John Lane was seriously wounded and near death. Of the 800 members of the 26th who entered the battle, 588 had been killed or wounded.”

      Death to all Communists…

      • Mr. Turn Hearts,

        Well. I really liked that comment. And i completely wish the southerner americans good fortune in their belief system. I will never again be even slightly anti southern in my statements. I love those songs Dixie and the song —–Oh I am a good ole rebel.

        Christina Romana

          • Mr. Turn Hearts,

            Yes. In your detailed comment above you spoke the truths. No Catholic was ever denied communion or excommunicated for owning negro slaves. And that is a fact to the best of my knowledge. In fact most Catholic saints supported the slavery of negroes and moslems under certain conditions.
            I believe scripture says if a man is born a slave he should remain a slave and if a man is born a master he should remain a master. No christian however should be made a slave of a non believer.

            I think the Pope was very sympathetic to the south during the war. And our most important saint——-Thomas of Aquinas said that Jews and Moslems should be our slaves while christians should not be their slaves.

            Sweet kisses from Christina for your comment.

            Christina Romana

  22. 1/3 of our people think it is the day before Gettysburg when all things seemed possible. Another 1/3 believes we are living in the last days of the Weimar Republic when a New Order seems just around the corner. The remaining 1/3 still believes America is still Maybury and we are still are in the land of Leave it to Beaver and the Brady Bunch. You do realize all three of these ideologies are outdated by the 21st century standards and hence are reactionary.

  23. Nobody took the fight to the soapbars as hard as Hitler did, until Obama showed up. That faggot sure does hate the fucking hebes. What does it say when the biggest threat to Israel is a skinny HIV infected commie fag?

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