Aristotle: The Father of Scientific Racism

I can’t believe that I missed this article:

“But these ideas are even older than Klein realizes. To understand the underlying assumptions of Murray and others, it’s helpful to look back to the granddaddy of all racial theorists: Aristotle. In understanding the role Aristotle played in laying the groundwork for “race science,” we can better understand how ingrained it is in Western science and philosophy, and why the alt-right’s embrace of “western civilization” has a particularly chilling edge.

Most famous as a philosopher, Aristotle — who, it’s worth noting, is Murray’s favorite philosopher — was just as influential in what we would today consider the field of natural science. Indeed, Aristotle’s philosophical and political ideas cannot be separated from his methods of empirical observation. He spent years of his life observing and classifying animals. Charles Darwin himself said that “my two gods [Linnaeus and Cuvier] are mere school-boys to old Aristotle.” …”

I’ve been rereading Aristotle’s Ethics and Politics over the past few weeks as part of my alternative morality project. It has been years since I have engaged with it.

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  1. That statue of Aristotle looks more like an Englishman than a present day Greek. I guess Congressman Steve King was right. Originally, the Greeks were blonde haired and blue eyed. And, then miscegenation happened…..

    • Greeks have a bit of a unibrow where Northern Europeans have a kind of a dimple between the top of their nose and their forehead. You can still see some of this difference in modern Greeks.

    • @Snowwhitey. Miscegeneation in Greece has probably taken a while, which cannot be said about Sweden, a land that – unlike Greece, is situated far from the swarthy neighbours. When I moved in Sweden (ethnic Polish born and bred), people often commented on my slightly high cheekbones, asking if I was from Finland (as Poles, according to the back then prevailing propaganda, were all swarthy). The replacement of people has in the last decade succeeded so well that the by multi-culti inspired useful idiots of Swedish descent call me white supremacist, if I voice my concerns over the effects of mass immigration. I am thus at last no longer the other. Pity that my being accepted happened when the Swedish nation is about to disappear.

      • Ancient Greece was also a society that practiced slavery & citizenship as a vaguely segregated class/race structure.

        The top people were probably almost all fair headed or pale skinned whites. Certain figures in their history are directly described as such.

        • Aristotle, although a personal favorite of mine, had a very limited knowledge of the world. For example, he did not know of the Romans, and did not write about them, although he knew of and wrote about the Carthaginians.

      • I wasn’t referencing ethnic inter-relations within the European genome. I love all Europeans and I want to preserve all Europeans. I was referring to the Arab influence from Turkey and similar areas.

        He stated that during a recent tour of Greece he ask the guide why all the Greek statues uncovered by archeologists appeared to depict blue eyed, blonde haired people. The guide responded that this is what happens with unchecked immigration. Not verbatim but close enough.

    • @Snowhitey: The modern Greeks must be heavily mixed with the inferior Turks who conquered them, just like the Egyptian, Hindoo and Persian races were brought low by mixing with their Arab conquerors.

      • Sure, when truth prevails, the greatest cause of civilization collapse will be revealed as race mixing.
        Dysgenics is the poison of nation’s.

      • Perhaps the war on whites, with brief intermissions, has been ongoing for much longer than we realize. I’ve thought about this possibility for a while now. Also, there is something about the Germans (Aryans) that the fake Jews are intent on destroying. They have a relentless focus on those people aside from mere jealousy. Also, David Paulides of Missing 911 has stated that a majority of the subjects of his investigations (missing/disappeared) are of German extraction. These people vanish under extraordinary circumstances in and around federal parks and other federal lands (occasionally state-controlled land). I am not just talking about regions with a high percentage of German-descended people (the midwest, Dakotas, etc.) but all regions of the US. If I remember correctly, it’s the same for Canada and even Australia. I believe it’s something like 70%. Coincidence or something more sinister? We’re talking locals to tourists, hikers to (armed) hunters. Paulides has even stated that if he were of German extraction he would think twice about going into national parks, especially alone. Go listen to his YouTube interviews. You’ll get the creeps.

        There’s a lot to our world that we don’t know or understand. I think a lot of it is intentionally kept from us. Who are we and where do we really come from?

        Maybe the Washington State fusion center has some information…

        • Marcus, you’re German. And, a proud one. Aside from a weapon, I’d keep a satellite phone and personal beacon locator near me when traveling into the great outdoors.

    • Certainly that era of Greek civilization was more Nordic than we suppose.

      When they were making contemporary busts of Aristotle the “verisimilitude” was top notch.

  2. “In understanding the role Aristotle played in laying the groundwork for “race science,” we can better understand how ingrained it is in Western science and philosophy, and why the alt-right’s embrace of “western civilization” has a particularly chilling edge.”

    For starters, Aristotle was not a “scientist” as evidenced by his wildly erroneous writings on gravity that he never bothered to test. I guess this would be lost on the (((author))) anyway.

    • If Aristotle was a racist them how is it that the Romans who venerated him did not inherit his we um Race Based attitude and enslaved whitey most of the time?

  3. It seems that everything a liberal columnist doesn’t agree with is “chilling”,”shocking” or “hateful”. What fragile, neurotic creatures they are.

  4. “has a particularly chilling edge”

    Why do all of these things being described as “chilling,” ” frightening, ” “Worrisome,” etc, fail be
    “chilling,” ” frightening, ” “Worrisome,” to me.

  5. Genotests prove that modern Greeks are quite similar genetically to ancient Greeks.
    Nazis generally are pretty dumb people enamored with pseudo-history.
    All the never ending non-sense about ancient Greeks being “Nords” or “Englishman” is easily debunked if you are not a ideological committed crackpot.

    Aristotle himself wrote in “On the Generation of Animals” that Greek superiority was visible in their medium skin tone as opposed to pale Northerners and dark Ethiopians and Egyptians.
    He believed that blue eyes were a sign of cowardly nature and that they indicated poor eye-sight.

    Polemon of Laodicea wrote in “Physiognomica,”
    “Blond and whitish hair, like that of the Scythians signifies stupidly, evilness, savagery.”

    Greeks have been a backward people in the last millennium, but history didn’t start in 1700 AD.
    Things change.

    • Since this troll doesn’t give any sources (for obvious reasons), I’ll just post this.

      Multiple issues with the section: Attitudes in ancient Europe

      Ancient Greeks

      All sources cited and referred to in the following text can be found online on this link (Invention of racism in classical antiquity): … The+Invention+of+Racism+in+Classical+Antiquity

      This claim from the Wikipedia article cites no sources:

      “Most ancient writers were from the Southern European civilisations, and generally took the view that people living in the north of their lands were barbarians.”

      The article cites Benjamin Isaac as a source for the following:

      “Pale skin and light hair were described as signs of barbarism by Polemon of Laodicea in his book Physiognomica.[3]”

      “Blond and whitish hair, like that of Scythians signifies stupidity, evilness, savagery”

      No such thing, although suggested by the Wikipedia article, is said on pages 56-58 in Isaac’s book; The Invention of Racism in Classical Antiquity. As will be seen in the following quotations from Isaac’s books, his arguments are quite the contrary.

      Contrary to what source [4] indicates, physiognomonica (which is wrongly spelled the Wikipedia-article) is definitively not a work of Aristotle (Isaac, 151). Also, there is nothing indicating that the physiognomonica perpetrates a view where Greek superiority is seen as visible in their medium skin tone. On the contrary, according to Isaac, the physiognomonica seem to perpetrate high regard of people living in the North. This is illustrated in the following quote:

      “Those living in the North are brave and stiff-haired, and those living in the South are cowardly and soft-haired” (Isaac, 151)

      Isaac notes no prejudice of blonde or Northern people in the physiognomonica in general, and in the one instance so-called stiff hair is regarded as a sign of cowardice, it is attributed to the Ethiopians:

      “However, there are inconsistencies, for elsewhere in the same text we read: “stiff hair on the head betokens cowardice”. Too dark a skin also marks cowardice and both characteristics are ascribed to Ethiopians.” (Isaac, 151)

      As a general note, Isaac marks the following on page 151:

      “…the standard collection of stereotypes found in various classical sources: people living in cold climate are forceful, self-confident and courageous, those living in hot climates have less self-confidence and courage, and are more emotional.” (Isaac, 57)

      The view of fair-haired people that perpetrates no prejudice is supported by the evidence from Greek mythology and art. A notion that the ancient Greeks saw blonde people as cowardly and inferior is unlikely bearing mind the high number of blonde heroes in Greek literature. In addition, several of the most well-known and heroic figures in ancient Greece are described and depicted as blonde in ancient sources and art; including Alexander the great.

    • @Nemo: Mountebank! Blackguard! Does not Phoebus himself have a flaxen mane? And fair Aphrodite too? The temerity….the EFFRONTERY!

    • There’s an actor in Britain called Eros Vlahos and he’s ancestrally Greek. Blue eyes and platinum blond. He was in the Nanny McPhee sequel “Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang.” outlier of course. But then you have the aristocrats there like Prince Phillip who are Northern European looking. They like their bond people in Greece.

      • Yes Prince Phillip is German though even though they call him Phil the Greek. But yes it would point to their affinity for white rulers.

        • Aristocrats there would naturally and culturally have blonde brides and then exert downward pressure in the next generations. Within a few generations you’d have a ruling caste.

  6. Nemo, you have to be a kike troll posting your nonsense. Notice in the New Testament that all epistles are written to white adamic peoples in the Greco-Roman world. Why is that? Because they are the twelve tribes scattered after the Assyrian and Babylonian captivities. The Scythians are a branch of the twelve tribes that became the Germanic peoples. Not a single one of them are kikes! Kikes are descended from Cain and Esau and dispersed in 70AD.

    • One only needs to look at the painting above School of Athens painted on a wall in the Vatican. The men are very white looking. Raphael was surrounded by Roman urchins and geezers and the models for the painting were locals. Go around Rome today and they look a little darker than that today.

      • @John Charity did you ever visit Pompey to see the perfectly preserved drawings? They look very swarthy.

        Aphrodite was often depicted with blond hair, as were others deities associated with the sun.

        • I’ve been all over the Med. Octavian famously had red hair bro. Caligula was a blond.

          There’s a genetic ydna faultline in Italy right around Napoli too. Above you have fairer looking people more frequently below it a lot less. Pompeii is right around that faultline. Right?

          • Descriptions of Octavian and Caligula were given by Suetonius, who didn’t know any of them, since he lived many decades later.
            South Italy received a considerable influx (and the last) of immigrants around the 7-6 centuries BC. It was Greek settlers.
            So the Southern part is clearly more swarthy due the Greek colonization, and also due to more exposure to the sun

            But there is not significant genetic difference between the North and South, regarding Y-DNA or Mitochondrial DNA.

          • The Greek and Roman statuary speaks for itself on the looks of these people.

            There are busts of Xenophon, Alcibiades etc etc and they look as they look.

    • I think Scythians are Scottish people. Even the ancient writings about it are in a Scottish museum or church locked up.

    • Also so many of the ancient Scottish traditions follow the Scythians: painting the body blue before war, allowing females to fight in battle, their weaponry etc etc.

      • Deep South: I agree that Scots may well have descended from the Scythians but they would have come from Europe to Scotland and were first called Germans by the Romans. One of the original names of Germany was Jutland, a take off of the tribe of Juda which indeed they were. Trojans were mainly of the tribe of Juda-Zera. Iberia was first settled by Japethites.

    • And the Scythians went into Iberia as their last point of migration where it can be accurately traced. Almost every Anglo Saxon and Scot will have Iberian DNA markers even though they would have no record of an Iberian in their family tree for thousands of years. I have the same small amount in mine and I’m guessing most Anglos have some who have had DNA tests done.

      • Deep South, I don’t think that is correct. But by the same token I am working off of memory. I first learned of this from a book called Missing Links by E. Raymond Capt. who also did a good pamphlet on the Abrahamic covenant. But the best place to go is and read the essays on the main page about the origins of the various branches of our race who are indeed the true Israel of the Bible.

      • When Athens became a Democracy, shedding the kings, they also got rid of the mercenary Sythian archers who were the effective police force hired by the Kings.

        Not unlike the Varangian guard in appearance by all accounts. I’ll bet they whelped a litter of bastards with the local women.

  7. Captain John: The Greeks, Italians, Sicilians, Spain, Portugal and others were race-mixed many centuries ago with the Muslim conquest around 600 AD. I am sure there are some true whites left but it is certainly a remnant. Do NOT rely on modern DNA research, the kikes own that as well as their evolutionary biology BS. By the way every Christian should know the name of Charles Martel.

    • If idiots claim that “modern DNA research” is owned by “kikes” simply because it is contradiction with Nazi fantasies, then no prove will ever be enough.

      • Well, they do own them and they push their evolutionary biology along with telling us that we all originated from some ape in Africa. The white race is the only pure race on the planet and we damn sure did not come from Africa. Look up the Hebrew words for Adam, ruddy to show blood in the face, to blush and to be rosy cheeked. Genesis 5 “This is the book of the generations of Adam..” and no one else. The Genesis 10 nations can all be proven to have been white nations as described in the bible. The ancient inscriptions that have been dug out of the ground and the ancient written histories all verify that. The only fantasy the Germans had was they did not understand how powerful the kike bankers were and that Britain and the US were both lead by kikes. Yes, Winston Churchill had a kike for a mother and FDR and Eisenhower were both kikes as well as many others in their respective administrations. Hitler was the last Christian man to try to stop the advance of kike bolshevism and usury capitalism, he understood that very well. He also had defeated the commie kikes that had overtaken Germany during the Weimar years. Are you getting your pay from the ADL?

        • A lady in Australia already disproved the out of Africa theory completely. You will notice it’s quietly being hushed up now and it’s not hardly talked about anymore. She was researching Abo genetics and published a irrefutable peer reviewed paper on it.

          I’m sure they’ll likely disappear her from her field of study soon.

  8. Claiming other people achievements since you didn’t do shit from 8.000 BC til 1750 AD is laughable and embarrassing.
    If we count the period after 1750 as that of Germanic peoples domination, it’s less than 4% of clearly recorded human history.
    Nothing give them the right to basically rewrite and bastardize history.

    Looking at the Roman/Greek statues – “hey, they look Nordish!” So Nords ruled ancient Rome and Greece (and Persia, Egypt, India, .Genghis Khan was a Nordic man etc etc.
    Just stop please, it’s embarrassing.

    And I’m an ALPINE type. Wich, for example,, in the perveted mind of Madison Grant was “inferior” to both Nords and Meds.

    • So, you’re an anti-Nazi “ALPINE type”. Is that why you feel the need to post fake BS from a now non-existent Wikipedia-page?

    • We get it you’re a sand nigger/pasta nigger/Christian Turk. You always claim to be the cradle of civilization and I can never figure out why y’all never left the cradle?

      Sound like retard blacks and their black Cleopatra nonsense along with how they invented everything yet have nothing to show for themselves. You cannot even keep up the RUINS of the places your greasy people supposedly built and you want us to believe that these same IQ 80s actually engineered and built them??

      I guess everyone should just deny logic and go along with the line that the modern day Egyptian Muslims also built the Pyramids? lol what a joke, and I guess the monkey Mayans built that ancient civilization and on and on. But no one has ever been able to keep it up at a bare minimum – forget about improving and expanding on it.

      • @Captain John, who writes in ebonics? Me? Probably I write better than 90% of Americans, and English being my third language.

  9. “kashnubian the quotes are legit, though I disagree with Aristotle concerning his theory that blue eyed people have poor eye-sight.

    I’m anti-Nazi, and anti-semite. I like truth.
    Nazis can’t get over that Nordics were the niggers of the ancient era.
    If they were a bit smart they would use it as an advantage, trying to portray themselves as victims, the same way Jews do.
    If you’re gonna lie, use your lies to play the victim. Only imbeciles don’t see it.
    “Pretend inferiority and encourage his (enemy) arrogance.”
    -Sun Tzu (Tzu was obviously Nordic)

    Nope, Nazis are moronic simpletons. So they alienate a lot of people who could be their allies.
    “Birds can be taught to talk better than other animals is explained by the fact that their mouths are Nordic in structure.”
    -Hermann Gauch (brilliant Nazi)

    It’s pretty strange that Nordics created brilliant never surpassed civilizations like in Egypt, Persia, India, Greece, Rome, the Spartans, the Hitites, the Dorians.. living together with mongrelized people (Nordics were the elite), and at the same time in their racially pure real homelands they were living in huts or hunched over oak trees, dressed like neanderthals.
    What were these superior people with their superior genes waiting til the 18th century? Why couldn’t they innovate earlier?

    • Reminder, no statues, no decent sculpture, not even an interesting drawing found in the north for thousands of years. Not until they came into contact with the South. But yeah, these wewuzartists created it all.

      Anyway, you reap what you sow. Keep trying to steal other people’s histories and we’ll see how many more of your statues get torn down. Ouch.

    • Good grief, Nemo, I don’t know what literature you are reading but you have not a clue what you are talking about. First the National Socialist of Hitler’s Germany are mainly of the tribe of Judah and they are the worlds premier engineers and the Swedes are a close second. Ancient Egypt, Media, Persia, Assyria, Babylonia etc. were all at first white Adamic people. The Hittites are an accursed people of Heth son of Canaan who was the son of Ham. Esau (kikes) married into the daughters of Heth and Ishmael. They have no part in the covenant. The Dorian Greeks came from Dor in Palesting, the Danan Greeks are the tribe of Dan from Palestine and the Ionians were Japethites. You have to be white to be a semite, descended from Shem a son of Noah. Neanderthals were “created” by the fallen angels who were cast down to earth (Rev 9) long before Adam was placed in the garden. They are a branch of the tree of good and evil that was already in the garden when Adam was placed there. The bible is only concerned with white Adamic people since Adam is the only man God created. The migration of these white tribes into Europe and beyond were a fulfillment of the promise to Abraham that his seed would be as the sand of the sea and would become many nations and a company of nations.

      • If you think the notion of fallen angels begetting children is preposterous read Genesis 4:16 & 17. Cain married a wife and builded a city named Enoch. Where in the hell did these “people” come from? Where is their genealogy? The Genesis 6 is another example of the fallen angels taking the daughters of Adam to wife and begot giants, the Rephaim. Then in Genesis 15:19-21 we have listed “peoples” where their origin is not explained. The Kenites are the tribe of Cain, I have already explained the Hittiites and Rephaim, but where did the Kenizzites, Kadmonites, and Girgashites come from? You should be able to figure out the Amorites and Canaanites. Descendants of fallen angels are also in the New Testament in Jude, 2 peter, 1 John 3:10, and the parables of Christ in Matthew 13 about the tares being planted by the devil or satan. John 8:39-45 Christ is speaking to the Edomites that had taken control of Judea is saying the same thing. There are other passages also but that should do it. Also notice that Cain is not listed in Adam’s genealogy.

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