ICE Agents Claim Portland Police Operated Under Stand Down Order

According to ICE agents, the mayor of Portland ordered the police to stand down, refuse to respond to 911 calls and allowed violent anarchists to break the law:

“PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The union representing employees of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement urged the mayor of Portland, Oregon, to end his ban on city police helping ICE workers who have faced hostility from pro-immigrant activists.

Sean Riddell, the union’s attorney, asked Mayor Ted Wheeler for a meeting about the hands-off policy and threatened legal action if things do not change.

“Your policy has created a zone of terror and lawlessness,” Riddell said in a letter Monday.

It stems from a recent protest outside an ICE facility in Portland that was mostly peaceful. Activists opposed to President Donald Trump’s policy of separating immigrant families at the U.S.-Mexico border set up camp in mid-June and stayed around the clock for nearly 40 days. …”

Hmm … a policy that created “a zone of terror and lawlessness.” Where have we seen that before?

Note: This is why lots of groups have stopped cooperating with law enforcement and city governments when it comes to organizing events. We can’t take for granted that the police will uphold law and order anymore. In Portland, Berkeley, Charlottesville and other leftwing strongholds, politicians are openly choosing sides and allowing anarchists to riot and engage in violence.

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  1. It’s hard to sort this mess out. What with the Jews being schizophrenic and simultaneously using the Law as a weapon against their enemies, and seeking to exterminate the Judiciary and police forces, along with the very laws they’re charged with upholding. Which laws they pervert, and subvert, before moving in for the kill.

    The Jews want to see judges, jurists and police officers hanged, along with the people they’ve arrested, tried, judged and condemned.

    In every ©ommunist revolution®©, they start with a ruthless campaign of annihilation against the target nation’s legal system.

    Eventually, we’ll start to see the routine assassination of Judges and police officers by vague assailants, said to be “Right Wing” in nature, or unknown, as is politically expedient. But first they have to be discredited by relentless Fergusons, Charlottesvilles and BLM marches.

    • Attention patriots in the west : Move south now … while the moving’s good. God is moving you out … and scum in … to the mega earthquake zones in the west. Gee, I wonder why 🙂

    • The Commie Jews cannot function in a world without cops unless they get Artificial Intelligence, Android Robots and the like to police it. They cannot afford to murder cops to such a large extent unless there is a replacement for them. Dubai just rolled out fully robotic cops, I expect that is coming here.

      Right now their issue is trying to form an army of nonwhites and soyboys to come after us. That will prove largely unsuccessful. Their only hope is Artificial Intelligence Drones and Robotics

  2. One problem that we need to solve (right now I have no solution to offer, sorry) is that one or two police cannot simply refuse to comply with a stand down order. If it were an order to attack then an officer would be more in a position to simply refuse to comply, or if he had a couple days notice that he would be receiving a stand down order then he might just turn in his notice and make known that he is leaving bc he refuses to comply.

    It would be much easier for officers to refuse to comply if the order were to attack. But even then he is morally compelled to cooperate with and assist his fellow officers if he is caught on the spot, so he finds himself in a really tough spot. I cannot blame those police for being stuck in a hard place and not knowing what to do. We need some way to coach police on how to handle the situation when it arises. Often in warzones civilized nations will drop propaganda to the enemy giving them directions on how to surrender safely. We need something like that when the time comes. I’m not saying we should make ourselves a militia and tell police to surrender, but I am saying we need to have some kind of outreach to those police that want to be on our side but are stuck in a very difficult position. Remember, unless we are in the same city over and over, almost every one of these guys will be a first timer for such an event and those that think like we do will be in a state of frustrated bewilderment. If we’re doing something here in Dixie we need to cut the police a little slack and extend some kind of olive branch. Of course cities like Portland are without hope.

  3. There appears to be an acceleration towards the breakdown of centralized law and order. While the jew benefits from such chaos it is not exclusively his fault, as there are many “public officials” who want to become rulers over their own private fiefdoms, accountable to no higher authority. I imagine this situation is similar to how many provinces in the Western Empire were during the mid to late 5th century of the Common Era.

    • You mean 5th century Anno Domini( in the Year of the Lord). You are doing the work of the Jew by taking Christ out of everything. Whether you use AD or CE you can’t deny the fact that they both have the same starting point, the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  4. Will Trump ever defund “sanctuary cities” and prosecute city officials responsible? I’m not holding my breath waiting. If the military wasn’t busy looking out for globalist & ZOG interests it would be a cinch to shut down all of the illegals and their screamer and thug allies.

    • The Coward Jeff Sessions, this is his job to launch lawsuits. He won’t do it though, this man literally bends over and lets the Democrats rape him like a rag doll. Yes Trump should act, but Constitutionally, aside from declaring a state of war in these cities, what can he do? THE COWARD SESSIONS IS SCUM. Hard to believe this whore is from Selma Alabama and is named for Jeff Davis and Genl Beauregard.

  5. I am waiting for a latter day “Boston Massacre” and a contemporary “Crispus Attucks” to incite the new “Revolution.” I’m waiting for the random shot to ring out, followed by the barrage of gunfire. The cops under seige and fearing for their lives, respond by firing into the crowd, igniting a social firestorm. This is a very likely scenario, and could play out at any of the many protests and demonstrations that take place with increasing regularity.

  6. Southerners stupidly after Redemption began trusting the Police, FORGETTING the lesson of Reconstruction in which the authorities were your enemies. By the Sixties you had SOUTHERN WHITE COPS arresting en masse White demonstrators in Georgia and other places. Eventually the Southern White cops got into the persecute Whitey thing. Roy James had to spend a month in Prison in Birmingham Alabama for assaulting Martin Lucifer Coon in 1962. So much for Bull Connor the Racist. This man should have gotten a parade in his honor.

    The White Movement has remained since the 1950’s a law and order supporting the very cops who persecute us movement. Time to realize, the Cops are ZOGs not ours. They hate us. If you are STUPID ENOUGH TO THINK YOU CAN TRUST A NATIVE BORN SOUTHERER WHO WEARS A BADGE, YOU ARE BRAIN DEAD. You can trust No Cop. EVER

  7. Add kwap stand downs to the reasons that unannounced, private events make sense. If you compare the chances that someone will get hurt, arrested, jailed or sued at an event no one knows is happening but the group organizing it versus an event that is announced months in advance with permits, police, media coverage, etc.-well, common sense will dictate which event is safer. It has already been proven IMO.

    BTW, the only way I can tell the difference between the kwaps and antifa today are the uniforms.

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