Patriot Prayer Freedom March Was Relatively Peaceful

It was a rather uneventful day in Portland.

As expected, Antifa showed up and engaged in violence, but the Portland Police made an effort to keep both sides separated and only a few isolated individuals were attacked. The context here is that the Portland Police Association recently condemned Mayor Ted Wheeler for political bias and selectively enforcing the law which likely factored into the police response:

The Portland Police didn’t stand down this afternoon. Quite the opposite. This was the strongest police response ever seen at these demonstrations in Portland.

Antifa ganged up on an isolated Patriot, ripped an American flag out of his hands and cracked his skull open with a spiked baton until blood came oozing out.

Antifa busted open the head of this reporter from The Oregonian with a glass bottle.

Antifa jumped some Patriot Prayer supporters who got isolated from their group.

Antifa sucker punched a random pedestrian in Portland. He is a veteran who was wearing an American flag t-shirt and seems to have been mistaken for “fash.”

Antifa attack a black Trump supporter and attempt to steal her hat.

There was some colorful LARPing:

Antifa supporter from the Church of Satan.

Soyman was on the Antifa side.

The sign also said “Kill All Jocks” on the other side.

I predicted Cucked Spartan would show up.

The Kek Knight returned.

Tiny Toese summed it up best:

Antifa are furious about the strong police response:

When the police are allowed to do their jobs and keep both sides separated, these events are relatively peaceful. When the police are pressured to stand down by corrupt leftwing politicians in cities like Charlottesville, Antifa are allowed to attack and violence ensues.

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  1. Researched the history of Portland…its progressivism derives more from a utopian white homogeneity than from some fairy tale of diversity. It banned both slavery and black immigration.

    I’m totally intrigued.

    • The PacNorthwest is under the protection of gloomy, overcast weather that to a certain degree repels mid latitude vibrants .

    • Oregon was almost completely cut off from the rest of the country’s infrastructure until the 1880’s. The coasts were settled by New Englanders who came on ships and the valleys by Midwestern farm families. For years it was one of those states without a major city that was just pinned in between California and Seattle. Remember, Oregon was a destination for thousands of Hippies in like 1969 and the seventies who wanted a peaceful life away from California craziness. In reality until the 1970’s barely anyone gave Oregon a second thought

    • I knew a chilean at college…the son of one of Pinochets diplomat corps.

      The sense of entitlement he and his felt towards we american anglos. especially female, shocked me.

      I’d be very wary of glorifying anything or anyone related to his regime, and of anything chilean in general. They are hyper aggressive manipulative roman catholic anti-anglo people to the max.

      • Pinochet was literally a Jewish puppet. He was put in power by Kissinger.

        I’ve never understood how “anti-Semites” could support a (((CIA))) puppet. It makes no sense.

        • Note – I’m not referring to Proud Boys here, since they are definitely NOT anti-Semites. Some Proud Boys openly beat up Palestinians in support of Israel. I would totally support execution for the lot.

          IDI Amin did nothing wrong.

        • @Jijcf
          “I’ve never understood how “anti-Semites” could support a (((CIA))) puppet. It makes no sense.”

          I don’t hate Jews, I just don’t want them shaping my future.

          I saw a movie based on a true story about Chile, where they said Pinochet used communists to advance medical science. The communists were given free ice pick lobotomies, and became smarter and less anti-social after the operations. The communists that didn’t get the operation migrated for a reason I still don’t understand. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to be smarter and less of an asshole for free? Its a no brainer.

  2. It looks like the left and their ZOG employees got bit in the ass. Just maybe things are coming our way.
    Righteousness ideals always win.

    • I suspect the clue to the difference in treatment was they were civic nats , not pro whites. If racialist Alt-Right protests in numbers again, the state will come down on them like a ton of bricks. They will not tolerate >whites< organizing in their own interests.

  3. @General Butt Naked
    I suspect the difference in treatment was they were civic nats , not pro whites. If racialist Alt-Right protests in numbers again, the state will set them up again. The establishment will not tolerate >whites< organizing in white interests.

    The other big clue is the star of david on the cucked spartan. The message is jews run American nationalism and it is to be fake nationalism – or else.

  4. Proud Boys arent just another civnat group, they are a fanatical Zionist terror group, at least the ones in Canada. Some Canadian Proud Boy actually tried to kill a Palestinian in an Israel-inspired attack. Of course the Canadian right are such cucked, Jew-worshipping trash it can’t be expressed in words, so that’s no surprise.

      • Proud Boys work with the JDL in Canada as do the (((Soldiers of Odin))) and other BASTE! anti-Muslim groups. You have NO idea how cucked the Canadian right is.

        The Australian right is even worse. The biggest exponent of “Nationalism” there is a subhuman wog named DAnny NAlliah who thinks Jeezuz will damn all enemies of Israel to hell. There is also a “White Nationalist” site there called XYZ that only supports Israel and considers Hezbollah “terrorist” organization. They also think “White Nationalism” defeatd Hitler and should be commended for doing so, of course Stalin also defeated Hitler and they hate him being the autistic Capitalist pigshit they are. XYZ loves free market capitalism, always saying Reagan and Thatcher who supported White Genocide were some of the greatest whites who ever lived.

  5. These marches are nothing more than a diversion and an attempt to funnel anger, angst and activism into a malleable version of [Corporate] Nationalism. The majority of societal change comes from what isn’t put on the streets. Guys gearing up for “battle” to fight the Communists gives them the impression that they’re capable of winning something, and then using that win as leverage to affect change on a local, regional and then national level. Poke through their “USA! USA!” facade of hard-charging Communist killers and you’ll more often than not find a very, very lukewarm version of what pro-White people and real Nationalists believe in. Many times you’ll find that they’re just as hostile to racialists as are the Leftists.

    I always thought the street theater of the NSM was ridiculous and counterproductive. But this shit is much worse. At least the NSM had some semblance of identity at its core—even though it tended to be hyperbolic and its presentation more like a media caricature.

      • In all its civic nationalist “glory” it also is called fascist which is a very instructive lesson for Boobus Sportscanus to digest.

    • Patriot Prayer Rally contradicts Anglin’s hardline on street demos, although he is clearly right on 1930’s fascism LARPing (the style Anglin and Weev employed for years). Also he is clearly wrong that trade schools could banish someone for participating in a patriot rally.

  6. Odd that Anglin is against UtR2, seeing as Kessler’s order that Yankee flags be the only flags there is straight out of his playbook.

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