Russian Police Arrest 30 “Gay Pride” Activists In St. Petersburg

I’ve been getting a lot of media inquires about the League of the South’s Russian outreach page. Liberals have been tearing their hair out because of our “treason.” We’re supposed to hate Russia for some unfathomable reason which makes no sense at all to me:

“Russian police arrested 30 LGBT activists in Saint Petersburg on Saturday during a Pride demonstration, a co-organiser told AFP after being taken into custody.

Around 60 people with placards calling for LGBT rights to be respected and waving rainbow-coloured flags had gathered in the city centre, said activist and co-organiser Aleksei Nazarov.

Each participant demonstrated alone, a ruse to avoid the protest being classified as a gathering, which would have made it subject to the city’s prior approval.

‘In total, 30 people were arrested,’ said Nazarov, adding that he himself was being held in a police van together with one other demonstrator. …”

This is the UK:

These cultural degenerates are supposed to be our “greatest allies.” In contrast, these people are supposed to be our “enemies.” Does that make any sense to you?

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    • Adolf was wrong to slaughter, ( it wasn’t just freaks like these, it was women and children, ) he should’ve deported. “I” wish God would mega – quake these scum, but that would be HIS righteous decision. “OUR” top main goal / main concern should be to make it into Heaven. We can do that deporting bad Jews & 3rd world invaders. We CAN’T do that by slaughtering them. We must hold the moral high ground … as we “take out the trash.” We will be rewarded for deporting. We will be condemned for slaughtering.

      BE badass Confederates, but be wise Christian Confederates as well. WE “NEED” GOD ON OUR SIDE !!!!

    • Yes, Billy Ray – Hitler was, indeed, right about many things.

      One little problem, though- and that was the murder of millions of innocents, the starvation of millions of prisoners, the forcet slave labour of millions of other White Races, and a general manner of behavior, throughout Occupied Europe, that, to this day, has put all Nationalist Movements in arrears.

      Yep, even if not a single hair was harmed on a single head of a Jew, the fact remains that Hitler’s Germany behaved so abominably that, in large part, we (The West) are in the state we are today.

      Yes, Sir – there are myriad alternatives between the demonically tyrannical worlds of Hitler and The Jewish World Order, and we, in The South, will be making every attempt to navigate safely away from either.

  1. Degenerate filth. Kudos to the Russians for shutting this down most riki-tik. Hopefully the LGBT filth were subjected to physical punishment behind closed doors, and “encouraged” not to protest again.

    • Agree to hopeful behind closed doors punishment. I’m starting to like Russia more and more 🙂

    • I doubt the tradition of shooting undesirables in the head ended during Putin’s watch. At the very least, they should do hard time in a Siberian prison.

    • ‘Free Speech’ is not forcing anyone to regard a serious mental illness as ‘normal’. And where is this mighty Free Speech when states are passing legislation to outlaw any attempt to treat those who seek treatment of their own free will? It certainly isn’t, the all too elusive, Free Speech at work.

  2. Ever noticed that all of the degenerate countries are the ones that didn’t have Communism? Communism is the reason why places like Russia, Serbia and Poland are not degenerate. And no, it’s not because they “resisted” Communism and that made them “conservative” – most Eastern Europeans loved Communism and want it back.

      • Either way, it is time to END the taboo against White Nationalists being Communists, NOW. I see the boomer vermin mods on Stormfront always banning people who dare to advocate socialism. Not the “National Socialism” of Hitler which was really just a form of fascism -that is, bourgeois dictatorship – but actual SOCIALISM where workers own the means of production. That is what we NEED.

        Bourgeois dictators like Idi Amin and Saddam Hussein can be progressive in under-developed, semi-colonial countries which lack conditions for proletarian revolution. There part of the national bourgeoisie plays an anti-imperialist, anti-Zionist role. In advanced capitalist White countries there are no good bourgeois, there are only exploiters and exploited. The only solution for White, advanced capitalist nations is Marxist revolution, the dictatorship of the proletariat and full Communism.

    • We never had communism or liberalism as you say. Our countries were taken over by liberals and we resisted 100 long years until we won.

      Capitalism and communism is one and the same btw. Both claim that everybody have a chance, both promising paradise on Earth and somehow both end up with small group of psychopaths controlling all politics economy education and entire country.

      All other isms work the same way. When you try to live by some “holy script” , then even ball schratchism end up with genetic white liberals in charge and somehow most important things for ball schratching are drugs. mass immigration, poverty and wars

      Or whatever madness. Until you do not admit problem from within, white liberal, those bleeding heart educated open minded people will infiltrate, take over and turn absurd every last “ism” or thing you have.

      This happened in Ukraine where white liberals took over nationalism. You don,t like abortion. Well, then liberals have a war for you with Russia. Both ways white liberals get white youth killed.
      You like capitalism, here they have 20 oligarchs controlling entire economy and be so nice and starve to death on the street. And white liberals have also Christianity too, so you must obey and be suffer and never think or fight back. When you don,t want end up at the stake like witch, heretic, kulak, racist, homophobe or XZY783 or whatever boogeyman Christianity overtaken by white liberals invent next time.

      Until we have isms, until then white liberals have control. Normal society can live without isms. Sometimes you need government, sometimes not, sometimes taxes must rised, sometimes lowered, some things must be private some things not and so on.

      Get rid of the white liberals and then normal people running things and every ism is okay.

        • Nonono…..communism is the white genetic madness and jew are very little to do with it. Your link is e´how communism or as you say liberalism looks like.

          We had such things but we fought back and won. First backlash was comrade Stalin with his “controversial” methods.

          This is the mayor misunderstanding between Eastern and Western patriots. Western patriots worry how it looks and Eastern patriots worry does it works.

          Occidental Observer bashed the drunken Polish football fans, because by their standards, Polish football fans are not real nationalist. But those drunken football fans managed to bring down the USSR, fought back genetic white liberals, put the nationalist government in charge and closed the borders.

          And the kicked out Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer because they did not wanted to turn very simple illiberation into intellectual homosexual dysfunctional diametrical useless debate.

          This is how to lose a war. Hitler had smart educated generals, Stalin had the generals who just wanted to win a war.

          White genetic liberal is the root cause of all problems. Simple as that. No need for intellectual BS. Approx 4-6% white people are psychopats, everybody else know this simple fact and just abuse it. There are 200 million white people in the US and it means that you have 8 to 12 million white people ready to to the same thing, Red Army did to us at the year 1917.

          And do not call them a snowflakes. Our people laughed about them 100 years ago and it did not ended up well.

          • I think all of your comments are very true….look at the Civil War in the US it was white northern liberals against Southern Conservatives. The liberal North had their win at all costs “Total War” they invented against the South and there was no way to recover.

            The same Yanks have gone around the world and done this in countless nations and then done their act of “Reconstruction” or as they call it today “Nation Building”. Jefferson Davis predicted they would do this and he was of course proven right.

          • Juri,

            I’m obviously referring to the madness in the link. And, it does appear the Eastern European countries are not buying the multicult, sexual degeneracy BS.

            The Left hijacked classical liberalism. The degenerate actions or inactions by lunatics today do not constitute genuine liberalism. And, no, I am not defending any form of liberalism. Although it can work within a homogeneous white nation, it ends up polluting the mind and ushering in what we now see in Sweden.

          • #Deep South. The irony of your entire assertion that Nation Building was uniquely Yankee is that the concept of Nation Building was embraced in some form by Southern Democrats before and after the war, namely in Cuba. Southern Democrats had originally wanted to colonize all of Mexico, Central and the top of South America, a Golden Circle. Take a map of the Americas and copy it. Start at Cincinnati Ohio, which was the Knights of the Golden Circle’s HQ before the war, and draw a giant circle down to Guyana or so and then up back to Cincinnati. That was the Golden Circle basically, the region that was to become new colonies or vassal nations of a sort.

            Abraham Lincoln and the Republicans did not want to expand outside the boundaries of the present United States. Republican policy always was until 1898 to ignore the rest of the world. This only changed because of the influence of Teddy Roosevelt and the Jewish newspapers, who demanded Republican President William McKinley interfere in Cuba, which had been at war with Spain on and off since 1850. McKinley refused until the Maine exploded. Believe it or not, Ex-Confederates rushed to join the US Army and McKinley signed their commissions, among them Fitzhugh Lee, Thomas Rosser and Joe Wheeler, who was one of the few men who opposed Sherman somewhat effectively in Georgia. Of course we got some colonies Guam and Puerto Rico, and also control over Cuba, who the US freed in 1902. Southerners supported the war in Cuba because they eyed the possibility of sugarcane plantations, that never came true.

            The first President to embrace the modern concept of Nation Building as we know it today was Teddy Roosevelt. Teddy’s Mama was a Bulloch, old Georgia Aristocrat, his Uncle was James Dunwoody Bulloch the Confederacys chief foreign agent in Britain and his other Uncle Irvine Bulloch served on board the CSS Alabama. Teddy was the one who started us interfering in Latin America, but Woodrow Wilson, a Southern Democrat born in VA raised in GA was the one who really began nation building. Under Wilson we occupied Haiti, occupied parts of Mexico and then embarked on the great Nation building plan of World War One and the 14 Points. Wilson is also the father of the League of Nations aka United Nations 1.0. Except for a brief period of peace from 1921-1933, we were busy nation building in one form or another from Wilson forward. After WWII, Harry Truman, a Southerner from Missouri, embarked us on the largest nation building projects we ever had, Post WWII Europe, Japan and later Korea. All of the Dixiecrats supported Truman, until he integrated the Military, but aside from that all supported Nation building.

            After WWII, the Republicans could no longer be the party of peace and isolation, in fact they were blamed for Hitler because Herbert Hoover refused to interfere in German affairs. The Republicans became an arm of Rockefeller finance. President Eisenhower largely avoided major nation building, but his successor JFK and LBJ (Texan Southron) got us eyeballs deep in Southeast Asia.

            Nation building was not the idea of Northerners or Republicans it was originally the idea of Southern Democrats and Southern Democratic Progressives. It only became a Republican idea with the Reagan-Bush presidency

          • Snowhitey I am no fan of classical liberalism as I believe the Federalist Ideas held by Washington and Hamilton were the best. Too much of this Jeffersonian poison infected the South before the war to the point that it had no infrastructure. The reliance upon liberal ideas, screwed the war effort. In times of danger, the Romans appointed a dictator who gave power back to the Senate, until Julius Caesar decided not to. Had those cuckold Confederate politicians given Jefferson Davis dictatorial powers with which he could have directly controlled the war effort, the South wins. Unfortunately States Rights screwed the Confederacy and lost it the war. Jeff Davis couldn’t even make states supply the troops basic food or a simple cloak. After the war they found entire hoarded stashes of weapons and uniforms, so many in fact that in Birth of a Nation and Gone With The Wind, original uniforms were used.

    • @Jicf: Bring back the DDR and the Berlin Wall! The former East Germany is the only part of the Reich that can be saved.

    • They loved communism? Why did the Soviets need a 2000 mile long kill line to shoot anyone trying to escape from their worker’s paradise?

  3. Don’t ask don’t tell should be an unwritten law. The promotion is the problem. A small % of the will be gay no matter what you do. There may be a biological explanation for gay men as the young adults who are gay might assist the mother with raising the other children while taking fewer resources of their own.

    • being gay is most likely just a mutation that happens fairly easily, hence repeatedly, and not much to do with some sort of real world functionality.

      • Randy Homosexuality is not a mutation, it comes about because a child was molested by a queer, and corrupted to it. Fags will admit it when they have enough drinks in them.

  4. We all know what “LGBT rights” really means, namely embracing and promoting degeneracy as “normal and good” while denigrating traditional sexuality as “narrow-minded and intolerant”. It has nothing to do with “acceptance”. Putin knows that, too, and is having none of it. Good on him!

  5. The homos having a march aimed at social acceptance, then seemingly going out of their way to be as revolting as possible is in perfect keeping with the other characteristics of the illness. The nutters look like they’re celebrating Samhuinn.???
    These surreal horror shows are the direct result of exacerbating a serious mental disorder. At least Russia hasn’t completely given up. At the rate we’re going in the U.S., it’s only a matter of time before it becomes politically incorrect to suggest that people with anorexia aren’t actually the fatties they feel they are.

  6. Looks like Russia and parts of the South are the only decent places left for white people to live … some states in the South voted over 80% in favor of traditional marriage only.

    Russia, please humble the USA by banning abortions and cracking down even harder on homosexuality and take the moral high ground and show this nation just how morally rotten it really is…

    God bless you President Putin ….

    • They won’t, Slavic abortion rates are about 15x those of the West and Russia has some of the highest in the world. It’s a cultural thing for them, on a personal level they don’t see it as a big deal. Have you seen their orphanages?? Absolutely dire.

  7. It proves again that the degenerates in the west are more of an enemy than Putin, the abortionists, the open borders weirdos, the bull dykes and fags, the multi cultural dirt bags, they are the enemy.

  8. I hope the police rough them up off camera. Two words: billy club.

    The freaks and misfits better start realizing they’re safest IN THE CLOSET.

  9. Would it surprise anyone if those fag troublemakers were being paid by “Western” intelligence agencies to foment civil unrest inside of Russia?

  10. Degenerates? The iconic picture where they’re posing in front of the giant Trump baby makes them look like Satanists.

    That is what you get when you close all the state mental asylums down and dump the patients on the streets.

  11. It is strange that the Alt Right believes in the primacy of genetics and heredity over environment in all things except for homosexuality which they consider a choice and a product of environmentalism. If it is genetic-Gays do claim they were they were born that way and it was not a matter of choice-then let us find the gene that causes it and remove it from the gene pool as Iceland recently did with Autism.

    PS-the Lunatic Left hates Russia because the Hildabeast lost and they miss the Soviet Union with its government imposed equality and official atheism as state policy.As the late, great, WLP warned a nationalist Russia might prove a greater threat to the U.S. ruling classes with its “Propositional Nation” and Civic Nationalism BS than the Soviet Union ever did.The Russian Orthodox Church is booming and recently canonized the royal family who were slaughtered by the Bolsheviks. In the market place of ideas nationalism and Christianity proved stronger than atheism and internationalism.

    • Not the shit again. The US ruling class fears the Soviet Union and Marxism-Leninism more than anything else. They don’t like that Putin’S Russia is resisting imperialism, but they still like the fact that it is capitalist and oppresses the poor and is not controlled by the proletariat as the USSR was. During the Soviet era, the USSR was fanatically anti-Zionist, antiSemitic and pro-Palestinian. By contrast, current Russia promotes “neutral” centrist cuckoldry on the Palestinian issue, which is obviously not good enough for the fanatical Zionist scum controlling the US who demand total allegiance to Israel.

      Ultimately, there is nothing Jews fear than a Marxist-Leninist revolutionary terror state.

      • That describes Israel. Judaism and Communism are two sides of the same filthy coin. Make no mistake, Israel is a terror state, that blackmailed the West for 50 years with the threat of nuclesr attavks upon population centers herein.

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