A Special Message From Alex Jones

Update: The purge of Infowars has escalated to include YouTube and Pnterest.

Occidental Dissent stands with Infowars.

Alex Jones may be a crackpot. He didn’t go to bat for the Alt-Right in the wake of the deplatforming and defunding after Charlottesville. These people, however, are far worse.

Note: As I said this morning, the next step will be deny people health insurance and private bank accounts for political reasons. It is already happening in Europe.

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  1. This is stage I of Civil War II. Why / how did the south lose Civil War I ? Well … let’s prepare better for this one. 20 20 hindsight … so there’s no excuse.

    • The main difference in 1861 and now is that in 1861 you could still say that there were ADULTS albeit evil ones Running the Union and ADULTS running the Confederacy. When you have ADULTS running the show, they will make ADULT decisions. You no longer have adults running anything, the death of adulthood has come with the Rockefeller Family’s plan to destroy Christianity and Education, creating what is called the Perpetual Childhood. Thus today you have 80 year old men wanting to wear Adidas and have gold chains like some Rapper. Perpetual childhood. Look it up.

    • Thomas Chittum in his 1996 book (AVAILABLE AS A PDF FOR FREE) Civil War II The Coming Breakup of America prophecied that a Second Civil War would begin in 2020. He also believed the Negroes would be successful in slaughtering the Southern Whites, he said that would happen IF the war happened much later than 2020. I suggest everyone read the book, it has its mistakes but dang near all his predictions have come true

      • Your nigras down in Dixie are much more prone to violence than our nigras here in the North, especially in your urban areas. They have lost their fear of the White man.

      • To Billy Ray Jenkins: The 2020 year date for the start of Civil War 1, (the first was actually a war between two sovereign independent nations) is really being played up by most prepper & survivalist web sites. Quite obvious when you consider it to be not only the start of a new decade but also, a presidential election year. Two summers from now could see the most violent & deadly insurrection in modern history, culminating in the much predicted civil war.

        • nothing of substance will happen until the debtPonzi economy – which is how the Jews buy consent for all their machinations – collapses.

          I have no idea when that will happen. Hopefully

          soon though.

          • Good point. I do think it will begin with an economic collapse, too. Then the decaying civilization & its social & political divisions like schools & local government will follow. After that, total anarchy. Just remember, there was a preview back in 1929!

    • Y’all need to get your heads out of the history books.

      This situation it totally different than 1861 – then it was a country composed of two different regions that could not come to an agreement over several major issues, which then became a slugging match.

      In 2018, the government, the law, the institutions have, over many decades, largely gone by the wayside, and now the even the customs, such as The Pledge of Allegiance, are even called into question.

      White Identity is rising and, in the face of a massive systemick failure,is gradually supplanting a civick national identity.

      What this means is that there is no localized disagreement, as in 1861, but, merely the wholesale collapse, across the board, of what makes a nation, or, at least, what once made this here nation..

      No, this is not a military issue, even if, here and there, now and then, there may be gunfire.

      No, what is going on is an intensely political and cultural evolution, and, as such, it will be on these grounds that the new nation(s) will arise.

  2. Don’t you mean the Southern Perverted Law Center? Morris Sleeze aka the guy who had butt sex with another man in front of his wife or something awful like that? I mean this bunch of people, filthy Jews and human filth. Nothing too evil can be said about them. In the 1980’s Robert Mathews and the Order tried to leave Morris Sleeze a message. The SPLC today is surrounded by a concrete blast barrier

  3. Seizing people’s Bank accounts will be a Causes Belli.

    Get some desperate people who can’t buy groceries anymore, with starving families, and they might decide they’ve got nothing left to loose and start killing Jews.

    But then, the Jews never think of shit like this. They just keep selling rope to the Goyem that eventually hang them.

  4. This is the Tommy Robinson singularity…he might be a shabby goy but he’s got mass appeal. This will create a huge mob. Forget Charlottesville…this is Bushwick.

  5. Luke Skywalker: “Your overconfidence is your weakness”

    Emperor Palpatine: “Your faith in your friends is yours”

  6. I talked about Alex Jones just a little while ago with an old Texan I respect.

    Me: So explain that to me growing up in East Texas, how would one honestly ignore the issue of racial differences? Liberalism? Indifference? I mean WTF causes people to honestly reject their eyes and ears? That has always irritated me about Alex Jones, I just want to say to him, ALEX YOU GREW UP IN TEXAS, DOWN IN YOUR HEART YOU KNOW BETTER. Of course he’d freak out but its a fact.

    To which the wise old sage told me, Alex knows, he’s just a sellout.

    I cannot understand those who refuse to tell the truth. I mean what do you get out of continuing to lie? Eventually the lies collapse one on top of the other.

    • @billyrayjenkins
      “I cannot understand those who refuse to tell the truth. I mean what do you get out of continuing to lie? ”

      He gets money and a middle class lifestyle to grow fat on.

      What do you expect from a guy who married two jews in a row, the last one of which used to be an escort? It is not surprising that people sell out, what is surprising is how little they do it for.

      Honestly Alex doesn’t bother me so much, I really don’t care what he does. He’s just a carnival barker making an easy buck from an audience of morons. Its that hypocritical queen of his Paul Joseph Watson, that I can’t stand.

  7. Fat Boy Jones comes across as someone who has NEVER done anything nice for anyone without expecting something in return. I believe he is a charlatan and a coward. Therefore he deserves nothing but to face the consequences of his own folly.

  8. Even Molyneux is getting it now: this is a war. It’s actually an age old war: Order with a capital O, vs Chaos with a capital C.

  9. Hunter – I am very, very happy you are writing on your site again. You’ve closed comments on the Charlottesville articles – but thank you for those accounts as well.

  10. Well , seems like my prophecy comes truth. It will come down like USSR. Elite tries to scare people until they totally over react. Like our Elite did, when they brought tanks on the street back in 1991.

  11. Alex Jones has had on Texe Marrs, Vox Day, and David Duke, who are all very competent on the jewish question. AJ is worthy of support from right-thinking folks!

  12. Mass and repeated reposting of Alex Jones video on these platforms would hurt them. They can’t ban millions of users without hurting themselves. Unfortunately the nature of these platforms isolates each user from every other. This is not so much by design but a feature of the urban culture which brought them to be.

    The best and ultimately only defense is self-sufficiency in local community.

  13. OT (sort of)

    Just how accurate is this quote:

    “Without Jews, there would never have been Bolshevism. For a Jew, nothing is more insulting than the truth. The bloodthirsty Jewish terrorists have murdered sixty-six million in Russia from 1918 to 1957.”
    –Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    • Jew works for liberal like detonator works for bomb.

      Jews were in charge but all the dirty work were done by genetic white liberals. There were so few Jews that they mounted aircraft engine on the train to move faster around and command local white liberals. The engine did what it was built to do, lifted the train off the ground and sent bunch of passengers to Jahwe.

      Their remains were burred in the Kremlin wall and this where the Kremlin Necropolis tradition started. Great Jewish invention below, Aerowagon


      • @Juri
        It is true that anti-White Jews are the intellectual driving force and money behind White Genocide, because White anti-Whites are too stupid to come up with these kinds of ideas. They just repeat what they hear. Even if they were smart enough to have these ideas, they are too lazy to implement them on their own.


        White civilizations have been turning brown and collapsing for good, long before Jews as a group ever existed. See White India of 5000 years ago for proof of that. So the truth I have come to is there is a genetic component to self hatred and a lot of Whites are prone to it. These Whites enjoy self hatred so much they will happily pay for the hatred that the Jews spew at them through their mass media. If there wasn’t a market it wouldn’t sell. Period.

        Using a drug analogy, anti-White Jews are the pushers and the White anti-Whites are their addicted customers.

        • @Joe

          Yes, India is a good example and also pharaoh Akhetaten

          Akhenaten tried to shift his culture from Egypt’s traditional religion, but the shifts were not widely accepted. After his death, his monuments were dismantled and hidden, his statues were destroyed, and his name excluded from the king lists.[12] Traditional religious practice was gradually restored, and when some dozen years later rulers without clear rights of succession from the 18th Dynasty founded a new dynasty, they discredited Akhenaten and his immediate successors, referring to Akhenaten himself as “the enemy” or “that criminal” in archival records.[13]

          There was hope and change in Egypt 3500 years ago. Without Jews, Moses story is mostly hoax and from later period, white race had with hunt madness and Jews were also not involved

  14. Alex Jones would have been a circus ring master 100 years ago. It is almost like he doesn’t have his own identity he just channels it from the audience. For people grounded in an ideology I think this type of person is hard to understand. Jones could be a significant player here.

  15. Hollywood votes to remove Trump’s walk of fame star

    They are saying it is because his disgusting treatment of women and “other things” but what about Bill Cosby and Weinstein and others, who’s stars are staying? Things have gotten so disgusting lately with the hollywood elite it is beyond description.
    After the actions of EXCLUSIVELY JEWS yesterday, it is time to say it like it is.


    The Jews own Youtube, Apple, Facebook, Spotify and more, and they banned conservatives. This means the homosexuality, transgenderism, and hatred towards white males and Western civilization, is all directed by JEWS. Let’s be to the point here. If Jews own those platforms, and they don’t want anyone on them with an opinion that does anything other than destroy western civilization and enable perversion, it is obviously the Jews pushing it all.

    MUSLIMS do not own Facebook. So Muslims are not pushing the gay agenda. You won’t fix anything by chasing Muslims.

    Hindus do not own Youtube. So it is not the Hindus pushing abortion. You won’t do anything about abortion by consulting Hindus.

    Bhuddists do not own Apple. So it is not them pushing spying on everything, the Chinese may have made a few Iphones but there are no Bhuddists to blame for the spying.

    The ancient Hopi tribes do not own Spotify. So when conservative values are wiped off the platform, don’t look to the desert people to find out why.

    AND WHO OWNS HOLLYWOOD? Well, we all know the answer to that one, but you would not need to know it beforehand to know who would decide to wipe Trump’s star out. So let’s cut to the chase:

    Trump gave the Jews tons of weapons, and paid homage to the wailing wall, and turned back the Iran deal and THEN the Jews turned around and voted to remove his star, just because he’s attempting to jail a few of their child theives and molesters. Here’s the take out:

    You will support the Jew 100 percent, including their perversions, or you are gone. It won’t matter if you do for them many things that anyone else would love you for life for, THEY HAVE NO THANKS OR GRATITUDE, and the nanosecond you don’t pleasure them, all is forgotten and you are GONE. How do you like your master? Even a shitty boss will remember if you saved the company.

    They say the Protocols are a forgery. And at this point I’d have to say they are, because they totally skip the part about the absolute raw evil and thanklessness that defines the modern Jew. They were not an adequate warning. The protocols have been exceeded beyond the rantings of the wildest conspiracy theorist. No one ever really believed the Jews would get this much power. The protocols refer to control of governments and have nothing in them about bypassing governments and accomplishing political objectives via monopolies. Well, that’s how the Jews are going to do it, and the system of law is so subverted at this point that there is going to be nothing to stop it.

    We will now pay homage to the Jew from the bottom of a jack boot. They definitely plan to steal the next election and totally subvert all exposure of the theft. The attack on alt media which is epic in scope spans from Google censorship to communications intercepts to viruses, bugs, financial interference, ad banning and outright removal, NONE of which the leftist media has to deal with, PROVIDED you pay TOTAL homage to the Jew and ALL the perversions they push. Don’t you dare step out of line for even one tweet or your television show will be canceled on a pathetic line item whim and you’ll be thrown to the dust. That’s the state of the world now, they have gotten so powerful that resistance really might be futile.

    Correction: soft resistance might be futile.

    [from Jim Stone site]

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