Infowars Purge Continues

Infowars has been purged from LinkedIn and Mailchimp:

“After we inquired this afternoon about the Infowars company page, LinkedIn responded that it has removed the page from its platform. …

And on Tuesday, MailChimp removed Jones saying its terms of service don’t allow people to use its service “to disseminate hateful content.”

Alex Jones reportedly didn’t even use the LinkedIn page. It was deleted though for violating their “Terms of Service” due to all the non-existent hateful content that was on there.

Jack Dorsey has to testify before Congress soon about shadow banning:

He is waiting until Twitter is off the hot seat to finish the purge.

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  1. How much is this as a result of getting rid of Net Neutrality. I know getting rid of it was some kind of conservative symbol of freedom, but it never seemed like a good idea to me.

    • It had nothing to do with it, as they were pulling this BS on us long before Jones, I thought net neutrality had to do with guaranteeing bandwidth or something like that, so companies with more money couldn’t hog it all. Whatever.

      Everything that is happening is the fault of Conservatism Inc. They have total power to legislate and they aren’t doing anything about it, let alone discussing a law to deal with it. If a person can’t tell that Conservatives are fake opposition to the left wing establishment, they will never figure it out. They are incurably stupid.

    • This is a result not of net neutrality but of our dumbed down education system. The freaks who sit on boards and make these decisions have been brainwashed by BAD Jews, who’ve held gatekeeper positions at universities for over 4 generations now. Don’t multicultural panderers like Jones and his attorneys know … when someone violates your civil rights, you can sue and own them. Constitutional law is way above some far left punks “terms of service” bs, AND those are NOT private companies but PUBLIC utility. 3rd world invader loving Jones has had his civil rights violated. You’ld think he’d get together with other purged cucks and class action suit the homo’s ?!! Maybe … just maybe … the REAL show is about to begin ? Should we make some organic non gmo popcorn and watch ? I hope so. WE alt right far right kick ass Confederates NEED to see someone “take out the trash.”

  2. Apparently Jones has been saying that the Sandy Hook massacre was fake. Now he’s being sued by at least one of the victims’ parents. Shortly after this news broke he gets purged. Probably coincidence but running afoul of the gruesome official story sure qualifies as “hate”. Jones has been spewing conspiracy theories for years but never got purged before.

    • The Sandy Hoax massacre was a ZOG false flag operation. Even the colored guy at the bus station knows that.

  3. I listened to Jones for awhile.
    Ultimately, I quit listening to him because of his Cuckservatism, medicine show hucksterism, and failed predictions.
    His Jewish wife didn’t set well with me, either.

    I figured they’d leave him alone like they do Rush Limbaugh. For the same reason. If both were really what they claim to be, they wouldn’t last two minutes on the air.

    I figure they’re doing this to him in order to aggravate his fans. It’s also probably a distraction from something else

    • It’s President Obama, Mr. Owen, who, in his thoughtful calculations about how to retake The House, set this planned this strike against The White Gentile media, at least a year ago.

      One simply cannot mistake the timing of it as bearing the stamp that this has been done as a part of a multi-layered campaign against The Right…

  4. Why doesn’t Occidental Dissent call for a nationwide strike? in support of Alex Jones and white males in general, since they seem to be the ones taking the lash lately.

  5. MSM is simply attacking their competitors. We the people literally have a case for free speech against them

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