#VerifiedHate: Twitter Verifies Anti-White New York Times Reporter Sarah Jeong

I passed over this story.

I was confused because I assumed that Sarah Jeong was already verified by Twitter. No, it turns out that she has been verified since her anti-White tweets came to light:

“Twitter has verified New York Times’ new editorial board hire Sarah Jeong just two weeks after Jeong was embroiled in a racism controversy after tweets were uncovered in which she celebrated white people going extinct.

Jeong was hired by the Times despite tweets complaining about “dumbass f**king white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants” and another where she pondered whether white people’s skin color made them “only fit to live underground like groveling goblins,” adding that the whiter they were, the more “awful” they were. …”

She had hundreds of anti-White tweets and Twitter looked at this and decided to send a message to the public in the midst of another rightwing purge by verifying her account:

Twitter suspended Candace Owens for sending the same tweets while replacing “White” with “Jewish.” Unsurprisingly, the ADL’s “Twitter Trust and Safety” team had a problem with that.

Blue Check Watch has shown that Twitter tolerates the existence of death threats against President Trump and anti-White hate speech from hundreds of verified accounts:

The Free Press has doubled down on anti-White hate speech:

The Free Press doesn’t have any principled moral objection to violence, racism or hate speech. These “journalists” go out of their way to promote and justify racism against Whites. They engage in “strategic White bashing” to advance their own careers and move upwards into the elite. They justify Antifa violence against White people and police officers.

The moral of the story: if you are Sarah Jeong and you hate White people, you can work for The New York Times Editorial Board and you will be rewarded by Twitter. If you are an ordinary White person who objects to being demonized by wealthy progressive elites, Big Tech will silence you.

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  1. Texas House Bill 89 prohibits all State agencies from doing business with companies that advocate boycotting Israel. The governor, Greg “Ironsides” Abbott, said that “Anti-Israel policies are Anti-Texas policies.” This act was signed into effect on May 2, 2017.

    It reminds me of when Kinky Freidman was running for governor using signs with the campaign slogan, “Why Not Kinky?,” featuring a Texas flag with the Lone Star replaced by the Star of David. The campaign effectively answered the very question that it was posing; the correct response being, “because this is the State of Texas, not the State of Israel, you goofy Yid!” Unfortunately, too many of the so-called “Texans” are too stupid to know when they’re being insulted.

    That is why I refer to myself as a “Texian” to distinguish myself as a descendant of the Republic of Texas, and to set myself apart from those silly, ten gallon hat wearing, snuff dipping, big belt-buckled, ol’ glory waving, dime store Cowboys who don’t know a damned thing about the State or it’s history, and get offended when you say something negative about the military, Israel, or Michael King. The only things most of them know about Texas are Wyatt Earp, Billy “The Kid,” Jesse James and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, none of whom have much, if anything, to do with Texas. Having been more of a Rock-n-Roller in my youth, I discovered, after I joined the S.C.V., that most of the “Cowboys” are extremely Cuckservatarded. One of the early shocks came when I visited Billy Bobs and was dismayed to find that they were playing Rap music on the dance floor and the “Cowboys” and “Cowgirls” were twerking.

    On a side note, funds have been scarce lately, I’ve been giving a little bit of financial assistance to my mother. But, I really appreciate this site, and I want to contribute.
    I think that I should have a few extra dollars at the end of this month, so I will send a money order.

    • @Cowtown Rebel

      I grew up in the Sherman/Denison-Lake Texoma area. I’ve noticed the same things as you have. Especially the Jew worship, on the grounds that failure to worship Jews is somehow sinful and will bring down the wrath of God. Ironically, the Bible says the exact opposite. But that’s another story.

      However, the crowd I ran with only had Texas and Confederate flags and refused to have anything to do with the USZOG rag. Or with nigger music. They hated all of the enemies of Texas as they and I still do. Yankees, Jews and Communists, or what I call “YJCs,” trying to change our culture and define or redefine Texas for us, really chaps my hide. They ought to just go back to Minnesota or Rhode Island(Wendy Davis), and leave us alone.

      After 911, which neither shocked me, nor caught my particular interest, a bunch of people started wearing USZOG flag T-shirts. I thought that they ought to walk around the streets of New York© with those shirts on and see how much those people would regard them as fellow “Americans®©,” or respect them or their “patriotism®.” Or even regard them as Human beings.

      I payed attention to 7th grade Texas History and know that Texas is a Southern Republic founded by Southrons and not by characters like Kinky Friedman, George Bush, or Wendy Davis.

      In the end we gotta get rid of all of the Cuckservative and Carpetbagger politicians and replace them with real Texans. Same goes for every other state in Dixie.

      • I sincerely do hope Texas stays with the rest of Dixie rather than going its own way. Not sure what to do about all the Tejanos down in South and West Texas though.

  2. Here, ( for anyone who’s retarded and can’t figure this out for themselves, ) is the only logical solution :


    If this isn’t pushed and pushed hard, it’s over when Trump leaves office. Mmmkay ? So … I can’t figure out what all these platforms want, or get out of all this BS. If we just “narrate” the collapse of white society without even presenting a solution … what are we ? Goofballs at best … accomplices at worst.

    See ? It’s like, we all make these posts and comments as though we’re little kids, surprised by the far left each day. 🙂 WOW, can you believe THIS ? Yeah … whoa … what about THAT over there !? Are we idiots ? I mean like the actual medical definition of ?

    Imagine 3 or 4 of us surrounded by 6 or 7 porch monkeys. WE all have concealed carry. THEY don’t. THEY keep tossing knives and little fire balls at us. WE act shocked at this ….. EVEN THOUGH THEY DO IT EVERY NIGHT AND WE KEEP LETTING THEM AND WRITING ABOUT IT AND ACTING SURPRISED !!! 🙂

    Ladies and gentlemen, we are superior. Let’s start acting like it.



      • Good question. I’m not religious and have never really been religious. I’ve often found that the religious zealots are just as detrimental to White unity as are the rabid anti-White Leftists. Instead of placing religion inside a greater pro-White sphere, they go out of their way to force White/pro-White people inside the sphere of religion.

        Frankly, when I look at the current climate surrounding race and the state of White preservation in America, I see Christianity as a study in passive-aggressive resistance and impotent rhetoric—a limp dick in the realm of White preservation.

        Questions for people who need a religious crutch to prop up their pro-White activism:

        Why do you need slavish devotion to religion from people whose devotion to preserving White DNA might be equal to yours or even greater in some cases? Are White people still White people without Christianity or any religious bent? Are Christians considered White simply because they call themselves Christians?

        • The Catlick church is bad news, we need to restore the worship of our Greco-Roman, Norse and Celtic deities.

          • @spahnranch1969 It’s not going to work, most Christians are just not going to start worshiping Odin or whatever. Rather than worry about Catholics, how about concentrating on supporting White people, regardless of their beliefs. Oddly, I’ve seen more small mindedness from pagans than I have from Christians. And I’m never going to stop being a Catholic, and start praying to Thor or Freya.

    • @The Gray Ghost

      “Imagine 3 or 4 of us surrounded by 6 or 7 porch monkeys.”

      I don’t have to imagine it. I can go down to Niggertown snd see it for real.

    • Some smart people figured this out long time ago and wrote that citizen can be only white people with good character. Not good education or good christian. Good character.

      Unfortunately they forgot to explain that good character means “not liberal” and they did not write the manual how to make backround test and use behavior analytics to smoke out bad character white people known also liberals or communists or whatever those people use at the moment.

    • Dear Grey Ghost –

      Yes, we need an independent South, unified around the one idea of Southern Sovereignty.

      When that is achieved, people can voluntarily segregate themselves, as they wish, which, in some respects, is possible today, though, to a lesser extent.

      Though, like you, I am a Bible-Thumper, we have many fine Pagan brethren, who, by the way, do far more to promote Southern Independence than do our terribly Zio-cuckt Brethren, and, yes, that includes on the field of battle in the 1860s, most Southern soldiers having been absolutely unChristian.

      We know this from many testimonials about our Confederate Forefathers, from the many testimonials of those Southerners who, during those times, were Christian.

      I do not want a new South to start cherry-pickin which Southerners we keep, and which we throw out.

      Thank you for being Secession!

  3. I’m guessing Sarah Jeong has had her eyes on white men for a long time. She has probably been rejected by all of them, resulting in her ongoing barrage against us. Sour grapes I’m guessing. All Asian women are sluts. My pet hate is Asian women breeding with white men.
    The men they choose never look Lebanese or Somalian. Have you noticed that they are always as white as they can possibly be? And every ad on TV promotes these unions-the radiant Asian wife with her big, strong white husband with their three well behaved kids with smiles all round……every white should feel threatened and outraged at this anti-white propaganda.

  4. @Gray Ghost,

    While I agree with you that we need a platform, a plan, and a stated goal, one problem is there are too few of us, with too much distance between us, and too much opposition from our own neighbors, friends and families, to organize effectively at this point. Even on this forum, there is not enough commonality to foster cooperation.

    Another stumbling block is where to locate the rebirth of a Confederate nation. I have long resigned myself to the sad fact that most, if not all of the former Confederacy is not suitable for making a stand due to the demographics. Even if you could cordon off the cities, the suburbs are already too infiltrated and too cucked to mount a resistance. If the American Gothic mid-Westerners could adjust their cuckservatarditudes, the territory from the Red River north to the Canadian border, and from the Mississippi west to the Rockies, seems like the best region to lay claim to. The demographics are largely favorable and the natural barriers offer some defensive perimeters. Perhaps, by loudly and persistently insisting on a “Reservation” to maintain Our Christian Religion, Our Culture and Our Heritage, we could persuade the Z.O.G. to cede the “flyover” land to us.

    From there, we could demonstrate our superiority by displaying our self sufficiency; unlike the “Noble Red Man” who still cannot even manage the resources that have been left at their disposal, much less profit from them, without government handouts and casinos.

    Unfortunately, with the “Cowboys” riding to the defence of the Indians, allying with the Mexicans, and dancing to the tune of the Bantus, it will take a state of emergency to waken the sleeping giant from his slumber. The alarm bells have been ringing for decades.

    • @Cowtown Rebel You’re right, I figure the South is basically a lost cause, and your idea of the Midwest and Upper Midwest is a good one, especially since we have the Great Lakes up here, one of the largest sources of fresh water in the world. In fact, Lake Superior is so clean that you can drink from it directly without fear. Control of these waters would be absolutely critical in a situation of upheaval.

    • In answer to all of the above : GOOD FRIGGIN GRIEF !!! Do I have to explain every miniscule detail IN A COMMENT BOX ??? 🙂 You guys are crackin me up. Listen … we all need eachother. We’re ALL white nationalists … FROM Christian heritage backgrounds cultures, etc. We ALL want a big enough WHITE nation. This would mean restructuring America into maybe 4 or 5 REPUBLICS. 2 republics for freaks, ( California & NY, ) 1 big Republic for white Christians, ( OR FOR GODS SAKE THOSE WHO CAN AT LEAST RELATE TO THAT AND SHUT THE F UP WHEN WE PUT UP OUR CHRISTMAS DECOR AND 10 COMMANDMENT PLAQUES, ) A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITE CHRISTIANS ONLY = “our” Republic, then one ( which is the rest of US territory, for Christians of any race. ) So, those who are too stupid to care about their eternity and I don’t know … maybe read a book like The Signature Of God – by Grant R. Jeffery, IF they were white, could choose between ANY of the new Republics !!!

      Happy now … or should I continue for 100 more pages explaining EVERY detail ?

      A HUGE movement was once started with a single easy to remember and repeat motto :


      Our new Confederate States can, IF YOU WANT IT TO … begin with a nother single easy to remember and repeat motto :


      Now you people are either going to do this, or … you’ll keep being entertained by the narration of what the apes are doing each day. If the latter, 5 years from now nothing will have changed except that you’ll be kicked out of your homes to make way for the 300 million 3rd world darkie immigrants AND of course you’ll lose your jobs unless you too will work for minimum wage – about $8. an hour – but after the crash a loaf of bread = $20.

      But if the former … well, you’ll have Utopia. You’ll have a super, new, modern, Switzerland like version of, Mayberry / 1950’s America.

      You DESERVE which ever one you choose.

      Good day, and goodbye ladies & gentlemen.

  5. We need many more Jeong’s screaming anti-White hate and rooting for White Genocide from MSM.
    I don’t see a downside.

  6. I’ve noticed that blue checks seem only to appertain to Jews and their Goy stooges and shills. Even Southern grannies posting nothing more offensive than recipes for pecan pies, don’t receive blue checks.

    • Blue Twitter check-marks are like the jews putting yellow stars of David on their coats that read JUDE.

  7. @James Owen,

    Good to hear from a fellow “Texian”. I don’t know if you can trace your ancestry back to the Republic, but, your heart qualifies you for that unique title of distinction.

    I knew something was brewing before 911, so I wasn’t surprised by anything more than the magnitude of the event. I still don’t know what to make of that occurence, and I have heard and read many different things. I do recall that one of the masterminds of the first World Trade Center attack had owned a tire shop in the heart of the FW-D Metroplex for over 10 years prior to that occasion.

    I have to confess that, immediately after the 911 episode, I was probably the first to attach a U. S. Flag to my car antenna. I did this within hours of the 2nd building collapsing. Yet, I opposed going into Iraq and Afghanistan, because I didn’t believe we would operate with a clear objective and the soldiers would only become stuck in a quagmire. Silly Me!

    At the time, I was just beginning to grasp the JQ in all of its insidious and dastardly forms and implications, and I didn’t yet fully view the U.S. as an occupying force.

    I have long disliked the Bush family, and I recoil everytime those Carpetbaggers are referred to as being from Texas. As the family matriarch, referred to as a guiding force behind her children’s decisions, I imagine that Barbara Bush encouraged her imbecilic son, George, to take the Confederate Plaques off the State Supreme Court building (the edifice was paid for by the Daughters of the Confederacy from the leftover funds they raised to support the aging veterans who had all passed away, the only stipulation being that the plaques recognize and honor their contribution). And, she likely gave her blessing to her other disordered son, Jeb, when he married a Mexican immigrant. In turn, Jeb’s Mestizo Son, Jorge, is a Pro-Mexican, Fifth Column facilitating, State Land Commissioner responsible for “reinterpreting” the Alamo. Oh, how I HATE them!

  8. Cowtown Rebel,

    M’thinks Texans do have to look objectively at the Bush family and admit that while they were originally carpet baggers from Connecticut and Maine, Texans did embrace and enable them and gave the Bushe’s a “Tough Texan” disguise where otherwise they would have been demised throughout the South, SouthWest, Midwest as just another Mike Dukakis type Lib from Yale and Harvard.

    Texas also produced the worst Truckler White traitor of all time LBJ – Lyndon Baines Johnson – and LBJ was stereotypical back slapping, deal making Texan all the way.

    The Truckler is the lower class White who simply goes with the flow for his own personal fortune, fame and power. Back in the 1930s in Texas LBJ wasn’t doing anything anti White or Lib Black Civil Rights – he didn’t profess to any Left coast Lib intellectualism, that was just part of the Washington DC scene which the poor boy from Texas got in and did so well.

    Read Cairo’s biography of LBJ “The Path to Power” – this is brutally honest – shows LBJ to be a man with absolutely no principles, no real education or culture – and this is the type of low class White man that will swim to the top top top.

  9. Hey Cowtown Rebel

    I recommend strongly pushing this meme:

    “Real Texans don’t tweak to rap music”.

    I’ll publicly call out a White woman doing this as a filthy street whore.

    Please write bad Yelp reviews to any C & W bar that features this filth.

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