Be Afraid: Antifa and Black Lives Matter Are Teaming Up To Fight Police Officers

Tess Owen of Vice thinks we should be very, very afraid: Antifa and Black Lives Matter are teaming up to engage in pointless street violence against police officers:

“When hundreds of black-clad antifa gathered across from the White House to protest a planned white nationalist rally on Sunday, Makia Green sensed that local members of Black Lives Matter might need some reassuring.

Two of the biggest leftist movements of the Trump era were there for the same reason, but they have not always seen eye to eye. So Green, 26, took to a microphone to tell the mostly local Black Lives Matter activists that they shouldn’t be alarmed by the masked protesters who showed up wearing helmets and gas masks.

“I said, ‘These people that are here, I understand why it can be frightening to see them in this manner, with their faces covered’,” Green recalled. “They cover their faces so what they do in our defense does not fall onto their families.” …”

We’re not worried at all about this development:

I’m glad that we agree Antifa are violent:

Long before Unite The Right 2, we had decided there was nothing to be gained from these publicly announced events which devolve into street battles when police operate under stand down orders. We decided to cut Antifa and their Journofa allies out of our future events. The worst thing we can do to Antifa is let them expose themselves as a mob of violent criminals.

There isn’t going to be anymore of these events where Antifa and Black Lives Matter bravely face off with “Neo-Nazis” with Journofa there to dox our people and file stories for leftwing websites. Instead, there is just going to be Antifa and Black Lives Matter in the spotlight, who with nothing else to do will showcase their own self-marginalizing radicalism and unleash their violence against the police.

The Alt-Right didn’t have any of these large publicly announced street demonstrations when Trump won the presidency in 2016. Black Lives Matter developed a reputation for shooting police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge and rioting in Ferguson, Milwaukee and Charlotte. The White backlash against the violence coming from Black Lives Matter fueled Trump’s “law and order” campaign.

So what happens with Antifa and Black Lives Matter team up with no “Neo-Nazis” in sight going forward? It happened last September in St. Louis when Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioted for three nights in a row and surrounded and attacked Mayor Lyda Krewson’s house. It was overshadowed in the backlash to Charlottesville but that has gradually fizzled over the past year.

If I was the Trump campaign, I would be giddy at the prospect of Black Lives Matter and Antifa teaming up to put on an even bigger display of anarchy and disorder for the public than we saw in 2016. I’m sure they loved Chris Cuomo trying to rationalize and justify their violence on CNN.

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  1. Slightly off topic.

    In countries slated for annihilation, the Judiciary and the Police are targeted for extermination as a prerequisite for violent revolutionary action. In other words, war. The Judiciary and the Police forces are who/what actually enforce the edicts of government. Since government and law are one and the same thing.

    Look for more attacks on the Constitution and Laws. More use of the law as a political weapon., I.e, Lawfare, more attempts to subvert the law. More demands for the abolition of law altogether, outright demands for the disbanding of police departments, and the application of morality to legal and political questions/arguments in order to deligitimise Law on the basis of “morality.” Which “morality” they’ll define in Judeo-Communist terms.

    • Good to know WNs are just as stupid as they were back in the 60s. Believing that ZOG is the “constitutional government” they should respect, that we should defend the established order from “leftist subversion”, etc.

      Wake up – capitalism and the state are our MORTAL ENEMY. They would have all WNs executed on sight if we became a serious threat to their power.

    • Look look what the apes are doing !!!

      Mmm hmm. Aaaannnnd what are WE doing ? You know …. the superior smarter ones ? Are we forming a new country … or just eating popcorn watching the freak show ? You’re looking at a bunch of sub human IQ of plant life zeros make fools of themselves. That’s what they are DOING. What are we DOING ?


  2. If any white man or woman still thinks we’re not at war, they’d better change their minds while they’re still among the living.

    There are no other options

  3. BLM vanished the day Trump got elected because its organizers were Jews building their resumes for jobs in the Hillary administration. When rioting suddenly ceased being a path to social status, the riots stopped.

    The Left is a mob of mentally disordered people who can’t even govern themselves but think they can rule the world. They’ll keep upping the ante until the police get sick of it and commit another Tlatelolco massacre.

    Leftists fantasize about dissolving the American Empire, not realizing that without the hard power of the Pentagon combined with the soft power of the Harvard State Department, the first world would be taken over by right-wing death squads in a matter of weeks.

  4. @Dave

    “The Left is a mob of mentally disordered people who can’t even govern themselves but think they can rule the world.”

    You were right on the first count. Without Jewish Kommissars giving the orders, and Jewish Zampolits urging on the troops in the field, organisations like Antifa© and BLM would quickly evaporate.

    In the case of BLM and the NAACP, Negroes would have never thought of such organisations on their own. Nor would they have the organisational skills to create and administer them.

    Negroes never knew they had any rights to demand, until the Jews told them that they did.

  5. The only thing protecting those Pantifa, Journifa and Black Crimes Matter assholes from White mob justice is Whitey’s annoying respect for authority. Get rid of the cops! They are not preserving law and order, they are keeping an evil, tyrannical system in power.

      • If the situation continues to deteriorate we will soon be trapped in a Night of the Living Dead scenario.

    • The cops are victims of that system too because city politicians eagerly throw them under the bus when they dare to lay a finger on a noble young aspiring rapper and good boy who was on the verge of turning his life around. When enough cops are killed the city will either fall into chaos, or the cops will organize death squads to take out the trash, including politicians who pander to the hooting mobs of inner-city voters.

      • Yeah, pig death squads are “based”. Spoken like a true Contra.

        I’m a revolutionary, not a reactionary. My white nationalism is a philosophy of liberation, not repression.

        • Revolutionary liberation movements always end up eating their own, so no thanks. You’ll see what I mean when your fellow revolutionaries are dragging you up to the guillotine.

          The USA didn’t turn out like France because as soon as George Washington won the Revolution, he got busy putting down rebellions, i.e. now that I’m in charge, I say this revolution has gone exactly as far as God intended. No single person “won” the French Revolution, so no one had the authority to put the brakes on it until Napoleon.

    • “Get rid of the cops! They are not preserving law and order, they are keeping an evil, tyrannical system in power.”

      Exactly! Well-said. The sooner the fuckers bring this system crashing down, the sooner WE can become JUSTICE manifest.

    • Part of me hopes to Hell that I’ll see another case of reds and pigs killing each other a la Micah Xavier Johnson, part of me also suspects that they’ll somehow twist it into an excuse to gang up on us.

      (Kind of odd, is it not, that they’re calling BLM non-violent in spite of that while simultaneously still playing the sad violins for Heather Heyer.)


    “Some of Smucker’s most interesting insights come on the concept of hardcore, which is something people often want from radical movements. People want a hardcore experience; they want to be hardcore. If they don’t have the opportunity where they are, they’ll go elsewhere in search of it.

    Smucker first experienced this in the plowshares movement, a Christian peacenik group that saw hardcore become a status symbol. Protesting was okay, but disruption was better, and actually breaking into a military base to destroy war equipment was the coolest ever thing you could possibly do. It turned out that this was a great way to screw over your own movement, because the plowshares folks were literally incentivizing their people to serve federal time. In a similar way, affinity groups who do black bloc tactics often make being black bloc part of their identity — so they’ll do it even in places where it’s counter-effective.

    What does this mean, if you’re organizing a political movement? Two things, both of them crucial:

    You have to provide an option for a hardcore experience.
    You have to define hardcore carefully. Don’t let hardcore equal stupid.

    This is, not kidding, one of the most important things I’ve ever read about political movements, and I think Righties, mainstream and radical alike, desperately need to pay attention to Smucker here. When it comes to hardcore, the mainstream Right is seriously deficient. There are not a lot of hardcore opportunities on the mainstream Right — at least, not directed at affecting politics. Going on mission for your church for two years in Godknowswhere is hardcore. Joining the military is hardcore. But if you’re a mainstream Righty and you want to do something hardcore as part of a movement to affect domestic politics? Crickets.

    That’s one reason there’s an opening for Based Stickman. Existing Righty groups networking college students could have organized students to peacefully disrupt Lefty speakers in response to Lefties’ unanswered disruptions of Righty speakers. They didn’t. So other people are developing a hardcore response, showing themselves to be valuable, and providing a meaningful hardcore experience for the participants. That’s a failure for mainstream Righties. Let me stress this again: mainstream Righties need to provide some kind of option for a hardcore experience, or they’ll lose ground to radicals.”

  7. GOOG WHITE CHRISTIAN cops … move south and join us. We’re all white nationalists and we must see the future. There IS no future for us unless we unite in one NEWLY FORMED SUPER COUNTRY :


  8. Um … BLM and Antifa have been allies since Antifa first appeared. So far as I know, both were at Charlottesville and other locations as well.

    They’re acting like this is something new, when it’s always been the case and anyone with even one eye has been able to see it plainly.

    “Astonishing news — the Red Army and the NKVD are cooperating!” “Really? I never would have guessed it.”

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