Proud Boy Has His Face Smashed By A Brick After Rally Against Far Left Political Violence In Tucson, AZ

Update: The Facebook account has been deactivated. The victim’s GoFundMe page is still up at the moment.

Update: Arizona Proud Boys on Facebook have confirmed this incident happened after that Rally Against Far Left Political Violence in Tucson, AZ.

Jesus Christ.

This allegedly happened in Arizona. It is going viral right now on Facebook. I would wait to see if this is verified before contributing to the fundraiser. Antifa has been putting up fake pages lately although I doubt that faking something like this could help them in anyway.

There was a Rally Against Far Left Political Violence in Tucson yesterday. We haven’t confirmed that this incident is related to that event, but it seems probable. Sometimes people are jumped by Antifa after rallies and it takes a day or two for the news to trickle out:

Unfortunately, I can’t get in touch with the Arizona Proud Boys to confirm this incident because Jack Dorsey has censored their account for being a violent group.

The SPLC painted a big target on the back on the Proud Boys by designating them as a “hate group.” I can’t wait to see how they spin this one tomorrow.

In related news, the “journalist” Jason Wilson of The Guardian covered up this assault by Antifa that happened at the Patriot Prayer rally in Seattle:

Suppose the roles were reversed. If this had happened at Jason Kessler’s Unite The Right 2 rally, what would have been the response in the media?

Note: Take a look at the sheer amount of leftwing political hatred in the Facebook comments. It dwarfs anything I have seen coming from the Right.

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  1. How are they able to have a crowdfund without it getting taken down by leftists, unless its leftists behind the crowdfunding account?

  2. I’ve been trying to get a “read” on these Proud Boy/Patriot Prayer types, and as far as I can tell they’re basically the Tea Party before it “went mainstream” (i.e. got defanged and assimilated by the GOPe).

    Did this kind of thing ever happen to the Tea Party? They were incessantly mocked by the lugenpresse for being bitter old men who had stupid slogans and dressed poorly, but I never heard of leftist mobs attacking them in the streets, or really interacting with them at all.

    If the Tea Party of, say, mid-2008 was to be thrown forward to Current Year, would they be treated like this?

    Some of us in Occupy liked to imagine that they would be the foot-soldiers of the Fourth Reich that would be ushered in as soon as Kriegsherren Glenn Beck gave the order to whack Obama and GO FORTH AND KILL in the name of Jesus and the Constitution, but I don’t know how many people seriously believed it.

    The more populist-minded occupussies had some begrudging sympathy for teabaggers. I remember that Rosanne Barr suggested an alliance between us and them; she made a very good case for why and how a “Green Tea Party” could be created.

  3. So, we are are no longer allowed to express our opinions, either online or in peaceful, lawful public demonstrations. That leaves only one option: Armed and organized guerrilla resistance. Maybe not in the immediate future but definitely by the time Kamala Harris becomes President several years from now.

    • “It’s no use,” he said. “We are beaten. The Iron Heel is here. I had hoped for a peaceable victory at the ballot-box. I was wrong. Wickson was right. We shall be robbed of our few remaining liberties; the Iron Heel will walk upon our faces; nothing remains but a bloody revolution of the working class. Of course we will win, but I shudder to think of it.”

      And from then on Ernest pinned his faith in revolution. In this he was in advance of his party. His fellow-socialists could not agree with him. They still insisted that victory could be gained through the elections. It was not that they were stunned. They were too cool-headed and courageous for that. They were merely incredulous, that was all. Ernest could not get them seriously to fear the coming of the Oligarchy. They were stirred by him, but they were too sure of their own strength. There was no room in their theoretical social evolution for an oligarchy, therefore the Oligarchy could not be.

      “We’ll send you to Congress and it will be all right,” they told him at one of our secret meetings.

      “And when they take me out of Congress,” Ernest replied coldly, “and put me against a wall, and blow my brains out—what then?”

      “Then we’ll rise in our might,” a dozen voices answered at once.

      “Then you’ll welter in your gore,” was his retort. “I’ve heard that song sung by the middle class, and where is it now in its might?”

      • That Jack London novel from 1907 should be required reading in every high school English class. It served as the basis for The Turner Diaries.

    • Agreed. We have to have a little revolution within our own ranks, get the mass of Pro-White people to see that our peaceful options have are rapidly being used up. Then we can work proactively towards the “Big Revolution”.

  4. “Agreed. We have to have a little revolution within our own ranks, get the mass of Pro-White people to see that our peaceful options have are rapidly being used up. Then we can work proactively towards the “Big Revolution”.

    Unfortunately, as long as there’s still food in the icebox and niggerball on T.V., there won’t be a big revolution. When they start banning grannies for posting pecan pie recipes, then there’ll be a revolt.

    In other words, it has to get rough for the peasants, not just for rhe activist political Right.

    • Not entirely sure about that. Stuff like the Trump rallies, chants of “Build the Wall,” even organizations like the Proud Boys (a name with infinite cringe in it, but still) were unthinkable just a brief time ago.

      Personally, I think that under the smiling surface, Heritage America is pissed. And frightened, which angers the carnivorous animal known as “man” even more. It’s shapeless and leaderless, but it’s looking for a leader — as the Trump phenomenon shows. Trump knew how to fake being that leader and got elected for that reason. But that tribal survival imperative didn’t just go away in December 2016.

      “I don’t think they are quite as safe and, well, funny as they seem. They seem slow […] and patient, almost sad; and yet I believe they could be roused. If that happened, I would rather not be on the other side.’
      ‘Yes! […] I know what you mean. There might be all the difference between an old cow sitting and thoughtfully chewing, and a bull charging; and the change might come suddenly.” — JRR Tolkien

    • An EMP or the destruction of the power grid as the result of a leftist or islamic terrorist attack, you will see how fast things bug out. As a wise man once said, when the tv goes off people will go crazy

  5. Seriously, and please excuse the profanity. F Trump that jew fellating cuck. Day after day “his people” are attacked with violence that would land any of us behind bars. He never utters a word to those attacked in his jew-name. He is more worried about what jews will say about him than supporting the very people who put him in office (assuming it was legitand not just a jewish lullaby for Whitey to go back to sleep for another 4 years, waitingand dreaming for solutions).

    He goes on and on about fake news, yet he never comments are the real news of his supporters being attacked by the very people that want him impeached.

    Talk about fake… yesh

    The only winning taking place in his presidency is for jews and israel. Whites lose more and more every second of the day.

  6. What’s new in MMA? Apparently retired MMA light heavy immortal Chuck Lydell really doesn’t like Antifa. I’d like to have Chuck “the Iceman” Lydell on my side in a street fight as opposed to say….

    Mittens Romney and Paul Ryan and Orin Hatch.

    Sorry to say the Church of Latter Day Sissies has been really, really cucking out of late.

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