Huff Post: Classical Liberalism Is Just “Fancy Racism”

There is nothing you can do to escape the charge of “racism.” As the Sarah Jeong episode illustrated, the term is now just a tool which is used to bludgeon White people:

“The world would not be quite so riven with death and destruction if America’s political elite had better taste in music. Classic rock, for instance, is a fraud. It never existed. Jimmy Page never turned to Robert Plant and said, “Hey, let’s start a classic rock band.” Led Zeppelin did not imagine itself to be part of a sonic movement that included Billy Joel ? that idea came from corporate radio gurus in the 1980s, and they called their marketing concoction “classic rock.”

The same is true for “classical liberalism,” a moniker currently en vogue among a particular right-wing set that would very much like to be described as intellectuals, including House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), New York Times opinion editor Bari Weiss and YouTuber Dave Rubin. …”

The term “racist” has become a synonym for White person.

It usually means any White person with rightwing politics but by defining racism as “privilege + power,” demonizing whiteness as such and making room for “unconscious racism” it can be stretched to include White leftists who do anything that a “person of color” might object to.

I don’t care when these people call me a “racist.” I understand that they seriously believe that everyone who is White is a “racist” on the grounds of their whiteness. The Left has discarded the old MLK colorblindness definition of racism. The term is meaningless and needs to be discarded and more White people are waking up and coming around to our point of view.

Sorry Paul Ryan, No Pasaran!

Note: Paul Ryan’s 3% Jewish ancestry doesn’t count for much in the eyes of Huff Post.

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  1. It usually means any White person with rightwing politics but by defining racism as “privilege + power,”

    More and more, White people, especially Millennials, are starting to notice that it’s their Jewish detractors who have “privilege + power,” not them.

    • Yes indeed Mr. Owen. I am a White man, and I have yet to see this amazing privilege that I allegedly have. We Euros are so privileged that if one of us quoted Christ against the Jews on Twitter, they would probably suspend the account.

      • White privilege is just a term to hide Jewish Privilege, the Jews bandy about to get their colored hordes to kill us. Yet most whites will lay down and die rather than fight!

        • The White Privilege theory says that school curricula, instruction methods and disciplinary policies are hopelessly based on the norms of White culture, exclusively for the benefit of White students. Leftist Whites and blacks are implying that White norms and culture that created this country don’t work for blacks, and further, blacks cannot possibly succeed unless K1 thru 12 education is modified away from successful White norms and customized to black culture.

          Certainly, if we made the black curriculum about rapping, raping, basketball, cooking crack cocaine and firing handguns into crowds of people, blacks would no doubt do very well. According to these progressives, the idea that Whites presume that blacks are going to learn math and history is based in our “White Privilege” and therefore our insensitivity to the nature of blacks. In other words, it reveals what thinking, rational, Whites always knew, we’re not “all the same”. The fundamental ideals of American society which have been based on standards that Whites have created for themselves through trial and error, like hard work for personal gain and success, are products of White culture and completely foreign to black students. Consequently, blacks refuse to assimilate or be civilized, and the places they live, which they always destroy, proves it.

  2. When it became obvious to everybody that working class Whites had no real power, least of all the power to make life a living Hell for Negroes, they had to invent “White Privilege.”

  3. “A new, old idea is bubbling up at the nation’s cocktail parties.”

    Lots of working class Whites attend cocktail parties. It’s part of the White Privilege of having to work for a living.

  4. Every white person, in fact every person of any race, is either a racist or an idiot. You might as well say there’s no difference between dachsunds and pitbulls, all dogs are the same. Darwin always wins; people who think DNA doesn’t matter tend not to have children.

  5. Wouldn’t it be interesting to have Socialism,( i.e. Open Borders, Income Equality, Fair Housing, and other Left Wing policies) test implemented on those elites who champion it? We could call it, “The Glorious Five Year Plan.”

    The Plan would begin by Bernie Sanders, Sean Penn, Chuck Schumer, George Clooney, Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, etc… coming Home to find that their mansions had been sub-divided to house underprivilged minorities and undocumented immigrants. They would then discover that their Bank Accounts had been closed and their personal funds redistributed to needy families in the ghettos and barrios. Their Assets would be seized and liquidated to finance programs to assist those who were less fortunate. They would, in turn, be alloted a book of diet restricted, food stamps sufficient for the barest of essentials. They would be compensated for the loss of their luxury automobiles by being provided with a Smart Car. They would receive a welfare check once a month. And, finally, they would be permitted to relocate to the Section 8 housing addition of their choice. And, of course, they would be profusely thanked and symbolically rewarded for their overwhelming displays of generosity and their personal sacrifices… maybe, a ribbon, or a trophy, or a Nobel Peace Prize.

    If they’re still happy with Socialism after the five year experiment is over, then maybe the rest of us will agree to adopt it.

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