League of the South Withdraws From Nationalist Front

The League of the South is out of the Nationalist Front:

“LS Directive 22082018

In the spring of 2017, The League became a partner organization in The Nationalist Front. This was a loose, unofficial alliance between us, The Traditional Workers Party (TWP), the National Socialist Movement (NSM), and Vanguard America.

As of today, The League will no longer be a part of The Nationalist Front. Nor will we be allying ourselves at present, even informally, with any other organization(s). Over the past year and a half, our operational planning and execution have been nothing less than superb (with one exception–Rome, GA in April 2018, which was solely my fault and not our Chief of Operations). As examples of our success, I point to Charlottesville, Pikeville, New Orleans, Shelbyville, Knoxville, and Tallahassee.

We believe we have nothing to again from continuing in The Nationalist Front or any other alliance at the present time. We are, after all, the largest and best organized nationalist organization. We will be doing things our own way, on our own time table, and with our own men and women (plus some specially invited guests from time to time).

We will be making an official announcement soon regarding League membership and concurrent membership in other similar organizations.

Michael Hill, Chief”

I will just say that this move is long overdue.

As you may have noticed, I haven’t used the “Hard Right” label on this website in a long time. That’s because I don’t want to be associated … with clowns like this:

I’m tired of going to publicly announced rallies with people like this. I am tired of looking at these people, thinking to myself this person obviously has major issues, setting my concerns aside in the name of White solidarity and then watching these liabilities go on to embarrass us in the national media. Above all else, I am tired of watching the good people who I do like and care about and who I have known for years being driven away from our movement in disgust by a handful of turds.

I will also say we have good people all over the world. We recognize that the issues we are dealing here with in the South aren’t unique to the South. There has to be a better way to be pro-White than just accepting anyone who shows up at the front door no matter what their issues. It was literally the two guys who had SS bolts on their face and the other with an American History X swastika tattoo on his chest who beclowned the movement on the anniversary of Charlottesville.

Note: It is always these guys who renounce their beliefs, who sell out and who go on to star in mainstream media hit pieces. It is always the bumbling guy who is out there ineptly trying to light a flaming swastika in a field with a negro filmmaker and an undercover cop. Always.

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  1. “LS Directive 22082018

    “In the spring of 2017, The League became a partner organization in The Nationalist Front. ”

    I never liked this, and for the reasons you’ve stated, Hunter. It’s also the fact that these other groups dilute and confuse the Southern Nationalist message by their presence.

    • Yeahboy! I mentioned to Mike and Brad sometime ago that our ancestors dressed like they were going hunting, for Northerners. Look at those old pictures of Confederate soldiers they went to war in sports coats. LOL. Even down and dirty they had class.

  2. “We recognize that the issues we are dealing here with in the South aren’t unique to the South.”

    True. However, given our history, we’re under closer scrutiny by USZOG, than the Northeastern and North Central States are. Or the Pacific Coastal strip.

  3. “There has to be a better way to be pro-White than just accepting anyone who shows up at the front door no matter what their issues.”

    Yes, I enthusiastically agree. You cannot just cobble together a bunch of aggrieved misfits to build what we need. Their presence actively REPELS the kind of ppl we want to attract. Plus we are disadvantaged by the fact that the media are going to always try to portray us as a gang of misfits, so we have to be EXTRA careful in that department.

  4. I have always been treated with fairness and respect by my kinsmen in the League of the South – all of our demos have been very well organized, disciplined – good looking folks. Once James Edwards called me a “Yankee” which wasn’t very nice. But that was the only negative thing I’ve ever experienced.

    God bless the league of the South and all our kinsmen in the South.

    The North is a direction, the South is a place, a special place.

  5. What a couple of A-holes. I guess they think denouncing their race will get them some points with the left. It won’t. Major fail.

    • I told you not to you not to use the term “Hard Right”, just because I thought it sounded kind of dumb. Not because I though the idea was dumb.

      We’re really going to judge organizations based on what the ZOG media says about them? We’re really going to turn our backs on fellow street marchers because of bourgeois taboos concerning their mannerisms and “optics”? I’ll bet COINTERPLO will also make us look pretty shitty in the court of public opinion, if we ever actually become a threat to them in the way the KKK and TWP once were, or the way the NSM still is.

      Anyway, part of me thinks it’s a big mistake to be burning bridges at this point. Another part of me thinks we should indeed disassociate with them, but only after finding a higher class of people to run with. In that category I would nominate… I dunno, Hezbollah and I guess the Houthis? Maybe the Russian Air Force and Iranian IRRG too? Pretty much the only people in world right now who are really doing any level of ZOG-annoying and ZOGling-killing.

      • I agree that it’s not going to win any points with anyone. They already consider you to be exactly the same thing, and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

        Additionally, the (((media))) isn’t going to change their tune no matter what they think about you privately. They might recognize you as a bunch of angels personally, but their job is to make you look bad. They’re propagandists, not “reporters.”

        I’m not a member of any of the organizations involved, including yours, and don’t have anything particularly for or against any of them. But this is pretty much a moot point as regards how you’re treated in the (((media))). You’re against their agenda, therefore they WILL portray you in the worst light possible regardless of who you do or don’t march with.

        Looks like the Right is still taking orders from the (((MSM))) and shunning anyone that the (((journalists))) tell them to. Driving a wedge into the right has to be the easiest task in the world.


      • “but only after finding a higher class of people to run with.”
        It doesn’t work that way. You have to dissociate from the tards first. Otherwise you are basically saying “I will take a shower after I get a girlfriend.”

        • Of all the problems the Hezbollah might have with us, I’m pretty sure our being allies with the NSM et. al. wouldn’t be one of them. They are allied with a ground called the “Syrian Social National Party.” Their flag looks like a spinning swastika and they sing their anthem to the tune of “Deutschland, Deutschland uber alles.”

  6. “We will be making an official announcement soon regarding League membership and concurrent membership in other similar organizations.”

    This part sounds very interesting as well.

  7. Understandable. Good move. Now all you need is CLEAR DIRECTION EVERYONE CAN UNDERSTAND – MEMORIZE – AND GET BEHIND, so we don’t meander through ANOTHER 5 years accomplishing zero and then BOOM … a worse than Obama gets elected by mindless zombies and we’re finished. Here’s an idea :



    Better hurry … Chinese AND RUSSIAN troops are on our soil and have been for over 10 years, along with towel heads and who knows who … WAITING FOR “THE CALL.”

  8. Generally speaking people with lots of piercings and tattoos are kind of unstable and should be avoided. The LoS seems to be free of the nonsense that brought down the Traditionalist Workers’ Party, so you must be doing something right. Eventually I think you will have to become a lot more militant, though.

      • If by “effective” you mean “irrelevant”, then yeah. Nobody cared who you were until you put on the spooky skullmask.

        The 2012 to 2015 League was almost completely unknown outside of a small circle of political wonks. That’s a good thing in a sense I guess, kept you from being shuttered, law-raped or mobbed in the streets (and, eventually, murdered) by Marxist gangs, but not exactly the best way to ever become the Lega Nord (or the Hezbollah) of North America.

        (As an aside, I can actually look back to one key event from 2015 and point to THAT as the thing that would one day make me feel comfortable standing beside national socialists at their rallies. Y’all remember that cartoon that had a confederate flag being lowered and a rainbow flag going up in its place? Y’all remember the Zyklon Ben parody that had the rainbow flag going back down and a Nazi flag going up in its place?

        That. I knew at that point that we were never going to see a stop to faggotry, niggotry and all their insults towards our people. I eventually decided that if stuffing them into ovens was the only way to make them stop then so be it.)


    It’s high time The League separate itself from those who use politicks to vent their mental problems upon anyone they happen upon, as opposed to those who, sane, family-oriented folk, merely wish to have a voice in defending their Southern Community, or those not from the South who feel very sympathetick to exactly that.

    • @juniusdaniel1828
      Couldn’t have said it better myself.
      In my opinion National Socialism is fueled by hate, whereas Southern nationalism is fueled by love for our kith and kin.

      • You’ve got good taste and excellent discernment, Dear Fellow Southerner. May The Good Lord bless you and yours!

  10. I am not Southern or anything close to it, so this is a completely uninformed opinion

    But to me it seemed like TWP at least talked a good game, so I could see why you would align with them

    But with them out of the picture, LoTS seems to be far, far ahead of other organizations, in terms of having the potential to do real nationalism

    To the point where you’d be better off on your own, promoting a core message you believe in and can stand behind, rather than a big tent message that is diluted or larded up with extraneous elements.

    (just don’t forget about the JQ and don’t trust TRS whatever you do)

    • Crud, with all due respect to The TWP, they never even constituted a fraction of what The League is, except to young Alt-Righters who follow sucvh things in hop places, online.

  11. NSM has some good guys, I feel their problem is they turn no one away. So there is always some weirdos bogging it down.

    • You mean like “Commander” Schoep? His wife is a Satanist and he was caught sleeping around with various non-White women in the past.

      • Racemixing and devil worship? That’s… a very serious accusation. Proof?

        I don’t really care that much about the Satanism thing. I mean, LeVayan Satanism is fake and gay –and LeVay had nothing good to say that Ragnar Redbeard didn’t say better–but so is “the Rapture” and we don’t hold it against people whose wives believe in that.

        Disclosure: I’m an agnostic who identifies most closely with Eastern Orthodoxy and Neodruidry.

        More disclosure: I tried to court a hapa back in my blue-pilled days. Seriously thought of converting to Seventh Day Adventism because of her. Just another wingnut getting involved with women who believe weird things I guess.

  12. RE: the bottom documentary:

    The 2 “former skinheads” in question burned, ripped off and cheated all their friends and crew, once they had nowhere go turn, they went to the SPLC, etc, got moved, new jobs all provided, etc., in exchange for the story.

  13. As far as groups like NSM go, it’s been well known for a long time that avoiding them is in everyone’s best interests, but some people really love the idea of working with Satanists and racemixers and get really angry if you show NSM for what it is.

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