Mark Potok: To Muh Russia With Love

This is hardly news:

“The League of the South, America’s leading neo-secessionist group, is a white supremacist organization that describes the Deep South as “White Man’s Land.” It speaks often of a coming race war, which its leader warns black people will surely lose. It hates Jews. It believes the antebellum South was a rare remnant of true Christianity in a godless world. It denounces egalitarianism as a “fatal heresy.” It openly embraces the Ku Klux Klan and other extremists.

And it really, really likes Russia.

A few weeks ago, the League made that crystal clear with the introduction of a new Russian-language section of its website. In an essay headlined “To Our Russian Friends,” League President Michael Hill—a former academic who started out as a relatively moderate Southern nationalist but now urges followers to arm themselves in preparation for civil war—spelled out the reasons why. …”

Mark Potok spells out all the reasons we prefer Russia to NATO:

(Vladimir Putin’s Russia)

(Theresa May’s United Kingdom)

If anyone has our best interests at heart, it is Jewish concern troll Mark Potok who worked for the SPLC for decades and the other Journofa of The Daily Beast … LOL:

“The politics of contemporary Russia are certainly different than those of the Soviet Union. But it is wildly naïve, not to say densely stupid, for groups like the League to see it as a natural ally. It’s true that Russia has cultivated extreme-right links in Europe and the U.S., but it does so in a cynical, opportunistic way.”

I think we know better.

It is Theresa May’s United Kingdom that puts on sickening displays of cultural degeneration like the one above. Vladimir Putin doesn’t have to pay these people to discredit NATO.

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  1. Confounding article. Says that rapprochement with Russia would have been seen as blasphemy before Putin took power, and then lists several old-school right-wing thinkers who advocated just that. You could go even further back, to the Strasserites and Sprengler.

    Funniest thing is, if most of us were actual Russian citizens we’d probably cast our votes for the likes of Navalny and Zhirinovsky, not necessarily Putin. Though I think we all have some level of respect for him compared to our own politicians.

    And there are secessionists in Russia. The Chechens are an obvious case, the Tartars and Finnish Karelians are more peaceable ones.

    Gun control, hate speech? Yeah, it ain’t a perfect country, we know that. Lot of corruption too. But compared to the Corporate-Government totalitarian cyberpunk nightmare we’re increasingly living in? And considering that our ruling class will quite happily force those things on us too, when they get the chance? Russia doesn’t look all that bad.

    • I will happily pay my entire salary as a bribe instead of turning my First Born Son into a Tranny as the HuWest Requires

  2. “Does so in a cynical, opportunistic way.”

    Probably true, but such is life. What the hell do they expect, Russians to not be in it for Russia?

    Better a cynical, opportunistic ally than no ally at all, I’d think.

    • But I mean the West Europeans sacrificed everything to bring civilization to the savages of other regions

      Don’t you see how they keep trying to help ungrateful ingrates become progressive Homosexual Worshipping Evangelical Progressives & they keep rejecting it?

      It’s no different than anti semitism stupid Soyim.

  3. Putin and Russia know who and what they are. They don’t take any nonsense from outsiders, and nor should they. Measures have been putin place to help the race, such as incentives for Russians to breed and excepting white South African refugees. True human rights activists. LOTS building up a rapport with them is logical and fantastic.
    What ever Russia does in their own country, they’re not answerable to Jews, the Left or anyone else. They shouldn’t have to explain themselves.

  4. Ive been reading pro-Russian articles on this site the past year, and they are making this out to be big time news now? Huh…

    Slava Russia!

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