President Trump: “We’re Standing Up To Social Media Censorship”

We’re waiting to see action on this front.

I will give President Trump credit for talking about it. We can’t even get “conservatives” to do that because it draws attention to the failure of their “free market principles”:

“During a rally in Charleston, W. Va., Trump told the crowd that his administration is “standing up to social media censorship.” While the issue has been championed by conservatives, Trump pushed back against potential censorship of any accounts, regardless of political affiliation.

“I would rather have fake news than have anybody — including liberals, socialists, anything –than have anybody stopped and censored,” Trump said.

“You can’t pick one person and say ‘well we don’t like what he’s been saying, he’s out,'” he added. …”

It is the discredited gatekeepers of The Free Press™ who are demanding censorship because so few people in America trust “journalists” or believe their garbage.

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  1. Yes, Sir – President Trump deserves great credit for talking about it.

    That said, I read where one of his spokespeople said that this issue was for Congress to do; and, if that is the standard, then I am not very optimistick, at least for the short-term.

    I know a great deal is on The President’s plate, yet, I wonder if he realizes that this was specifically calibrated for the Midterms? …, amongst other reasons that is has been orchestrated by Soros, Obama, and other Judeo-Bolshevist usurpers.

    That said, I am grateful for the fact of the many things that President Trump has already done to the positive, or, at least, attempted to do.

    The list is so huge I wonder when he sleeps.

  2. The fear is palpable. I remember when I first began to read articles on the internet and the comments were mostly Leftward leaning, with Rightwing opinions being overwhelmed by reproach and condemnation. Then, a perceptible change began to take place. Comments seemed to start veering further to the Right until the majority of them reflected conservative viewpoints. Suddenly, the comments sections of the major online news outlets were suspended and removed. It was as if the media just couldn’t tolerate the public reaching their own conclusions and stating their personal beliefs. So, in order to keep ideas from spreading and to prevent people from finding an undesirable sense of common ground on controversial issues, the narrative on which they wished to maintain complete control, they ceased to provide a forum.

    Remember the Freudian slip that Mika Brzezinski made regarding Trump’s ability to control what people think? She said that was the media’s job.

  3. He definitely talks a good fight. Too bad the people following him give him credit for fully solving a problem as long as he just mentions it, even though he actually does nothing.

    It’s a great deal if you can get it. Imagine if you were a car salesman and just telling people, “We need to get you fixed up with a beautiful new car with soft seats, a great color, and all the latest electronics!” was enough to get them to hand over their money to you — you then didn’t deliver a car to them, and they still wrote glowing reviews of your dealership and its vehicles. That’s pretty much what the Trump presidency is like. .

  4. I’ll give Trump one thing, he certainly knows how to talk a good game. No wall, no deportations of illegals, no free speech, but no problem deporting a 95 year old alleged Nazi “war criminal”. I’ll sleep so much better now.

    War criminal means you lost.

  5. This became tiring after the first year.

    One minute he does something that any sincere WN should find unforgivable. The next minute we’re all ready to forgive him because he said something that sounded good on twitter or at a rally. And half the time he’s out there calling for actions that he is fully capable of implementing. It’s like whenever he goes into “campaign mode”, he forgets that he’s the president. Once he’s back in the oval office it’s right back to Cucking on Immigration, Tax Cuts for the Rich, and War for Israel.

  6. This needs to be brought forward before November or the USA is done. If the Congresscritters try to avoid this and play it safe it is over. I would expect some type of national strike, possibly including europe, combined with active sabotage of infrastructure and other niceties used by the Talmudic Slave State.

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