ACTBAC Holds Peaceful Silent Sam Rally On UNC Campus


Police have identified the three Antifa who were arrested last night as Shannon Ashley MacLaughlin, Mary Frances Rosen, and Cammy Lee Morgan.

“Mary Frances Rosen, 23, of Charlotte is charged with misdemeanor resisting a public officer. Warrants say she held on to a person who UNC police was attempting to arrest for assault.

Shannon Ashley MacLaughlin, 24, of Vilas, North Carolina is charged with misdemeanor resisting a public officer. Warrants say she tried to prevent police from arresting a suspect.

Cammy Lee Morgan, 25, of Vilas, North Carolina is charged with misdemeanor resisting a public officer. Warrants say she refused to comply with police commands and asked for friends to “group hug” her to prevent her arrest.

All three are scheduled to appear in court Sept. 13. …”

CBS 17 has the arrests on video.

UPDATE: Dox Team was on the ground and recorded these videos:

Gary Williamson of ACTBAC is a class act:

I had my doubts about the wisdom of this publicly announced event. I was worried that the UNC and Chapel Hill Police would stand down again like they did on August 20.

From what I saw on social media, ACTBAC was able to hold their Silent Sam rally and there were no real issues tonight. The police appear to have done their jobs and kept both sides separated. After ACTBAC was escorted out by police, Antifa were tear gassed or pepper sprayed and three people were arrested after lingering and getting into fights long after the event was over:

“CHAPEL HILL – With a heavy police presence watching, opponents and supporters of Confederate monuments squared off Thursday night on the UNC campus spot where the Silent Sam statue was toppled last week.

Three people had been arrested by 10 p.m., according to UNC spokeswoman Carly Miller. Two people were charged with affray and one was charged with resisting an officer.

Police deployed pepper spray several times, and lots of people could be seen coughing.

Anti-Silent Sam protesters started a dance party to celebrate the fallen Confederate statue about 7:45 p.m. A few minutes later, about 40 to 50 members of the Southern heritage group ACTBAC, or Alamance County Taking Back Alamance County, were led into a fenced-off area near the empty pedestal where the bronze statue had stood. …”

Who are ACTBAC?

ACTBAC looks to me like some good ol boys, down home, salt of the earth people who are born and raised in North Carolina and who just want to honor their ancestors.

Who are the counter-protesters?

The counter-protesters were a vulgar, violent mob who failed to disperse and got arrested in pointless conflicts with the police over an hour after ACTBAC had left. All the actual hate that I witnessed tonight on livestreams was directed at either ACTBAC or the police.

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    • While I totally support the goals of the LOS. Their approach will never work. Please tell me how many minds have been changed as a result of LOS demonstrations? The answer is zero. Members need to be given answers to being called racist, bigot etc. they need to tell everyone why we worship the heros who fought against the mongrel Melungeon Lincoln and his ignorant vicious whore invaders in violation of Article 4 Section 4 of the US Constitution.
      I have sent at least 30 e-mails to Hill, Simcala and Whorton. Not one response. That was not just rude, it was stupid. Two heads are better than one, even if one is a cabbage head..
      One speaker at the most recent convention talked about a triune God. How many Gods are we supposed to worship? Do you worship the God of the Holy Ghost? This jackass is so steeped in Baptist come 15th century Roman Catholicism it is not funny. Until the South rids itself of jew worshiping baptists they will forever be the kicking stock for the rest of the nation. The stronger the influence of the SBC the more poverty in any area. Go to South Carolina or Alabama as examples. Not just financial poverty but a poverty of knowledge. “My people perish due to lack of knowledge.” Hos 4:6
      The conference has “Christian” flag with the evil Roman Catholic cross. The Confederate is the the Christian symbol not a symbol that emphasizes Christ’s suffering and debasement.
      They have a lunch featuring pork. Did you never read that pork is an “abomination” and that we are not even to touch the carcase of a pig. Do you you expect Yahweh to bless any filthy pork eaters.
      My website has a section on the biblical corruption of the Baptist church. No one has yet to refute my ascertions. russ walker

      • The Constitutional Argument about whether Lincoln was right or wrong to invade the South is a non-starter. From that standpoint it could also be argued that George Washington was wrong to march the Federal Army into Western Pennsylvania to stop the Whiskey Rebellion, those troops ironically were commanded by Light Horse Harry Lee. This argument about States Rights and quelling so-called insurrection was taken so seriously that even the Confederate Congress thought that Jefferson Davis had overstepped his bounds. Mr. Davis had not, he had just awakened too late to the realities of war. Realities had he understood them in 1861 the South wins in a walk.

        The South STUPIDLY worshipped that 1787 Constitution more than it did the God of Heaven, as if that document was somehow inspired by God, newsflash it is a secular document. Their insistence on doing everything the LEGAL way and fighting under the rules of Christian Warfare as set down by Saint Augustine won nothing. When Lincoln won the election of 1860, the state of Virginia dithered and did nothing. A quick invasion of Washington, a coup if you will, would have solved the problem once and for all, and installing Breckinridge or another Southern leader as Dictator until the time was passed would have won the entire shooting match. The entire US Military, heavily Southern was 16.000 men scattered about.

        Once the election results were known, Congress returned in December. It would have been that easy for Virginia to call to action their militia, cross the river, capture Washington, shoot that faggot Buchanan, install Breckinridge as Dictator, assuming he wanted the job, and then proceeded to murder every abolitionist legislator they could get their hands on. Thus the South would have ended up holding the American captital, the copyright to THE UNITED STATES, all the US’s international recognitions, the Naval Academy and the ships, as it was a spur line from Annapolis to Washington. Then they could have set about dismembering the Republic.

        Why didn’t they do this? Because most of the Southern Democrats were Constitution Cuckolds. They had no stomach for a coup, that was illegal and against the US Constitution they so revered. They believed the Southern Officers wouldn’t accept it either. So they allowed the North to seize the copyright to the USA, the diplomatic recognitions, the buildings Southern men built, everything. Secession was a horrible solution, but it was the only one they could get all sides to agree upon. This insistence on doing it legally and honorably lost the South the war. Stonewall Jackson wanted scorched earth, invade the North burn it down. Davis at the behest of Benjamin the Jew and others vetoed this idea. Stonewall also felt the Union prisoners should be executed as criminals. This was vetoed as well.

        The real crime of 1861-65 wasn’t Lincoln, it wasnt Sherman, it was the fact that the South held all the cards and worthless political hacks frittered it away because of their love for MUH CONSTITUTION. Why didn’t Virginia take Washington in 1860? Because the cucks in Richmond would not have allowed it as coups are illegal. Absolutely ridiculous.

      • @Russell

        Given answers when called racist? I’d just say I’m not racist in that I want other races to suffer, die or be extinct. I want them to flourish-in their own nations. I want whites to flourish in their nations, free of divisive dieversity.
        I know how many leftists feel. They’ve met non whites who are decent people and like them-I get that. But does it mean we want millions of them flocking in?
        Chinese have good food. Nogs had some good music out in the 50’s thru to 80’s. The Japs make strong, solid cars and trucks-I’ll give credit where its due…..but does that mean we must have Chinese, negroes or Japs making up 90% of our demographis? It makes no sense.
        If you like Chinese food-buy a recipe book.
        I’d conclude the conversation by saying many non whites are racist-and forbid diversity in THEIR countries.
        Leftists always collapse in a heap when confronted with alt-righters who are actually competent debaters.

      • @billyrayjenkins

        The content of your post above tells me I wouldn’t have responded to you either. The proper abbreviation of the League of the South is LS. You don’t call the Confederate States of America the CSOA, do you?

        Your extensive opinion about he events of 1860 is, for the most part, meaningless crap.

        The LS is all about the future of the South, we are not a museum, we don’t commission new paintings of R.E. Lee and his horse.

        Pat Hines, Chairman
        South Carolina League of the South

      • @Russell – this comment alone shows anyone who is a true Southerner that you are not a Southerner. No one born and raised in this place would ever say anything like what you are posturing because it’s based on lies and damn lies.

        In other words get fucked Yankee

  1. Sure hope this isn’t a repeat of Charlottesville I.

    Lure the Right in to defend a statue, loose Antifa scum on them, arrest the Right for defending themselves, then spend months screaming about Nazis on media.

  2. At UNC-CH Black food workers back in the 1960’s were striking and the liberal students and faculty were helping them in their efforts. The black workers eventually got what they wanted but one bright spot was when a tough Democratic Governor, yes I said Democratic, sent law enforcement in to clear out the Black Student Movement and other liberals from a university building.

    “Perhaps the most dramatic episode during the strike was the eviction of the BSM from Manning Hall and the arrest of six students who had been involved in the table turning incident of 4 March. Governor Robert Scott was adamant in using decisive action to quell campus disruption. He pressured Chapel Hill police to serve warrants on the perpetrators of this incident while urging Sitterson to evacuate the building. Frustrated with University inertia, on 13 March, the Governor called in troopers from the North Carolina State Highway Patrol to stand by to act that afternoon. This memorandum recorded morning telephone conversations between the Governor and the Chancellor’s office regarding efforts to comply with the Governor’s order to evacuate Manning Hall.”

    “At 2:30 p.m., the Governor ordered members of the Highway Patrol to form a quadrangle around Manning and to evict the BSM. After much deliberation, the members of the Black Student Movement decided that their point had been made and exited without a struggle. Six students were arrested for the table turning incident. ‘At 2:45 pm today, Mr. Waters informed the Chancellor that Manning Hall is now vacant and locked,’ the notice stated. Confusion followed and emotions ran high as students and faculty flooded South Building to protest the troopers’ presence.”

    We don’t have Governors at the top barking out tough orders to preserve our campuses or physically challenge the violent Left any more. We don’t have the tough people at the top when we need them the most. This Silent Sam incident would have never been allowed to happen in the first place or if it did it would be settled in a few days and not discussed.. even with a Democratic Governor, 50 years ago….

    Four dead in oHIo…

    • Every single State Governor has been scared to do anything on College Campuses since Kent State in Ohio and Jackson State in Mississippi, which happened only 11 days apart in 1970. No Politician is willing to risk his career to go have the National Guard and the Highway Patrol/State Police go rough up Commies. That could lead to a federal takeover of said state.

      The result of the Kent State Shooting was in Ohio the election of a Leftist Democrat Governor John Gilligan who is the father of Kathleen Sebilius who was Governor of Kansas and worked for Obama. This is exactly what these politicians fear. ESPECIALLY THE REPUBLI-CUCKS

  3. There need to be thousands of ACTBAC out marching, all across North Carolina, denanding an end to Reconstruction and Southern Government for Southern States.

    “End Reconstruction, end the war.”

    “Southern Government for Southern States.”

    “Southerners have Rights, too.’

  4. Marching … protesting … “narrating” … 5+ years from now there will be no America and thus no south. Why ? Enemies within and without are very entrenched AND HAVE A GOAL AND PLAN. “WE” ON THE OTHER HAND DON’T. We’ve been using 1950’s tactics in a 2018 America. Bbiiiigg waste of time effort and $$. Solution : Come up with a 21st century plan. WHAT do we want ?



    How do we get it ?

    We UNITE under that motto / mission statement / goal / plan, and make flyers, do internet marketing, webinars etc. and we HURRY THE F UP while there’s still a chance. Get out of the 1950 Ford pick up. Our enemies are winning the race in 2018 Corvettes. We need 2019 Bugatti’s and we need them yesterday.

    • We ARE getting it, Grey Ghost.

      The progress of White Consciousness and Southern White Consciousness has risen considerable since 2015.

      This is the soil whence nations are built – people who believe that they are a people and who demand a state to account for and reflect that.

      Things are changing, Sir, BUT … a century of reverses are not going to be reverset in a few years.

      This is going to be an ongoing process.

  5. And, yes, not only is Gary Williamson a ‘class act’, he is a brave and faithful act – a TRUE Son of Tarheel Confederate Veterans, in blood, soul, and deed.

    Many many thanks to our great ActBac, and, as well, the officials of North Carolina, those who said delivered a firm, ‘no’ to Judeo-Bolshevik Nihilist tyranny – and required The People’s Republick of Chapel Hill to do it’s job, according to OUR law!

    You can bet that Mr. Maurice Smith, HNIC, did not like that one eentsy bit…

  6. Kudos to ACTBAC and other like-minded groups for keeping this issue in the spotlight. They took a chance that the kwaps would actually do their jobs and not stand down, but I guess Chapel Hill Police had their fill of the criticism they got for standing down and letting Silent Sam get destroyed. Antifa showed their asses as usual, crying and acting like the mentally retarded, spoiled brats they are. I hope these Confederate groups keep this issue a hot button and UNC is forced to return Silent Sam. If that does happen like the law says it should, a middle finger to the left!!!

    • I dont think putting the statue back up if they refuse to take proper measures to secure it is a victory. If it takes enclosing these statues in a cage, so be it. Yes it would be ugly but as works of art, they must be protected!

    • Silent Sam will return, Swamp Fox – only this time on either an impregnable pedestal and or encased in bullet-proof glass, just as they had to do down in Charlotte…

  7. “The counter-protesters were a vulgar, violent mob who failed to disperse and got arrested in pointless conflicts with the police over an hour after ACTBAC had left.”

    In other words, the usual collection of foreign devils, now emboldened by the Jewish neurosis of “fighting Fascism,”
    that have been vexing Dixie since that shipload of criminal degenerates crashed into Plymouth Rock.

  8. The jews, fags and communists keep trying to portray Southern patriots as violent rednecks when the fact is you will not find a more decent bunch of people anywhere. It’s the anti-White scum who are violent and obnoxious. But I take some consolation in the fact that if they lived in Soviet Russia 100 years ago Comrades Lenin and Trotsky would have had them all shot.

  9. “My neighbor just pulled her daughter out of UNC because she said she wanted a safe environment where she could learn. Its amazing that you can go to Clemson, UGA or ECU and everyone gets along with no protests. Some of the recruiters at companies are questioned what is being taught at UNC. Would you want to hire someone who yells and tears down things at the workplace because they find them offensive? There goes the water cooler, the desk, the company car etc. Tear it apart.”
    — commenter on an article at the UNC student paper — The Daily Tar Heel

  10. “Both my children are Tarheels. As alumni, they both send rather large checks to UNC each year, as I do. We spoke last night…the checks will no longer be written!”
    — comment from article on a news site

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