Violent Antifa Disrupt Albemarle County School Board Meeting

UPDATE: ACPD has released the names of Little Molly’s comrades who were arrested last night:

“The department released the following information Friday, August 31:

Samantha Wren Cadwalder Peacoe, 32, of Albemarle County. Charged with trespassing and obstruction of justice
Andrea Lynn Massey, 48, of Charlottesville. Charged with trespassing
Sabr Lyon, 30, of Charlottesville. Charged with trespassing
Francis Xavier Richards, 63, of Charlottesville. Charged with trespassing and obstruction of justice
Lara Lynn Harrison, 36, of Albemarle County. Charged with trespassing
Michael Reid, 47, of Charlottesville. Charged with trespassing. No mugshot provided

Editor’s Note: In between Chapel Hill and Charlottesville, 9 more Antifa were arrested this evening. This is on top of the 15 arrested in Philadelphia and the 13 arrested in Chapel Hill over the past two weeks which brings the total up to 37 arrests.

Antifa are a public nuisance.

Jefferson Davis would have called them “the distubers of the peace of the world.” They are content to get arrested doing violent things in Charlottesville even with no opposition around:

“An emergency Albemarle County School Board meeting again devolved into chaos as a parallel meeting outside the room was broken up and six people were arrested.

Board Chairwoman Kate Acuff opened Thursday’s meeting by remarking on the division’s proposed dress policy, which has been criticized by the Hate-Free Schools Coalition for not explicitly banning Confederate images. …

Thursday night, as another speaker started to lead a chant in the lobby, police began asking people to quiet down.

A speaker refused to lower her voice and refused a request to disperse; she was escorted out.

As others continued to refuse to leave, police handcuffed and escorted several more people out of the room. One man allegedly kicked an officer and was pushed to the ground, where he continued to struggle, saying an officer was hurting him.

According to Albemarle police, four people were arrested outside the meeting, and two people were arrested after becoming disorderly inside Lane Auditorium. They were taken to Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail to be processed. …”

Antifa e-celeb Little Molly (aka @SocialistDogMom) spent the evening asking her supporters on Twitter to donate to the Cville Bail Fund to bail these clowns out of jail:

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  1. …..Great optics on their part. They really are doing our job for us.
    Every Antifa shenanigan is great publicity for the alt-right.

  2. “Antifa” extortion and violence isn’t free speech but restraints to it. Shut off their money supply and arrest the leaders, Mr. Trump. I expect their planned chaos to increase as election time nears. If GOP doesn’t get trounced it’s anarchy USA.

    • @daddio

      “Lily white communists chanting about racism. The irony escapes them of course…”

      Anti-racism. Invented by Jews, believed by Whites, ignored by muds.

  3. Military tribunals need to investigate those financially supporting these miscreants. Soros is one among many along with the many leftist globalist New World Order open-border-loving corporate foundations that funnel multi-millions of dollars into anti-USA and anti-West organizations yearly.

  4. All of the UTR lawsuits and extra police duty must be costing the citizens of Commieville a fortune. GOOD.

  5. I expect the quality of life for the citizens of Commieville has deteriorated a great deal over the past year. GOOD.

  6. When I see our fellow Southern Whites so afflicted, it reminds me of Omega Man, a Charlton Heston Grade B flick wherein all those blighted victims running around like loons, endangering everyone else.

  7. ‘They are content to get arrested doing violent things in Charlottesville even with no opposition around:’

    No, Sir – there was plenty of opposition around – the peace; and, as The Honourable Jefferson Davis would say : ‘They felt the need to disturb it…’

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