Gone Spelunking: Who Is Socialist Dog Mom?

(Molly screaming at black cop in Chapel Hill)

I assumed that Little Molly had already been doxed.

When I couldn’t find any information about the identity of “Socialist Dog Mom,” I decided to look into the matter last night. Compared to Shawn Patrick Breen, “Molly” has been hiding in plain sight. She has been attending lots of events across the South unmasked for the last year now.

(“Molly” on stage left at UTR anniversary in Cville)

(“Molly” goes to Amren with Antifa)

(“Molly” goes to Knoxville with Antifa)

(“Molly” goes to Newnan with Antifa)

I started by noticing “Molly” has been on Twitter since 2009:

As I looked through her old tweets, I noticed she went years without getting any likes, retweets or comments:

“Molly,” the artist known as @socialistdogmom, used the handle @madeleinebc for years:

Pam Starsia helped me see she was still using it last December:

Searching for “madeleinebc + cville” led me to an old blog, Gluten Free Cville. It is gone now but fortunately it was saved in the Wayback Machine:

Gluten Free Cville had the following contact information:

Madeleine Conger is a female in her 20s who lives in Charlottesville and is from Virginia Beach:

Madeleine Conger was known for being an outspoken UVA student activist. It appears she is also on Medium.com as @madeleinebc:


Molly Conger records Charlottesville City Council meetings on her YouTube account:

We also know she is 5′ and 100 pounds and has lived in Charlottesville for years:

Molly Conger is fond of appearing on the local news too:

“Molly” was interviewed by CBS 19 last October:

More recently, she traveled to Chapel Hill, NC to destroy ACTBAC’s property in a violent protest:

It’s not like she has anything else to do. No one paid any attention to her for nearly a decade on Twitter. Now, she lives off Patreon donations “fighting Nazis” by screaming at black cops:

Happy birthday from your friends at Gab, Molly.

Now you can “fight Nazis” in court under your real name!

Very creative using your real name as your Twitter handle! Amazing praxis!

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  1. These women are ruined by (((media))), (((education))) and their own degenerate mothers before they are even 12. With no useful skills and high pseudo-intellectual egos they mill like flies on shit around coffee shops, public schools, poetry slams and now the polyamorous dungeon sex scenes popping up in (((urban))) areas.

  2. “””….hansfranksavatar
    SEPTEMBER 3, 2018 AT 1:54 PM
    These women are ruined by (((media))), (((education))…”””

    Well, I honestly disagree. In the witch hunt era or in the year 1917 USSR there were no media and no education and we still had those weird men and women ready to do unimaginable evil in the in the name of goodness.

    White liberalism or communism or witch hunting or whatever is genetic. Quit looking reason for liberalism. Long long time ago , executions were public and without media and education, there were lot of white liberals who considered this horror fun .

    This is genetic problem inside the white race, not media or education.

    Thank you, brave Americans for exposing another creature, who just got permanent immigration ban to Russia, Poland Hungary and approx 20 mostly white Eastern European countries as well.

    What the White Nationalism needs most is worldwide McCarhty Club, to smoke out white liberals.

    • Juri, I disagree. When I grew up in the 1950s and into the 1960s women were nothing like this. My female relatives despised blacks and browns, and every White female with whom I was acquainted did. It is the brainwashing from media and schools that has done this. I even have a girl’s book from the late 19th Century where the little girl in it, to prove she isn’t worried about going out on the moors with her male cousins, tells them “I wasn’t even afraid of the nigger minstrels on the dock.”

      • Well, the gun powder barrel is also safe until somebody gives a spark.

        Our liberal men and women were also normal until the year of 1917.

  3. With her regulation problem glasses, black beret and lack of stable employment Comrade Molly is no doubt proud of being a “rebel”, when in fact she’s nothing but a stereotype, a cliché…a CARICATURE.

  4. Good job. Every one of these marxist filth need to be outed for the mentally ill, criminal vermin that they are. This POS’s username should be shortened to just socialistdog, although that could be taken as an insult to our canine friends.

  5. Where’s a black rapist when you need one?
    This thing thrives on division and goes out looking for it. Why can’t it get a real job like the rest of us have to? Without Alt-Right events to chase around, it would be lost. Tragedy is….your taxes likely pay for its upkeep.

  6. Must be something in the name. Mollie Tibbetts, white-hating scumbag. Molly Conger, white-hating scumbag.

    “Moll — the girlfriend of a criminal.” Looks like our ancestors were on to something, linguistically.

  7. How can she be a good Communist and talk to religious figures? Has she not forgotten religion is the opiate of the masses? How can she be offended when a homeless person was digging through the dumpster outside her apartment? Isn’t her job as Communist to help the downtrodden? What was that Rush Limbaugh once said about the correlation between feminism and ugliness?

    • A lot of nuns and priests these days are actually commie atheists who use the church to engage in left-wing social activism.

  8. @Spahn,

    Come now, are you really so narrow minded? Surely there is a plethora of choice Squatemalans from which she can have her pick. Maybe, she will start her own ethnic menagerie ala Angelina Jolie.

    Actually, I was under the impression that this wretched crone had already hatched three serpents. I wonder what forms of psychosis they’re currently suffering from?

  9. @Ironsides,

    A Conger is a slimy, vicious eel that has been known to attack humans.

    However, not all Mollies are bad, I submit: Sweet Molly Malone, a fishmonger, who sold cockles and mussels on the streets of Dublin.

  10. Remember Folks,

    You can Reel in an Eel, but you can’t “Mollycoddle” a Conger!

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist…

  11. Here in Atlanta, there is a Presbyterian Church across the street and I swear that every time I look, there is a notice on a sign about some immigration documentary, or a banner about welcoming the refugee. What pisses me off more than the virtue signalling is the sheer ignorance across the normie political board about the foreign policy that unleashed the refugee crisis in the first place. How do we force them to see the absurdity of silence on neocon foreign policy disasters while they obsess about helping its victims?

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