Jair Bolsanaro Could Be The Next President Of Brazil

?I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about Jair Bolsonaro on Gab:

“On the wall of Jair Bolsonaro’s office in a modernist annex of Brazil’s Congress hang five faded black-and-white portraits. They are memoirs of a time many Brazilians would prefer to forget, when military generals ruled the country from 1964 until 1985 and the cost of insurrection was kidnap, torture and secret execution.

Bolsonaro, the de facto front runner for the Brazilian presidential election that begins on Oct. 7, is the foremost apologist for that era. He has made a career eulogizing its abuses and–for a decade after the return of democracy in 1989–calling for its reinstatement. Today he is proud of his support of the regime he served as an army captain.

Now, with Brazil mired in a profound political crisis that has left many citizens despairing of its leaders, the Rio de Janeiro Congressman–long a marginal figure–says he alone can solve the problems of the largest nation in Latin America and be trusted to protect its youthful democracy. A growing share of Brazilians are willing to take that chance.

It’s hard to overstate the rage and disgust at the establishment in this country. Since the last election, a sprawling probe into corruption at the state oil giant has led to the impeachment of one President, the jailing of another and the disintegration of a fragile faith in the political class. Brazil has suffered its worst recession in history. With public services crippled by a lack of funds and rampant crime, 7 in 10 Brazilians say they have no trust in any political party. …

Trump may be politically incorrect, but Bolsonaro goes way, way further. In this interview alone, he advocated the possibility of unbridled state violence; equated homosexuality with pedophilia; and defended Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, whose henchmen raped women with dogs, as well as Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who has boasted of personally killing criminal suspects.

He has a long history of invective against gays, racial minorities and women. In 2014, he told a Congresswoman, “I wouldn’t rape you because you do not deserve it.” Yet after spending decades in the political wilderness, the candidate for the right-wing Social Liberal Party is now being courted as a serious player in Brasília, and is feted by crowds of thousands on the road.

As the corruption crisis and the economic downturn has played out over the past four years, Bolsonaro has found his popularity spiraling upward. Highly active on social media, he has built upon the base of police and military voters that has kept him in Congress for almost three decades. Polls suggest 60% of his supporters are under-34s, who are often highly disillusioned but too young to remember the military regime. Indeed, public opinion has actually turned away from democracy. Only 56% of Brazilians now say it is “always the best form of government.” Small but noisy protests calling for military rule have sprung up.” ..

Gomes, the left-wing candidate currently in fourth place in the polls, says Bolsonaro’s candidacy is drawing intolerance and bigotry out into the open–much as the Nazi Party in Germany did in the 1930s. Brazil must beware the “egg of the serpent of Nazism, of fascism, that we must treat as a serious threat,” he says. “Of course, it is an exaggerated comparison, but the values of intolerance, hate, misogyny, discrimination against gays and women, militarism, all this is very powerfully there, galvanizing around this caricature [of Bolsonaro],” he adds.

He sounds like our kind of guy.

I don’t know much about him. I’ve been reading articles like this about Bolsonaro seizing power in Brazil and that was before the National Museum went up in flames tonight.

Gab Brazil is blaming communists:

Did this remind anyone else of the Reichstag fire?

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  1. He’s a Zionist puppet and 100% pro-Israel. He’s also an extreme capitalist, although he used to be anti-privatization. That was when he was sort of a nationalist, but now he’s the Brazilian answer to the Neocons.

    • A ‘J’ is often interchangeable with a ‘Y’. The name ‘Yair’ is common in Israel. Though South American bloodlines are often pretty random and don’t say a lot about someone’s views.

    • Pinochet’s forces raped women with dogs, please Brad use a little editorial judgement.

      Salazar was the dictator of Portugal, for what, 50 years?

      • “I wouldn’t rape you because you do not deserve it.” Hmm…yeah, sounds legit. Wtf? This guy is a lunatic and so was Pinochet’s regime as Krafty Wurker illustrated below. Not only did they rape women with dogs, they tortured pregnant women to the point of causing abortions.

    • The primitive Indians in Brazil, are deathly afraid of the “uncontacted” Indians! That and the darkies are what you are dealing with in Brazil.

    • That Bolsonaro fellow looks like just another charming castizo con-man from the ”elite” ruling class.

    • Pretty much.

      Bolsonaro was going to run as the candidate for the equally small but openly pro-military party called “The Patriots”, but for whatever reason after some months of courting them he decided against it on the last minute.

    • Liberal in Brazil means libertarian, as is true in most Latin countries. Libertarian in Latin countries means left-anarchist.

  2. Augusto Pinochet was one of Henry Kissenger’s pet projects. Definitely not a good guy. A neocon of the highest order. He was good for the jews, not so good for the Chilean people.

    • I always wondered how the Pinochet apologists explain the ties to (((Kissinger))) and (((Milton Friedman))). They’re just like the “Marx was a Jew but Jesus was not” crowd.

        • Pinochet killed pro-Palestinian Communists, yes. The Chilean MIR was allied with Palestinian freedom fighters.

          Jews were leaving Chile when Allende was in power. Close to half the Jewish population left, not because Allende was an “anti-Semite”, though the neocons of course claim that, but because most Jews were fanatical anti-Communists and overwhelmingly concentrated in the bourgeoisie. It was the same thing that happened with Castro and Chavez. After 1973, those Jews all returned.

      • Jijcf: Allende wanted to nationalize all the foreign-owned industries or something, didn’t he? The fact that he was a democratically elected populist who was overthrown in a CIA backed coup makes me sympathetic to him. Incidentally, the coup took place on September 11, 1973.

        • Yeah – I’ve always wondered why some “nationalists” think nationalizing industry is bad when the root is from the same word. Just like how so called “conservatives” are against conserving the environment.

  3. “He has a long history of invective against gays, racial minorities and women.”

    What is a racial minority in Brazil? Isn’t that country full of mystery meat?

      • Yep, minority means “cute helpless little brown angel who we should kill the big mean White demon to help!” Their terminology simply mirrors their repulsive thought processes, not actual reality.

  4. Well, I speak Portuguese fluently.
    Mr. Bolsonaro roots are entirely from NorthEast Italy.
    He married a typical Brazilian woman in the past; he says that his marriage proves that he is not racist. Nevertheless his 3 sons – all politicians – were pretty blond when kids.
    He regularly insults Indigenous people, sometimes blacks, and often homosexuals. He is very in favor of an armed population.

    He has a very high popularity in the center and south of Brazil, in the north where the population is almost 100% negroes and mulattos, his ratings fall dramatically.
    His popularity among men is the double compared with women, what proves once more that females must be totally banned from voting.
    In his political views he is kind of mixture between Donald Trum and Rodrigo Duterte.
    When occurs the balkanization of US, certainly will occur the same in Brazil.

    • “females must be totally banned from voting”

      That should be inscribed in letters of brass over the gates to the capitol of every nation that wants to survive.

      • Now show me on the doll where a woman touched or rather didnt touch u, moron! And if women wouldnt vote what that solved? Explain urself, creepy imbecile!

  5. Brazil needs to be split up into two different nations, North Brazil and South Brazil. One is majority non-white the other isn’t. I think it is South Brazil that is majority white.

    • Isn’t the Patagonia region mostly castizo-white? I don’t think the New World indians migrated that far south.

  6. I don’t know much about Patagonia, it’s scarcely populated. Many foreigners, including Americans,, bought and are buying land in Argentina and Chile.

    About Brazil, the last survey I know of showed that over 90% of the population in the Southern part wish separation from the rest.
    But in South America political movements just imitate what happens in Europe and US, so Europe and US must split first to set the example.
    Southern Brazil is pretty different from the North, culturally, economically and genetically, there are many Germans from Prussia and the Rhine region, Italians from Veneto and Lombardy, there are many Poles, Ukrainians, Dutch, even some Swedes.
    Even in the South there are deep differences, the regions colonized by Portuguese people are much poorer than the ones colonized by Germans and Italians.

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