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  1. My husband and I have given this some thought, and we decided we would vote for the repubs, mostly to prevent any attempted gun confiscation. They are mega cucks and beyond repulsive but we really worry what the dems will do if they get into power.

    • What do you think Kavanaugh is being placed for? His record on the Fourth totally endows the executive branch with the ‘right’ to autocratically decided whose Second Amendment rights are legitimate.

      • America’s main institutional innovation is the Kritarchy represented by the SCOTUS … it’ll have to be buried and abolished. Smash the Kritarchy.

          • Rule by judges, in case your Internet is malfunctioning in some way so that you are unable to conduct a simple search and can only access this one site.

          • Try googling all the terms Kavanaugh lied about, and lots more of the evidence on him while *you’re* pointing fingers.

    • There are exactly 1461 days between presidential elections. Conservatives can cry and moan and shout “Betrayal!” for 1460 of those days. Nobody cares, and for a very good reason. On election day, conservatives always come crawling back. And that is absolutely all that matters.

      • For all their 1460 day moaning conservatives never see fit to start a new party strongly representative of their interests. The rare time one of them does, like Buchanan did, they excoriate him for doing so.

        Conservatives are not only useless. They are backstabbing traitors.

    • @Gabby

      But remember how Trump caved with the whole bump stock thing not all that long ago…

      And with Dianne Feinstein reduced to the most intensive hand rubbing as a result.

      • Oh, sure, I am totally disgusted by Trump, he’s fallen down on nearly every campaign promise and I won’t be voting for him again unless a huge wall is up. However, I am going to hold my nose and vote for the repubs on Nov. 6, just to keep as many dems out of office as possible.

        • But if you’re going to go and vote for people who refuse to support their voting base anyway, might as well not vote for that party.

    • It’s a silly question. OF COURSE we have to support the least worst till WE PUT something better in place. All we’re doing now is “buying time.” But buying time for what ? Are we getting a conversation going about re creating The Confederate States ? Nope. What we’re doing is the epitome of “half measures.” The real question is “what do we want, and what are we DOING to get it ?”

      • WN votes are unlikely to make much of a difference. But the real project is to break through the speech taboos that force your views onto the dirt roads of politics. Fight for free speech and the right to speak candidly about your concerns. Fight for an affordable, accessible, politically uncensored internet.

    • Too late to back away from Trump. The left is now energized and if Trump is ousted the left will likely destroy the nationalist right before it has grown large enough to defend itself. The right desperately needs time to grow and Trump is providing it simply by not being the Left. He may not be your friend as some people hoped but he’s not out to get you and shares some of your outlook.

      • Some of us didn’t sell our soul to the Devil, for non existent hopey changium, and we won’t cave in now out of moral cowardice.

  2. I will.
    For the reasons Gabby gave. But also because they are being physically confronted by the Marxists…like the Nationalists have been.

    The enemy of my enemy is my…well, i wont call them ‘friend’ but they are the party in power that is most likely to crack down on Marxism. Hopefully.

    The Democrats DEFINITELY won’t.

  3. Nationalists should run against the GOP every chance we get. Force the GOP to lie harder to get White votes. Let their lies reach such ridiculous hysterical, levels, that even normies can see the fraud they are voting for.

    And when I say nationalists, I mean serious ones. I do not the mean the Hollywood useful idiots, the SPLC secretly funds to both recruit Jews and make normie Whites hate themselves.

    • All well and good, but we have no nationalists. Zero. Zilch.

      Unless someone 1. intelligent and 2. with scads of money starts an actual nationalist party of some kind, we will continue in having the two wings of the Uniparty to vote for.

      I’ll vote for the GOP, but it’s mostly in order to give a gigantic middle finger to the Dems. Like voting for the Mensheviks to express one’s contempt for the Bolsheviks, even if you’re actually a Tsarist at heart.

      • “Unless someone 1. intelligent and 2. with scads of money starts an actual nationalist party of some kind, we will continue in having the two wings of the Uniparty to vote for. ”

        You don’t need lots of money, you need men with intelligence and guts to make a stand. You don’t need to get many votes to make their strategists take notice. They are winning by the barest of margins now. Their strategists look at it this way:

        We’re getting 1% from this group and 1-2% from that group. 1+1+ 2 + 3 +1 + etc = victory.

        So a party that can take 1% away from GOP really hurts them. A WN party running against the GOP is why they needed a shill like Trump to dog whistle, and make all kinds of outlandish promises which they have no intention of keeping.

        Think of it another way. The election before the National Socialists took power in Germany, they only got 1.5% of the vote. When the collapse of Batista came, Cuba went from fascist to Communist ALL THE WAY. Russia went from Communist to fascist.

        “I’ll vote for the GOP, but it’s mostly in order to give a gigantic middle finger to the Dems.”

        When you vote for one of two enemy causes, you give the middle finger to your own cause.

        • @BMan
          “And again, the lesser of two evils wins. AGAIN!”

          Support the lesser of two evils is just a Republican Party meme. They repeat it like parrots during the lead up to every election. It was all over Stormfront when Trump was running. It will be all over Stormfront at the next one, and the next one.

          The other repeater they use is, “We won’t support the nationalist party, because they don’t have a chance of winning.”


          “ZOG has a chance to win, so we support ZOG.”

          If nationalists had a chance of winning, they wouldn’t have to run.

      • The problem with this sort of thinking is that you’re still holding true to the idea of representative democracy while voting for the status quo of a government that actively works against you.

        Nationalists should only be using the system in a way that’s beneficial to us, or else we shouldn’t use it at all.

        • I personally have no use for representative democracy — it’s what got us here in the first place, pretty much — but there is even LESS non-democratic nationalist organization than democratic nationalist organization. At least on the latter front there are the “voices in the wilderness” of Little and Nehlen, futile as they are.

          Europe’s nationalists are light-years ahead of American nationalists. All we have are scattered individuals with no significant money, influence, or organization.

  4. In my country, voting is compulsory, so they impose a fine on those who fail to show, which is disgracful. So people are forced to waste their time to go and vote for some geyser who spoke well on TV, yet when they do, nothing ever changes.
    Open borders, wars, free trade, Jewish power and democracy are things we aren’t going to vote our way out of. More is required.

    • I believe voting was compulsory in the Soviet Union too. The libertarians had one good idea which was to put a “None of the above acceptable” option on the ballot. You’ll never see that for obvious reasons. You wouldn’t need to have compulsory voting then.

  5. “It is not to save capitalism that we fight in Russia … It is for a revolution of our own. … If Europe were to become once more the Europe of bankers, of fat corrupt bourgeoisies … we should prefer Communism to win and destroy everything. We would rather have it all blow up than see this rottenness resplendent . Europe fights in Russia because it [i.e., Fascist Europe] is Socialist. …what interests us most in the war is the revolution to follow …The war cannot end without the triumph of Socialist revolution.”

    —Leon Degrelle

    I’m not voting Republican, at this point I am ready for things to get worse and don’t care if the Dems win. The Republicans aren’t going to save us, things have gotten worse under Trump and whoever comes after him will likely make many normal White Peoples lives uncomfortable and I say good.

    Let the Fence Sitters, the Normies, The “True Patriot” types feel the pain, censorship, and humiliation that we have felt. Let them be uncomfortable, let them suffer. That is the only way they will get motivated to do anything, they have their comfy Middle Class lifestyle to lose from a National Socialist revolution so they will not support such a thing voluntarily

    • I’m hoping that some nog is gunned down by a cop this Friday and this results in a BLM Riot…may that converge with the Pussy Hat thing that occurred in the wake of Kav’s confirmation.

      Let the blood flow.

    • Don’t be stupid, please. Yes, republicans aren’t /ourguys/ but at least they won’t support a bolshevik revolution. This is also an opportunity to tell the opposition they need to stop. They’re energized. If they lose, they will riot and people will see even more through the anti-white agenda. Please, vote republican, and you all need to convince as many people as you can to do the same, or the cabal won’t be persecuted, but random white people surely will.

    • I agree. I think I am done wasting my votes on “conservative” cowards and liars. The problems of this country can no longer be solved by voting, anyway. Truthfully, this bitch needs to be burned down so something new can arise. So bring the pain as a catalyst for change. Otherwise it’s just a slow ride to Brazil Norte.

  6. Christopher Wray became FBI Director after the honorable Comey (non-scion, irish catholic turned methodist) was fired by Trump. Wray attended Andover Academy, which at the time he graduated was where particularly messed up, personality-disordered usually very mediocre rich kids were sent to grease their way into Yale, etc. While not as exteme as Georgetown Prep (nowhere was), it hosted plenty of gang rape parties.

    Wray then went to Yale undergrad and then Yale law, two years behind Kavanaugh. Both are in the Federalist Society as is McGann who pushed Kavanugh to Trump and who then oversaw the FBI non-investigation.

    To vote for the R’s is to endorse this cabal of corrupt nepotistic degenerate gangbangers.

    Trump is dispensing his particular brand of Kool-Aid to the Trumpaholics in the South who are desperate and woefully ignorant of what they’re doing. They have little to no insight into the world they’re only being granted a limited view of, and they believe Trump gives a fly about them when all he cares about is his money and ego.

    Wray like Kavanaugh can be counted on to protect the interests of the monied diabolical 1% who see the white working class as tools and vehicles and nothing else.

    It’s a gigantic gang bang of the anglo whitey race. The nucleus of connivers are just hoping the punch is strong enough they won’t even remember anything this time.

    • To be clear, the evidence Kavanaugh and his friends spiked alcohol with particularly strong ‘grain’ variety is compelling. This is not to say that true nonconsensual rape cannot occur when some woman is simply drunk past a point of being able to fight or maintain consciousness, just that the evidence suggests even more plotting in the case of Kavanaugh.

      Certainly, all manners of assaults and rapes occurred in the milieu of Georgetown Prep and Andover etc…overt force, spiking of drinks with drugs or grain alcohol, targeting of females so drunk they weren’t even conscious or able to coordinate, etc. Sometimes such strategies were deployed at the same time.

      Nothing good whatsoever comes out of such people, most of whom have bent over backwards to suck up to the Diversity Cult’s hatred of normal non-rich whites anyway.

      • What is your basis for these gang-rape allegations? By the 1980s Andover and similar schools were already pretty PC and I have a hard time believing the authorities would put up with such stuff. I did once meet a girl who told me she had “pulled a train” for the football team at a high school party but I wouldn’t call that rape even if the feminists would. Also, I doubt that would happen at a religious boarding school. I was once at a party where a woman in her 30s had sex with a series of men, but she was a low-life as were the men, and it seemed consensual to me else I would have called the cops. If I had known I would run into such an activity I wouldn’t have gone to the party. So if I were nominated for the Supreme Court some Julie Swetnick could say she saw me “near the punch bowl” and saw me “hand cups” to women — which is hardly proof of criminal intent. Grain punch is or was very popular with young people because it is cheap. I’m sure boys appreciate the fact that it gets the girls drunk more easily than beer but if you’re at a party and they have a punch bowl it is polite to offer to fill someone else’s cup when filling your own. Anyway, I want to know your source.

      • Having a party with grain punch is standard for young people. Grain is cheap and the fact that you can get the girls drunk more easily is seen as a plus. But you are accusing Kavanaugh of having the intent to get girls drunk by this means so he or others could rape them. That’s Orwellian feminist newspeak. What is your evidence that Kavanaugh was there and acted as described? The repulsive Julie Swetnick and her lawyer? If she was at such a party it was in the hope of getting gang-banged. They probably kicked her out for being too ugly and she’s never forgiven them. That’s my ‘sexist’ point-of-view.

  7. I’m voting Republican, and I’m hoping that they take a commanding lead in congress. Not because I think they’ll do anything with it, just because I think leftists are far more likely to resort to murder if they get what they want come November, and I think that would be good for us. I’m sending my bourgeois Republican to Washington DC in the hopes that the necnJames Hodgkinson is a better shot.

  8. First, let me say that i hreatly respect Hunter, i read his aricle daily, Gab with him a little, whenever he answers, but i have to disagree with Hunter on this one.
    I am voting Republican. Of all the comments posted, i saw 3 answers, 2 are voting Republican, one isnt, but he isnt voting Democrat either. As fucked up as Republicans are, its certainly not all Republicans, its the neocons IMO. Yes i know theres a few bad whites too, luckily McCain is gone. Flake gone next. In case no one has noticed, we the AltRight are in fact pushing the party right, hatd-right in some opinions. Im so pissed about the arrests of RAM members, but I’m hoping Trump himself had nothing to do with, even though chances are he may have. Trump still dog whistling to whites. Whites wake up daily. All the messed up things happening is helping push more whites are way daily! If Democrats won, we’d be in great trouble. At least for now, we can stock up on ammo, more guns, more guns, and get more guns. We will need them. Im voting Republican. Things are better under Trump, not perfect, but we are attempting to take our country back from a deep state, a (((foreign))) influence, and rich assholes. We have great Republicans that are in wish us. I say we vote Red TSUNAMI.

  9. I’ve often referred to the two headed hydra. As if to confirm my assertion, I noticed that in a very Republican, nearby County Seat, the Democrat HQ and the Republican HQ occupy the same building in offices that are literally next door to each other. (Kind of like the military recruiting offices are all clustered together, in competition for recruits but working for a common cause). I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the two offices have a door between them and the staffs of the two parties go and have lunch together.

  10. I would vote for democrats before I would vote for a republican. White racial consciousness rises under democrats, and is stomped out under Republicans. Trump has been a disaster for Whites, worst since the Iraq war.

    • Yeah but what the hell have whites ever done with their “racial conscious”? There’s only been one Dylan Roof so far, and only one Anders Brievik.

      I hope Orangeman uses the political capital from a big November win for a Jugears-style overseas clusterfuck. I hope he drops the 101st Airborne into Damascus, sends the tanks across the DMZ and lands the USMC in Crimea. If that doesn’t lead to a bunch of stakes on the DC Mall mounting the heads of our politicians then we fully deserve the Hell thats waiting for us, in this world and the next.

  11. Remember the warnings of William Pierce, who tried to bring the truth of the jews to the Southern people, quoting the famous writer Philip Roth regarding some anglo ‘WASP’ girl he coveted: “I wanted to shove my dick up not just her but her whole [WASP] culture.” Or thereabouts.

    Roth was a famous writer from Essex County, NJ, which lies right across the river from the toniest sections of Manhattan. It is literally Manhattan’s poshest jewiest suburbia. Once you get out of Newark neighborhoods change fast.

    Besides that Jared Kushner comes from Essex County, so do some of the most powerful Irish and Italian Catholics of NJ. The Roman Catholics and the Jews ally in direct conspiracy against the anglos and have been since before the turn of the last century.

    This is precisely the triumvirate that Trump and his cronies – Giuliani, Christie, McGann, et al ad nauseum – have been operating from, this partnership between Roman Catholics and Jews. Remember that reporters claimed Trump made anti-anglo remarks historically that reflected a very deep antipathy to the anglo protestants.

    These people CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be trusted.


    • Trump isn’t some potato or spaghetti nigger papist, he’s a WASP. In fact he married his first wife in the same church my parents were married in.

      You should know these things, Miss Genie.

      • He’s not a ‘WASP.’ His father was a german lutheran. He grew up totally ensconced in jewish italian and catholic-controlled NYC.

        More than one reporter during the ’16 campaign remarked that they’d witnessed Trump making anti-‘WASP’ remarks over the course of their knowing him, which given his NYC judeo-roman catholic background isn’t the slightest bit surprising. It’s not surprising if one is familiar with NYC and the urban sprawl surrounding it where most of the ‘ethnics’ adopted the anti-anglo stance of the jews, guineas and irish catholics. Maybe add a few slavs into the mix…

        I find his utter gaucheness not only mutually exclusive to any ‘WASP’ identification, but also somewhat suspicious of jewishness in his family background, although I’ve never seen conclusive or compelling proof of it. But Fred Trump most definitely made the jewish landlords his ‘set’ in NYC, and his son the jews and roman catholics.

        Ivanka went to Chapin, an upper class all girls catholic NYC high school, then transferred to ‘Choate,’ some boarding school in New England I’d hear stuff about. She then went to Georgetown for two years then transferred to Wharton, the business school at UPenn where her father had gone, and Don Jr.

        Eric went to Georgetown Business undergrad which speaks volumes. Wharton/Penn is EXTREMELY JEWISH if one comes from NYC/NJ. Penn’s whole history is sort of anti-anglo in a way.

        • I’m almost Trump’s age and grew up in NYC. The Irish and Italian Catholics I knew were not big fans of Jews. Recall that until the mid-sixties the church maintained a number of anti-Jewish doctrines. Jews have a hundred times the power of any other group and Catholics like Giuliani who worship Israel are a product of the Jewish ascent to dominance. Some may persuade themselves that they, like Jews, are outsiders in a WASP world, but this is mostly an excuse to ally with the most powerful group. It’s true that WASPs were still pretty powerful in Trump’s youth and did tend to look down on both Catholics and Jews but they soon enough learned who’s boss. I would guess most of the realtors in NYC were Jews so Trump Sr. had no choice but to schmooze with them. It is a little odd that Trump’s daughter married a Jew, but Jared’s good-looking and Chapin probably teaches girls that Jews deserve whatever we can do for them to atone for the Holocaust. btw Choate is traditionally a WASPy “Ivy League” Episcopalian boarding school though at least one Kennedy went there. I’m sure by now it’s a continuous festival of multiculturalism and political correctness.

    • Yes, and what pisses me off especially is some of the people here, they will go unnamed, have more hate in their being for White Catholics and anyone who isn’t Anglo Saxon than they seem to have for the real enemy. Well, I have faith that at the proper time, a real leader for us will arise.

      • Teddy Kennedy, a “white Catholic” and his Jew buddies did more damage to the demographics of this country than anyone before them. It can’t be denied that Catholic voting patterns have been weighted to the Left.

        • The Immigration & Nationality (Reform) Act of 1965 aka the Hart-Celler Act was written by (((Norbert Schlei)) – I’m betting a man very few have even heard of – and pushed through by (((Jacob Javits, Robert Morgenthau et al.))) within the control system. Hart should have been hanged for it. Ted Kennedy should have been hanged when he turned 21. But, it appears Ted Kennedy is the only one it is linked to. I wonder why?

          Ted Kennedy owed somebody something for not going to jail over Mary Jo Kopechne. He was controlled. Period. If anything, the kikes hated the Kennedys. Every. Single. One.

          It’s all about globalism now and it was all about globalism then. We think in years or terms, they think in centuries.

      • If you’re a Roman Catholic you’re not a true celt.

        Stop trying to distort what I and some others say. It’s not just about anglo saxons.

  12. Doesn’t matter – Trump is not going to get a 2nd term. They have pulled out the stops and will go to any lengths to make sure that he’s out of the picture. Methods include: 1) impeachment / removal, 2) assassination, 3) elimination in the primaries (another GOP candidate wins), or 4) loses the election both by popular vote and electoral vote. The are working 24 / 7 to shore up the states that they lost in 2016.

    We are seeing events that are absolutely unbelievable – Republican legislators that are threatened on a regular basis is a new “norm” that would be unthinkable just a few years ago. The big corporations are continuing to deplatform the Right. Situations like the Yale students that gathered in support of Kavanaugh with signs and then were attacked – this the norm nowadays. You can’t wear a MAGA hat in public, if you apply for a job they will scour your social media for any hint that you’re a Republican and/or supporter of Trump, and the list goes on.

    Oh and have you noticed how we are seeing a lot more unprovoked attacks on Whites by Blacks – I mean executions? It’s almost like there is some magical beam that’s being focused on Blacks nationwide and agitating the hell out of them. It’s not safe to be around any Blacks – period.

    The odds of a major uprising / civil war in the next few years is extremely high Folks.

  13. On a local level, it doesn’t matter. On a state level it’s starting matter because of all of the Californian and Northern Transplants moving into Texas, and because of the Messicans, whose invasion they support.

  14. so hunter supports the democrats taking total control permanently. he deliberately wants lose his country, his heritage, and his history. he deliberately wants his children to live in a nightmare.

    duly noted. the south will be lost forever under hunter wallace’s plan.

    now all that’s left to discuss is what his grandchildren will learn in history books. should be rather amusing from our perspective, and hunter deliberately voted to make sure he had zero say in the matter. extreme far left white hating democrats will teach hunter’s grandchildren what to think.

    yes, it sucks a lot sometimes, voting for republicans. but there is no alternative. florida and georgia are about to have black rule. hunter wants it that way. he prefer losing everything.

    if south africans won’t resist outnumbered 10 to 1 by blacks, when will white americans resist? hunter is deluded about his prospects.

  15. Good interview with Commander Cantwell, HW. I enjoyed the back and forth between a loud, brash New Yorker and a polite Southern gent.

    • Cantwell is a lot louder and brasher than most New Yorkers and cannot speak 3 words without using obscenities. He also introduces irrelevant and repulsive digressions about pubic hair. General Lee would not tolerate him and Hitler would find him an example of Jewish degeneracy.

  16. I agree with you. I don’t think we should support them at all. The sooner the party dies, the better off we’ll be.

  17. We should support the Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam, in order to free Palestine and wipe ZOG off the face of the earth.

  18. Funny seeing failed degenerates and old lonely hags without mirrors praising Anglos and attacking Catholics. It’s because of these uneducated scum that (((America))) deserves everything that it had, it has, and more important, what is coming.

    I was born in Europe, and have met many Euros.So I can say from experience that Anglo trash is by far the most disgusting of all Euros.
    That degenerated criminal filth with low self esteem and inflated ego, has no sense of decency, and lacks any sense of moral behavior or righteousness.
    So it’s a pleasure for real Europeans to see what’s happening with “British” children in Roterham and watching Muslims beating up little gay anglos all day in South London.
    True British culture died with the Druids.

  19. A Nationalist party that won 3% to 5% nationally would cause the Repukes to lose the presidency in 2020; it will NOT happen, because there are too many GOP-supporting dunces in this country.
    If we want a Nationalist future, we must endure rule by Dems in the meantime–again, it will NOT happen, because there are too many GOP-supporting dunces in this country.

  20. I’ve subscribed to the “Worse is better” theory for some time now, and Hunter has discussed it here as well and I don’t believe he subscribes to it. As from the comments alone on this post, we are disjointed and not unified. The ONLY thing that will change that IMO is when it does get worse for all Whites. Then and then alone, will we put aside our differences for a unified White party that represents OUR interests.
    Chris McDaniel in Mississippi is the only politician that comes to mind that I’d vote for.

    When it does get worse, and it will, then it will get better. We still have a ways to go. Use that time wisely.

  21. Right now the ONLY republican’t I am (tentatively) supporting is Corey Stewart for US senate, Virginia. The rest can piss up a rope. I will NEVER vote democrap either, and I hope that goes without my saying so. They can all die the most horrible death imaginable.

  22. I will be voting Republican, because the tantrums of the Democrat left are entertaining.

    I have nothing but respect for Brad and the other energetic young white activists, but I think the cause of White Nationalism is best served by allowing Antifa to terrorize and bully True Conservatards and patriotards as they try to stand up for Muh Constitution.

    Soon, it will not be enough to not wear red Make America Great Again baseball caps. ANY dissension, not matter how mild, even on the left will incur the wrath of fanatical leftards on people’s heads. That will send them lurking at websites like yours, Brad.

    What will they find? Hopefully lots of articles, lot of eye-opening articles, filled with lots of historical details, especially how prescient the White Nationalists of yesteryear were when they warned how bad things were going to get for the Whites of the future if they didn’t wake up before it was too late. And what they saw is far less bad as it has already gotten. So incorporate a lot of “blasts from the pasts” from brothers who are no longer with us.

    I know that I was a blissfully asleep Normie with strong Christian Zionist leanings until I was forced to take a Hispanic studies class and realized that there were groups that the academics at my college were encouraging to organize as a people against the White Heritage people.

    FYI, Genie, I am not one of them. I am not a WASP. I’m a White Catholic ethnic from the North who appreciates the White Anglo Saxon Protestant heritage and its many blessings that my people were allowed to share and I will not see it destroyed by their enemies.

    I hope you understand that not all White Nationalists share your Protestant religion or ethnicity. Just as you understand that there an awful lot of WASPS who are perfectly okay with diversifying any White who cannot afford their cushy White gated enclave, including fellow WASPS.

    Isn’t it time Whites, both Catholic and Protestants work together for the fourteen words instead of fighting over which group let the Jews out?


    • More of my people are/were Catholics. It’s from intimacy and basic common sense both of living in the belly of the beast that I speak.

      There just is no way to square preserving whites’ freedoms with Roman Catholicism. I don’t make the rules, I just try to flout them when/wherever possible.

    • Catholicism is universal, so it’s in tension with enforced segregation, but the “Trad” variety would appear to promote resistance to Jewish plans for a secularized society.

  23. I’d say the case for keeping the GOP in power comes down to guns, judges and keeping a situation in place where the mainstream feels compelled to express open and escalating anti-white hate on a daily basis.

    I think guns in particular are reason enough to vote GOP, without any other illusions or expectations that the GOP will suddenly become a pro-white party or build a wall, etc.; as distasteful and dismaying as I find the idea of giving votes to the Republicans, I think we have to do what we have to do to stop the Democrats, Jews and the left from federalizing guns.

    • Lew that is EXACTLY what Kavanaugh was tapped to do by the Atlantic City, NJ-bred Don McGahn – FEDERALIZE guns.

      What is the matter with people that they can’t face reality on this?

      Renegade Tribune has attempted to pick up the slack, linking to Ben Swann’s video exposing the real agenda behind Kavanaugh’s appointment: http://www.renegadetribune.com/3-constitutional-reasons-why-kavanaugh-should-not-be-on-supreme-court/

      I called out Kavanaugh’s evisceration of the Fourth’s protections the minute he was nominated.

      Anyone who thinks Trump’s coterie of NYC/NJ Irish and Italian Catholics and Jews will work in any way to preserve any of whites’ rights is willfully ignorant.

      • I don’t entirely disagree with you, but I do in part. Kavanaugh is a mainstream Republican, so of course he is going be bad in all kinds of ways that Republicans historically have been bad, especially on the fourth and fifth amendments. It is still true that Kavanaugh looks to be solid on guns and the second amendment. For example, this 90+ page dissent by Kavanaugh from the DC Court of Appeals was going around a while back. In it, Kavanaugh follows Scalia in rejecting the notion of using “public safety” considerations as a basis for restricting gun rights. That matters a lot because “public safety” is the left’s legal pretext for de facto abolishing the 2A.


        • From the document you link:

          “The second main issue on appeal concerns D.C.’s gun registration regime. D.C. requires registration of all guns lawfully possessed in D.C. The Supreme Court in Heller expressly allowed “longstanding prohibitions on the possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill, or laws forbidding the carrying of firearms in sensitive places such as schools and government buildings, or laws imposing conditions and qualifications on the commercial sale of
          arms.” 554 U.S. at 626-27 (emphasis added). The Court added that regulations and exceptions should be judged based on their “historical justifications.” Id. at 635. In McDonald, the Court summarized the point this way: “We made it clear in Heller that our holding did not cast doubt on such longstanding regulatory measures as ‘prohibitions on the possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill,’ ‘laws forbidding the carrying of firearms in sensitive places such as schools and government buildings, or laws imposing conditions and qualifications on the commercial sale of arms.’” McDonald v. City of Chicago, 130 S. Ct. 3020, 3047 (2010) (controlling opinion of Alito, J.) (quoting Heller, 554 U.S. at 626-27).17
          The fundamental problem with D.C.’s gun registration law is that registration of lawfully possessed guns is not “longstanding.”

          Remember that the Heller decision came down in 2008 I believe, and the above in 2010 – two years before the dawning of the era of the ‘mentally ill mass shooter.’

          It is my contention that whites will be disarmed through the application of ERPO’s and ‘terrorist prevention special needs’ exceptions and as hate crime-created ‘felons.’ The Reagan Tokes Act will even allow such felons to be imprisoned indefinitely as another total evisceration of our due process protections. Certainly many such adjudicated, as opposed to convicted in a court of law, will plead ‘mentally ill’ to get out of jail quicker but that’s the same thing as being labeled a felon when it comes to gun rights.

          Our rights are literally disappearing right before our eyes. Americans think it can’t happen here.

          It can and is. Kavanaugh is outside the mainstream; if you read my comments below you’ll see it’s his molestation of our due process protections that earns him the dubious distinction.

          I fully believe that’s why he was picked when there were a number of solid conservative true constitutionalists to choose from, including ones who would activate the base.

          • A detailed article on McGahn’s status vis a vis executive branch immunity:


            Kavanaugh was a rabid prosecutor of Clinton but as a judge has signaled clear belief in strengthening the executive branch. He is a total hypocrite, the type that has no cause but his own will to power.

            He will literally and figuratively disarm his adversaries by autocratic whim and that’s why McGahn promoted him to SCOTUS.

      • I personally don’t think you need to bring Irish, Italians and Catholics into it to make your points. There are plenty of points to make against the Republicans without bringing in those divisive themes.

  24. https://thehill.com/opinion/judiciary/404751-brett-kavanaughs-views-in-privacy-and-the-fourth-amendment-should-make

    From the article: “As America and the world adapt to the era of electronic communications, privacy issues become more complex and Fourth Amendment rights become more critical. Kavanaugh’s record of repeatedly deferring to executive power and narrowing Fourth Amendment rights is out of step with advocates of all ideological stripes who value the fundamental importance of individual privacy.”

    ERPO’s completely endow the executive with deciding who gets to own a gun or not. They completely circumvent all due process and even transparency.

    In the first link I think Kavanaugh’s view that stopping ‘terrorists’ justifies abrogating Fourth Amendment protections. As if defiant whites have never been deemed ‘domestic terrorists.’

  25. https://www.google.com/search?q=ashley+estes+kavanaugh+pics+images&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwithLSst_ndAhWMt1kKHSnfCTcQ_AUIDigB&biw=1440&bih=811#imgrc=4-VjbDsvWbfjEM:

    That’s one of the online pics available of Ms. Ashley Estes Kavanaugh from Abilene, Texas.

    The Estes family name is associated with sephardic jewry, many of whom went crypto during the Inquisition and even into the New World, mostly Spanish, then Texas. Her family pretended to be Episcopalians in Texas and who knows, perhaps they were of ((((noble))) english-roman background as the name is also associated with very jews-sounding english nobility if you research it.

    She’s tried to whiten her look in DC, at times subtly lightening her hair and avoiding the sun like the plague. But the pics one finds of her back in Abilene clearly reveal non-white lineage, as if it’s she’s fooling everyone now.

    Brett and Ashley met when she was Bush W’s White House secretary.

  26. No, white nationalists should not trust the Republicans, they are big government war mongers, they are always wanting to send some kid from Podunk Indiana off to killed in the middle east, they got killed for freedom, horseshit. They got killed because Israel wanted another war, or the Washington meddlesome Maddies wanted to order the rest of the world about. They are not on our side, they set up a police state, they want to spy on everybody. They public is being taught to worship the damn military and the police, and they plaster the U.S. flag all over everything.

    They pretend they are on the side of the ordinary American, but all they do is cut taxes for the plutocrats, and take away what few right the American people have left.

  27. American/Dixie humour at its best. This is against the IRS/ZOG – one seriously funny story.

    Old Man Tells the Funniest Joke Ever

  28. I am voting Republican. Hopefully Republicans will hold the House and Senate. Ginsburg is on life support and will hopefully go to Her final reward and allow Trump to nominate another candidate for Supreme Court Justice. The Judeo Marxists/Communist /Democrats will really go Bat Crap Crazy.
    Hopefully waking up more White People.

  29. I tried listening to Cantwell’s Radical Agenda program on the web. The man cannot say three words without using the f-word and similar stuff, and is easily diverted to talk about “hairy porn” and other repulsive topics. If Hitler and his staff could tune in Radical Agenda they would view it as another proof of Jewish degeneracy at work.

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