Feminism Is Getting Ugly

The conventional wisdom is that American sexual relations, traditional marriage all went to hell in the 1960s with the sexual revolution and the rise of feminism led by God awful, hateful Jewish feminists like Gloria Steinem, Bella Abzug, Betty Friedan etc. In all honesty, our country and our people have always had big problems with bitter, no fun, man hating women – just read some of letters between John Adams and Abigail Adams – what a bitch!

Also, we try to put some type of positive spin on the Puritans landing on Plymouth Rock when the reality is that these Puritans were basically expelled from Merry Old England for being a bunch of no fun, sexless, holier than thou women obsessed with the notion that someplace, some man is having a good time.

It’s reality that today’s bitter feminists are just another appearance of the typical American Puritan, Women’s Temperance Society, Suffragettes that pushed through Prohibition.

We didn’t give women the right to vote until ~ 1920 and we did so under the strict idea that if we gave women the vote they would stop all this Prohibition nonsense.

This just shows that you give pushy man hating American women an inch, they’ll take a mile!

My experience has been that this mental illness called “Feminism” was once confined to the Northeast, big Northern cities, corrupt Lib universities like Harvard, Yale, Smith College (both my grandmothers and mom went to Smith – now it’s a bad Lib Lesbian school!) and this plague hadn’t made it to the South. But now we see it spreading everywhere. Texas now has a California Tofu Lib Dem running competitively for Governor – and make no mistake, the feminist cult is heavily invested.

We have to nip this in the bud.

What is to be done?

1) Don’t panic.

2) Just check out the positive, sexy but not slutty ways our people used to live – like the Miss America beauty pageant from the 1950s where healthy gals from places like Alabama competed in tasteful, but attractive swimsuits and evening gowns – also not so much fake boobs.

Real American men don’t need big, fake boobs.

C’mon folks, our women weren’t made to wear burkas.

We’ve faced these problems before, we’ll face them now and come through it.

I’ll be talking about this subject on this week’s The Political Cesspool – please tune it.


  1. It needs to be illegal for women to be : Representatives, judges, police, “prosecuting” attorneys, or in charge of men in military or prisons. A new law like this would bring back normal femininity within about 5 years. These are dark jobs to be shouldered by men. Notice them doing these things began in the 70’s.

    • #RepealThe19th and “No Fault” Divorce laws, and white births will skyrocket. Women have been in charge of only one thing for tens of thousands of years, babies. Handing them Western Power and Culture in 50 years was a grievous error.

    • I still remember how strange and evil it seemed to me watching a female cop locking a male prisoner into the back of her van on a hot day. Women should be feminine. While Puritan women may be killjoys, the pit bull or Doberman female model comes from you-know-who and in America it dates from the 60s. Note that this defeminized woman is also a Bolshevik ideal, and standard in Israeli society.

      • The Puritan men were in charge and hekd all positions of authority- – and they weren’t a barrel of laughs either!

    • Is KD rebel the one where he abducts females-even teenage females, from a local town and matches them up with prospective husbands in a self-contained racial community? Is that really the image you want to project? I read David Lane’s book (Victory or Valhalla) and some of it is simply insane especially when he gets into Biblical numerology and believes his name and birth was hidden in a biblical code in Revelations.

      • It’s a better image than either ignoring the problem completely–as some in the Streetmarching Right are want to do–or losing ourselves in faggy magical thinking about artificial wombs and robot caregivers–as some in the Memeposting Right are want to do.

        At least his idea is somewhat practical. Worked for the Romans, didn’t it? Rape of the Sabine women?

        Even the Christian Bible advocates taking the virgin women of conquered tribes as wives. Personally, I don’t necessarily like the idea of kidnap and rape as a matter of state policy, but I’m willing to put aside my obsolescent bourgeois sensibilities and at least entertain the notion of doing whatever it takes to secure an existence for our people and a future for white children.

        His religious stuff? Ok, yeah, I’ll admit that some of that stuff is a little odd. But then so is transubstantiation, so is original sin. So is the atheistic notion that the cosmos came from nothing and will go to nothing apropos of nothing.

  2. That said…

    …the Puritans and puritanism weren’t all that bad. Hell, I wish more of our people would eat better, do some pushups and lay off the booze and smokes for awhile. God(s) knows I should, but how am I going to trust you to shoot a sentry or put a bomb under a car when you’re so fat/drunk/emphysemic that you can barely even walk?

    That faggy old Stormer meme of “white sharia” might actually work if white MEN had the fortitude and personal discipline to do something like it. Because, well, we’re all talking about what we can or can’t do to fight off the evergrowing encroachment of ZOG. Which group of people has actually done a good job of pulling it off? Shi’ite Muslims. So… whatever it is that they’re doing, we need to do that.

    • Believe it or not it’s not JUST ZOG – NOW we’ve got this little thing called Christian Zionists – Only they’re NOT so little. They’re 20 million strong in the US and they’re OBSESSED with licking the boots of ZOG. Pence is one & I believe Trump is now one too. All they’re obsessed with is serving Israel to bring on the “end of days.” Now we know WHY the US has went from an industrial based economy to a service based economy. The US is now a SERVANT of Israel.

      The ONLY way to beat this is to begin locally and begin with your own young White males. You MUST give them something to fight for. It USED to be religion was the common bond, the common belief system that made us fight off both the Jews and the Muslims. Then it was the State and now that’s been destroyed as well.
      Everyone believes that they’re enlightened but what’s happened is the White man is spiritually dead. And he’s dying. If this fundamental need is NOT put back somehow the White man WILL go extinct. It’s happened to countless civilizations. I don’t have all the answers but I DO know that.

    • You are right. Sadly too many Christian women, and I include MARRIED WOMEN, are not virtuous. There was a time, yes, but that time is gone.

      While there are Muslim whores, they are much less than Christians.
      There are still Muslim women who are virgins at marriage.
      More than Christians by far.

      I can only assume that it is the LACK of Jewish penetration into, e.g. Iran, that has saved the day for decency.
      In Islam there are SEVERE penalties for sexual sin.
      Now probably 99% of Americans would oppose such moral law.
      They like the Televitz and all the rest of it.
      But the very foundation of our race has been based on women being chaste..
      Just look at what our ancestors said about women and their relation to their husbands in the religion called Hinduism, although that is not its true name.
      Women were totally subordinate to the husband.
      Women called their husband “My Lord”
      It was a HEALTHY, MORAL society, and the words written 5,000 years ago by those Aryans from Europe who founded Indian civilization are PROPHETIC and can guide our people today.

      There is a Hadith in Islam that is also prophetic, speaking of the end times, it is said that women will lose their purity.
      And is that not the case???

      As Robert Frenz wrote in April 1992:
      If you take the initials of ADOLF HITLER and insert them between ADAM and EVE, so that the first shall be last and the last shall be first, you’ll have ADAMA and HEVE. These are the names of the first man and the first woman that appeared in the Hindu book The Prophecies by Ramutsariar. This account of Creation predates the Christian Bible by about two thousand years. There must be a message somewhere in all of this.

      The Kali Yuga is coming to a close, then the Golden Age once again.

  3. What’s wrong, Jack – can’t get a date, even with “White Hispanics”? There’s always Thai Ladybois. Ask Thernovich to set you up!

    • My thoughts exactly, @Denise ! And WTF with all this kidnap and rape OUR OWN women shite?? Behave like the brown animal religious fanatics? ? No!

      We cannot outbreed the poc of the world. We have to strengthen our men and give our women the support of a moral and strong husband who will provide for her at home. Their are very, very few of them out there.

  4. My Brother you hit it right on the button! They got two statues in Plymouth Ma. dedicating wymims rights. Love the article, let’s keep our nuts….forever

    • May I add, two very old statues in Plymouth Ma.of PROGGESSIVE wymin.
      Ya, the disease came from the north and spread
      White wymin f#&&ing niggers, how progressive.I can’t blame you for being pissed

      • but Every.Single.Time. juden was always in the picture even in colonial times. Their masturbating HAND rubbing goes back for millennia. even in our short history…

  5. These…..’champians’ of womens rights will never speak up against Paki grooming gangs in
    Britain, forced marriages of 12 year olds or burquas. To clarify-they’re against WHITE men,
    ALL men. They screech at white men over some trivial thing like a grown man groping
    grown woman at a party, yet if real violations against women by minorities are pointed out…..they label you racist!
    Many fembats, soyboys and transgenders want the equal right to join the military……well please do. The weaker the military becomes, the better.
    Another symptom of feminism is many men are
    going to Asia to find wives, so they can have a ‘traditional’ family with a ‘traditional’ wife. This is what we’ve become. Fuck me!

    • @John

      I like the idea of keeping normal white men out of the military.

      Only fembats, soyboys, homosexuals, transsexuals, bn and other POC.

      • @Mestigoit

        Yes the real fight will soon be on home soil to get our nation’s back. The real men need to save it for that, not get wasted in some Jew conflict none of us give a shit about.
        Enjoy your weekend my friend.

    • @Mestigoit we’ll alk be waiting to see how “traditional” the half-White children turn out after exposure to this garbage culture — not to mention how “traditional” the Asian wife will be after living in Consumertopia for a few years..

      Many of these mail-order brides get over here to the U.S. and then abscond with the man’s money and children and future! They can figure out divorce, too. It’s just not the “Northern” American women!!

  6. What is the point of degrading our own women like this? Abigail Adams was a loyal and incredibly competent woman (even the most cursory research would have brought this to light), do read the 1000-something letters she and her husband penned – most people can only wish for such a marriage, they’re brimming with love and partnership. Those “frigid” Puritans were literate, skilled, highly industrious people, …whatever you think of their religious beliefs, a force to be reckoned with and not so childishly trashed. Boohoo Prohibition, what a joke, especially on a Southron site – did y’all forget that the KKK promoted suffrage HOPING for Prohibition (which actually makes sense unlike “here’s a vote, now quit it” shit-tier logic)?

    Forget about all that though, think about vapid distractions indicative of decay like Miss America and whatever because Murica!!!

    This is the very same author that is constantly gushing over modern Hispanic women, big surprise.

    • Oakley writes:

      “Abigail Adams was a loyal and incredibly competent woman (even the most cursory research would have brought this to light), do read the 1000-something letters she and her husband penned ”

      I respond:

      Yeah, I read some of Abigail Adams’ letters to her husband John Adams – including the one where she threatened a second American Revolution if American women weren’t given the right to vote and full social, religious and economic equality with American men.

      Fortunately John Adams had a set of balls and responded in no uncertain terms that there was absolutely no way in Hell that this would even be considered as this would bring about the collapse of our civilization.

      I’ve been and am in some very, very rough places with brutal criminals, the worst, corrupt anti White politicians, lying press media guys, but it’s these Northern big city, college miseducated women that are the worst.

      Never let down your guard.

    • “Degrading our own women like this”

      No, they degraded THEMSELVES. Like a true White Knight, you just want to keep people from committing the sin of Noticing Reality.

      • Re Jaye Ryan: An entirely prescient warning. She was hardly advocating full equality, same woman – “I will thank You for any Books particularly interesting. Those which You sent me of citizenes’s Roland contain many curious annecdotes. there is through the whole a display of vanity, perfectly Characteristick of her Nation. no other, but a French woman, could have written so. poor Roland stands in the back ground, however brilliant a woman tallents may be, she ought never to shine at the expence of her Husband. Government of States and Kingdoms, tho God knows badly enough managed, I am willing Should be solely administerd by the Lords of the Creation, nor would I object, that a salique Law should universally prevail. I shall only contend for Domestick Government, and think that best administerd by the Female.” Just for the sake of argument, full equality would hardly have been a leap from the contemporary revolutionary logic of men anyway. But sure, what a bitch – taking her domestic responsibilities seriously, taking the decade long near-neglect of her husband in stride, successfully managing their farm and making a decent foray into merchantry, being constant fount of support and advice for her husband…

    • 15 year olds are not too young for babies, they’re just arguably too young for pregnancy.

      Traditionally, most teenaged girls spent a fair amount of time playing with or tending to the needs of younger siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews, the children of family friends, etc. It was training them for the day that they would have their own family, just as boys spent most of their time learning their father’s trade so that they could one day support a family. That was the very definition of adolescence, not this techno-industrial notion of giving people a decade or so of “fun” before they have to leave college and become another corpgov.wage slave.

      The first time I met a legally-adult female who had never held a baby before, I was shocked. I could barely understand how that was possible. Now that I’ve been outside Whiteghanistan enough to know just how common it is, I can say with some certainty that this one thing is a very good illustration of what’s wrong with our people. ZOG has taken something from us that all humans and most mammals historically took for granted, and just thinking of that is enough to make me KILLING MAD.

  7. My grandmother was born in 1913 and I can assure you if she were still alive she would be in Washington protesting Trump and Kavanaugh wearing a pussy hat. Her favorite magazine was the (((New Yorker))).

    • My mother was born before your gramma, and I could tell you, were she still alive, she’d slap your grandmother around for being a traitor to her husband, father, and God. That woman (at least) knew her place, and gave honor to whom honor was due, all the days of her life.

  8. “Real American men don’t need big, fake boobs.”

    Why the hell not? What’s more American than big fake boobs?

    • @Powell

      I have a thing for voluptuous, healthy looking women. You don’t want an elephant that eats you out of house and home, but at the same time, you don’t want a stick insect that looks like something the cat dragged in. I’ve always also loved the look of women wearing glasses….just love that nerdy, office girl look.
      When you look at most Alt-Right women who speak on our behalf……how striking and gorgeous are they?! I’m so proud to have them speaking in defense of men like us.

  9. I consider feminism as a good thing. Liberalism or communism or whatever you like to call this madness is genetic and one major event nobody noticing is that there is yuuge racial cleansing going on inside the white race. Liberal filth has no children and they take their horrific genes with them to the graveyard.
    Humans winning because we breed the weirdos out.

    Eastern Europe is normal because of Hitler and Stalin and locals and 3 wars and 2 revolutions. Lot of cloud people got killed and liberal gene stopped spreading. When you watch white countries, then it is clearly visible, that the more nation suffered in the wars, the less liberal this nation has.

    • Yeah but the problem is that childless liberals reproduce the same way that fags do. They have none of their own, so they warp and vampyrize YOUR kids. They take a special relish in turning the children of white Christian conservatives; they go out of their way to secrete themselves into areas where you wouldn’t expect them (religious and rural schools, there’s apparently some pussy-hatters teaching classes at the Christian academy here in Hicksville, Alabama) and they especially target the smart ones. And there ain’t a whole Hell of a lot you can do about it, short of homeschooling them sans television in an area where they won’t be exposed to corpgov marketing or other subtle forms of brainwashing.

      Then you have to keep them in your little wilderness compound for the rest of their lives, because they’ll have far less resistance to system mind control once they leave. There’s a reason why the children of conservative Slavic and Mestizo families all turn into bugmen and skanks when they move to W Europe or N America.

      • @ChadinSiberia
        “Then you have to keep them in your little wilderness compound for the rest of their lives, because they’ll have far less resistance to system mind control once they leave. ”

        You only have to do that for those with a genetic predisposition to self hatred.

        Yuri is right. Whites that hate themselves have a genetic flaw that healthy Whites do not have. Everyone here was subjected to the same psychological conditioning as White anti-Whites, yet we aren’t anti-White like they are, because we don’t have the flipped gene that predisposes us to self hatred. White anti-Whites get off on self hatred. They get a chemical rush when they practice self hatred, where others can see them. They are sick!

  10. It’s a prescient point, this article. Like the author, many of us on our journey to understand the way the world is, emerging from our indoctrination from our earliest moments, see the (((all too familiar))) names dominating the mike.

    Feminism is not about women, that is the content. The form is about power in the same way that so many groups are categorized by (((these people))).

    These groups are then inculcated with whatever method of infection that bends the will to those with designs for power.

    What they want is in the opposite direction of the Enlightenment.

    Despotic greed is the head. The heart is predatory manipulation upon the psychology of the less informed and those that cannot understand, either by playing to their psychological defences to bury understanding or simply by understanding the stupid, by the numbers.

  11. As a movie character put it, the man is the head but the woman is the neck. I note the contrast between the first picture and the last. It’s no accident so many “feminists” are ugly, lesbian or both.

  12. 1 Corinthians 11:3 But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.

    • Well, the head of Ann Coulter must be Tim Wise..And above Soviet women were once Vladimir Lenin and Beria and Yagoda. I can,t wait for a day when nonwhites run over Church to end up those Bible jumpers like they did to Corinthians.

      Universalism does not work. I think that Christianity is destroyed by Christians beyond repair.

      Instead of Bible quotes, just scream Israel Israel until third world takes over.

      • @juri

        The Cannanite/Edomite Jews have turned Christianity into corrupted Judeo-Christianity.

        The goods news is true Christianity which is Identity Christianity has come to light revealing who the players are in this great deception.

        Start your journey here: http://www.christogenea.org

  13. Tonight is almost as pleasurable as the night of the election. The left and the Jews thought they had the kill shot with Brazen-Fraud. Now they get to watch their electoral holes crumble too.

    • “Captain John Charity Spring MA
      OCTOBER 6, 2018 AT 7:58 PM
      “Tonight is almost as pleasurable as the night of the election. ”

      I respond:

      Yes, I agree. These were 2 victories for us and we haven’t many others. I want to thank everyone who worked so hard for this one victory. I certainly worked hard – must have called, e-mailed every single Congressional staff member of Key Senators.

      So, yes, we can have victories in mainstream American politics. The System sucks but it’s not impossible, we just have to pick our battles, only jump in when something has some chance for us and we do things right.

      Do you hear that you 3rd party Constitutionalists, Libertarian patriots who always waste all your time, money hopes on some 3rd Party Presidential savior who somehow is going to turn back the clocks and bring back

      The 1950s
      The Confederacy
      Life before the Great Society, the New Deal, the Fed etc

      • A New Mill opened in Ruby, S. C. The two factories on Route 1 in Cheraw,
        S. C. Were runnnimg a Second Shift last Sunday. Manufacturing ??? is picking up.
        Kavenauh got elected to the Supreme Court because White People and God Fearing Others are waking up. The Communist, Devil’s Emmisaries, are really a
        Minority. They look ? bigger than they are because they use various “Force Multipliers”. This tactic makes them appear much stronger than they really are. The Jews took a few tanks and keeps, tied empty barrels behind them, drove them around at night. They scared ? the Egyptians so bad they dropped their rifles, boots and ran away.
        Semper Fi And Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are .

  14. Bravo America.

    Now is morning here in Europe and liberal hysteria is through the roof. This was Kursk Battle of Global Liberalism. Despite losses Kursk was militarily very much irrelevant. The real victory was shock that German Army has no idea anymore how to win.

    Some people here in Europe already quoting here already the Independence Day movie scene where General says that tell all world that now we know how to bring those bitches down…:D

  15. @juri

    The Cannanite/Edomite Jews have turned Christianity into corrupted Judeo-Christianity.

    The goods news is true Christianity which is Identity Christianity has come to light revealing who the players are in this great deception.

    Start your journey here: http://www.christogenea.org

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