Northern Yankee Feminist Bit*$&amp Doing What They Always Do

I send my very best to our great Southern kinsmen.

God bless the South.

And God especially bless the great Southern ladies – I love em. I had two Southern girlfriends:

Miss Cindy from Chattanooga TN!

And Beth from Texas!

How I let either of em get away – well that was on me.

I can’t say a lot of positive things about Northern, big city, college mis-educated women like Hillary…

I would rather hang out with Black gang members who are more respectful of my personal property and frankly just more fun than these bitter, man hating, feminists $&#*$&@.

Feminism Tanking Ratings Everywhere – Destroying Everything Good in USA

Not only are these shrieking Northern feminist harpies conducting a witch hunt and an all out male bashing destruction campaign against Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh, other feminists young (Canadian teen) and getting old (bullying feminist bitch Gretchen Carlson) have been hell bent on destroying the Boy Scouts of America and the Miss America beauty contest. Ratings are tanking across the board as nobody, especially healthy women don’t want to watch a beauty contest without a swimsuit competition where the women contestants are scripted to push bad Leftist politics and bash president Trump. Esquire magazine, Glamour magazine and Playboy Magazine are all but defunct for publishing bad Leftist politics and awarding Hillary and Angela Merkel as “the sexiest political leader in the world” Link!

Yeah, it’s very depressing but it’s nothing new. Just check out some of these honest cartoonist lamenting the bitc** no fun, feminists pushing women’s suffrage.

Haven’t we all suffered enough?


  1. What’s the proportion of niggers in USA? Every time I try to watch an American movie around 30% of the cast are blacks.
    Plus fat dumb white men, and skinny white females with 5 year old annoying voices.

    • @Nemo

      ‘Statistics’ tell us its about 13% but it probably feels and looks like 50% sometimes. Mexican immigration has kept the black percentage low. Without that, they’d easily scrape 30% and growing if they were only sharing the nation with the whites.

        • idk man, they kill each other at astronomical rates in every city in every state every day of every year since they’ve existed in weimerica so maybe not…
          but yeah, i think its been good for population control.
          Over in the subsahara in the mutha-lanz their kept in check via diseases, cannibalism , famine and tribal genocidal warfare…
          this is how the brown populations are also kept in check, similar to how certain bacteria is beneficial to your immune and digestive systems to ward off other more dangerous bacterias.

      • Good point, @john! I just came off a three-week post that unfortunately had 24/7 television yapping in the background. If I didn’t know better, I’d guess 75% Black just from the portayals…and in most of the roles, they had them “acting White”. ( See Whitey? They’re just like you! But cooler!)

        It’s an attempt to desensitize us to the Negrofication of our culture and an attempt to appease and elevate the Blacks. Had the OPPOSITE effect on me.

  2. The 19th Amendment was a kill shot to the nation. No wonder it was too feeble to avoid entering World War Two for you know who.

  3. James Owen,

    Yes, you are correct this post has a lot of parody. But it’s reality now, then ~ 1919, the Puritan settlements in places like Salem Mass – that there were a lot of very humorless women, with vindictive attitudes towards us men who passed them over, or to other women who did manage to land good husbands.

    It’s reality that we’re suffering a bitch fest from the likes of that former Miss America who took down Roger Ailes in a sexual harassment suit then took over the Miss America contest and turned it in to a feminist bitch with grievances place, banned the swim suit competition – and of course ensured that another Black African American women from New York won the contest and everyone associated with this years contest was bullied and told they had to get on board the feminist attacks on Trump, traditional America.

    This frankly isn’t very funny nor were the original American puritan women who were basically kicked out of Merry Old England for being basically no fun, up tight, holier than thou bitches.

    These feminist puritan harpies are just another side of the no fun Puritan women’s temperance women’s suffrage harpies.

    I think a good sense of humor and moderate beer drinking is one of the best/last defenses we straight American men have left.

  4. The alt-right brought this on itself with mindless support for Trump and LARPing about fascism and militarized police state pigs crushing enemies of Trump. These people talked themselves into thinking the state and pigs were on their side.

    We need to get back to more old school white nationalist sensibility when it was understood that the police, state, conservatives and military were enemies of whites.

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