Matt Heimbach Endorses Democrats In 2018 Midterms

Matt Heimbach has an even lower opinion of the GOP.

After all this winning, he thinks the Democrats are the lesser of two evils. I’m not willing to go that far, but I second the reasons he gives below and will be sitting out the midterms.

Immigration is back on the front burner.

Suddenly, the GOP cares about immigration and it is the most important issue facing the country. As soon as the last election was over though, immigration disappeared from the agenda and was only brought back up earlier this year when an attempt was made to give amnesty to illegal aliens. It’s amazing how much the GOP cares about immigration when there is an election less than a week away.

Note: Here in Alabama, I intend to vote in the county sheriff race. If I lived in a different state, there are SOME Republicans who I would support: Steve King in Iowa, Kris Kobach in Kansas, Kemp in Georgia, etc. I’ve always been an Independent voter, not a straight ticket Republican.

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  1. Doesn’t make sense at all. If everything sucks right now under GOP control, how will things be better for White Nationalists, when things are worse for us under Commie control? Not to mention that all everyone including all of alt-media, and MSM, is talking about, is how the Republican party will inevitably be the White Nationalist party. Yes things suck, but they’ll ABSOLUTELY be worse under Democrats! Right now whites are being Red-Pilled at such an alarming rate, the deep state, the commies, the Democrats, and every leftist, is so scared of us, that they’re fighting baxk with everything they’ve got! When i hear people talk of voting for communists, all i hear is “bring back the other bad times, before all the new bad stuff happened”! So if Matt and others, think things are bad now, and in their opinion, we are losing, what makes them thing we’ll suddenly be winning when things are worse!? Bad idea. I’m voting Republican across the board, already did, it’s the closest thing to the path forward.

    • “the boat is sinking, dont bother bailing it out we will just shoot holes in the bottom of it so the water can drain out”

      you are absolutely right, you think its bad now with commies holding most of the cards including in the senate and house controlled by these j-leftist and j-right just wait until you hand it all over to the commies… while trump is nowhere near ideal allowing the left ANY room is only going to destroy you and you will not come back. you will be like the last white man in rhodesia saying “anytime now we are going to start something, i dont know what, but something that is going to save us”

      • Newsflash- a reason whites find themselves in such a jam is not just that our populace and most elected leaders are clueless, when not intentionally corrupt, but also because many of our alternative “leaders” are so stone cold dumb.

        The most simplistic and “radical” of which are the product of an adverse selection process – those with no accomplishments or assets to risk, or those too stupid to understand such dynamics at all.

        Hamback finding himself 50 or 100 or 200 likeminded lost souls is great… for Hamback.

        For the country, it’s irrelevant.

        For our nation / people, it’s probably detrimental.

        If Hamback wanted to pursue this, he would isolate Congressional districts *already lost* – meaning isolate within a “container”. And feed far, far radical “Left” and racial agitation to that area’s dominant Left, to push them farther Left – argue his enemy’s case, success defined only to the degree it’s adopted by those in power within the selected container. Make it truly awful for any “moderates” remaining and lesson for national audience, assuming success in attracting attention.
        That would be a productive application of his sentiment.
        Alternatively, if he’s simply not interested in “democracy”, he should drop such pretense and STFU and busy himself with whatever losers do to pass the time.
        I don’t expect him to understand any of this. Actually, I take that back. I expect him to understand but be too gluttonous to care.

    • @Richard Dewey

      “Now whites are being Red-Pilled at such an alarming rate”

      I’m not saying this is untrue but I would like a little verification. Most whites are completely unaware of an alternate reality in my opinion. I’ve had way more luck discussing real issues with blacks than whites. Hey just yesterday I came across a black man that was listening to a podcast about FEMA prison camps. The scary thing is I don’t virtue signal and 99% of my time I don’t give a seconds thought to black people. The people I care about, my own race, are the most crestfallen and blinded people there are. If we are waking up at alarming rates where is the street action? This is the only avenue we have left. We have been shut out of the political system, law enforcement, the education system, the internet, churches, the military, and now we are getting shut out of our own groups with these anti_______ rallying cries. The drums are beating in the distance and getting louder, our enemies are getting closer, and we aren’t doing anything in response.

      • Have to agree. Most whites are only concerned with their own personal problems and survival. I don’t believe many of them know how or care how much danger our race is actually in.

    • It’s outright lunacy to vote commie or sit this one out. Think about your freaking kids and stop being so damn selfish.

  2. I already did early voting. I didn’t have any big races here, just Congress and a few local and judiciary positions. I did vote all Republican. That being said if he cucks on these caravans I am done. I voted for a wall and am getting tents. ¡No Bueno!

  3. If I lived in Alexandria Ocasia-Cotez’s part of NYC I’d definitely vote for her (I live on the top floor of the PAN AM Building in Midtown).

  4. I’m supporting the Republican, not because I think that they will do what they promise, but because It is likely that the Democrats will.

  5. How hard is it to judge a politician by his policies and not the letter next to his name? If we had more people doing that our position would be much better.

      • Traficant, an American of Italian descent I will add, was the subject of destruction because he knew what was going on. I believe he was assassinated.

        And, yet, the people who really do no research and have no clue as to the scope of what is going on want all whites to mirror Traficant or be extreme. There is no faster way to neutralization than speaking out in the interests of the white race. The more you do it, the faster your demise.

  6. Voting Democrat is a bridge too far for me, but I can’t find fault with Heimbach’s logic.

    I just can’t bring myself to do it.

  7. I’m reminded of the McCain “build the dang fence” ad. Trump is McCain with stronger rhetoric.

    It’s incredible that the alt right believes Trump is “moving the overton window” our direction when you can go on youtube and find videos of basic Republicans saying the same things just a few years ago. Or if you go back a few years before that, you can even see democrats saying all the same things.

    • In reality, the overton window is moving left at such a quick rate that basic republican talking points you would hear on Rush Limbaugh five years ago are now far right extremism when Trump says them.

      • Don’t let the MSM bullshit fool you. Look at reality. Whites around the world are pushing hard-right! We cant fight a war wothout sustaining injuries. I never meant we are winning, I’m merely pointing to the fact that the acceleration is happening under this admin, & acceleration is what we’ve always needed to recruit more whites to our corner. Look, it may always appear we’re losing, because (((they)) push the narrative, bcz they own it all. But they wouldn’t be going at us so hard if we weren’t a serious threat. And a threat we are. It’s way to soon to make a big move, but handing the commies any power at this point, would be giving up the little ground we made. And if anyone isnt paying attention, the entire right-wing is moving further right. Even blacks are beginning to agree with us.

  8. Is that Matthew Heimbach or David French pretending to be him? Wow, talk about a CUCK. Hate Republicans all you want but voting for Bolsheviks and openly bragging about it? I don’t want to hear how bad things are or how cucked anybody else is if your solution is to vote for people who LITERALLY, IN THE CURRENT YEAR want me and my children dead and your family, too.

    Disappointed in you Brad for even promoting this and talking positively about it. Please don’t ever complain about your website being censored or the mass slaughter of whites – including your wife and little boy – if you actually would be willing to vote FOR it.

    • Meanwhile, in reality, it’s Trump’s DOJ that is rounding up nationalists. And it’s the Republican Congress/POTUS that declared white patriots to be domestic terrorists.

  9. straight ticket gop….i cant wait see people get blamed for the GoP’s failure. bad optics ruined it all. we would be on moon base right now if you wore a friggin tie

  10. “You know I knew the press lied but I never understood the depth until now.” Trump to Leslie Stahl recently.

    Yeah he’s horrible.

    Realize where we are and what is actually feasible and appreciate what is happening.

    Vote R.

  11. It just doesn’t matter boys. Either way it’s all set on fire. There’s nothing you can do about it but try save your house.

    Eventually the ride will end.

    Who will rise from the ashes?

    Ill quote bibi.

    “The weak crumble, are slaughtered and are erased from history while the strong, for good or for ill, survive. The strong are respected, and alliances are made with the strong, and in the end peace is made with the strong”.

  12. “I’ve been looking at some polling crosstabs and I’ve got to say to my fellow white men over 55: You’re a great disappointment to me. On the other hand it seems fitting and consistent with the American story that women, minorities and young people now step up to save the republic.” -Matthew Heimbach

    err, I mean William Kristol

  13. While I’m disgusted with the entire electoral process, actually voting for the Dems seems like a bridge too far. I can understand sitting the thing out (though I’m voting, mostly due to putting money on the Repubs winning), which has much the same effect, but casting a vote for people who worship trannies and openly say White males should be killed or castrated?

    That’s pretty much “biting off your nose to spite your face.” Better to not vote at all than vote for enemies who openly declare they want your death.

    • when conservatives win, they trade more for the rich in exchange for their compliance. if dems win its the same, but no extra gibs and no more growth for conservatives. why give them anything? they gave us nothing. at least test our leverage. we should just be neutral and say we supported gop if they win and we stayed home if they lose. voting dem would leverage that strategy and they would be forced to back us in the 2020 election or admit they are tanking it, which, they kinda already proved if you ask me. ill support voting for dems though unless its some ultra rare

      • yeah, you got a good point…I will probably vote trump in 2020 just for his rhetoric, but as heimbach says, it is a valid strategy to just abandon the gop…however, I voted straight gop this time and against all tax increases and bond issues…but so far the gop does not really govern that differently from the dems

  14. I’ll take that suggestion, and go one step further…

    Let’s all join antifa!


    …we could all go chunk some molotovs into AIPAC offices, not because we hate kikes, but because they advocate on behalf of a fascist imperialistic theocracy.

    …we could do the same to SPLC and ADL because they’re essentially free-market intelligence-gathering agencies for the nazi-fascist-racist Amerikkkan Pig Empire.

    …we can burn down all the banks, not because they thrive on usury which is a Jewish conspiracy to keep our people poor, but because it’s a conspiracy of “the 1%” to do same.

    …we can go down to the border and set up armed blockades to stop the caravan, not because they’re foot-soldiers in the war to dispossess the white race and breed us out of existence, but because they represent a danger to the preexisting working class and to American organized labour. They’re scab workers and we’re going back to Bloody Harlan rules; scabs get scars!

    (We could justify this on ecological grounds as well. Third worlders facing crime and starvation? Good! Nature is returning to it’s natural balance. And anyway, for reasons which NO AT ALL CAN EVER POSSIBLY EXPLAIN, places with lots of negroes and mestizos in them seem to always turn into heavily polluted shitholes, for some reason. No one knows why.)

    …we can even justify avowedly pro-white policies dedicated to preserving and increasing the white population of whichever country we take over! Because, again for reasons which NO AT ALL CAN EVER POSSIBLY EXPLAIN, socialism and central planning (at anything other than bayonet-point) only seems to work worth a damn when you have white people with very high IQ’s doing it.

    …we can commit acts of political terrorism, brag about it on a faceberg page named for an organization that killed millions of people, and not even have to worry about getting our accounts suspended for doing so! Elections, no! Revolution, yes!

    (Disclaimer: don’t do any of these things. It won’t work when we try it.)

  15. I remember when Heimbach was a staunch supporter of Trump. He even went to his rallies to help with security.

    Hopefully those low unemployment numbers for Blacks/Hispanics that Trump loves to brag about drive them out to vote GOP on Tuesday.

    • I was on the Trump Train longer than anyone. It took the Second Syrian Airstrikes before I finally realized that he was just another powerless figurehead who could never do anything of substance for traditional Americans even if he wanted to.

      I took the betrayal pretty hard, added with some personal problems I was having at the time. To be absolutely honest, I’m pretty sure it drove me crazy.

  16. I’m seeing a whole lot of affront here to the idea of abandoning the GOP at the polls, as if the fact that Paul Ryan isn’t openly screaming for our heads is some great positive. Have you been paying attention at all to the last two years? The death of freedom of speech, the death of freedom of assembly, incursions on the 2nd amendment, the servitude to Israel, the demonization of White Nationalists of all stripes…look at all that crap, crap that happened UNDER Trump and a GOP congress, and tell me what would have been substantially different under a Hillary presidency and/or Democrat congress?

    We may as well have gone for the “greater evil” in 2016, for all the good the “lesser” one has done. The only difference between the hypothetical and reality is that in reality, with Republicans at the helm, white Americans have been lulled into complacency as the shit continues to thicken.

    Put the Democrats in, and the crap will continue to pile deeper…but at least there will be no complacency, no wasted hope for savior that isn’t there.

    I’m sitting this election out, but I support anyone’s decision to vote Democrat this time.

    • Yours should be the final word on this thread. In the words of Commander Rockwell: “To Hell with the right wing!”

    • South Africa proves, though, that accelerationism doesn’t work either. The groids are openly exterminating them and it just makes them cuck harder rather than resist.

      • A fair point, though I don’t know of any significant pro-White activism going on there. We have an active resistance which I believe would get stronger in the crucible.

      • I disagree that South Africa disproves acceleration. Orania is several levels above anything the American WN scene can produce. Even the squatter camps are white pilling because you see Afrikaners band together and form a tribal society. That sort of thing is inconceivable in America.

  17. The only difference between the Republicans and Democrats is that the Republicans are driving us over the cliff at 20 mph and the Democrats are driving us over it at 90 mph.

    It’s a choice between slow or quick national death. But either way, the country is going to die.

    • >It’s a choice between slow or quick national death. But either way, the country is going to die.

      My advice to Americans is to form regionally oriented third parties. I recently visited the southern US and for the first time the state of Texas (a far cry from my uni in the northern US or my home in the UK) and was very surprised at how much local pride there is. I believe you & I talked a bit about this last year on this blog. IMO a Texas oriented third party could successfully win local elections just like the SNP has won in Scotland (not saying you should copy the SNP’s policies). If I were an American, I’d try to capitalize on that.

  18. Voting Democrat seems like a shot in the dark, far too many unknowns. I understand the reasoning of accelerationists and co. ,and to some degree sympathise, but the stakes are too damn high to open the door to what we think is the chaos of possibility and hope for the best, especially given modern leftists are clearly of a more virulent variety than anything we’ve seen in the past and many of us have familial responsibilities. Also, the golden age of internet awakening is drawing to a close and force-quitting on a hunch and surrendering our greatest tool without at least some resistance does not seem wise. That said, I hate voting Republican and agree with them on almost nothing, their platform is despicable from almost every angle possible and the only reason I bother voting for them is that the other side hates white people a little more.

  19. If endorsing Democrats is part of Heimbach’s strategy to rehabilitate himself it’s probably not going to work.

  20. I’ve thought about this a great deal, and it’s quite obvious that everyone else has too. This is what I’ve decided… I prefer that the ideological Left be placed in the position of having to take to the streets to demand what they already have and continue to look like the spoiled children that they really are. First, the sobbing and wailing, then play doh, coloring books and petting puppies, culminating in violent assaults, blocked highways and property destruction. I believe this will work in our favor more than having those people momentarily placated in the manner that the Neo-Cons were after Trump was elected.

    As has been noted, it’s quite obvious that Joe Six-Pack is not going to get too upset about anything unless he is directly effected, and then it has to equal a category 5 tsunami to shake him out of his stupor. Bob Business isn’t going to do anything that will negatively effect his bottom line. Greg Getalong doesn’t want to offend anybody by allowing an uncomfortable truth to emerge from his mouth or pen. Nathan Ofimmigrants holds fast to the notion that people should come here “legally.” The G. O. P. victory would normally mean that these people would go back to bed and have pleasant dreams. In the current climate, a G. O. P. victory may result in a “Nightmare on Elm Street.”

    Conversely, if the Democrats win, there will be a great deal of grumbling by the Neo-Cons who will go home and cuss at their television. The Democrats will gloat and use every opportunity to obstruct and impede, plus push for impeachment and a radical agenda… which will make the Neo-Cons grumble and cuss at their televisions. Eventually, as the Presidential election nears, the Democrats will escalate their more provocative initiatives to intimidate voters. In the meantime, the demographics will inch ever more in their favor and the remaining Neo-Cons will be powerless to turn the tide by then.

    In short, I think that an enraged, irrational and violent Left works more to our benefit than a bunch of mumbling, grumbling, disgruntled Neo-Cons. I am not expecting the Republicans to do anything meaningful, I never did. They have been selling us out from the beginning.
    I used to say that the Republicans would sell whatever the Democrats didn’t give away.
    I am counting on the Democrats to do what the Democrats do when they don’t get what they want.

  21. With perhaps very few exceptions pro-Whites have no one good to vote for anywhere. It’s always trying to decide between the lesser of two evils, staying home or casting a 3rd party ballot in protest.

    Engaging in practical politics is a different matter, albeit our freedom there is always under constant threat.

  22. If you want to win power then the LOS should form a regional political party (Dixie United, Dixieland Party, Southern Patriots, Southern Freedom Party – whatever sounds good) and begin running candidates in local elections. Try to take over state houses & state senates along with sending men into the national House of Representatives.

    This is feasible and it would utterly gut both the Republican party & the Democrat party. Neither would know how to react and regional parties would likely form in places like Hawaii & Alaska.

    • How would you respond to people that fear a repeat of the Trump win (utter waste of political capital) and the possibility of sinking increasingly dwindling resources into half-baked political stunts that don’t pan out (would that divert too much energy from trying to win culturally like the Left did?) Do you think there is enough concentrated & directable political rage in the South to trigger a collapse on par with the Whigs & their Republican successors?

  23. I decided to vote democrat when most on this board were still magapedes. Cucks are the biggest traitors and I am very happy that they are getting the ban, along with the Proud Goys. Have some guts. The bottom will fall out sooner with the nutjob dems in charge. Many here seem afraid of the fight. Time to grow a pair…

  24. Being Christian (and being non mainstream Orthodox type) didn’t help him in his private life or with his political mental capacity.

  25. Please stop complaining about Republicans and put your energy into something positive – like starting a Southern Party.

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