Caravan Illegal Aliens SUE President Trump In Federal Court Ahead Of Arrival!

Is this a white pill in disguise?

Could the goal of the organizers of the caravans be to discredit our dysfunctional system of government by making it look so absurd and the GOP so feckless that our people finally begin to think outside the box and consider alternatives?

“According to a document published by a Fox News anchor Thursday evening, a group of migrants on one of the caravans heading towards the U.S. border have already filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration for acting unconstitutionally against them.

“Shockingly unconstitutional”

Shannon Bream posted the filing from her social media account.

“Group of migrants travelling on foot from Honduras file federal lawsuit against Pres Trump and others,” she tweeted, with an explanatory excerpt from the filing. …

The complaint alleges that President Donald Trump is violating the Flores Agreement by detaining children in tents without the proper facilities as required by the law.

The complaint continues to claim that because of his actions, the president also is violating the due process rights of migrants who should be allowed to legally challenge their designations as illegal aliens apart from asylum seekers.”

Just look at the optics: a bunch of True Conservative dorks sitting around debating the abstract question of the “constitutionality” of borders while hordes of illegal aliens invade our country. They can’t do anything about it even when they control the entire federal government!

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  1. These invaders should have no right of access to the American legal system. They’re invading another country! Well hello! Why does the system allow the courts to be clogged up with this garbage? In cases involving non-citizens, the President should be able to overrule the courts on national security grounds, as they are always left leaning and against public sentiment.

    • This will be the litmus test for Trump, if he allows them in to incl living in tents over the border into Texas, then his credibility will be shot to H and he will wind up a lame duck. Many will no longer vote as hope is lost. Seeing him as last hope before this county’s demise, smart people will be cynical on all politicians and sit out elections.

      • Trumpenthal still has “credibility”???

        he’s credible as A#1 Zionist stooge.

        and that’s all. As with the last “caravan”, when the dust settles,

        80% of the ethnorcs will be in ‘Murka to stay.

  2. “Thursday evening, a group of migrants on one of the caravans heading towards the U.S. border have already filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration for acting unconstitutionally against them.”

    Aside from the fact that the Constitution and Laws of the United States©® don’t apply to foreigners in foreign countries, Jews and their stupid, ostensibly White SJW minions probably filed this lawsuit.

    It’s a Judeo-Leftist notion that borders don’t matter, while at the same time the U.S. Constitution somehow applies to the whole World, especially when it suits their interests. Which is wrecking White nations.

  3. “Conservatives” deny and condemn the reality of racial identity whenever it comes to White people and only White people. In a world where politics is all about racial reality these traitorous morons will disappear.

  4. “These NuMurricans understand nuestra constitución better than any of you racistsexistifascistislamohomotransphobicantisemiticnazis.”

    – CONservatarian

  5. I smell Jewish lawyers behind the invasion of our country. If our government won’t protect our porous border from invasion then perhaps Americans should stop this invasion by force!! The Jews want to turn America into a third world cesspool by using these invaders to vote Democrat. Demographics equal destiny.

    Their goal is to mix all white populations while maintaining Israel as their Jewish ethnostate. Multiculturalism is good for me but not for thee. Shall we say this is the epitome of hypocrisy?

  6. I say arm seinor NCO’S & officers, give everybody else a Ax Handle, see how fast that group turns around at the border. Those illegal invaders assume they won’t be shot so they have no fear. Wanna bet they change their tune when they see their front line getting thumped by Joe swinging a Ax handle… That being said let us not forget that Obummer purged the seinor military of anybody who didn’t align with his Socialist/Communist agenda…

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