Cop Killer Illegal Alien Featured In Trump Ad Entered The U.S. Under George W. Bush


The Democrats want open borders. You don’t want these illegal alien murderers coming into your community, right? If you don’t, you got to vote for the GOP:

“The man at the center of President Trump’s controversial new midterms ad who was convicted of the murder two police officers was readmitted to the U.S. during President George W. Bush’s tenure, not under Democrats, as the ad says.

The Sacramento Bee reports that Luis Bracamontes, who was sentenced to the death penalty after his 2014 rampage, returned to the U.S. after being deported under a Republican presidency.

The ad, which Trump tweeted and pinned to the top of his Twitter account, shows clips of Bracamontes spewing profanities and threats while at trial, followed by the message, “Democrats let him stay.” …”

So, Luis Bracamontes crossed the border under George W. Bush, and killed two cops in California when Obama was president. This was after George W. Bush repeatedly tried to give him amnesty. Well, that changes everything. I got vote for the GOP now.

Note: We shouldn’t be too hard on George W. Bush. He built hundreds of miles of the same border fence that President Trump is building now. DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was recently at the border to celebrate the complete of two miles of it. She called it a “wall.”

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  1. Republicans have NEVER been friends of White working and middle class Americans. They deserve nothing from voters but good swift kick in the ass.

    • Damn straight. This immigration talking point is merely the Republicans barking to attract the gullible voters to their “cause” only to bite their own Nation’s sovereignty in the ass with needless and immoral legalism, to create a multi-racial, deracinated, and corporatized ideal beating all others, and allegedly (but not really) defending the constitution from their enemies. Both Democrats and Republicans are dangers to America and its people.

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